Dragon and Princess

Chapter 4

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Josie sat on the couch reading when Raf appeared in the doorway to the basement. "Come to the lair with me? Tim will be here soon and we have a plan. If you don't mind sitting there watching us and being objectified a little."

"Aw. Only a little?" She got up and put her e-reader away. "Can I wear a gown?"

He smiled and stepped aside so she could go to the wardrobe in the lair. "Yes. Please, make yourself pretty, Princess."

She skipped past him and downstairs to the lair. He followed more leisurely, shedding his shirt into the laundry basket at the bottom of the stairs. Wearing only his black jeans, he sat down on the sofa to read some messages on his phone while Josie put on a long skirt over her camisole and then she put on a corset. After a few minutes of lacing the corset up, Raf stepped in to help tighten it and tie the laces. 

"If you two are going at it, I might as well wear a pretty corset." She said as she made herself comfortable on the sofa.

"Right you are." He muttered in reply as he stood in front of her, looming over her. "And it will help you sit up straight while you're in a mindless trance."

She blushed as she looked up at him. Her voice turned husky and soft. "Is that what you want now, Dragon?"

"Not quite." He grinned and started to speak in a low, dreamy voice. "I just want you to be my Princess right now. Remember how I abducted you from the castle? Remember how much you wanted to be taken away? How I stole your heart and instilled you with this yearning to forever be a trophy in my lair? That's the headspace I want you in, vaguely awake, happy to be my plaything and nothing more."

Her lips curled up into a vacant smile and her hands folded into her lap. "...happy to be your plaything and nothing more..." She murmured.

Raf took a step back and admired how pretty and entranced she looked, and how easily she followed his every suggestion. The power he had over her excited him, and he took a moment to make his erection more comfortable in his pants.

Tim came down the stairs into the basement: he was a man with bleached blond hair, shorter and more slender than Raf. He looked like he had just taken off his tie and his suit jacket, he was wearing a spotless white button-down shirt and grey trousers. He paused at the bottom of the stairs, looking at Raf and then at Josie before taking a deep breath. "I'm here to save the princess." He announced with a certain dramatic flair.

Raf turned to Tim and crossed his arms with a smug smile. He asked in a deep voice: "Who might you be? And you're here to save the princess from what?"

Tim looked at Raf's naked torso, at the thick muscles under the green dragon tattoos, and he took another deep breath before he spoke. He was blushing and he seemed hesitant. "I'm a paladin. I was told that the princess was abducted by a dragon with powerful magic."

"Well, at least you're correct on that…" Raf chuckled to himself and then he took on an air of menace by glaring at Tim as he rolled his shoulders back and cracked the knuckles of his large, rough hands. "The princess is mine now. There is no way to save her."

"The princess is a person and you abducted her against her will." Tim took a step closer, glancing at Josie.

Raf turned to Josie. "There's a paladin here to rescue you, Princess. What do you think of that?" He said in a sarcastic tone.

She hardly moved as she looked at Tim and then at Raf with a vague smile. Her voice was soft and dreamy. "I don't need to be rescued. I'm happy to be your plaything and nothing more, Dragon."

Her obedient words and her dull tone aroused Raf so much, he growled and licked his lips. He paced back and forth on the rug between Tim and Josie.

Tim twitched nervously as he gathered up his courage and then he took another step closer. "She's only saying that because you control her mind. You've obviously enchanted her."

"This? This is nothing." Raf laid his hand on Josie's head. "Pay attention, Princess. Feel my claw sinking into your mind. I'm taking your mind away. No more thoughts, no will of your own, nothing but my empty-headed plaything."

When he pulled his hand up and away from her head, Josie's eyes rolled up and a sigh escaped her lips. Her mouth remained open and the white of her eyes was visible under her fluttering eyelids. Tim gasped as he watched her like this, but his eyes were also drawn to Raf's outstretched hand, supposedly still holding her mind.

"Now I'm truly controlling her mind." Raf said in a low voice as he held Tim's gaze.

Tim swallowed, his breathing was fast and shallow, but he said nothing. Raf intimidated him and it was exciting at the same time.

