Bargain: Rank and File


by NewGuyInTown

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:nb #fantasy #magic #serial_recruitment #sub:male #cum_play #demon #police #uniform

This is a side story and continuation of wishbone blue’s Bargain (; wishbone blue stopped the story right before its conclusion leaving fans of the story waiting for an ending. Another author has expressed their intention to write the conclusion, so I opted to write a story based on the events in Part 5 of the story ( As always your comments on the story are always appreciated.

5:30 am

Detective Gary Roberts lay asleep in his bed naked. Earlier in the day, he and three other vice detectives—Eric McCalahan, Timothy Johnson, and Todd Price—visited the office of Mayor Frank Weller. The mayor called them in to provide them with a lead on a case, but that had been a pretense. Mayor Weller revealed his true intentions for the detectives: recruit them for his demonic master Ari’seth. The mayor provided them a wristband that turned out to be a baby recruiter, a serpent like creature whose venom enslaves its victims to the demon Ari’seth. After being bitten by a baby and a mature recruiter, the four detectives were in the total thrall of the demon, completely willing to do its bidding. A session of sexual debauchery involving the detectives, the mayor, and Ari’seth’s main acolyte Jason Elliot followed their enslavement, after which the detectives headed back to their apartments, stripped themselves naked, and fell into a deep sleep.

The lust venom the recruiters filled Roberts and the other detectives with brought about a burning heat, one that their bodies needed time to grapple with. Having been asleep for almost 10 hours now, the heat from the venom had finally resided and the four detectives found themselves in the last remnants of a fever dream. They stood naked before their master the demon Ari’seth. The demon was not a monstrosity; its human shape consisted a well-crafted physique far better than Michelangelo’s David or any artistic depiction of the human form. Its skin was black with a glass like luster. Its obsidian black eyes stared down at the four naked men in its presence. The detectives, completely under Ari’seth’s control, had the same black eyes as their master.

Ari’seth could see they were under his thrall, but he wanted to hear it from their own mouths. And so, he probed their minds, looking for some phrase they held onto that could be altered to express their loyalty to him. The answer came to him quickly: the police motto. He could see it in their minds, and he altered it to express their loyalty to him; now he wanted them to say it, and to hear them say it.

“Say your motto,” he began. “Profess your loyalty to me.”

The four detectives spoke in unison: “Serve and protect Ari’seth; enforce his will and his law.”

Ari’seth grinned from ear to ear. He let their minds wander a bit; their thoughts of serving and protecting him led to a request, one that caught the demon off guard. As the new enforcers of his law, they required tokens of their master’s authority. Ari’seth saw the tokens in his mind: the badge police officers held and wore on their clothing, and the uniform that officers wore. These things indicated the authority invested in the officer, but to Ari’seth they were meaningless empty displays. But he recognized that these could further his control of the four and so he would grant the desire; that’s what he could do as the demon of lust.

Ari’seth pointed his finger at Detective Roberts; “Come to me!”, he commanded. Roberts obeyed his master, crossed the distance between the two, and stood before the dais where Ari’seth sat. “So, you desire apparel that shows you belong to me?”

Roberts gathered his thoughts quietly before he spoke. “As an enforcer of the law, a police officer is often required to wear a uniform.”

Ari’seth pondered Roberts’ words. “Clothing means nothing to me, but it intrigues me to have fuckpuppets with open displays of their status.” Ari’seth paused a second before he continued. “Especially if that clothing comes from my seed. Yes, I will give you what you and the others want. Approach and pleasure me with your mouth.”

Ari’seth shifted his position on his dais to place his rigid phallus before Roberts’ face. Roberts at first showed concern that he would not be able to put his master’s organ in his mouth as ordered. But as he drew near, the odor coming from Ari’seth’s phallus was irresistible, and Roberts approached, entranced by the smell and the beauty of the phallus before him. Without further hesitation, Roberts opened his mouth and let Ari’seth’s phallus enter.

As his master’s phallus entered his mouth, Roberts tasted something he had never tasted before. There were no words for the sensations his master’s phallus gave him; Roberts only knew he needed more. He moved his tongue around the phallus, trying to get more pleasure and sensations; he couldn’t stop himself. He continued repositioning the phallus in his mouth to gain more of what he now craved. All the while Ari’seth’s phallus grew harder and harder; Ari’seth hissed at the pleasure his police fuckpuppet gave him. As he neared the point of ejaculation, Ari’seth growled, with a mixture of pleasure and rage, for Roberts took stop his fellatio; Roberts, hearing the anger in his master’s voice, stepped back and looked at his master confused. Ari’seth sat on his dais in the throws of pleasure, knowing his climax was near. He did nothing, simply letting the moment arrive. His phallus shot forth a torrent of black demoncum; Detective Roberts was suddenly awash in his master’s cum. He began to bathe in it, turning himself around so that the black torrent could wash over every possible part of his body. By the time Roberts turned himself back to face his master’s phallus, the torrent of cum had stopped.

