The Succubus Named Lilac


by Motherlygirl

Tags: #f/f #fantasy #magic #monstergirl #succubus #urban_fantasy

Hello! This is a personal little story of mine that's more on the silly end. Of course, several things that happen here would be questionable at best in real life-but that's the beauty of fiction! Every character is eighteen years old at minimum and at no point is use of the word "girl" meant to imply otherwise. If you are below eighteen, I insist you not read this, please. Go do literally anything besides read this kind of thing.

Lilac bit her lip, throwing her back against a glitzy wall. Eighteen years old and severely touch starved, the succubus trembled as she fought the terrible feeling of need in her gut. Leelah, the much shorter girl whose family owned this manor, ebbed in and out of her head. Smiling. Loving. She could hear the warm hearted girl's sweet words in her mind, where they'd been echoing for hours now. 

"I love you, Lilac!" "Good girl, Lilac!" "I missed you, Lilac!" They had all been entirely innocuous statements, but the purple haired fiend's hormone addled brain wasn't capable of internalizing it. The girl's voice echoed through her mind, through her thighs, deep inside her. She clutched the irritating, shin-length skirt she'd been forced to wear for the week as the silver cross hanging between her ample, perky breasts burned at her. She fought the intense command shouted by her entire body to rip the awful thing off and hurl it across the needlessly spacious hallway-instead she stomped at the ground. 

A weak, pitiful hiss lanced out through her clenched, perfect teeth as she fought the ever stronger need between her legs, which had begun needily grinding on each other without her intent or awareness. The part of her inflamed mind that could still make words warned she would be seen soon when she heard the sound of her second favorite person's voice: a human maid named Sasha. 

"Lilac? What's wrong?"

Her dilated pupils framed by hot pink irises suddenly narrowed as she regarded the girl. Embarrassment temporarily shocked her out of her horny stupor. 

"I-I'm just not feeling great,"

She half-lied as she considered glamoring herself to look less embarrassed. It wasn't a great idea-her magic was naturally very potent but her inexperience using it meant she wasn't very good at more subtle changes like that. 

Lilac's mind suddenly had a thought: Sasha was attractive too. A cute girl of nineteen, she had a pale blue mane of hair kept in a moderately thick ponytail which was fluffy but messy, the curled lengths of hair sticking from it almost looking like soft spikes. Her body was slender, aside from her fairly muscular arms and prominent breasts. They were squishy, inviting, a little small compared to Lilac's or Leelah's but nice and lively with lots of bounce. 

The thought of kissing them intruded on her train of thought and made her salivate.

"I-it's really better to just leave me be,"

She sputtered, thinking of any excuse to just be alone. The succubus took two steps away on her long, toned legs before the maid took her by the wrist.

Her skin is so sofffffft, marveled Lilac's brain with a deluge of joy. Just being touched, and visibly cared about, send a white hot pulse of arousal up her arm and into her brain. Her thoughts went ablaze. She wanted, NEEDED, to pin this precious girl to something soft-

"Let me take you to the guest room, Lilac. You need rest."

-and kiss her and touch her all over, show her all the love and appreciation the old woman who ran this palace of a house never would for her loyalty and service, probe at her soft insides with a gentle caring tongue, then a firmer one of passion, and-wait, were they walking now? It seemed like they were walking-and hold her, shove Sasha's face in a nice warm pair of tits and keep her safe and comfy and slip her out of that tacky getup she had to wear and, christ how hot was she under it?

Lilac grinned vacantly as she imagined trailing a hand over the girl's exposed flesh, caressing her arms and tummy and beautiful face, staring into those utterly GORGEOUS red eyes of hers and sucking on those tender lips, wet and soft and surely delicious-

Her heart fluttered and she realized they were at the guest room. A sharp sting at her sternum and a feeling of fluid creeping down her inner thigh informed her that she'd stepped over the line. Lilac winced, trying to pretend it was just a headache. It wasn't going to work.

