Bargain: Rank and File

Day 1

by NewGuyInTown

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Detective Roberts begins to carry out his master’s will by bringing in the captain of the police station


In the 49th Street Police Station, Detective Roberts sat in his usual spot in the roll call room: right off the center aisle, three rows back from the front of the room. This row was the traditional place where vice sat in the roll call; it had been that way since Roberts came into vice as a uniformed cop. Now as the head of vice, he sat in the aisle seat where all the prior heads had sat. Next to him sat his partner of four years, Jaime Rivera. At 5’ 9”, Jaime sported a white unbuttoned Dickies button-down shirt, opened to expose a white T-shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of tactical boots; Roberts, in contrast, wore a pair of black dress boots, a pair of black jeans, a light blue button-down shirt under a dark blue waistcoat, and a black-tie loosely hanging around the open collar of the shirt.

Jaime looked over at his partner, dressed up like he had another meeting with the mayor. All Roberts had today was to brief the captain on his meeting with the mayor, so seeing his partner dressed up for a simple in-house meeting was strange to Jaime. He looked over at his partner as they both waited for the meeting to begin; Jaime had to admit to himself the slightly dressed-up look suited Roberts. Jaime was happy that Roberts was the point man in vice; Roberts could deal with the higher-ups much easier than he could.

He looked over his partner’s attire; his eyes were drawn to the tie, a black tie with a pattern of circular arcs running over its body. The spacing of the arcs reminded Jaime of the scales of a snake. Perhaps that imagery caused Jaime to see the tie moving.

Jaime closed, then rubbed his eyes; he took another look at the tie and saw nothing moving.

Must have been an optical illusion, Jaime thought.

“That’s a new tie, I guess.” Jaime said to his partner. “Haven’t seen you wear it before.”

“Yeah, picked it up the other day.”

“Any reason you dressed up to meet the Captain?”

“Just felt like I should. Don’t worry, partner, it’s just for today. Tomorrow I’ll be lowkey again.”

Roberts looked over at his partner with a smirk. Jaime could see a bit of darkness in the smile his partner was giving him.

Jaime had little time to reflect on what he saw. The shift commander, Lt. Pete Archer, was finally ready and stepped to the podium. Archer, with his 6’2” frame, towered over the podium and looked out over the room. His papers about what happened last night and what needed attention today in place, Archer began the roll call. It had been a quiet night so Archer didn’t have much to report to the day shift; he merely pointed out the hot spots for the cops on patrol. The meeting ended after twenty minutes, with everyone standing up and beginning to head for the exit.

“You heading off to meet the Captain?”, Jaime asked his partner as Roberts stood up.

Roberts nodded yes.

“Good luck with that; I’ll see you when you get back.”

Roberts nodded yes again to his partner. Roberts headed into the aisle leaving Jaime. He followed the uniformed officers out of the door of the room back into the station. He then headed down the hall, past the interrogation rooms, and turned left to head for the offices. He went down to the end of the hallway where the door on the right side was open.

Upon entering, Roberts saw Captain Payton Collins sitting behind his desk, looking over some paperwork. He knocked on the door to get the Captain’s attention.

Collins looked up and saw Roberts standing by the door. “Ahh, Roberts, come in and have a seat.”; he stood up and motioned for Roberts to enter.

“Thank you, Captain.”, Roberts replied and began to cross the wide office Captain Collins occupied.

As Roberts walked past the sitting section of the Captain’s office, Captain Collins had a chance to look at Roberts crossing the room. Collins himself wasn’t in bad shape; he had been able to maintain his fitness from his time in the army reserves. He still had well-defined arms, forearms, calves, and legs, but he had a slight paunch where he used to be able to show abs. His police uniform fit him well and showed off his arms but as he watched Roberts walk across the room, Collins couldn’t help but stare with longing.

Man, he began to think, Roberts just has a swagger. Even as he walks over here, there’s just something about him. I gotta…gotta get this paunch off me. Gotta get that swagger like Roberts. Gotta…Gotta…

Collins’ train of thought was broken by Roberts saying “Captain? Captain Collins?”

Collins snapped back to his office and Roberts standing in front of his desk. “Sorry about that; just got lost in my thoughts.”

“No problem, Captain.” Roberts smiled as he pulled a seat slightly away from the desk to sit down.

“You’re dressed up like you’re going to meet the mayor again; I guess I should take that as a sign of you bringing some good news.”

“Good, I’m not sure about, Captain, but definitely some news from the mayor.” Roberts reached into the pocket of his waistcoat and pulled out a black wristband. “The mayor found out that these wristbands will get you into the inner sanctum of the club.” Roberts slid the band across the desk.

Collins picked up the band; it looked and felt like an ordinary silicone band. “So how does it get you in?”

“They still haven’t figured that out; they think it has something to do with contact on the skin.”

