An Ordinary Evening

Chapter 1

by Nath

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #sadomasochism #Octavia #schmoopy

Dan was puttering about in the kitchen, wearing an apron that said "kiss the cook" over his shorts and tank top. He smiled at the lovely smell of lasagne coming from the oven as he rinsed the utensils he had used in the sink. The kitchen was light, the cabinets were painted white and the window looked out into the sunny yard. Dan padded barefoot over the dark wooden floor to load the cups and utensils in the dishwasher. 

The sound of a copper bell made him perk up. Octavia had asked him to hang the bell next to the front door, so she could ring it to let him know she was home, wherever he may be in the house. She had referenced Pavlov when she brought the bell home, and that was a thought that stuck with Dan. Now, whenever she rang the bell to announce her arrival, his cock twitched in his pants, anticipating her touch.

He rushed out of the kitchen to the hall, where Octavia was hanging her coat and hat on the rack on the side of the stairs. He stopped beside her and looked up at her with his arms behind his back.

"Welcome home, my Lady. How was your day? I've made your favourite, the oven will be ready in…" His breath hitched and he froze when Octavia's hand grasped his chin.

With her other hand on his chest and an intense look, she guided him to back up until she had him pinned against the wall. She grinned and licked her lips as she pressed her leg and hip against the apron. "Lasagne can wait," she whispered. "I want you."

Dan gasped. "I am yours, my Lady." His mouth said those words without his conscious accord, they were so ingrained in his mind by now. 

She hungrily kissed him, pressing him against the wall with her body. What could he do but kiss her? Touch her glorious curves through the pretty dress she was wearing? Submit? He shuddered with arousal as she ground against him, even though her lips let go of his in order to speak.

"Surrender to me, my sweet man." Her voice was low and sultry, a tone that immediately dazed him, reminding him of all the times that she had hypnotised him before. "Give in to me. Give in to the lust rising inside you, my fuckpuppet. I know how much you want to be mindlessly fucking me…" She planted a long, wet kiss on his neck.

Dan clenched his jaw in an effort to stay awake and not drop like a stone into an obedient trance. He was rock hard and his lust for her was so very real. But if she wanted to do this right now, he should really turn off the oven first.

With her hip still softly grinding against his crotch, she locked eyes with him. "Look deep into my eyes, my sweet. You cannot resist me. Can't you feel your thoughts already starting to drift? Can't you remember how being horny always makes you mindless and compliant?"

His body responded to her every word, he could feel himself slipping. His hips bucked and he gasped for breath, unable to break away from her alluring gaze. "Mindless… and compliant…" He whispered as he tried to remember why he was struggling to stay awake.

She paused to look at him in silence, observing the arousal in his staring eyes and his open mouth. She could tell that something was holding him back, or he would have reacted much more eagerly. She took a deep, slow breath, knowing that he would mirror it, and softly let go of him. "If there is something on your mind, you know it's always easy to tell me about it. You can just let those words come forward and say it, you know I will be happy to hear it.

Dan swallowed and licked his lips. "I just need to turn off the oven, my Lady, before the lasagne burns." He blinked heavily as he came to his senses.

With an embarrassed smile, she stepped away from him. "I was too hasty… Please, go on." And she pointed to the kitchen.

"I will only be a minute, my Lady." He dashed back to the oven to turn it off. He gingerly opened it for a second to look at the dish and smell it. He decided to leave it safely in there.

Octavia leaned against the kitchen door, giving him a loving look. "All good?"

He nodded as he took off the apron and hung it on a hook on the wall. "Yes, my Lady, it's all good now."

She licked her lips, knowing how much that always excited him. "I want you to close the curtains in the lounge. And then I want you to come to me on your hands and knees." She turned to walk over to the sofa, swaying her hips dramatically. When she sat down, she kicked off her shoes.

Thrilled, he went over to the window to close the curtains. As soon as they were drawn, he dropped to his knees and crawled towards the sofa. He looked up at her, watching how she stretched her hands behind her back for a moment, and then she removed her bra through the sleeves of her dress.

With the lacy undergarment still in her hand, she beckoned him. "Crawl under my skirt and take off my undies, my sweet man." She opened her legs and grinned at him.

On his knees next to the sofa, he reached with his hands under her skirt to gently grope his way up her thighs. As he pulled at her undies, she rested one foot against his shoulder to make it easier on him, while giving him a mischievous smile.

"Tell me how you felt when you heard me ring the bell."

Dan froze, the lacy undergarment in his hands only halfway down her thighs. He blushed, the mere mention of the bell made his cock throb. He wasn't sure if she expected him to pause and start talking, or finish the task first. Bashfully hiding his face in her skirt, he pulled the undies all the way off until they hung around her foot that was still leaning against his shoulder.

"You felt something, didn't you?"

"Yes, my Lady." He nodded as he gently lifted the undies off her foot and played with them in his hands.

Her foot moved to his crotch and pressed down on the bulge. "Is this related in any way to the bell?"

He gasped and nodded, closing his eyes.

"Does the idea that I'm conditioning you to respond automatically excite you?" Her foot travelled up over his top and his chest up to his chin, forcing him to look up at her eyes.

"Yes, my Lady." He said meekly.

"And you realise that I have already conditioned you in so many ways?" She grinned.

"I… eh…" He stuttered, it was hard to speak or even think when she was staring him down like that.

"I want you…" She licked her lips.

His eyes rolled up as a wave of arousal overtook him. "I am yours, my Lady." His mouth spoke these words in reflex, he had no control.

"I want to train you until I can just snap my fingers to make you mindless and erect." And she snapped her fingers to emphasise her words.

He could feel himself slump a little against the foot under his chin. He could feel his mind drift away on the sultry tone of her words. "As you wish, my Lady…" He uttered softly.

She put her foot on the sofa and beckoned him. "Good boy. Come closer so you can fuck me. I ache for you, my sweet man."

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