"Lilac…" muttered an exasperated Sasha. "You can't be wearing all that if you're ill." She bent over and slid Lilac's skirt down to her ankles. As ugly, unsexy, and uncomfortable as the plain beige thing was, feeling it slide down her legs and a cool flush of air on her silk panties, and feeling the slightest brush of the sweet girl's generous, giving fingers on the very edge of her leg, sent tingles and heat to her already devastated brain. 

Lilac inhaled sharply and trembled very slightly as another bit of precum eagerly escaped from her crotch. The hungering, needing part of her was begging for Sasha to notice as the girl stood up but what she got instead was a tender pair of hands slowly, meticulously working at the buttons of her blouse. "I can't believe she makes you dress like that all the time. And the cross!" Lilac averted her eyes, feeling shame once again cast a gloomy shadow over the dwindling pond that, moments earlier, had been an ocean of bliss. One by one the buttons came undone, then Sasha removed the blouse. All this left on Lilac's sensuous frame were her fancy sandals, the wettened pair of panties, and a pink bra Leelah had gotten her recently. The warm memory of getting that bra rode bravely through her mind and vanquished all those bleak feelings: she was suddenly back in a cute little stall, teasing Leelah as the girl tried to fit a bra on her oversized breasts and, just as she almost gave up, shrank them to make it fit perfectly. The expression of pride and accomplishment on Leelah's face flooded her with joy. Unfortunately, she was not in that stall. A distant pair of footsteps reminded her she was actually in the mansion. 

"I'll fold these and clean them. Go get rest." Sasha smiled, but the grin Lilac returned was weak and forced. If Sasha noticed as she pivoted in place and walked away, nothing she did indicated it. Lilac silently, hurriedly let herself into the room and flopped into the bed on the other side. 


Lilac stared at the ceiling of the spacious, gilded guest room. It was much nicer than the one she was supposed to sleep in-

The image of Leelah beneath her, grinning eagerly, popped into her imagination suddenly and vividly. The girl's beautiful eyes and long, gorgeous hair called to a deep-seated, primordial part of Lilac's being, one which she could effortlessly imagine as it smacked at its lips like a common beast. Hungry and wanting.

"I love you, Lilac!" Rang the girl's alluring voice, a siren singing sweetly inside her ears, "You're such a good girl Lilac!" Lilac gripped at the sheets of her bed as her horns began to extend from her scalp. She could feel her long, leathery wings slipping out of whatever magical space they retreated to when she didn't want them. Even her tail, long and wirey and black, tipped with a stinger-like barb vaguely shaped like a cartoonish heart, unfurled from the base of her spine and began to twitch and writhe. 

A sense of failure and shame overcame the young demon as her features, usually hidden, began to occupy spaces she could actually see. Lilac screwed her eyes shut, her long delicate fingers gripping at the yellow, heavy sheets as she attempted to will the wings, the tail, any of her tells back into her body. Her body betrayed her as her tail slipped between her legs, under her panties (which were stained even worse now), and gently fit itself inside her. A wave of delicious euphoria shot through her as she arched her head back, not even aware of the sound her horns made as they gored a pillow, the downy guts of the slain cushion flying serenely through the air in contrast to the increasingly wild thrashing of her body. 

Her tail began to thrust back and forth, eliciting a needy groan as Lilac's conscious mind surrendered. Her pussy contracted in time with the assault from her tail as the girl flung her waist into the air, humping her own barb as it jerked back and forth of its own volition. A muffled voice inside her told Lilac not to scream, and she just barely had the composure to obey, clamping her mouth tight as she pumped in and out of her entrance. Her body flailed a few more seconds and then her tail stabbed inward as her womanhood flexed one last time, spraying cum over her black, resinous tail. 

The young woman screamed inside and despite her best efforts some of the sound escaped, filling the room with the muffled body of an almost violent, animalistic cry. Her form collapsed on the bed, spent, and stared upwards as feathers drifted through the air and landed on her. Tears welled at the corners of her vision and smeared the walls of the room into an amatuer-hour painting of themselves, her body feeling ashamed even before enough of her civilized mind came back online to let her head do the same. She tried not to think about the leathery things jutting from her shoulderblades. 

