Trigger-Happy Girl Hunt

Chapter 5

by Modren

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #college

Disclaimer: The following story contains non-consensual and consensual mind control and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

Commissioned by AWMBH.

Morgan could barely contain her excitement as she raced to the counseling center. It was all so clear to her now. Of course Ms. Ryan was Mistress, of course she chose Morgan for this game of hers. Ms. Ryan had always supported Morgan, always treated her with a level of respect and genuine compassion beyond anyone else Morgan had ever come across.

She knew Morgan had what it took to get to the bottom of the mystery, and more than that, she must have seen the dominant side Morgan didn’t even know she had. Why else would she want Morgan to run through the list? It wasn’t just to help Morgan get over her hesitation in regards to sex, it was to help her break out of being the shy, lonely girl she’d been all her life.

As she swung open the door to the waiting room, Morgan beamed like she hadn’t in years. She walked up to the counter and tapped the glass window, startling the young woman– Carly? Cindy? I can never remember. – behind the desk.

“M-Morgan!” she gasped. “You startled me!”

“Sorry!” Morgan giggled. “Is Ms. Ryan available right now?”

“Do you have an appointment with her? I don’t think we have you on the calendar until next week…”

“It’s, uh, kind of an emergency. Is she with someone else?”

“Oh! Let me ask her.” The woman hit a button on her speaker phone. “Annie? Morgan’s here, she says it’s an emergency.”

“Gosh, if it’s an emergency, send her in right away!” Ms. Ryan always sounded so sweet and kind when Morgan talked with her. It was hard to believe she was secretly running a brainwashed lesbian slave ring, but then it was also pretty hard to believe there even was such a thing as a “brainwashed lesbian slave ring.” Morgan had come to accept a lot of things that sounded outlandish over the past day.

The door next to the counter unlocked. Morgan stepped through and thanked the woman behind the desk before practically skipping down the hall towards Ms. Ryan’s office. She’d been to this room dozens of times, but now it felt so different. Part of it was that she now knew what really went on during their sessions, that Ms. Ryan hypnotized her and did who knows what with her entranced body. But she also felt so much more alive than before, so energized and upbeat and just plain happy.

She knocked on the door, but didn’t even wait for Ms. Ryan to finish saying “come in” before she turned the handle and swung it open wide, almost slamming it into the wall. “Hi, Ms. Ryan!”

Ms. Ryan blinked. “Uh… hi?”

Morgan giggled and sat down in the same chair she always sat in. She wondered how many girls had come into this room and been hypnotized by Ms. Ryan. Dozens? Hundreds?

“Now, uh, Morgan,” Ms. Ryan said, a bit unnerved by Morgan’s chipper disposition, “you said there was an emergency. Did you have a panic attack? Did you get overwhelmed on the way to class?”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing like that,” Morgan said in a sing-song. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me?” Ms. Ryan raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah!” Morgan reached into her pocket and pulled out the black book. “For this!”

Ms. Ryan’s eyes narrowed. Her puzzled expression switched to a thin-lipped smile. “Ah. So you found me out.”

“Mhm!” Morgan beamed. “See, after we got all the cheerleaders – oh, Chloe helped me out, by the way – we followed Bethany over to the observatory where she met Jennifer. And let me say, Bethany’s a great choice, super hot, she’s gonna be an awesome slave! Anyway, we interrupted Jennifer while she was dropping Bethany, and we made her show us that room you’ve got in the observatory. I didn’t know the brainwashing setup would be so retro? When did you start doing-”

“Shut up!” Ms. Ryan shouted.

Morgan froze. She’d never seen Ms. Ryan so angry before. “U-Um. D-Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes!” Ms. Ryan groaned, not even attempting to hide the exasperation in her voice. “You cheated. You didn’t run through all the names.”

“Wh-What? How do you know I didn’t?”

“Because,” Ms. Ryan seethed, standing up from her desk, “if you had, you would’ve dropped into trance, waltzed on over here, given Cathy the trigger phrase, and then you both would be on your knees right now.”

“…Oh.” Morgan didn’t know how else to respond. Why is she acting like this? She was never so mean before.

“‘Oh?’ That’s all you have to say?” Ms. Ryan rolled her eyes. “Well, at least you said it without stuttering. God, I can’t stand it when you get like that.”

Morgan’s jaw dropped. “Wh-What?”

“See! There it is! God, you can’t even get one word out, can you?”

“I-I…” Morgan felt sick to her stomach. What was going on? Why was Ms. Ryan attacking her?

“What?” Ms. Ryan pouted mockingly. “What is it? Speak up, dumbass!”

Morgan felt tears welling up. “Stop it! I thought you cared about me!”