Collins went from handling the band to stretching it and putting it over his right wrist. The instant the band went over his wrist and settled on his skin he felt a stinging sensation. He began shaking his wrist from the sudden pain, thinking that that was the connection between the band and his skin activating. Then the sensation he was feeling changed from pain and stinging to a numbness that began to creep up his arm like his arm was falling asleep. The sensation went up his arm, through his shoulder and neck, and reached his brain; he began to slump back in his chair and a slight smile came across his face.

“Are you feeling good, Captain Collins?”, Roberts asked his superior, “Nod if you are.”; Collins nodded yes blankly, his eyes dazed.

“Good. You’re ready to become an enforcer of Ari’seth, so please stand up, Captain.”

Collins got up from his chair with Roberts following suit. Roberts reached to the tie around his neck and undid it. He placed the tip of the tie in his left hand, then covered it with his right; slowly his hands began to move apart as the tie began to morph and cloth began to become scales. Between his hands, the head of the black recruiter emerged; with its eyes set on Captain Collins it began to slink slowly towards the Captain. As it did, it pulled more of the tie through Roberts’ palms, which transformed into the next section of its body. It continued pulling the tie through the space between Roberts’ palms until the tail of the tie went through the palms and became the tail of the serpent.

In its true form, the recruiter coiled and uncoil its body as if to make sure it was okay; it then cast its eyes on Captain Collins and instinctively knew what it must do. It slinked across the desk, spanned the gap between the desk and Collins, and began to coil itself around Collins’ left hand and wrist. It circled its way up his arm and wrapped itself around his shoulder. Bearing its fangs, the recruiter lunged forward and struck at Collins’ neck, pumping its lust venom into the captain of the station. Once finished, the recruiter wrapped itself around Collins’ neck and went down his other arm, back across the table, and up the left arm of Roberts. It placed its body around both sides of Roberts’ neck and began to deflate, morphing back into a tie. Roberts tied the tie loosely around his open shirt collar and tucked it back under the waistcoat.

Collins began to open his mouth, trying to make a sound. From his lips came an “ah”, which he repeated over and over. Then he was able to make out an entire word, rather an entire name: Arigogaseth. Saying the name of his master, Collins began to take off his uniform shirt; he pulled off his shoes and socks, took off his pants and underwear, and stood behind the desk totally naked. He began to say three words: “Serve…protect… Ari’seth.” Repeating the chant, Collins began to head for a door on the far wall toward the corner. Upon reaching it, he opened the door to reveal a private bathroom; he walked in and opened another door against the wall. After a brief stint in the closet, Collins emerged with a blue 5-gallon bucket that he took and placed in the center of the bathroom and stood behind it.

Roberts followed behind Collins; as he did, his clothes began to morph into the black uniform of Ari’seth’s enforcer. He entered the bathroom after Collins had gotten the bucket and placed it in the center of the room. The two cops stood with the bucket between them. Collins continued to chant his phrase while he began to reach down and stroke his rigid penis. With each stroke, his penis and testicles began to grow and start to take on the trappings of his new master’s phallus. Collins felt the pleasure with each stroke and added more effort to cum; he continued to stroke and pleasure himself until a torrent of black cum shot out from his penis. At first, the torrent overshot the bucket and landed on Roberts’ boots; Collins then adjusted his penis to put the cum in the bucket. The torrent seemed to be endless, filling the bucket at a rapid pace; it finally stopped a few inches from the rim.

As Collins was topping the bucket off, Roberts stood watching; the fabric of his uniform around his crotch began to move apart to expose his penis. By the time Collins had finished putting cum in the bucket, Roberts’ penis was out and erect and he began stroking it. He closed and opened his eyes, revealing the black eyes that marked him as an enforcer. He continued stroking, pleasuring himself with every stroke, until he climaxed and shot a torrent of demoncum on Collins, who began to turn around and let the cum wash him. The torrent stopped when Collins faced Roberts again.

Awash in demoncum, Collins stepped forward towards the bucket, reached down, and put his hands on the bucket. He then lifted the bucket of cum with unnatural ease up from the floor and over his head. He tipped the bucket over and poured the demoncum over his head and body. The black cum oozed over his head, down his shoulders and back, and pooled around his toes. Collins emptied the bucket and placed it down on the floor.

Once Collins returned to a standing position, the cum on the floor began to move towards him and creep up his feet and ankles. As it had done with Roberts, it moved up his body until it covered every inch of Collins in a cocoon. A few moments later, the cocoon began to break open and revealed Captain Collins in his own enforcer uniform. The paunch he was concerned about was slightly smaller, making him look much better. His eyes were black.

Roberts saw the captain’s black eyes and uniform; now he needed to confirm that his superior was in thrall to Ari’seth as well.

“Say the motto, Captain Collins.”, Roberts ordered.

