the Devil's Respite

Chapter 1

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #demon #fantasy #mind_control #multiple_partners #vampire

The Devil's Respite was a different kind of night club. The bar was a woodpanelled room decorated with soft curtains and carpet and plush seats. The doorman's bald head was unmistakably adorned with two little horns, and whenever the bartender smiled, you could see long fangs. At the back of the bar, framed by red curtains and soft lighting, was a spiral staircase leading down with a sign next to it. "Play Spaces" it said in large, curly letters. Entrance to the club was free, you always paid the price in the end.

Megin adjusted his glasses as soon as he had taken a few steps inside the club. Even though the place was not loud, it was a little overwhelming. Not just the smell of perfume and sweet drinks designed to mask the odour of alcohol and sweat underneath. Not just the soft, conspiratory tone of conversations happening over drinks and the people in varying states of undress hanging around the bar waiting for someone. It was also the realisation that he was here, in the Devil's Respite, for a date with a succubus.

Feeling a little awkward, Megin turned to the doorman and asked: "Excuse me. I have an appointment, can you point me where to go?"

The doorman smiled and pointed at a big, round table not far from the bar. A sign on the table said "Free Drinks" and there was an assortment of drinks decked out on the table. A number of people sat or stood around the table enjoying drinks and conversation, but there were also two people there who wore formal, black suits just like the doorman. As Megin approached the table, he noticed that the bigger suit had massive hands with long claws that he hid behind his back most of the time, whereas the other suit was slender and they looked things up on their tablet.

"Excuse me." Megin said to them. "I have an appointment with Val. I'm a little early."

They looked at Megin with green snake-like eyes. "Let me just look that up for you." The tablet apparently held all the answers. "Yes, Val is almost ready. Please enjoy a complimentary drink as you wait."

Megin looked at the drinks and grabbed a bottle of cola. He tried not to stare at the other side of the table where a woman in a strapless dress was moaning as a man embraced her and sank his fangs into the soft curve of her neck. Megin took a few sips of his drink and noticed how small the bottle was. As he finished it, he found himself looking at Snake Eyes again. They were looking over at the bar and he followed their gaze.

Two men stood at the bar talking with empty glasses near their elbows. Both were casually wearing white shirts and dark slacks as if they had taken off their suit jackets and ties. The collars and top buttons of their shirts were open and one of them looked flushed and sweaty. The other was wearing high-heeled shoes under his slacks and he seemed to ask his friend to wait while he looked at his phone. A moment passed and he put the phone away to say goodbye to his friend. And then he transformed.

The shoulders seemed to melt and become smaller as the bosom grew larger in the white shirt. The hands shrunk and the jaw softened as the lips and cheeks grew fuller. She ran a hand through her hair and adjusted how the shirt was tucked into her slacks, but little seemed to change below the belt. Then she started to walk towards the table with the free drinks. She exchanged a few words with Snake Eyes and then walked over to Megin.

"Hello. I'm Val." Her voice was sultry and she had this knowing look in her eyes. "Do you want to hang around the bar for a bit, or eh…" She inclined her head towards the stairs. "Get straight down to business?"

Megin adjusted his glasses again and swallowed. "I suppose this place is a little too crowded for my taste." He said as he turned towards the stairs.

Val nodded and strode to the stairs with her hands casually in her pockets. 

As Megin followed her down the steps, he said in a conversational tone. "I saw you transform."

She chuckled and stopped at the bottom of the stairs in the carpeted hall. "The terms of the agreement we made are binding, this is what you get." And she posed to show off her feminine curves. Before Megin could respond, she continued: "Or at least, binding to me. If you want to back out, the emergency exit is over there." She pointed to an exit next to the stairs.

Megin smiled awkwardly. "I just thought it was cool. I had never seen that before."

"I'm obliged to show you the exit in case you need it." She turned to look the other way to a row of doors. "Hmm, which one?" And she strode off to a door that had the words "Red 4" on the sign. 

Megin was too preoccupied to read the signs on the other doors as he followed her through it. It resembled a hotel room, with a little bathroom near the door and a large bed with deep red sheets that dominated the room. The walls were soft red and there was a sofa facing the bed, but no desk and no windows. He sat down on the edge of the sofa as he watched Val take off her clothes and put them on a hanger.

"Is there anything else I need to know?" He asked.

She stood in front of him and posed in all her voluptuous, naked glory, her nipples taut and pointing towards him. "I'm prohibited from kissing you on the mouth."

He scooted back against the sofa's backrest as he looked up at her face. His breath quickened when she mentioned the kiss.

She climbed into his lap, straddling him on the sofa, her hands on his shoulders and all the while she never broke eye-contact. "You do know what happens when you kiss me?"

Megin nodded, paralysed by the way she loomed over him. "When a succubus kisses a mortal, she drains their free will."

She leaned in closer so he could feel her breath on his face. "You will become my helpless thrall. That's why I am bound not to kiss you on the mouth. But if you were to choose to kiss me of your own volition…" She breathed on him and licked her lips.

His hands tentatively touched her thighs, caressing up over her skin to her buttocks and the small of her back. She smiled approvingly at him, and he reacted by moving to kiss her breast and suck on her nipple.