Ms. Ryan paused for a moment. Then she laughed. “What did you say? Oh, that’s just priceless!” She stepped closer. “Wake up, Morgan! I make college sluts into my own personal harem, do you really think I care about any of them?”

“B-Buh… But…” Morgan felt like she was trapped in a nightmare. She wanted to wake up. She wanted to escape. “I n-need to… to go…”

“Oh?” Ms. Ryan backed up, her anger suddenly disappearing. “Then by all means. The door is right there.”

Morgan sniffled. Is she… really gonna let me go? It sounded like a trap. But she still found herself rising to her feet and slowly walking towards the door. Her hand brushed the handle.

“Subspiral casekeeper,” said Ms. Ryan.

Morgan had just a single moment to realize what was happening before her mind vanished into the abyss. She felt all her strength, all her will to leave vanishing. Her chin fell to her chest, and she heard herself say, “I am hypnotized, I must obey.”

And it was true. It sounded so completely, irrefutable correct. Arguing against it felt like denying the laws of gravity. Morgan was hypnotized. Morgan had to obey.

“Back in the chair,” Mistress commanded.

Morgan did as she was told. The thought of doing anything else never crossed her mind. Thoughts in general weren’t crossing her mind anymore. There was nothing but emptiness and obedience now, which Mistress was more than happy to fill.

When Morgan flopped lifelessly into the chair, Mistress said “Keep your head up. I want you to look at me while I’m talking to you.” Even though her body felt so heavy, she found she could lift her head with perfect ease.

“Oh, yes,” Mistress sighed wistfully, “I never get tired of that. There’s nothing like the face of a girl so helplessly, blissfully brainwashed.”

The mental image briefly flickered in Morgan’s mind. She’d seen the face Mistress was talking about, and knew just how beautiful it was to behold. But the memory was simply that – a flicker. It came and went too fast for it to mean anything.

“Lift up your shirt,” Mistress commanded.

“Yes, Mistress.” Morgan grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up, exposing her plain cotton bra.

“Oh, I should have you get in touch with Summer after this,” Mistress muttered. She got up and stretched, yawning a little, before walking over to Morgan and pulling down her bra, circling her thumb over Morgan’s tiny pink nipples. “What did you think would happen when you came here?”

“I thought… you would be proud of me.” Morgan’s words spilled out of her freely, no filter or anxiety to get in the way. “I thought you wanted me to… be more confident. Dominant.”

Mistress paused. Then she laughed. “Oh, Christ, that’s rich!” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. “No, Morgan, that was completely off the mark. You wanna know why I gave you that book?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then listen closely. I want this to stick in that head of yours.” Mistress leaned in, only inches away from Morgan’s face. “I gave you the book because I wanted to laugh at you. I mean, shit, what would be funnier than some tiny, nervous little kid like you trying to be some casanova? I couldn’t wait for you to fail, then make you and my other girls explain in excruciating detail how you embarrassed yourself.”

If Morgan was awake, she’d be furious. But she wasn’t, and she couldn’t be. She couldn’t feel much of anything, except the perfect happiness of being a slave.

“But you couldn’t even do that, could you?” Mistress sneered. “Of course a fuck-up like you would find a way to fuck up fucking up. You just had to stumble into that room. Well, I guess you’re going back there again. We have to wipe all of this from your memory, Morgan. After all, we can’t have you running around knowing about all of this, now can we?”

“No, Mistress,” Morgan murmured.

“Glad we’re on the same page. Now, for the first order of business.” Mistress extended her hand to Morgan. “You can hand me my book back, slave.”

Wordlessly, Morgan lifted the book up. She handed it to Mistress, but wouldn’t let go. Her face, previously blank and expressionless, now had small signs of tension. “Nnnn… Nnnooo…” she groaned.

Mistress scowled. “Now, Morgan.”

Morgan let go, and became empty once again.

“That’s more like it. Your phone, now.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Morgan sighed. She gave Mistress her phone, all trace of resistance completely gone.

“You probably told Chloe not to take any calls from me, didn’t you?” Mistress smirked. “That would be smart. But you never thought you would be compromised.” She scrolled through Morgan’s contacts until she found what she was looking for. “Actually, let’s do a speaker call. So you can hear your little friend fall for me.”

She tapped Chloe’s name, and within moments the other end picked up.

“Morgan?” Chloe said. “How’d it go with Ms. Ryan?”

“Oh, it went very well,” Ms. Ryan replied. “Just not for her.”

“What the-”

“‘Unfakable preguarantor.’”

There was a moment of silence.

“I am hypnotized,” Chloe murmured. “I must obey.”

“Good girl,” Mistress chuckled. “Meet me at the orientation room. Avoid suspicion.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Chloe replied, a hint of life returning to her voice as she entered a waking trance.

