Chapter 2

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #pov:top #sub:male #brainwashing #discipline #memory_play #military #Octavia

A knock on the door, exactly on time. Octavia got up from her chair and approached the door. "Come in."

Sebastian entered the room, wearing a blue suit and carrying a manila folder under his arm. He closed the door and immediately stepped up to shake her hand. "Thank you for seeing me again, Ma'am."

With a playful grin, she grabbed him by the tie and pulled him in for a kiss. He held his breath and there was a tremble in his jaw. When she let go of him again, she gave him a smouldering look. "You said a kiss helps you relax."

He swallowed as he straightened his tie. "I did, didn't I? Here, it's done." He quickly handed her the folder as he tried not to stare at her long, blonde braid gently brushing the curve of her lower back.

She glanced inside the folder. "What is this?"

"You asked for a detailed report, so here it is." He smiled and as he waited patiently, his hands clasped behind his back almost unnoticed.

Laughing with delight, she skimmed through the text. "That's amazing work, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." He replied with a quick nod. Then he paused, closing his eyes as he shuddered quietly.

She tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at him. "Has that happened to you when you were not with me?"

"No, Ma'am." He shook his head, blushing. "It's tied to you."

"Good." She turned around and sat down. "Make us two cups of coffee while I read it, will you?" With her eyes on the report, she vaguely gestured towards the coffee machine on the counter in the corner. She knew a little something about submissive men, and she wanted him to get into the right mindset.

"Yes, Ma'am." 

The studio was quiet while he worked the coffee machine and opened the cabinet to find two cups. As he waited for the coffee to brew, he glanced back at Octavia, sitting there with her legs crossed, reading his report. Her foot in the high-heeled black shoe swayed playfully from side to side as she turned the page. The grey dress and the sheer stockings looked so formal and prim, it clashed with her impish grin and her seductive behaviour. He stared at her, arousal starting to simmer in his pants, until the coffee was done and he could pour it into the cups.

When he brought the cups to the table, she gave him a look of approbation. "You're a good writer, John."

"Thank you, Ma'am." He sat down in the other chair and stared into his coffee before quickly taking a sip. "My name is not really John."

She put down the folder on the table and reached for her coffee. "I don't need to know your real name, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." 

After a moment of silence and coffee, Octavia said: "I didn't mean that to sound harsh. I just mean… I don't ask personal questions. I respect your privacy. You said your name was John, and so I call you John. No questions asked. Actually, I call you Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." He smiled at her.

She gave him a thoughtful look. "How does it feel when you say that?"

"Mechanical." He replied. "Like I'm… an obedient machine…" He quickly took another sip of coffee, blushing.

"Good." She smiled at him across the table as she uncrossed her legs. "You seem to really enjoy serving and obeying me."

He nodded and smiled. "I do, Ma'am."

She put her cup down on the table. "You can serve and obey anyone you want. But you're here with me. Are you ready for more mind games?"

His eyes lit up with excitement. "What do you have in mind?"

With a wicked grin, she revealed an envelope and pushed towards him. "Open it and read it to me." She watched him closely as she drank the rest of her coffee.

He opened the envelope and unfolded a sheet of paper. As he read it aloud, he started to frown. "I should sit down when I read this. This is my memory file. When I sign my name at the bottom of this page, all of my memories and my sense of reality are filed here. In case of hypnotic amnesia, altered mental ability or other memory loss, I only need to read this page again and my memories are returned to me. As soon as I read this page, I can easily distinguish any fabricated memories from my real ones. Today's date... Sign name here…" He put the sheet down. "What is this, Octavia?"

She shrugged. "It's exactly what it says on the tin. I want you to file your memories, before something happens to them."

"Are you planning for something to happen to my memories?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied immediately. "Unless you don't want that."

"I'm definitely interested. But this is just a piece of paper!" His voice was uneven and confused. "How can it save anything?"

She leaned forward on the table. "Look at me, Sergeant." 

"Yes, Sir." 

She pointed at her own face, at her eyes, and spoke slowly. "Am I your superior, Sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir." His breath quickened, trapped by her gaze.

"When I order you to do something, do you obey, Sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir." He nodded.

"When I tell you something, that is the truth, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." 

She handed him a pen. "So when you sign that paper, your memories are filed. Do you understand, Sergeant?" 

"Yes, Sir." He took the pen into his hand, and looked at the paper.

"One more thing before you sign, Sergeant." She stared him down.

"Yes, Sir." His eyes grew wider with anticipation.

She patted the manila folder with her hand. "Would you say that everything you wrote in here is the truth as you remember it?"

He nodded. "Yes, Ma'am. An accurate and detailed report."