She chuckled. "Yes, kisses anywhere else are safe. And wanted."

Embracing her, stroking her skin and sucking on her nipple caused her to moan and grind down on his lap for a moment. Then she pulled away and reclined on the bed. 

"You're overdressed." She said in a playful tone. "I'm not going to kiss your clothes."

He let out a laugh and kicked off his shoes. "Is that another rule you're bound by?" He got up to loosen his belt.

"Nope." She grinned impishly. "I just want to taste your skin."

His belt and pants fell to the floor with a soft thump. He glanced at her hands before he quickly proceeded to pull off his shirt and his underwear. As he put his glasses into one of his shoes, he asked: "Will you also claw my skin?"

"If you like." She let her fingernails graze over the skin of her chest. "But I always leave the skin intact. I don't like blood."

"We have that in common." He got up on the bed and started to kiss her leg, making his way up to her thigh. Her skin and her curves were so soft and delicious.

She sighed impatiently and grabbed him by the shoulder, he could feel a hint of claw digging into his skin. "But kissing and clawing are boring. You asked for a succubus, not a woman." With a push, she rolled him onto his back on the bed. As she held him down with one hand on his shoulder, her other hand grabbed his cock.

Megin shuddered and closed his eyes for a second, feeling a surge of arousal. It was not just the way she touched his shaft, it was not just the way she manhandled him, there was something more to it.

"Focus on this feeling." Her voice slowed and lowered until it was thick with sexual desire. "It all starts here, doesn't it? Sexual pleasure is a thrill that travels through you and it always starts here." She wrapped her hand firmly around his cock and stroked up and down a few times. "Doesn't it?"

His mouth opened as he gasped for breath. The rush of pleasure made it hard to keep his eyes open. He nodded shakily in response to her question.

Her hand stopped and then stroked up his shaft, slowly letting go of him. "Focus and feel how I can take the source of your pleasure into my hand." And as her touch left his skin, so did the hot arousal in his crotch, leaving him feeling sweaty and numb. She held out her hand, her fingers slightly bent, as if holding an invisible ball. "And now that I have it in my hand, I can put it anywhere I want." She pressed her hand against his chest.

The sudden sexual touch knocked the wind out of him. It was as if arousal surged through him with every breath now. He writhed under her touch and an involuntary grunt escaped his throat.

"Oh good." She chuckled, holding him down as he shook in breathless ecstasy. After letting him suffer for an agonising minute, she lifted up her hand with the invisible ball, and the sweaty, numb feeling returned. 

He took a deep breath and shook his head. "Wow… That was… How?"

She laughed. "Having trouble forming words? Mind-blowing pleasure will do that. Makes it so hard to think. Do you want it back?" She looked at the ball in her hand for a moment and then turned her eyes to him.

He gave her a pleading look. "Yes please."

"Are you sure? You might lose your mind." She raised her eyebrows at him.

His breath hitched as he tensed up and he bit his lip. He stared at her, waiting for her.

"That's what I thought." She smiled. "Let's just put it back here." Her hand brought the ball back to his crotch, and as her fingers wrapped around his cock, the arousal surged back into his body in the way he was used to.

He looked up at her full of longing, his chest rising and falling quickly with each breath. He wanted to touch her, reciprocate in some way, but he also didn't want to stop her from doing… whatever she was doing to him.

"Mmm good." She stroked his cock with purpose, pumping more and more heat into him as her thumb caressed the wet tip of his glans. 

His breath quickened and it made him dizzy to be played like an instrument like this, to be so quickly brought closer and closer to a crescendo. He moaned under his breath as his neck craned and his eyes closed involuntarily.

"And if I just take it like this…" Her hand left his cock and the pleasure abandoned him.

He felt cold and empty suddenly, as if something was stolen from him. He swallowed a few times, trying to clear up the ringing in his ears. He propped himself up on one elbow and finally managed to focus his eyes enough to look at her. 

She just sat there, holding the ball of his pleasure in her hand as she looked at him. "Sit up." She encouraged him. "Come closer."

As he sat up, she embraced him with her free arm, holding the back of his head in her hand, bringing his face closer to the ball of pleasure. 

"You can almost see it, can't you?" She whispered urgently. "The way it pulsates, that rhythm that reminds you how close to climax you were, you can just see it throb in my hand as I hold it, can't you? Suspended in my hand until I choose to give it back. That's when you'll orgasm."

He tensed up, feeling his breathing speed up once more but was that because of her touch on his head and her lusty voice? Her hand was empty, wasn't it?

She pressed the ball of climax into his forehead and held him there, both hands on his head. He jolted and shook with no control over his muscles, the pleasure was just too much. It was as if a white light entered his head and filled his mind with rapture, obliterating all his thoughts. Nothing made sense anymore and he groaned wordlessly until the rapture started to subside. He collapsed like a rag doll on the bed as she let go of him.

"Take a breath, toy." She muttered as she reclined against the pillows. "I wouldn't want you to choke."

He sighed deeply and tentatively touched his head. "What…?"

