Domination Delegation

by MrMarkus

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #induced_lust #scifi #sensation_play #tech_control #dom:female #lesbification #robots #sub:female
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The Lady-Director of Internal Security has personal plans for a captured prisoner.

This story is a reworking of “Domination Delegation” as posted on the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.

This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse between two women. If any of these concepts disturb you, find something else to read.

copyright 2010, 2021 by MrMarkus (aka marcus)

The bed was soft and comfortable. That was... odd, considering that the last thing she remembered was an ambush.

Kettryn opened her eyes. Her vision was still a bit blurry from the stun beam, but there wasn’t much to see anyway—everything was medium gray except for the light blue bedding and the lavender robe she was wearing. This place was too large and comfortable to be a holding cell, and too bare to be a normal room.

Something was wrong with this picture. That meant she should probably take herself out of this picture, as soon as possible.

There was a door at the far corner of the room. The control switch wasn’t visible, and no doubt it would be locked from the outside, but perhaps she could find some way to get it open....

As she reached toward the door frame, her arm went limp. She could feel her thighs where her hands rested against them—the limb was paralyzed, but not numb. Not a stunner, then.

She backed away, careful to keep her balance, and sat on the foot of the bed. After a few seconds, her arm began to clumsily respond to her will. A few seconds later, it was moving normally—she could wiggle her fingers, move her hands, touch her forehead—

There was something on her forehead. Her fingers traced a thin band that circled her head just above eyebrow level, with extensions looping under each earlobe. She realized what had happened to her—the headband was some kind of restraint device that sensed when she got too close to the door and interfered with her muscle control.

Her captors were taking very elaborate measures. This was almost certainly not a good thing.

Kettryn tried to remove the headband. Her fingers went slack every time she started to get a decent grip. She looked around, trying to think of some way to pry it loose without triggering its self-defense mechanism. Several failed attempts later, the device remained firmly in place.

Finally, she sat on the foot of the bed and stared at the door, unable to think of anything else to do but wait for one of her captors to show up....

The door opened. Kettryn tensed to spring, and felt her leg muscles immediately relax again.

Lyria Verlahn, Lady-Director of Internal Security stepped through the door. Instead of her usual grey and black uniform, she wore a silver robe similar to Kettryn’s own. She closed the door and took a step toward the captive

A high-ranking member of the Directorate, here in person? Unguarded? Maybe she could lash out somehow before the headband stopped her....

Wait.... there was something very wrong with this picture. As she took another look at the newcomer’s face and eyes, she knew what it was. Her suspicion was immediately confirmed.

“Hello, Kettryn. I am a personal service android constructed in Lady-Director Lyria Verlahn’s image.”

The android was closer to human than most, but not quite good enough to pass. The complexion was not quite right, and the speech patterns were oddly stilted. One of the dissidents that the Resistance had managed to smuggle offworld had told her that the Directorate was deliberately suppressing attempts to build models with a more natural appearance. Maybe so, or maybe it was just the overall stagnation and decay their regime spawned.

“Director Verlahn has, with the approval of the Directorate Central Committee, exercised personal discretion over your disposition.”

Her attention was snapped back to the here and now by those last few words. Being the object of a Director’s “personal discretion” didn’t sound like something that would end well.

All she could do now was watch and wait and try to think of a plan less hopeless that trying to overpower an android and run for it before the paralyzer headband activated.

“Director Verlahn has decided to forego interrogation and execution in your case.”

Kettryn waited for the other shoe to drop.

“Instead, you will be trained as one of Lady-Director Verlahn’s intimate consorts—”

“What?!” For a moment, the phrase didn’t quite parse. The Directorate’s public image of Spartan austerity colored her preconceptions, even though she knew it was just propaganda.

Her outburst was apparently interpreted as a request for clarification. “‘Intimate consort’ is the title given to Director Verlahn’s concubines.”

“No!” The matter-of-fact description made the situation even more horrifying. “I’m nobody’s plaything!”