"Good." Octavia smiled and relaxed in her chair. "Now you can sign it."

His eyes ran over the text on the page again, and then he signed his name on the dotted line. Sebastian. As soon as he put the pen down, She took the paper and put it into the manila file at the end.

"Safely filed away for later." She smiled and patted him on the hand. "Is there anything you want to do before we start? Bathroom? Take off your shoes?"

He shook his head. "I would feel weird in a formal setting like this without my shoes."

"Fair point. So you're ready to start with the sexy stuff?" She waggled her eyebrows at him.

He chuckled and rose from his chair. "I presume you want me to assume the position?"

Octavia got up and embraced him, her hands groping under his suit jacket. It was a luxurious business suit, she observed, the fitted jacket was lined with satin and the shirt was made of fine white cotton. She sighed with delight and ran her hand through his hair. He closed his eyes for a second, just enjoying her affection.

"Your hair is too long for regulation, isn't it?" She murmured.

He looked at her and asked: "Do you need me to put it up in a topknot, Ma'am?"

"No, I like it just like this." Her hand went to the back of his head and firmly grabbed a fistful of hair. As she pulled his head backwards, he gasped with adoration. She licked her lips. "Oh the things I want to do to you…" She took a deep breath, and finally let go of him, turning her back to him.

She pointed to the empty space in the middle of the studio without looking at him. "Put the chair over there, Sergeant." 

"Yes, Sir." He carried the chair to the place she indicated and carefully put it down. As he waited beside the chair, his hands clasped behind his back again.

She picked up the manila folder from the table, she always liked to have some kind prop in her hands during scenes like this. With another deep breath, she gathered herself and said in a stern tone: "Sit down, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." He quickly sank down on the chair and folded his hands in his lap, looking up at her, nervous with anticipation.

It was such a rush to see a big, strong man such as him worried about what she might do to him. She stood in front of him with the file in her hand and pretended to read for a moment. Then she slapped the file shut and said: "Your report is unacceptable, Sergeant." She glared at him.

"Yes, Sir." He gasped and his eyes widened as he tensed up.

She shook her head at him. "You describe a number of very inappropriate acts in here. This is misconduct and it could be construed as sexual harassment. Why would you submit such a report? This would reflect poorly on me. Have you thought about that?" She held his gaze as her mouth hardened into a serious line.

He swallowed and tugged at his collar. "That was never my intention. You ordered me to write it all in a report exactly as I remembered it. I was following your orders to the best of my ability."

She gave him an incredulous look as she dropped the file on the table. "Don't put this on me. You wrote the report, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." His reply was quick and breathless. He lowered his eyes, cringing.

She took a step closer and tenderly touched his stubbly cheek, her voice turning soft and sweet. "It's ok, my dear. I know you're not trying to make me look bad. You're a good, obedient soldier, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." He sighed, leaning into her caress.

She couldn't help but chuckle as she drew up close against him, pressing her body against his face as her hands roamed over his shoulders. "You would never intentionally do anything inappropriate. I remember, and so do you, that you obey all my orders, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, remembering.

With an impish grin, she sat down on his lap and started to kiss him. "When your superior gives a direct order, obeying it is always appropriate, isn't it, Sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir." He basked in her affection, not really paying attention to what he was agreeing to as his hands stroked over the back of her dress.

She grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head again, and gave him a long, deep kiss as she ground down with her hip on the bulge in his pants. The kiss ended with his lower lip between her teeth, and he let out a soft moan as she let go of him. "Everything I order you to do is appropriate, Sergeant. There is nothing sexual between us." Her voice and her eyes were smouldering hot.

"Yes, Sir." He looked at her in a daze, his mouth hanging open. 

She shifted her leg to the other side so she was straddling the bulge of his erection, her dress riding up and exposing the top of her stockings and her matching lace panties. She playfully kissed his face as her hands crawled under his suit jacket. "I need to hear you say that you are not aware of anything sexual between us, Sergeant. For the record."

"Yes, Sir." His voice was a breathy whisper. "I am not aware of anything sexual between us." His eyes were glassy and vacant with lust and his hips bucked desperately up against her. 

With a grin, she grabbed his wrists and directed his hands to cup her breasts through her dress. She leaned forward, her face only inches away from his, pressing her breasts into his hands and her panties against the bulge in his pants. "You will say that you're not aware of anything sexual whenever I need you to say it, won't you, Sergeant? For the record."

"Yes, Sir." He moaned, bucking his hips again. "I am not aware of anything sexual between us."

"Good. Obeying my orders gives you pleasure, doesn't it, Sergeant?" Her hands roamed under his jacket as she ground down on him.

"Yes, Sir." He shuddered and shook in the chair.

She pressed one finger against his lips and said: "Stay." 