Mistress hung up and tossed the phone at Morgan. “Get up, slave. It’s time for your lessons.”

Morgan dutifully followed Mistress back to the observatory. By now, students were starting to trickle through campus, early risers hurrying to their first classes of the day. A few of them stared at Morgan – Mistress hadn’t told her to appear “normal,” so she still looked just as mindless and empty as she did back in Mistress’ office.

On top of that, since Mistress wasn’t directly commanding Morgan, her mind was playing and replaying all the greatest hits of her past 24 hours. The shock of seeing Chloe drop into trance for the first time, the thrill of fucking her and Summer, the sense of power she got from commanding the cheerleaders. There wasn’t much detail in these images, but there was emotion and passion and pleasure. So much pleasure.

Morgan drooled from two sets of lips, her t-shirt and jeans both acquiring small stains as her mind became locked in perpetual orgasm. Though the walk to the observatory took only a few minutes, to Morgan, it may as well have been an eternity.


Mistress’ words cut through the fog. Morgan blinked, and found herself in the orientation room. Jennifer was off to her side, staring at nothing, just as brainwashed as Morgan was. Morgan sat down in the chair, its worn leather as familiar as a recurring dream.

“Jennifer,” Mistress said, “strap her down.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jennifer murmured.

As the straps were tightened around Morgan’s arms, Mistress walked over to the VCR and ejected the tape, then set it in a plastic container filled with over a dozen other tapes. “Decisions, decisions…” Mistress muttered as she rifled through the tapes. “I could leave her completely broken, that would be a just punishment… no, too much of a hassle.” She finally pulled out a tape. “I’ll just give her the reinforcement for now.”

She slid the tape into the VCR, turned on the TV, and hit play.

After the screen took a moment to warm up, it became awash with bright, garish colors. The feed was noisy and soft, clearly having been played dozens of times. But it still enchanted Morgan all the same. She went even deeper than before, her focus utterly dominated by the screen. She didn’t know where she was, or who she was, or even what she was. She simply was, her existence narrowed down to a single point.

“Normally, I’d let the tape do its work.” Make that two points. Even as her mind became utterly enraptured by the screen, she could focus equally strongly on Mistress’ words. “But this is a bit of a special occasion, so I’ll need to perform this manually.” She cleared her throat-


Morgan blinked. Her mind was suddenly her own again. She looked around, disoriented.

Chloe looked down at her hand. “Um… why did I just snap?”

“That’s… a very good question,” Ms. Ryan said, raising an eyebrow. She noticed Jennifer starting to wake up in the corner. “‘Foresaid deaconry.’”

In an instant, Jennifer’s mind retreated once again. “I am hypnotized, I must obey.”

Ms. Ryan turned back to Morgan, whose heart dropped like a stone. She knew exactly what was about to happen; she’d forget all about the last day, forget how confident she could be, forget her newly-forged bond with Chloe. Everything would go back to how it used to be. She’d be just as shy and nervous as before, and completely unaware that her supposed confidant and counselor was secretly abusing her trust. She closed her eyes and braced herself.

“‘Subspiral casekeeper.’”

At least it felt good to fall. Morgan’s tense body went slack, her chin dropping to her chest. “I am hypno-”


“-tized?” Morgan looked up and saw the confusion on Ms. Ryan’s face.

“What the hell are you doing?” Ms. Ryan growled, turning to Chloe.

“I-I’m not sure…” Chloe stammered.

Oh, holy shit. This is perfect! Chloe’s still programmed to wake me up if she sees me in trance! “Chloe, ‘unfakable preguarantor!’”

Chloe’s eyes went wide, then slipped shut. “I am hypnotized, I must-”

“‘Subspiral casekeeper.’”

Morgan’s moment of triumph slipped from her grasp as her mind fell back into darkness. “I am h-”


“-hhhaaah!” Morgan shouted. “C-Chloe, don’t listen to a word Ms. Ryan says!”

But when Chloe snapped, she broke herself out of trance too. She stared at Morgan with an expression that silently asked if her roommate thought she was an idiot.

“Um…” Jennifer said, utterly bewildered. “What’s going-”

“‘Foresaid deaconry!’” Ms. Ryan said. “Jennifer, whenever Chloe snaps, don’t- Ow!”

Morgan gave Ms. Ryan a sharp kick in the shin. Bet you wished you had straps down there, huh? “Jennifer, don’t listen to anything Ms. Ryan says!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jennifer whispered.

“You little shit,” Ms. Ryan growled. “That won’t help you for long. ‘Unfakable preguarantor.’”

Chloe dropped into trance. “I am hypnotized, I must-”

“Shut up!” Ms. Ryan snapped. “Just stop-”

“Jennifer, tackle Ms. Ryan!” Morgan cried.