Ari’seth, for his part, enjoyed the detective’s fellatio; he knew the officer had never done something like that; that fact gave Ari’seth an extra bit of pleasure. Ari’seth would now return the favor; he leaned forward and blew his breath on Detective Roberts and the cum that lay all around the detective. As soon as the breath touched it, the cum began to move and gather around Roberts in a circle. Once it gathered, it began to move up his feet, then up his ankles and legs. The pleasure that came with every place the cum touched grew and grew; it became orgasmic when the cum began to touch and encase his penis. With an exhale of pleasure, the cum moved quickly up Roberts’ stomach, lower back, and hands; the second exhale of pleasure caused the cum to encase his chest, arms, shoulders, and upper back. The third exhale came as the cum encased his neck and the shaft of his penis. Roberts was about to exhale with pleasure as the cum covered the tip of his penis and went inside; the cum at his neck quickly moved up and covered his head, encasing Roberts entirely at his pinnacle of pleasure.

A few seconds after being encased in black cum came the release Roberts sought; the cum around his face cracked and fell away allowing him to exhale. The cum that encased his neck, chest, and legs had now become a black tunic uniform jacket, whose collar covered every part of his neck, and black uniform pants. The jacket was fastened together by seven black obsidian buttons running down the middle. His hands were inside black leather gauntlet gloves; his legs were sporting knee high riding boots; his head was crowned with a black bell cap formed from the cum that covered his head.

Roberts looked straight ahead at his master, never seeing the mature recruiter slithering from behind him. The recruiter slithered up to his right leg, coiling its way up the leg to his waist. It then circled itself around his waist with the tail and body meeting at his belly button and the head at his back; the recruiter shot itself diagonally up to Roberts’ left shoulder, slinked diagonally across his chest to the right side, and clamped down on its own body ouroboros style. Once in place the recruiter transformed into a belt around his waist and a shoulder strap across his chest and back, becoming the final piece of the uniform.

Ari’seth smiled at his work. “Roberts,” he began, “you have been baptized in my seed and from that seed now comes the uniform that you wear. You are now officer and enforcer of my will and law.”

Roberts placed his right hand on his chest and lowered his head. “Your will and law I shall enforce, Master Ari’seth.”

Roberts stepped back to his place among the detectives. The process then repeated with first McCalahan, then Johnson, and lastly Price stepping forward, being baptized in Ari’seth’s cum, and withdrawing wearing Ari’seth’s uniform.

Ari’seth was pleased with his work outfitting his new enforcers, but again he wanted them to speak their loyalty to him and corrupt themselves even more. He peered into their minds again looking for something they had spoken to become police officers, something that he could corrupt to reflect their status. He found it in their minds: their oath of honor. A perfect thing to corrupt, he thought, their honor is now mine. He just needed them to say it aloud.

“Now, my enforcers, speak your oath of fealty to me.”

The detectives looked in their memories and found the oath Ari’seth spoke of. They stood at attention and in unison spoke the words of the new oath out loud.

On my honor, I will never betray my bond, my devotion, and my fealty to Ari’seth. I will always have the courage to bring myself and others into the lustful bliss of Ari’seth. I will uphold the word, will, and desire of Ari’seth and those who follow him.

Ari’seth’s smile grew wider as he heard the detectives speak the oath; the detectives were now completely under his thrall in word and deed; he need only send them out to carry out his will.

“Go back, my enforcers, and bring your fellow officers into my thrall. This is my will and my desire.”

“Your will be done, Master Ari’seth.”, the four detectives replied in unison.

Ari’seth blew his breath on the four detectives; they closed their obsidian black eyes and felt themselves being pushed off balance and falling backwards towards the floor. The moment when Roberts was to hit the floor was the moment he opened his eyes and found himself in the bedroom of his apartment. He looked down at himself; he was no longer naked; he wore the uniform of Ari’seth. Roberts put his boots on the carpeted floor of the bedroom, stood up, and walked into the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. There he stood, 6 feet even, black cap on his head, black uniform on his body, and black boots on his feet. Gazing at his reflection in the mirror through obsidian eyes, Roberts recalled the words of Ari’seth in the dream: Go back, and bring your fellow officers into my thrall. He and his reflection repeated the words he uttered in the dream: “Your will be done, Master Ari’seth.” Roberts then stepped out of the bathroom, across the bedroom floor, and over to the nightstand beside the bed. He looked at the time on his cell phone; it was 6:30am.

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