Chapter 3

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #pov:top #sub:male #discipline #military #Octavia

"So good to see you again, Sergeant." Octavia straightened her black dress that showed off her curves as she rose from her chair to greet him.

"Yes, Sir." The words came out automatically again and it made him shiver. "I've missed you and your magical words, Ma'am." 

"You flatter me." Octavia waved her hand dismissively.

"Does this meet your approval, Ma'am? I would have worn my suit again, but you said…" 

She invaded his personal space to grope his abs through his band shirt and then squeezed his ass in the tight jeans. "Yes." She whispered. "This will do nicely."

He closed his eyes and smiled quietly as her hands explored his body. She made him feel so attractive and wanted.

Gesturing at the chair, she invited him to sit with her. She let her hair down and absentmindedly combed it with her fingers. "So, vampire play. That's different from what we've done before."

His eyes sparkled with excitement as he looked at her. "I saw it listed on your website as one of your favourite things, and I'm intrigued."

"I know you're ok with pain. But what about bitemarks? Should I limit them to easy to hide spots?" She grinned, already anticipating some of the things she wanted to do to him.

He shrugged. "Wherever you like, Ma'am. We don't need to worry about that. We don't need to go over my limits again. I trust you." He folded his hand together in his lap and stared at the floor. 

"You're nervous, aren't you?" Octavia said softly as she noticed his knuckles turning white. "What are you worried about?"

His jaw clenched. "That you think I'm boring. That I'll ruin the mood."

Octavia got up and beckoned him to join her in the middle of the room. When he walked up to her, she embraced him and started to kiss his face. "Will you do what I tell you?" She asked between kisses.

"Yes, Ma'am." He whispered, closing his eyes.

"Then I promise you that it will all be fine." And she ground her body against him as they continued to kiss. 

Just like before, the kisses helped him relax a little. He settled into her arms, silently following her lead.

After a few minutes of just making out with a handsome man, she started to whisper in his ear. "In order to help you believe in a more or less unbelievable situation, I want you to think for a moment about how unbelievable our current situation is already. I mean, how unbelievable is it that someone like you would visit a professional Dominant? How unbelievable are the things we have already done together? When you take a moment to think about that, it's only a little step further to pretend for now that I am a vampire." 

She started to guide him towards the bed, grabbing him a little more firmly through his clothes than before, clawing his shoulders through his shirt. She let her voice drop a little lower and a little more threatening. "When you think about everything we've done before, you and I, it's not so difficult to believe that I have some kind of power over you. You can feel it, can't you? You called it magical just a moment ago. Magical…" She chuckled eerily.

When she pushed him onto the bed, he sat there, staring up at her with large eyes. His breathing quickened but he was still quiet as a mouse. His legs and arms were tense, as if he was afraid to move without being told to do so.

"What do you know about vampires, my dear?" She asked him with a grin. "If I really were a magical creature who wants to drink your blood, why on earth would you be here? Why are you obeying my every direction? Doesn't that seem unwise? Can't you resist my magical power over you? Do you even want to resist?" She grabbed his shoulders and pressed her knee against the bulge in his crotch.

Impossibly, he tensed up even more under her touch, as if he was conflicted about it. There was anticipation in his eyes, as if he was dreading but simultaneously impatient to go on.

"Why would you resist? Isn't this what you want?" She chuckled impishly. "Didn't you come here to surrender to me? Haven't you fantasised about this very moment? About me overpowering you? Taking your will away and subjugating you?"

She pushed him, forcing him further onto the bed so she could climb on top of him to straddle him. With hungry hands, she pulled his shirt up and over his head so she could feel his bare skin between her claws. He helpfully slipped the shirt off and dropped it on the floor, only breaking eye-contact for a brief moment.

"Do you have any idea what will happen when I finally sink my fangs into your skin?" She breathed on his neck, making him shudder. "What will it feel like when I start to drain you? Do you suppose it will hurt to lose all control like that? Or do you think it might feel pleasurable to let go like that?" She ground down on his hips and his crotch. "Will you feel it all over your body? Will it be sexual? Can you wait any longer?"

"Please…" He whispered breathlessly.

She leaned even closer to him, her lips brushing his ear. "What was that?"

Almost inaudible, he replied: "Please. Take me, Ma'am."

Immediately, she buried her face in his neck. Her teeth clamped down on a muscle in the curve of his neck and shoulder as she revelled in the taste of his skin. His back arched and his legs cramped, and to her surprise, he groaned. As she held onto him, he slowly started to melt in her arms. She relaxed the bite and started to kiss the pink mark she had left on his skin, until he hung limp in her embrace. Then, she pulled him close and hugged him until the heaviness subsided and he stirred in her arms.