"That's just a fraction of what a succubus can do." She patted him on the shoulder.

After a few more deep breaths, he found the strength to prop himself up on his elbows and look down at his cock. It was veiny and hard, and it leaked clear fluid onto his abdomen.

"That's not where the orgasm was." She grinned at him.

He opened his mouth to speak, but words failed him. He panted and blinked at her.

"Drink something." She pointed at a bottle of mineral water on the nightstand.

His hands were shaky but he managed to drink some water. When he put the bottle back down, she turned to him and asked: "Want more?" 

As he sat on the edge of the bed, his head was strangely empty. No worries. None of the anxiety he had felt when he entered the club. He didn't feel awkward or embarrassed. There was a strange serenity in being overpowered like this. In surrendering like this, he realised.

"I'll help you put on your clothes if you've had enough." She said quietly. 

He turned towards her on the bed and let his eyes roam over her beautiful naked curves. Impulsively, he crawled towards her to touch her, to embrace her, wrap himself around her and kiss her skin. She held him close, her hands on his arms as he kissed her neck. But when he instinctively moved up to kiss her jaw and chin, she put her hand over his mouth.

"Foolish boy." She pushed him down into the pillows and kissed his neck between words. "Don't you realise what you'll lose when you kiss me? What you'll become?"

Megin closed his eyes and shivered, relaxing in her embrace. Until he felt her hand on his cock once more. He trembled under her touch as she started to play him again, stimulating him towards climax as she continued to kiss his neck. Out of breath, he clenched up as he felt that wave crest under her touch. And then her hand squeezed and didn't move.

"Stay here." She commanded. "This feeling. This moment. Stay. Suspended in my grip."

His eyes rolled up in his head. He couldn't move. The pressure of that agonising almost there feeling had him paralysed. His whole body clenched up and trembled, frozen in this moment.

"Good toy." She kissed his ear and his cheek. "Take a deep breath for me as you stay here. Deep breath. That's right. Nothing changes. You're still stuck here in this feeling. Except that you're a little more relaxed. And again. Another deep breath. Even more relaxed now. And still suspended here. And as you breathe, your body becoming heavier and heavier with every breath, sinking into this feeling until it envelops you completely."

He felt so hot and faint. Too weak to move as he lay there, breath after breath surrendering more to her power. The buzz of pleasure traveled tingling over his skin, starting at his hands and feet and spreading all over until it crept up his spine and then over and into his head. Time stood still, it was impossible to tell how long he lay there like that, trapped in the orgasm she wouldn't let him have.

"Shhh…" She shushed him and her hands let go of him.

The feelings ebbed away until he started to feel sweaty and cold. He blinked and reached up to rub his bleary eyes. He was surprised at how easily his body moved. He rolled over to hug her, nuzzling his face in her chest. She responded by wrapping her arms and legs around him and petting his head. It warmed him and that serene feeling returned.

He started to kiss her skin again, he coudn't help it. He felt this urge to trail little kisses up her cleavage over the curve in her neck and up to her jaw. Her hand on his head stopped petting him, and she suddenly turned away and lay there with her back to him.

"This is your last warning." Her voice was calm and warm. "Next time, I will not stop you." 

Without really thinking about it, he rolled over to spoon her. He wasn't really thinking anything at all, he just had this need to touch her. Her buttocks against his skin and his chest against her back gave him a feeling of peace. He breathed slowly as he kissed the back of her neck and his fingers thoughtlessly drew shapes over the skin of her hip.

"You're such an amusing little toy." She murmured as she wiggled in his embrace. "It's delightful to watch you crawl towards your own doom."

He closed his eyes as he nuzzled her shoulder. He wasn't listening to what she said. His cock twitched and throbbed because he could feel her skin against it. His fingers crawled from her hip over her abdomen to her inside leg.

With a chuckle, she rolled over on her back and pulled him on top of her, wrapping her legs around him as she watched his face.

He shuddered and blinked, desire making him dizzy as his hands groped her breasts and his hips bucked against her, blindly trying to enter her. With an animalistic moan, he tensed up when he finally succeeded, shocked at how hot and slick she felt around his cock. His instincts took over as he started to thrust inside her.

Shaking with every thrust, she smiled at him and grabbed his chin as she looked him in the eyes. "You are just made of lust now, aren't you? No more thoughts, only fuck fuck fuck fuck…You can't stop anymore, you have to keep fucking." She laughed. "Good toy."

He was panting and he had trouble focusing his eyes enough to look at her. His body moved automatically, ramping up the pleasure much faster than he thought possible. But he wasn't thinking. Drool dripped from his mouth as he helplessly, obediently fucked her.

"This is what it feels like to be my thrall." She whispered, showing the tip of her tongue with that last word. "You could just live in this pleasure and adoration and lust forever. All you have to do…" She licked her lips as she slowly blinked at him.

He heaved a heavy breath in and leaned down on her to kiss her lips. His eyes closed as their tongues touched and he shuddered with orgasmic bliss. Pleasure overwhelmed him as if his body was dissolving and all that was left of him was his desire for her. Obey her. Worship her. Only her. Forever.


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