“Serve and protect Ari’seth; enforce his will and his law.”

“And the oath?”

“On my honor, I will never betray my bond, my devotion, and my fealty to Ari’seth. I will always have the courage to bring myself and others into the lustful bliss of Ari’seth. I will uphold the word, will, and desire of Ari’seth and those who follow him.” With those words, Roberts knew his captain was like him, an enforcer of Ari’seth; together they would bring the rest of the station into the bliss of their master.

5:05 pm

The end of the workday came for Roberts and Collins. Roberts headed back to the vice section after initiating Captain Collins; there he served as Ari’seth’s eyes and ears. He saw and heard how the investigation into the Tabernacle proceeded; what he (and the other detectives) saw and heard, Ari’seth saw and heard. Ari’seth used his new enforcers to shape and move the investigation, setting up dead ends, misdirections, and traps for those who would not follow his enforcers’ orders. But only a few would dare defy Ari’seth, as his latest enforcers, the captains of the four stations, would carry his influence throughout the stations.

Collins, for his part, did what he had done before: oversee the station. He oversaw the various sections and read through their reports. Ari’seth needed no information from Collins or the other captains; he only needed them to maintain the stations as normal until his plan for the other officers was ready to commence. That and their profession of fealty.

Every two hours Ari’seth would reach into their minds and make them profess their motto and oath to him. They said the words and Ari’seth would fill them with lust and pleasure to the point that they came in his uniforms. The cum would absorb itself into their uniforms, making no one the wiser of their corruption to the demon lord.

Collins now sat at his desk, finishing up the day’s work on his computer. As he saved and submitted the last report, a mail notice appeared in the lower corner of his screen, informing him of a new e-mail in his inbox. He clicked the notice to open the message; the office of the mayor sent him a message with two links, one for downloading a private video conference app, the other the link to a meeting on that app.

After downloading and installing the app and clicking the link in the message, the video conference open. Collins’ face appeared along with the other three captains; with all the captains present, Mayor Weller appeared in a box in the center.

“Gentlemen,” the mayor began, “I trust you have come to your senses.”

“We serve and protect Ari’seth; we enforce his will and law.”, they replied in unison.

“Good. The master’s will is that you bring all your officers into his bliss and make them enforcers of his will like yourselves. To that end, I am sending you the tools to do that. They should be arriving at your respective stations within the hour.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I look forward to hearing about your successful results.” With those words, the mayor ended the session.

Collins closed the program on his computer, then shut his computer down; he sat in his chair waiting for the mayor’s shipment to arrive at the station.

6:05 pm

A call came into Captain Collins’ office saying a van from the mayor’s office had arrived. Collins gave permission for it to unload in the receiving area of the station. He got up from his desk, went through the door at the end of the hall near his office, and down the hallway to the loading dock of the station. He pressed the button against the wall to open the metal loading door; as he did, the beeping of a white van pulling into the loading dock in reverse grew louder and louder. Collins crossed over to the side of the bay to release a dolly from its place against the wall.

The van came into the loading dock and stopped; a young man in his twenties exited the van and walked up to Collins wearing blue coveralls and work boots. He flashed an evil grin with his obsidian eyes as he approached the captain.

“The mayor has sent you these things to help enforce the master’s will.”, he explained. “Bring your dolly over to the van.”

Collins pulled his dolly to the van’s rear doors as the young man opened them. The back of the van was filled with boxes; the young man pulled a dolly from the van and began stacking boxes on the two dollies, placing three boxes on each; the captain and the workman began moving them to the storage room just beyond the loading dock and across from Collins’ office. The workman and the captain made three more trips between the dock and the storage room. Collins saw the workman back to his van.

“The mayor has another set of provisions for you when you’ve made your officers enforcers; you know how to reach him.”

Collins nodded.

The workman entered the van and drove out of the loading dock. Collins returned the dolly back to its place on the loading dock and headed to the storage room.

Turning on the light, he gazed at the stacks of boxes he and the young workman had brought in. He grabbed a boxcutter from a table across the room, approached a heavy box on top of one of the stacks, and split it open with the boxcutter. He pulled the panels back to see a set of twelve white metallic water bottles, each filled with liquid; pulling one out, he saw it was emblazoned with the thin blue line flag—the American flag with black in place of red and one blue stripe—with the phrase “Respect For The Thin Blue Line” underneath it. He then went over to the lighter boxes brought in last and opened one; there he found silicone bands like the one he wore earlier. Inspecting one band closer in its plastic wrapping, Collins could see it was black all over except for a thin blue line running around the middle.

Collins knew what he would need to do with these provisions: enforce the will of his master and make the men of the station the enforcers of Ari’seth. He closed his eyes and imagined his men all wearing the uniform of Ari’seth; his penis grew hard with anticipation.

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