Sova and Oirn Meet The Knight of Spirals

by MorganGrey

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #sub:female #elf #fantasy #goblin #hypnotic_dream #knight #spiral #trigger

Sova and Oirn meet Ingrid, the Knight of Spirals, and have their way with her. Enjoy!

I have created an image depicting this scene on Deviantart. It can be accessed at: It is behind an adult filter given the evident nudity of the scene. This scene is actually going to be ret-conned in a future book that will be free here on ROM and on Smashwords. The future book will be a collection of short stories from across the Mental Conditioning Verse called "Hypnotic Tales from China to Karrqui." It will explore the different relationships between the characters from "Lady of Spirals", "Hypnotized in Shanghai" and "Hypnosis, Love Potions and Romance in a Magical World" [Sova and Óirn's story].

This was written over a year ago and the direction of Sova's story has changed quite a lot in that time. New characters have been formulated and it will be a hell of a story when completed. So keep an eye out for "Hypnosis, Love Potions and Romance in a Magical World."

Update: This scene will radically change. I am currently writing "Hypnosis, Love Potions, and Romance in a Magical World." Sova and Óirn has a different dynamic than the simple hypno-slave/master. I am going for something much more nuanced and consensual. There is a good chance I will keep this scene in the book itself instead of putting it in the proposed short story collection. The reason being is that it can show a good contrast between Sova and Óirn compared to Katherine and Ingrid. 

"My lovely Óirn, I think this was a terrible idea for a date despite the fact this pocket dimension that you bought being perfect for honing my craft. No worries about the Faru City Council barging in and executing us for summoning this Kumani [human female]. Still I don't know why you want me to dreamcast this vermin into becoming your love slave. You have a perfectly good Elven slave right here who wants to be ravished." Sova said annoyed


"Quiet, or else you will rouse her from the spell." Óirn said brashly


The pair had teleported a sleeping Ingrid right out of bed and into their private corner of the multiverse.


"The pest is too deep under my power for her to be roused. You think too highly of the Kumans, they are all animals that need to be wiped off the face of Karrqui [Elven Homeworld]. It is bad enough that they infest our world, but no,you wanted me to bring one straight from the pests' dirt-world [Terra/Earth]." Sova sneered


The goblin did not want to hear his girlfriend's insolence any longer.


"Sova, REMEMBER YOUR PLACE." Óirn commanded


Sova's snarl went away into a blank smile. She was back in her Master's thrall and loving it.


"Now then Sova, I want you to finish dreamcasting this wench's mind. You enjoy controlling Kumani women for my pleasure. It is your pleasure to control them as you are superior to them. They are nothing but your thralls. You're my slave girl, everything that belongs to me is my property as are you. You understand?"


"Yes, Óirn!" Sova declared with a broad smile. "This Kumani whore is just about ready for your use, my love. Open your eyes, Kumani bitch."


Ingrid's eyes awakened with the eerie blue glow of Sova's magic emanating from them.


"Whore, what is your purpose?" Óirn asked


"To serve the Great Goblin Master Óirn as his sex slave. Óirn is the object of my dreams and desires. I want to fuck Óirn every night as I dream." Ingrid said in a detached tone


"You did good work Sova."


"Thank you, Óirn dearest. I live to serve and please you for all the days of my life. You enrich my life, Master. I will now watch as you use your possession to your heart's content."

"Actually I was thinking that as my entranced girlfriend that we will fuck this bitch together as Master and Slave-Mistress." Óirn said as he snapped his fingers, releasing Sova from her trance


"I love that sound of that, honey." Sova answered with a mischievous smile

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