Chapter 2

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/m #schmoopy #sub:male #angst #multiple_partners #Octavia #punishment

A knock on the door. Octavia looked up from her laptop and clicked the news away. She was wearing her silk robe with the autumn leaves over her black lace lingerie. "Come in." She rose from her seat to meet her guest, but she didn't close her robe.

Blake walked in with a spring in his step. He wore blue jeans and a denim shirt today, and his hair was pulled up into a topknot. He smiled radiantly as he handed her a bunch of yellow roses. "See? I can be a gentleman."

She sniffed the roses and brought them to the vase on the counter. "I never had any doubt." She gave him an impish grin. "But I ordered beefcake."

"Should I go?" He pointed with his thumb over his shoulder. "Or should I entertain you until the beefcake arrives?"

She chuckled, walking up to him to grope his chest and shoulders through his shirt. "You'll do fine."

"You should come to a match. I'm up against over 250 pounds of prime beef next week. It's gonna to be a doozy, he barely flinches when I hit him." 

"Shut up." She put her finger on his lips as she ground her hip against his crotch. "I want you."

"Oh." He blushed.

She rose up on the tips of her toes to kiss him on his cheek and his ear. "You can drop the act. I know you're not really a dumb wrestler."

Slowly and deliberately, he said: "I'll have you know that I'm considered one of the smarter ones." He grinned, still blushing at the way she threw herself at him.

She paused and stared at him. "I could make you dumb."

He laughed. "How would you know if it worked?"

"You wouldn't have a witty comeback to everything I say."

"Octavia…" He lowered his eyes as he hugged her. "I'm ok with bein' too horny to think, but if you're gonna make fun of how dumb I am…"

"Oh no!" She touched his chin to make him look at her. "I know you're not into humiliation."

He shrugged. "I'm just sayin', it would feel like work."

She laughed. "What does it take to shut you up?"

"I'm sure you can think of…" His breath quickened and his voice trailed off when she groped his crotch. His cheeks glowed red and he averted his eyes when his hips bucked involuntarily to meet her hand.

"Isn't it funny how easy it is for me to take control of you?" She murmured as she pressed her body against him. "How your body responds automatically when I press all the right buttons? How your mind opens and obeys me when I say all the right words? Why do you suppose that is?"

He gasped and his eyes widened. He leaned into her embrace, showing her how much he was enjoying all of it, but his bated breath didn't allow him to reply.

"The answer is desire, sweet man." She kissed him and tried to catch his eyes, but he was too shy. "You want me to press your buttons, because it feels so good." She found the outline of his hardon in his jeans and rubbed her hip against it.

He groaned and closed his eyes, nodding slowly.

"You want me to take control of your mind because it feels sooo good, doesn't it?" She trailed kisses through his beard and down into his neck.

He shuddered and swayed on his feet. His neck craned and his head tipped to the side, yielding to her hot neck kisses.

Her hands hastily opened up the buttons of his shirt to caress and claw at the skin underneath. "The more desire you feel bubbling and simmering inside with every kiss and every touch, the more your mind grows hazy and hot. Too hot to think."

His hips bucked against her again and he moaned. 

"No more thoughts. Only desire." Her hands found the buttons of his jeans and opened them to crawl inside and caress his cock.

"Fffuck…" He gasped.

"Yes, exactly." 

With one hand around his cock, she led him to the bed. When she lay down on top of the covers, he just stood beside the bed, lost in a mindless daze of lust. His mouth hung open and he swayed ever so slightly. His eyes were heavy-lidded and he didn't seem to be able to see. His chest rose and fell quickly and his cock twitched, aching for her touch.

She reached out and guided his hand to her breast as she lay down again. The rest of him followed, crawling on top of her, his hot breath on her skin giving her goosebumps. He blindly started to kiss and caress her all over. With one hand on the back of his neck she guided him to where she wanted to be kissed, while she pulled his pants down with her other hand. 

