An Ordinary Evening

Chapter 2

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #sadomasochism #Octavia #schmoopy

Barefoot, Dan padded into the walk-in closet with a laundry basket full of clothes fresh from the dryer. The smell of clean laundry was one of the best smells in the world, but today not even that could soothe his nerves. As he started to hang and fold Octavia's clothes on her side of the closet, his mind obsessed over one thing. He had been on orgasm denial for a week, and he was feeling so very needy.

As he neatly folded Octavia's lingerie and placed it in the top drawer, he could only think of how much he wanted to take a break and masturbate. This morning, when the alarm went, she had made him kneel for her in the bedroom and edge, like she had done every morning this week. His memory of it was spotty, her voice could so easily drop him into deep trance, especially when he was horny. And he was horny all the time now…

Picking up the clean shirts out of the basket and hanging them one by one was almost like exercise, with a lot of bending over and stretching to reach for the hangers. He tried to focus on the laundry, taking care not to crease the shirts he had just ironed, but all to no avail. He only had to hold out for two more days, he told himself. Octavia was out on a date with Blake today, but on Friday night it would be Dan's turn. He didn't know what Octavia had planned for him, but part of him sometimes fantasised about it.

As he picked up the laundry basket, it brushed against his crotch and he shivered. Even the slightest touch turned him on now. He took a deep breath but he couldn't bear it any longer. He dropped the laundry basket in the corner of the bedroom and rushed to the bathroom where he locked himself in. A cold shower was probably what he needed right now. 

He stood there, staring at the door, and his mind wandered off to what Octavia would be doing right now. He pictured her lounging on a bed, only silk sheets covering her curves, while Blake sat on the edge of the bed, putting on a condom. Perhaps Octavia would be whispering hypnotic words to him that would increase his arousal and stamina. Perhaps this was the fourth condom today.

Dan gasped. His hand touched his erection through his pants. And suddenly, his mind wandered in a different direction. What if he didn't have a cold shower? What if he'd have a little wank? She'd never have to know…

Even though there was still doubt in his mind whether he should, his hands were already working to open his pants. He noticed his thoughts slowing down, drifting away from him as he descended into trance as soon as he started to stroke himself. The movement of his hand, and the subsequent wave of pleasure, he wasn't in control of any of it. The need just overtook him.

He stood there, facing the bathroom door, his pants open and his cock out. His breath quickened and he shuddered, closing his eyes as he stroked feverishly. His mouth opened and to his own surprise, he started to breathily whisper a mantra.

"I'm deeply controlled. I can't cum."

He panted between words, repeating the phrases over and over until he didn't quite know which one came first. The rush of arousal made his legs tremble. A distant part of him wondered why he was doing this, but a memory started to surface, as if he had recited this mantra before.

"I'm deeply controlled. I can't cum."

It all felt so familiar. He felt so helpless. His hand kept on pumping. His voice sounded so raw now. 

"I'm deeply controlled. I can't cum."

And then it started, that hot thrill in his crotch, that wave of spasms that announced the point of no return. And he suddenly felt his arms become heavy and drop to his sides. His head flopped forward and the darkness of deep hypnotic trance enveloped him.

He didn't know how long he stood there like that. But he remembered now… Every morning, when he edged for Octavia, she made him recite that mantra. And she would suggest to him that somewhere during the day, he'd feel this urge, this need to touch himself. She'd make him forget about the suggestion and about how he had done the exact same thing yesterday, and the day before. Every time, he felt like he was wanking in secret, cheating, breaking his streak. And every time, he dropped into trance just like this. His chin down on his chest, his arms hanging heavily at his sides, too heavy to move, and his cock out. Erect and aching.

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