Chapter 3

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/m #schmoopy #sub:male #angst #multiple_partners #Octavia #punishment

Octavia sat up on the bed; she was restless, enough lazing about. No matter how lovely it was to cuddle with Blake on the bed and listen to his stories, she wanted to get up and do things to him now.

Beside her on the bed, staring at the ceiling wearing only his underwear, Blake obliviously continued to recount: "... so then I was like, Nick, hold my beer. And I went into the ring and…"

"Shhh." Octavia put her finger against his lips. "As riveting as that was, my dear, I want to slap you around some more."

He froze under her touch for a moment, and then he nodded. "Yeah ok."

She pulled on a lacy nightgown and sauntered to the middle of the room. "You see, my dear," she said in a dreamy voice. "For me, the pleasure is in overpowering you, especially knowing how physically powerful you really are, having seen you lift and throw massive wrestlers… Overpowering you gives me such a sense of victory."

"Wait…" He got up from the bed and stared at her back. "You've been to my matches?"

"Knowing that those burly men were unable to best you," she continued with a mysterious smile. "And knowing that I can. With just a snap of my fingers. Or a magical word." She turned to give him a smouldering look. "That gives me feelings, you know?"

He was still stuck on that previous thought. "For real? And you never told me you were there?"

She tilted her head at him. "Wouldn't it make you uncomfortable to know that I was there watching you? Would you invite me to sit in your corner with your fans? What would you say to them if someone asked you who I was?"

"Hoo boy…" He sighed. "I suppose I'd prefer not to answer that question."

She chuckled. "There is another reason I like to go to your matches, Blake."

"Really?" He raised his eyebrows at her.

"It's a little embarrassing…" She said with a coy look.

"Come on now." He laughed. "What could possibly embarrass you?"

"Come closer and I'll tell you…" She beckoned him and he approached her eagerly, bringing his ear close to her face. With a breathy voice, she whispered: "I just love seeing you on the floor." And she slapped him on the cheek.

His knees gave out and he collapsed on the floor with a surprised grunt.

"I must confess I just love seeing you stumble and fall." She said in that dreamy voice. "I love the way you squint and rub your eyes when you've suffered a blow to the head." 

As she was saying that, he did indeed rub his eyes in exactly that way. He blinked heavily and his brow crinkled, trying to understand what had just happened.

With a happy sigh, she continued: "I love to see you try and fail to get up, your limbs too weak to hold you up. I love to see you struggle and succumb." 

He tried to push himself up from the floor but his arms were trembling. He swallowed and lay back down with a thud.

"I don't know why that gives me so much pleasure." She sat down beside him and petted his head. "Perhaps I just like seeing you vulnerable. Perhaps it just turns me on to see your defenses stripped away."

"It's funny you should say it like that, 'cause…" He tried to get up again and managed to roll onto his side this time. He groaned and said: "Against you, Octavia, I have no defenses. I got muscles and reflexes and training, but as soon as you open your pretty mouth, I'm powerless." He shook his head and finally looked her in the eye. "You see, I don't actually understand how you get inside my head. I don't understand how any of this works. I just know that it does. And that I want it."

She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. His eyes closed automatically and his arms wrapped around her. It was a lot easier now to stay upright for some reason. The kiss ended with his lower lip between her teeth and he squirmed a little.

"Powerless, you say?" She caressed his cheek and his beard.

He nodded, leaning into her hand with his eyes still closed.

"Delicious…" Still holding him close, she started to get up and he rose up with her. She smiled at him. "I wonder what it feels like to be so powerless. Is it because my voice affects your mind? Does it make your thoughts hazy? Does it make you so submissive that you helplessly do everything I want you to do? I mean, why did you get up? How did you get up? You were on the floor just a moment ago..."

He stared at her with a vacant look in his eyes, as if everything was going too fast for him and none of it made sense. His mouth hung open but he didn't seem to be aware of that, and he swayed on his legs.

Her smile turned into a grin. "Do you feel entranced? Lost, staring into my eyes, with no thoughts of your own? Is that what being powerless feels like?"

In that moment of silent eye-contact, he didn't move, and he didn't blink even once. His eyes were normally so striking and bright, and now they seemed dull and empty. Octavia drank it all in before she finally stretched out her arm and slapped him.

He folded even faster this time and dropped to the floor like a lump. No reflexes to catch him, no tension in his muscles. He just shut down.

"Or is powerless a different feeling?" She made her voice a little more urgent, a little more loud, as if it was the only thing still keeping him conscious. "Because you're awake, aren't you, Blake? That hit really shook you awake, didn't it? It rattled you, like one of those moments in the middle of a match. You can't hear the crowd over the ringing in your ears and it's like your limbs just won't listen to you anymore. You want to get up and keep going, but the pain and the exhaustion weigh you down. No matter how hard you try, you can't get up anymore. Weak and powerless."

His brow furrowed and his hand moved to rub his eyes. His chest heaved with a heavy breath but he couldn't manage to lift his shoulders off the floor. His leg twitched and he pulled it up in an attempt to get to his knees, but he was trembling all over.

She bent down to grab his hair and pull his head up enough so he could look her in the eye. "Is that what powerless feels like? That moment when you know that you've been beaten? And you just can't get up anymore? Or do you prefer the other version?" She licked her lips at him, expressing her sadistic joy in this moment.

He groaned and gasped, his eyes unable to focus on her. "Definitely… The other one…"

"Definitely?" She pushed him onto his back and leaned on his chest in a half-hearted simulation of that move that ends a match. She knew it was risky to provoke him, but she was high on the power. In a stern voice, like a coach or a referee, she said: "Show me that you can go on. One... Two..."

His arm swung up, lifting his shoulder off the floor and pushing her away. Octavia retreated further away from him as he lumbered to his feet. While she tried to compose herself, quickly devising a suggestion she could throw at him before he would launch into a wrestling move, he rubbed his eyes again, still dazed.

"Is this what you want, Blake?" She dropped her voice in a low, sultry tone as she took on a pose that showed off her curvy figure. "Do you really want to fight me? Can you even resist my power over you?"

He shook his head, but it was unclear whether he was trying to clear his head or whether he was replying no to what she was saying. His massive shoulders rose and fell quickly with his laboured breath and his gaze was trained on her, as if she was a dangerous opponent in the ring.

"If I were to come at you with a kick or a clothesline, you'd be able to defend yourself." She giggled seductively. "But here I am, opening my pretty mouth, enchanting you with my hypnotic language. You said something about that. What was it?"

He froze. Her words definitely affected him. His mouth opened and after a moment's hesitation, he said in a hollow voice: "I have no defenses."

"That's right." She nodded and smiled with approbation. "As soon as I start to enthrall you like this, there is no way you could counter. My voice just penetrates your mind and takes hold of your thoughts. All you can do is stand there like a mindless thrall. Aching for more."

His pose changed, his arms and shoulders sagged down and his head swayed a little. As his face grew more vacant and his body seemed to grow heavier again, the bulge in his underwear grew bigger and peeked out.

Octavia gasped at the surge of arousal she felt seeing him like this. The danger of his wrestling reflexes had passed, he was her plaything again. As she approached him, she murmured: "And what was the thing you said after that, my dear? Do you remember?"

He nodded slowly. "I don't understand how this works. I just know that it does. And that I want it." His eyes were open, but he didn't seem to be able to focus on her face as she approached.

She embraced him and ground against him. After planting a hot kiss on his neck, she whispered in his ear: "And what did I just call you?"

He shuddered under her touch and took a deep breath. "Your mindless thrall. Aching for more."

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