“You are now Lady-Director Verlahn’s ‘plaything’, if that is the term you prefer. More precisely, you are currently my ‘plaything’. I shall copulate with you—”

“Like hell you will!”

“—and thereby train and condition you for copulation with Lady-Director Verlahn,” the android continued implacably.

“Why don’t you go fuck her and leave me out of it?”

“Director Verlahn prefers human sexual partners capable of natural sexual responses.”

Kettryn felt a fluttery sensation between her thighs.

“I sense that you are now experiencing a natural sexual response.”

“No! No, that’s not true!” Kettryn knew that it was true. It wasn’t anything serious, just an annoying distraction, but it was definitely there.

“As your sexual arousal increases, you will become increasingly receptive to sexual intercourse with me, and thereby receptive to sexual intercourse with Lady-Director Verlahn.”

“What’s happening?” The tingles in her pussy were becoming more intense. It didn’t make sense. Something was messing with her head....

“It’s this damn headband!” She reached for it, only to have her fingers refuse to grasp it again.

“That is correct. Your libido is being stimulated so as to condition you into sexual attraction to me, thereby insuring sexual attraction to Lady-Director Verlahn.”

“I like men! Not women!”

“If necessary, the conditioning process will adjust your sexual orientation from heterosexuality to homosexuality.”

Kettryn clamped her thighs together as if that would somehow bottle up the building sensations. All that did was make it more obvious that she was starting to get wet.

“You are becoming increasingly anxious for sexual release as your body prepares itself for sexual intercourse.”

Kettryn shook her head and took a step backward.

The android unclasped its robe and pulled it open. Underneath it was a body that resembled a woman’s except for the unnaturally even coloration and smoothness... and the protrusion at its crotch.

The garment fell to the floor. “I shall provide you with both heterosexual primary stimulation and homosexual secondary stimulation, thereby smoothing the reorientation process.”

“Stay away from me!” Her voice and her body shook. She told herself that she did not want this, even if her body was insisting that it did.

“In this manner you will be sexually acclimated to the Lady-Director’s sexual proclivities, which include frequent use of penetrative sex toys.”

At each mention of “sex”, Kettryn felt herself getting needier and wetter. Was it some kind of verbal trigger for the headband?

She tried to put her fingers in her ears. She wasn’t surprised when her hands refused to cooperate. It probably didn’t matter. If it was a verbal trigger, the headband was probably picking it up directly.

Her thoughts raced in useless circles, and she was finding it harder and harder to think at all.

Kettryn slipped a hand under her robe. Before it even got close to her crotch, her fingers quit working.

“Masturbation is not permitted. I shall provide the sexual release you require.” The android took a step forward.

“No...,” Kettryn groaned. “Please, I can’t stand it much longer!” Abject begging was humiliating and useless, but it was all she had left.

“You may obtain relief at any time by removing your robe and lying face up on the bed. I shall then engage you in sexual activity. I assure you that you will find our coupling to be sexually satisfying.”

Kettryn couldn’t help laughing at how the last statement sounded like a bad pickup line. Her laughter dissolved into gasps as overwhelming lust pushed everything else aside. She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself.

“You will find Lady-Director Verlahn to be even more sexually appealing.”

Not trusting herself to speak without gasping or moaning, Kettryn gritted her teeth.

The android paused, and pointed to small domes mounted on the ceiling. “Lady-Director Verlahn is observing this session as I speak. She is quite eager to become sexually intimate with you.”

Kettryn imagined Verlahn sitting in front of a monitor screen, her normally trim uniform all undone, her usual ramrod posture slumped into the chair, her finely manicured fingers stroking her clit.... Typical Directorate, reserving even masturbation for themselves and denying it to lowly proles like her....

She pushed the mental image aside. Fantasizing about Verlahn jilling off was playing right into her hands.