The studio was quiet but for his involuntary moans as they went through a few cycles of Octavia biting him and then letting him recover again. When he lost the strength to sit upright, she shifted on the bed to sit behind him and pull him up against her like she was the big spoon. And then she continued for another few cycles.

Finally, when she helped him lie down on his side, both sides of his neck had throbbing pink marks and there were a few on his shoulders as well. With a satisfied smile, she reached over to the bottle of water on the bedside stand and drank almost half of it in one go. 

He shivered, and she immediately curled up against him. "Shhh. I'm here with you, my dear. Shhh. I'll keep you safe while you recover. Everything will be fine. Shush now, my sweet thrall."

His lips trembled as he whispered: "Thank you."

After a few minutes of cuddling, he relaxed on the bed and she let go of him and got up. Quickly and quietly, she brought out the stepladder and put the chains up on the ceiling hook. She proceeded to put the stepladder out of the way again and retrieved the big, leather cuffs from a drawer.

Sebastian stirred on the bed and turned to see what she was doing, but before he could process what was happening, she grabbed his wrist and put one of the cuffs around it. 

"Help me out, my sweet thrall." She said with a grin. "Close this nice and snug for me."

Still looking dazed, he did as he was told and closed both cuffs tightly around his wrists. She didn't give him time to think about it and guided him to the chains dangling from the ceiling. As she attached the cuffs to the chains, he shook his head, trying to clear his mind. 

"Octavia…?" He needed the chains to help him stand upright. He frowned at her as she stepped out of his reach.

"Shhh." She giggled. "You're not in any position to ask questions, now are you?"

He took a few deep breaths to find his balance. The chains left him precious little wiggle space because he was shorter than average. He steadied himself and looked at her, waiting for whatever she had planned next.

With a grin, she leaned against the bed and casually asked him: "Do they hurt? Those bitemarks? Especially that one on the left side. It looks so red. Is it throbbing?"

He gasped and closed his eyes. After licking his lips, he replied hoarsely: "It feels good. I love it."

"I wonder what that feels like…" She said in that dreamy voice. "Is it like the memory of those bites and the way I drained you and all the pleasure that coursed through you is somehow trapped in your skin there? Throbbing, aching for more?"

He shuddered, making the chains rattle. Finding sure footing seemed hard. He gave her an incredulous look. "How are you doing that?"

"What?" She gave him a smouldering look and then very slowly and deliberately opened her mouth and ran her tongue over her lips and teeth. "This?"

He groaned, swaying on his legs as his shoulders tensed up. It was hard to keep his eyes open with all these feelings rushing through him.

With a chuckle, she sat down on the edge of the bed, still out of his reach. "That is just my magical power over you, my thrall. You practically begged me for it and there it is. This is how a vampire lures in and enthralls a victim. I make you want it. Crave it. Ache for it."

He gave her a look full of longing as he leaned towards her in the chains, his chest rising and falling quickly as he tried to catch his breath. Muscles in his neck and shoulders twitched randomly and his lips trembled.

"Does it feel strange?" She relished this moment. "Normally you're such a stoic man. And now… What's the right word for it? Helpless? Vulnerable? Desperate?"

Still breathing heavily, he finally found his balance. Although his jaw clenched and he stood there silently, he seemed to relax. With nothing left to do, he waited for her.

Octavia noticed the change. So she got up and approached him. The way his eyes followed her was delicious, as if nothing else mattered in the world. When she came into his personal space he didn't move, but when she touched him he yielded. She gave his arm a gentle push and he turned so she could see the bitemarks on his shoulder better. He continued to stare at her up until she grabbed his chin and turned his face away. Then he finally closed his eyes.

With a light touch designed to give him goosebumps, she caressed the reddest mark. Her voice dropped to a menacing whisper. "There is more to being a vampire's thrall than just this, you know? Do you have what it takes?"

He shuddered as he tried to calm his breathing, but he remained there, his face averted, his eyes closed, and his neck full of bitemarks exposed to her.

She pressed a fingernail into the mark, just to see him wince. And then she asked: "Why don't you say anything?"

"It's not my place to decide if I'm good enough." He said breathlessly, still without looking at her. "That is up to you to determine, Ma'am."

Grinning proudly, she buried her hand in the hair on the back of his head and firmly grabbed hold of his head. "That was the correct answer." And she sank her teeth into his skin once more, making him groan and shake in her grip.


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