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I'm a heterosexual male with youth behind me but not quite mature enough to be classified as a dirty old man.

My most prominent pornographic preference is for girl-girl gratification, ideally involving initiation of a hitherto heterosexual hottie by a delightfully depraved domme who doesn't take "sorry, strictly straight" for an answer. As she experiences her first female fondling, the deliciously distressed damsel should resolutely resist ravishment... at first, until her captor's sapphic sensual stimulation and/or mind control's artificial attitude adjustment take their toll, indelibly imprinting inclinations toward lascivious lesbian lust!

(That said, I prefer the helpless heroine humiliation and bawdy bedroom bondage to be reasonably restrained -- past a certain point (e.g. pain beyond the playful-slap level) it gets squicky rather than arousing. Like porn itself, the boundary line is something that eludes defintion but I know it when I see it. I also prefer stories where the dark undertones are offset by indications that the "victim" is getting what she craves on some level -- if that be facile rationalization, so be it.)

This tends to be the template for my own stories (though I don't usually write in overblown purple-prose triple alliteration, except occasionally as a brief stylistic accent such as the above description or the chapter transitions of "In the Clutches of Baroness Blackleather").

That said, lesbianism and bondage aren't hard-core (so to speak) requirements to get my motor running, but they do stack the deck in a story's favor.

My ROM Archive

I'm in the process of reviewing my EMCSA stories and porting copies to ROM as a backup, usually with a few minor corrections and tweaks but no really major revisions. If I do end up posting a signficantly different version of a story, I'll note it in the story foreward. I have one or two ideas that don't conform with the EMCSA policy on gender-bending as a plot element, and if they gel I'll post them here.


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Conversion Illusion
by MrMarkus
(3 chapters, 3306 words)
#f/f #lesbification #scifi (click to see all tags) #bondage #dom:female #sub:female

Imperial Re-Education agent Naliya is stuck with another routine assignment of conditioning a personal slave for a well-connected official. However, this case has an unusual complication.

The Countess' Conquest
by MrMarkus
(3 chapters, 4472 words)
#noncon #comic_book #f/f #memory_play (click to see all tags) #bondage #dom:female #lesbification #sub:female

Countess Conquest has decided to abandon grandiose schemes and devote her villainous talents to the pursuit of personal pleasure. She sets her sights on superheroine Dauntless Maid.

Proxy Plaything
by MrMarkus
(2 chapters, 5109 words)
#noncon #bondage #comic_book #f/f #lesbification (click to see all tags) #dom:female #induced_lust #sub:female

Madame Miragenne plans to use her mental projection powers to turn her nemesis Cybrelle into a helpless plaything for her criminal companion, Big Blondwyn.

Domination Delegation
by MrMarkus
(2200 words)
#noncon #f/f #induced_lust #scifi #sensation_play #tech_control (click to see all tags) #dom:female #lesbification #robots #sub:female
(Click to show spoiler tags) #deception #robots

The Lady-Director of Internal Security has personal plans for a captured prisoner.

Compelling Truth
by MrMarkus
(3609 words)
#noncon #bondage #D/s #f/f #pov:bottom #true_desires (click to see all tags) #dom:female #fingering #interrogation #sub:female

Janice learns that the antiquities dealer she’s investigating has obtained a magical artifact, and finds herself on the receiving end of its power.

Velandro's Revenge
by MrMarkus
(7 chapters, 5589 words)
#f/f #fantasy (click to see all tags) #romantic
(Click to show spoiler tags) #deprogramming

Lirya begins to enjoy her new life with Mistress Malyenne, but a new scheme from her former employer intrudes. Sequel to “Trojan Tiara”.

Trojan Tiara
by MrMarkus
(4 chapters, 5952 words)
#noncon #bondage #D/s #f/f #fantasy #interrogation #lesbification (click to see all tags) #dom:female #sub:female

A thief hired to steal a baroness’s tiara finds that the job was much more than she bargained for.

Sybarielle’s Submission Scheme
by MrMarkus
(2189 words)
#noncon #bondage #comic_book #D/s #f/f (click to see all tags) #dom:female #gaslighting #sub:female

A scene from a villainess’ ongoing campaign to convert her heroic nemesis into her submissive plaything.

by MrMarkus
(4 chapters, 6592 words)
#D/s #f/f #scifi (click to see all tags) #dom:female #sub:female
(Click to show spoiler tags) #deception

A starship captain learns about an artifact that gives glimpses into the future. She discovers what inevitably lies ahead for her… on the battlefield and in the bedroom.

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