Raf stepped forward and handed the princess' mind to Tim. "Take it. I have no need for it. Does this count as rescuing the princess?"

Vaguely aware of what was happening, Josie moaned in the background.

Raf let out a vile laugh as Tim stared with large eyes at it in his hands. He seemed paralysed with indecision. With a knowing grin, Raf stepped aside so Tim could reach Josie on the sofa. "Go ahead. Do what you believe is right."

Tim swallowed. He gingerly approached and then unexpectedly kneeled before Josie, his hands outstretched to give it back to her. He looked up at her zonked face and his breath quickened. He hesitated and then placed it in her hands on her lap. "Here is your mind, Princess. It is yours and you can use it again in whatever way is comfortable for you."

Her eyes finally closed properly and she seemed to relax as she quietly sat there. Raf stepped closer and Tim backed away, rising to his feet.

"Tell me, Princess…" Raf held Tim's gaze as he spoke. "If you look back on how I abducted you and all the things I've done to you, and you had the choice now to leave me, or to give your mind to me again, which would you choose?"

Josie straightened up, her eyes opened with a blank look and her hands lifted up towards Raf, offering her mind to him without a shadow of a doubt.

Tim clenched his mouth shut, his eyes large and his breath quick and nervous. Was he shocked by how easily she surrendered, or perhaps envious?

Without even looking at her, his eyes still on Tim, Raf gently pushed Josie's hands back down. "You've made your choice. I want you to sit there comfortably, Princess. While I deal with the paladin."

Her hands returned to her lap. That vague smile came back as she settled against the pillows and watched with soft eyes.

"I know what you're thinking." Raf said as he closed in on Tim and grabbed him by the chin, forcing him to look up into his eyes. "You're wondering why she would choose to give her mind to me so willingly. It must be so liberating to give your mind away. Doesn't she look like she enjoys being my mindless plaything? Doesn't it look like it gives her physical pleasure to be so submissive and obedient? You're wondering what it would feel like, aren't you?"

Tim's shoulders rose and fell quickly with his breath. Was the excitement in his eyes fear or defiance? "No. I'm immune to your corrupting influence." He whispered.

Raf grinned and let out that vile laugh again. "Believe what you want. I don't need you to want it. I'll just strip away your resistance, bit by bit."

Tim tried to push Raf's hand away, tried to create some distance between himself and this much bigger man, but Raf just wrapped his arms around him and hugged him so that their bodies touched from their knees to their shoulders. And then he rubbed his leg against Tim's crotch. With his lips dangerously close to Tim's neck, Raf growled: "Pray to your god, pray to whatever grants you your strength. Your feeble attempts to resist me are doomed to fail."

Tim shuddered in Raf's grip and then he clenched up, fighting his feelings. With his eyes closed, he muttered to himself: "My mind is my own. My will is strong. I won't surrender."

Raf growled and planted a long, hot kiss on Tim's neck. He could feel a bulge growing in Tim's pants and he ground against it. "Your will may be strong, but your flesh is weak. Can you feel your body yielding to me?" 

"My mind is my own." Tim whispered breathlessly as he pulled away in an attempt to break free from Raf's kisses.

Raf grabbed him by the collar of his white shirt. "Look into my eyes while you say that." He said in a deep, commanding voice.

"My will is strong." Tim's voice trembled as he said it. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Raf's piercing gaze.

"And your legs are kneeling for me." Raf grinned as he pressed down on Tim's shoulders. 

Tim whimpered as he went down on his knees, still staring up at Raf's eyes. "I won't surrender." His voice sounded small, almost boyish. "My mind is my own."

"But you obey me." Raf said slowly, drawing out the words as if they tasted delicious. His eyes sparkled with delight.

With trembling lips, Tim hesitated to speak for a long moment, and then he closed his eyes. "I obey, Dragon."

"Obey and worship me." Raf growled with lust as he stood in front of Tim and opened his jeans to reveal his stiff cock. He grabbed the back of Tim's head and pressed his face against his cock.

Tim blushed deep red as he took Raf's cock into his mouth to suck him off. Raf sighed as he glanced across the lair at Josie, still sitting on the sofa in a happy daze. Then he looked down at his submissive boyfriend and moaned softly.

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