He blinked at her and froze in place, his mouth still open. 

She stood up and backed away from the chair, taking a moment to smooth her dress back down. "So you obey all my orders, Sergeant?" She gave him a sideways glance.

"Yes, Sir." He replied breathlessly as his hands lowered into his lap, barely concealing the bulge.

"And obeying your superior is appropriate and good." She kept her eyes on him as she reached for the folder, her voice slowly becoming more formal again. "Everything I order you to do is appropriate. And the same goes for our previous session, isn't that right, Sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir." As his breathing slowed, he nodded in agreement.

She stood directly in front of him, staring him down with her hand on the folder on the table. "So, tell me again, for the record…"

"I am not aware of anything sexual between us, Ma'am." He replied promptly, his posture and his voice becoming more calm and correct.

As she picked up the folder, her voice was clear and melodious, that particular quality designed to alter his thoughts. "Take a deep breath, Sergeant, and say it again, this time really focusing on how true that statement is, really letting it sink down deep into your mind. For the record."

His shoulders rose up as he breathed in, and then he said: "I am not aware of anything sexual between us, Ma'am." His blue eyes were clear, as if he was completely awake.

Still staring him down, Octavia lifted one foot off the floor and gently pressed the tip of her shoe into the bulge between his legs. "Say it again, for the record, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir. I am not aware of anything sexual between us." He said it clearly, as if he was being recorded. And as if he was utterly unaware of her foot in his crotch.

"Very good." As she opened the folder and pretended to read, she put her foot down on the floor again. "And this report you wrote is an accurate description of our previous session, Sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir." He nodded as he looked up at her.

"So there can't be anything inappropriate in this report, because you always obey my orders and, for the record…"

"I am not aware of anything sexual between us." He stated it even more firmly now, as if he was denying some sort of accusation against him.

She handed him the folder. "So when you read that, you're not going to be surprised by anything inappropriate?"

"Of course not, Ma'am. I wrote it." He opened the folder and started to read. As he took in the words on the page, his brow furrowed into a frown as his eyes grew wider.

"So, nothing sexual at all?" She asked in a casual, teasing tone.

He shifted uncomfortably in the chair, and he covered his mouth with his hand as he continued to read. "How...? How could it…?" He muttered in disbelief. 

Octavia crossed her arms, watching him with delight. "Is something wrong, Sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir." The words escaped his mouth almost unnoticed. He looked up at her and said: "This report is unacceptable. It describes sexual misconduct."

She approached the chair, so she could read along over his shoulder. "Are you sure you wrote this report?"

He shook his head in disbelief, his hand reaching up to his mouth again as he continued to read. "You would never order me to behave so inappropriately!"

"Do you remember this?" She pointed at the page where he was stroking himself, repeating the words 'I obey'.

His frown intensified and he shifted in the chair again. "That's just… not..." He tugged at his collar, as if he was choking on his words.

She laid her hand on his shoulder, but it didn't seem to calm him at all. He was sweating as he feverishly flipped through the report, his eyes growing larger and larger. He jumped up from the chair and turned to face her. "We can't have a report like this floating around! What if someone sees it? It would..." She had not seen him this tense and it worried her. 

"Calm down, Sergeant!" She interrupted him.

"Yes, Sir." He froze and stared at her with large, distraught eyes. 

She knew this had gone on long enough. "Go to the last page and read it to me, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." He impatiently flipped all the way to the last page.

"I should sit down when I read this…" He gave her a curious look. 

She crossed her arms and nodded her head to the chair.

He sat down and continued reading the text aloud, slowly and frowning. "This is my memory file. When I sign my name at the bottom of this page, all of my memories and my sense of reality are filed here. In case of hypnotic amnesia, altered mental ability or other memory loss, I only need to read this page again and my memories are returned to me. As soon as I read this page, I can easily…" 

His voice died away. He blinked heavily and massaged his forehead. "Octavia, what…?"

She patted his shoulder. "Take a moment, Sebastian. This is what I had in mind when I made the memory file for you."

He sighed and held his head in hands, staring at the floor. "That was incredible…"

"I didn't mean to upset you." She said as she softly touched his arm. "What got you so riled up?"

He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking. Then, he swallowed and answered, with his eyes still closed: "This report describes me acting out my most shameful fantasy… If someone else were to read it… Especially in some sort of formal capacity..."

"I didn't mean to embarrass you." She crouched down beside the chair and laid her hand on his leg. "I'm so sorry."

He took a deep breath and touched her hand, his eyes shining with excitement. "That was amazing. I never knew that was possible. I really wasn't aware… And I actually thought the report was wrong. It was such a rush!"

She sighed with relief. "It was my pleasure, Sergeant."