Her breath came in ragged gulps. She squirmed her thighs against each other. The slight rubbing action she could manage calmed the sensations for a moment, only to leave her even hornier afterwards. Even after she realized that, she couldn’t stop herself from doing it.

She had to scratch this irresistible itch.

She had to!

She took a step toward the bed, and then another, trying not to think about what she would do when she got there.

Her hands undid the clasp of her robe, and she wriggled her arms free of the sleeves.

One more step, and she was standing at the foot of the bed. She sat on it and let the robe fall away. She took a deep breath and let her body settle down onto the mattress.

“Spread your legs, Kettryn.”

This was it. This was surrender, acceptance of her fate. She managed to hesitate for barely two seconds before obeying.

The next thing she knew, the android was on top of her. She felt its tits pressing into her, its eyes staring into hers, its hands wrapping around her body.

She felt something poking at her crotch.

“Please...” she moaned.

“Place your hands upon my buttocks. Feel the curves beneath your fingers. Remind yourself that it is a woman’s body that bears down upon yours.”

“Yes!” she gasped as she complied. “Yes! Please!”

The wand gently slid into Kettryn, and gently slid out again. It slid in and out again, and again, and again, a bit deeper and a bit more forcefully each time.

“Feel the pleasure. Feel the pleasure you shall know each time Lady-Director Lyria Verlahn takes you as her intimate consort.”

Kettryn could only moan and gasp as overwhelming need was replaced by overwhelming delight. She knew that she was being manipulated and brainwashed, but she simply could not make herself care anymore.

Finally, she screamed as climax swept over her. Her need was satisfied, and the last bits of resistance to satisfying it this way were gone. There was only delight and acceptance... and a bit of amusement at the android’s impassivity throughout the encounter.

The android stood up and strode toward the door. “Rest now, until it is time to continue your training.”

And then Kettryn was alone. She smiled, and let herself drift off to sleep.

Lyria Verlahn scrubbed at the plastic-sheen makeup. She brought the sprayer to her face, washing out bits of eye-crud that had accumulated under the contact lenses. She scrubbed her hips, stripping off the extra layers of makeup that had concealed the edges of the strap-on harness.

Cleaning up was a nuisance, and getting made up in the first place had been a bigger one. It was worth it, though, for the fun she’d had role-playing her own body-double android. It had been an amusing and entertaining game. There had been several moments when she’d nearly let loose a snicker or let slip a bit of normal colloquial speech, but she’d managed to stay in character throughout the session. She looked forward to watching the hidden-camera vids.

She’d already reviewed the feedback results from the neural sensors. The captive had been pushed past the tipping point. A few days of additional training and a few nights of induced erotic hypnodreams would complete the conditioning process. Then, the headband could be removed, and she would begin her duties as Lady-Director Lyria Verlahn’s newest intimate consort.

She pondered other entertaining sexual scenarios she might use in the training process. Her musings were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in, Gertrude.” Her chief of staff—and favorite intimate consort—stepped into the bathing suite. “I’m pleased with the job you did managing the session.”

“I hardly had to do anything. It was mostly automatic defenses, and you were controlling the libido stimulation circuits by saying “sex” every five seconds to kick it up a notch. You’re really eager to add this one to the harem, aren’t you?”

“You know me too well,” Lyria chuckled. “Admit it, you’re looking forward to her initiation orgy, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” Gertrude replied matter-of-factly. “Never mind about next week. What do you want right now?”

Lyria grinned wolfishly. “Right now, I want my back scrubbed, and I want to go to bed with a woman without a padded thong getting in the way.” Even with that precaution, the sensation of Kettryn’s tits rubbing into hers had nearly caused her to make some very un-android-like noises.

“At your service, Lady.” Gertrude beamed as she began stripping off her blouse.


When I started proofreading this story from the EMCSA for cross-posting to ROM, I kept getting ideas for revising it, until I finally gave in and rewrote most of it. I may do that with a few others, leaving the originals on the EMCSA.


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