Overpowering lust was one of her favourite tricks as a hypnoDom, it made her feel so wanted, even if it made the sex a little rushed. But Blake had such power and stamina, and he followed her every direction, keeping a steady pace when she was close to the edge, and slowing down when she needed a breather, changing positions whenever she guided him to do so. When he finally came with a series of grunts and gasps, his shoulders were covered in red scratches and she had left a hot red bitemark on the left side of his neck.

He melted into her arms and rested his head on her shoulder. 

"Where's your witty banter now?" She whispered as she caressed his hair.

He weakly pointed over his shoulder with his thumb, his voice muffled by her breasts. "Must 've fallen out on the way to the bed, along with my brain."

She chuckled, making his head shake against her chest. "It seems to be in working order. I'm not so sure about the brain, though."

He rolled off her and lay down beside her, his head still against her shoulder. He rested one hand on her abdomen, playing with her pubic hair as he muttered: "Who cares? I hardly use it."

"So you keep saying…" She stared at the ceiling, thinking for a moment and then she patted him on the shoulder. "Sit up. I want to try something."

He propped himself up on one elbow and ran his other hand through his hair. "What?" He asked groggily.

She reached out to caress his jaw and then she lightly slapped him there. As soon as the slap hit him, he keeled over and crashed off the bed. His reflexes instantly took over and he rolled to his feet with a shocked look.

Octavia covered her mouth as she laughed. "I just wanted to see if it still worked. Come here, I'll remove it properly."

"Here's another idea," He huffed as he looked for his pants around the bed. "Why don't you just, I don't know, not slap me?"

"I should clean up after myself." Octavia said as she sat up on the bed. "I put that suggestion there, and I should remove it."

"It 'll fade." He muttered as he pulled his pants on.

"Why don't you want me to remove it, Blake?" She studied his defensive body language, trying to figure out what was wrong.

He avoided her eyes and sat down on the edge of the bed. In a small voice, he said: "I like it when you slap me around, ok?" He tried to hide the prominent bulge in his pants.

She scooted over to him on the bed and hugged his back. "Sweet man, why are you embarrassed by that? That's why you come here. I do things to you that you like."

His shoulders clenched up. "Octavia… Don't be like that. It's pretty fuckin' embarrassing. Things get very physical during a match."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dismiss your feelings." She kissed his shoulders, letting her lips and tongue linger on the bitemark until he gasped. "Can you think of anything I could do to make it up to you?" She whispered, her lips brushing his skin.

He leaned into her embrace and mumbled: "Do that thing you do so well…"

"What could you possibly mean?" She giggled as she rocked him in her arms.

"Hypnotize me, Octavia." He said softly as he turned towards her.

She let out a big, happy sigh. "Has anyone ever told you your Southern accent is cute? Because it really is, especially when you say that. Would you say it again for me?"

He blushed and hesitated before he said: "Please, hypnotize me." 

"You see, my dear, the magic of that thing I do so well starts with you." There was a warm smile in her voice as she petted his hair. "It starts with you doing as I say. Only if you obey me can I start leading you down deeper into trance. So say that word again for me. You know the word."

He blinked at her a few times and then took a deep breath. "Hypnotized." 

"Did you notice how you blinked? Are your eyes getting heavier already? Trance is a feeling that overtakes you so quickly. Do you feel any of those other tell-tale signs that you're going into trance? Say it again for me."

"Hypnotized." His voice grew softer and he sagged against her as he exhaled. It was a beautiful sight to see his bright eyes grow dull, and his face grow expressionless as his jaw loosened.

"And somewhere deep inside you know this is all a trick. Every time you say that word it's like an affirmation. You're just convincing yourself that you're hypnotised. And the repetition of it just lulls you deeper into trance. Say it again for me."

"Hypnotuh..." His voice trailed off and his eyes fell shut.

Octavia caressed his clammy skin and softly kissed his forehead. "I wish I could hypnotise you into taking better care of yourself, sweet man. I wish I could fix your life with just a few magic words. But that's something you'll have to do yourself. I can only be here when you need me. I can only make you a little happier. And that's all I aspire to…"

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