Dragon and Princess

Chapter 3

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #f/m #sub:female

Josie sat at the table typing on her laptop when Raf came into the house with the groceries. As soon as he had put all the food away into the fridge and the appropriate cupboards, he pulled off his shirt and brushed his hair.

"Whatcha doing, Princess?" He asked casually.

"I finished the minutes a while ago. So I was just checking some social media." She closed the laptop and leaned forward on the table staring at Raf, at his tattooed shoulders rolling and flexing as he brushed his hair. "But I have found something more interesting now."

He paused and looked her in the eye. "Have you now?"

"Uhuh." She blinked innocently and nodded.

With a mysterious smile, he put the hair brush down. "Has it occurred to you, Princess, that the urge you feel to mindlessly stare at me may have been planted in your mind?" He spoke slowly, in that low tone she liked so much.

She sat up straight and frowned at him as her breathing quickened.

"I've hypnotised you so many times by now," he continued. "Playing with your thoughts and beliefs, planting ideas and building triggers, it's impossible to tell anymore whether you do things because you want to, or because I made you want it. And doesn't that feeling arouse you, Princess? Doesn't it make you wet when you notice how much control I really have over you?" 

She swallowed and her lips parted with a sigh. Her gaze was fixed on him and her head tilted ever so slightly to one side as her shoulders sagged down.

"You can feel the conditioning taking over, can't you, sweet Princess?" He paused to lick his lips as he looked at the way she melted into trance. "Arousal makes you feel submissive and obedient. The more my voice and my words turn you on, the more mindless you become. Feel that vicious cycle spinning inside you, around and around, melting away your thoughts and your will until you're nothing but a mindless toy."

Her eyes crossed but remained open as she swayed slowly with every breath. Her head helplessly tilted further to the side, showing how unaware she was now of her own posture.

"Stand up." Raf commanded as he beckoned her with open arms. "Come here."

She moved like a zombie, rising from the chair without blinking or turning her head, shuffling slowly towards him, her arms reaching out in front of her to meet his embrace. 

He wrapped his arms around her and held the back of her head in his hand to look into her vacant eyes. "There is something so deliciously liberating about being my horny, hypnotised plaything, isn't there Princess? No worries, no responsibilities, no thoughts, no will. Only obedience. And arousal. Swirling around and around, continuously taking you deeper."

Her eyes rolled up into her head and she swooned in his embrace, her arms falling limp to her sides as her knees gave out.

He caught her and carried her to the couch, setting her down in a sitting position and snuggling up next to her with his arm around her and her head resting against his shoulder. "I want to hear you say that you're my mindless toy." He whispered in her ear.

Her lips trembled and her tongue licked up the trickle of drool in the corner of her mouth. Her chest heaved as she took a deep breath and replied softly: "I am your mindless toy." As she spoke, her eyelids fluttered, showing only the white of her eyes.

A satisfied grin grew on his lips. His hand crawled up her back to grab the hair on the back of her hair and pose her in a more upright position. "Sit up for me," he commanded. "And show me your pretty tits."

Her hands languidly and clumsily worked to pull up her top until her bra was exposed, and then they pulled her breasts up out of her bra. Meanwhile, her face showed the same, vacant, open-mouthed expression, as if her hands moved without her realising it.

Lust made his voice into a low growl. "This too is familiar, isn't it Princess? Those hands have done this for me so many times, I don't need to tell you what happens next. I just want to hear you repeat, over and over, that you're my mindless toy, sinking deeper and deeper." He stuffed his free hand into his pants to make more room for his erection.

"I am your mindless toy." Her voice was breathy and dull as her fingers started to play with her nipples, tweaking them and drawing circles around them. "Sinking deeper and deeper." Her eyes drifted open, crossed and empty.

He moaned, restraining himself as he watched her touching herself and repeating those words over and over: "I am your mindless toy. Sinking deeper and deeper." Every cycle sent a surge of arousal through him, making his hips buck and his cock strain against the fabric of his pants. Until he couldn't take it anymore and he dove on top of her to rip her clothes off and fuck her.

She was so deliciously compliant, moving at his slightest direction and she kissed whatever bodypart he pressed against her lips. He kissed her neck and her shoulders, delighting in the taste of her skin. He took pleasure in yanking her clothes open just enough to expose her crotch and thighs, in making her look as disheveled as possible as he lay on top of her on the couch. When he thrust inside of her, she erupted in wordless grunts and moans that marked the rhythm of their love-making. With all her inhibitions hypnotised away, she moaned in abandon, loud and unfiltered, building to a crescendo and then becoming breathless and low. She shook underneath him, her empty eyes opening wider and it spurred him on to fuck her harder and deeper, which caused her to start moaning again.

That cycle repeated almost four times before Raf started to shudder all over. He pressed his face down against her boobs as he orgasmed with an animalistic growl. He tried to lie still, but his hips bucked and his legs spasmed with the pleasure coursing through him. He kissed her breasts, feeling her chest move with her heavy breathing. Tears welled up in his eyes as he suppressed the urge to kiss every inch of her skin and just cuddled her.

"I love you, Princess." He mumbled with his face against her skin.

She sighed and licked her lips. "Yes." She whispered. "You are… Yes. All the yes. All the time. Every time." Her hands crawled up over his skin to stroke his face.

He nibbled on one of her fingers for a moment, and then he pushed himself up from the couch and stood up straight. He stretched his arms up in the air with a satisfied grin.

"You've made a mess of me." Josie mock complained as she hoisted her bra back into the correct position to make her chest more comfortable.

"Come to the shower with me," he said as he turned to go upstairs. "I'll clean you up again."

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