How they were ugly and unsightly, without the beautiful things now covering her bust. How they were a cruel reminder of what she had not, and never could, what she was. The animal in her chest was satisfied, so now nothing was left to filter the dark thoughts in her skull. She closed her eyes and fought to avoid touching the ugly ridge she'd filed into her left horn ten years ago. Her breathing slowed down and the girl's body gradually relaxed, a steady but gentle stream of saltwater flowing from her eyes until she passed out.


A few hours had passed. Lilac had woken up, and so had her hunger. This time she gave up. "Sasha likes me enough," she reasoned to herself, "And if she says no I can just play with myself again." Lilac hopped out of bed, entirely abandoning the the shape she normally maintained. An extra inch of height, her breasts swelling to their normal size and half again, her hips spreading and her horns growing out and curving like a bull's. She admired herself in their mirror and added another inch or two to her legs, grinning at the sexy specimen of a woman in the mirror.  

Then she had an even better idea.


Sasha yawned, stretching her arms. The day's work was finished and she could retire to bed. As she walked towards the maids' chambers she heard something behind her.

Footsteps. Before she could turn to face the source a pair of delicate, beautiful arms snaked around her, pressing her butt against another girl's leg.  "Good evening, doll," purred a familiar voice in an unfamiliar tone. It was the manor's mistress, but speaking huskier and with more affection than the prudish woman could muster to save her life. The arms were hers, too, but too long and too pretty; her embrace too loving and the figure behind her too tall. It didn't take long to figure out what was up.

"Lilac, what's-"

One arm rose, pointing a finger upwards and pressing it affectionately to her lips. A soft, comfy scent wafted into her nostrils.

"I just thought about how hard you work, and how much your master overlooks it,"

Lilac's voice, sharp and seductive, snaked down Sasha's ear directly into her brain. "And, well." The hand pressed backward, Sasha not resisting at all as she felt a warm, motherly pair of mammaries against the back of her head. A powerful instinct told her to lean back, to relax, and eagerly she obeyed. The lips against Lilac's fingers curled into a small, lazy grin as a steady, extensive breath was exhaled against them. "Goood girl. I think you're owed some love, don't you? No pressure, of course, wouldn't do to hurt you as a reward,"

Sasha nodded slightly. Her face turned bright red as she suddenly became all too aware that her waist was hot and her breathing growing shallow.

"Uh-uh huh. Please, I-"

A soft, loving embrace. Sasha moaned, legs hugging-something-that was curiously sliding up the inside of her thigh. It pressed, broad and gentle, against her panties and Sasha's body quaked.

"R-ravage me, Lilac-" she squeaked, her voice even less steady than her body.

"Ravage you?" Lilac purred with a coy tone of amusement. "Sweetheart, I'm a succubus, I pleasure." As if on cue, Sasha loosed a weak breathy moan and trembled in Lilac's embrace. Her weight was entirely backward now, held up only by the tall imposter of her employer. 

"Oh-okay, I'm, sorry!" Sasha gasped through clenched claws as probing touches to her chest and tummy made her squirm. "Pl-pleasure me then!"

"Good girl," Lilac answered with a satisfied grin. Her tail hooked around Sasha's panties and deftly pulled it to the maid's knees. "Now don't be too loud, cutie."

Sasha opened her mouth to ask what the demon meant but any words exploded into a formless mass of glee as the barb entered her body. Feelings of love, trust, and belonging like she'd never known in her life thundered clumsily through her mind as she wriggled and groaned despite her best efforts.

"I love you Lilac," she managed, her voice whispy and weak,"I love you I love you I love you!"

"Love you too Sasha." Lilac held the maid close, enveloping Sasha in her intoxicating scent. Sasha bit down a scream and her body went rigid with an orgasm. And then another. And then,

All was calm.

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