"Yes, Sir." He replied automatically, even though it wasn't necessary. But his mind was still struggling to understand everything that had happened. He rubbed his face again, muttering: "I am blown away. I have so many questions."

With a smile, she took his hand and guided him to the bed. "Let's sit together. You can ask me anything about it and I'll do my best to explain it all." As they sat down next to each other on the bed, she directed his gaze to the chair still standing in the middle of the room. "Now we can look at the whole scene with a little more perspective."

He stared at the chair as if he could see himself sitting there and the things that went on there in the past few minutes. After a moment, he asked: "How did you make me forget?"

Octavia spread her hands in an open gesture and smiled. "I'm a hypnoDom, this is what I do."

"But I wasn't hypnotised." He turned to her and frowned.

She chuckled and gave him a cheeky look. "Oh really? For the record."

He immediately responded: "I am not aware of anything sexual…" He shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

"Clearly, I put some ideas in your head." She smiled smugly as she patted him on the shoulder.

"Clearly…" He muttered, thinking it over.

With a more serious look, she turned to him and asked: "Why did you think you weren't hypnotised? What do you think being hypnotised is like?"

He shrugged. "Unconscious. Like fainting. That's what it looks like on tv. I thought I would be able to tell when I'm hypnotised and when I'm awake."

"It can certainly be like that." She nodded. "But you said that you have trouble relaxing. So I used other methods."

He sighed, looking at the chair again, and muttered: "Very effectively, I might add."

She gave him a sideways glance. "Would you like to experience that?"

"The fainting?" Again that frown as he mulled it over. "Is that possible? I don't think I work that way."

She gave him a reassuring smile. "I think you do. And if I can make you unaware of all the sexual things between us, then I think I can make you faint."

"Fair point." He thought about it for a moment. "Yes, I think I would like that, Ma'am."

"Then put the chair away and stand there for me." She ordered him.

He got up from the bed and moved the chair back to its original position by the table. Then he took off his suit jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt.

"Good thinking." Octavia smiled at him. "For the full fainting experience, I'd like to make you fall over, and I wouldn't want to damage your suit."

As he took off his shoes, he asked: "As long as you don't worry about being careful with me, Ma'am. I can take a hit."

"And I've caught bigger guys than you." She stood up and beckoned him to join her in the middle of the room.

"You have?" He padded over to her on his socks. "I know I'm no giant, but I work out."

She embraced him and let her hands roam over his muscled torso, whispering: "I noticed, hot stuff."

He moved in to kiss her and they stood like that for a while, just kissing and groping each other, until finally Octavia took a step back.

"So, do you want to be hypnotised?" She cupped his jaw in her hand.

He nodded and his shoulders tensed up with anticipation.

"Look at me, Sergeant." She fixed him with her hypnotic stare, her hand still holding his face and her other hand on his shoulder. 

"Yes, Sir." He froze, letting his hands rest on her back as he looked into her eyes.

"I could abuse my authority over you to make you comply." Her voice turned soft and smooth as she strung the words together. "But you've already felt what it's like to be an obedient machine, to have no thoughts of your own except the orders I give you. And although you enjoyed that and it would be so easy for us to do that again now, I promised we would take a different approach this time, didn't I?"

He didn't reply, but his lips parted ever so slightly as he stared at her, taking in everything she said.

"The thing is, my dear, I don't need to give you orders this time. Because you don't need to do anything. As you stand here, looking into my eyes, listening to my words, breathing slowly in and out, your mind is already opening up to me, surrendering to me. I am hypnotising you with my eyes and my voice, and all you have to do, all you can do is just stand there and slowly fall into trance. Take a deep breath now."

His eyes took on a glassy stare as his shoulders rose up and he breathed in. He breathed out through his mouth like a lethargic sigh, and he didn't seem to notice how his hands let go of her and his arms fell limply to his sides.

Octavia observed every little detail in his body language, not only did it tell her how much her words were affecting him, but she also loved to see him like this. It turned her on to see him fall. "Can you feel your body becoming heavier and heavier with each and every breath you take? Can you feel how each and every word I say just drags you down and makes you feel weak and faint? Submit to it, my dear. Just fall into trance."

His neck relaxed, making his head tilt forward as he continued to stare into her eyes, even though his eyelids started to droop. He was starting to sway on his feet.

She moved both her hands to his shoulders, ready to catch him as she slowly lulled him deeper. "Heavy. Weak. Faint. Surrender. Feel it happening. You are falling into trance. Now."

His head slumped forward and his knees buckled. She guided his heavy, limp body smoothly to the floor, sat down next to him and softly stroked his face. "Such a good, obedient soldier…" She mumbled.

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