Ms. Ryan spun around just in time to see a 90-pound undergrad barrel into her like a linebacker. She landed with a hard thud on the ground, groaning in pain.

“Chloe, unstrap me,” Morgan said.

“Yes, Morgan,” Chloe replied. She began undoing the straps on Morgan’s right arm.

“Get off of me!” Ms. Ryan shouted, shoving Jennifer to the side. “‘Subspiral casekeeper!’”

Just as the last strap on her arm was removed, Morgan felt herself slip away. She sank into the warm, dark abyss. “I-”


“-fuck!” Morgan gasped, the constant jumping between trance to aware feeling like the world’s worst rollercoaster.

“God dammit!” Ms. Ryan spat. “Enough of this! ‘Unfakable preguarantor,’ Chloe, and stop snapping!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Chloe said, her voice quickly losing its emotion as she sank rapidly.

“‘Foresaid deaconry,’” Ms. Ryan said. She glared down at Morgan with a triumphant grin. “That was a good fight, kid. I’m almost impressed. But we both knew how this was going to end.”

No, no… Morgan’s eyes flicked to Chloe’s. She can’t wake me up anymore… after this, it’s all over…

“E-Excuse me… what’s going on?”

Morgan and Ms. Ryan turned to look at Jennifer, still awake, as she sat up on the floor.

“Why aren’t you…” Ms. Ryan shook her head. “‘Foresaid deaconry.’”

Jennifer squinted at Ms. Ryan. “What are you saying? I can’t hear you.”

“‘Foresaid deaconry!’” Ms. Ryan shouted. “What, are you deaf?”

Morgan’s eyes widened. Of course! If I told her not to listen to Ms. Ryan, then she can’t listen to her! And if Ms. Ryan’s busy with her… then she’s not paying attention to me. She snapped her fingers.

“What the hell…” Chloe muttered as she opened her eyes.

“‘Foresaid deaconry!’” Morgan shouted. “Jennifer, cover Ms. Ryan’s mouth and pin her to the wall!”

Jennifer rose from the floor robotically. “Yes, Mistress.”

“H-Hold on…” Ms. Ryan stammered. Jennifer moved swiftly, grabbing one of Ms. Ryan’s arms with one hand and covering her mouth with the other, before slamming Ms. Ryan against the wall with a level of force that seemed at odds with her slim frame.

“Chloe, grab her other arm,” Morgan said as she started undoing the straps holding her left arm down.

“R-Right!” Chloe walked over and pinned Ms. Ryan’s other arm to the wall, while the counselor squirmed and tried to speak through the hand held tight over her mouth.

After a few moments, Morgan freed herself from the chair and stood up, turning to face Ms. Ryan. “Jennifer, take your hand off Ms. Ryan’s mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jennifer replied. She pulled her hand away and let her arm hang limp at her side.

Morgan leaned in. “Anything to say for yourself, ‘Mistress?’”

“You bitch!” Ms. Ryan seethed. “How dare you! What, you think you’re some kinda domme prodigy, is that it?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Morgan replied. “I just like doing it. I feel… good. Better than I think I’ve ever felt.”

“Gimmie a break. You don’t have what it takes. You’re just some shy little girl.”

“But I don’t have to be! I can be so much more than that, if I get the chance. I thought that was what you wanted for me, but… you never wanted to help me. You just wanted another brainwashed pet to worship you.”

Ms. Ryan scoffed. “Is that what you think I did? Oh, Morgan, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. You were never there to worship me, you were there to worship everyone else.”

“What are you talking about?” Morgan asked, her insides starting to twist and grow tighter.

“Let’s face it, honey,” Ms. Ryan chuckled, “you’re not exactly a looker. Why would I go with some ugly nerd when I have so many other beautiful girls to pick from? No, what you did was get used by every other girl in my collection. You’ve probably gotten fucked hundreds of times by now.”

She turned to Chloe, grinning like she’d already won. “And you blew her mind the most out of anyone. Chloe was a tricky one to bring down, but you were more than happy to lend your tongue in service to-”


Ms. Ryan went limp. Her body sagged to the floor, Chloe having dropped her arm in shock, Jennifer still holding on, oblivious that anything had happened.

Morgan felt a slight stinging in her right hand. She looked down and saw it had balled up into a fist. It wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Jesus Christ!” Chloe gasped.

“Wha…” Morgan’s heart raced. “D-Did I just… punch her?”

“Yeah! What, do you not remember?”

“No, I… it was just a blur.” Morgan stared at her hand and slowly uncurled her fingers. “D-Do you think that was t-true? What she said about-”

“I don’t care,” Chloe said. “The way I see it, if you weren’t aware of what you were doing, it wasn’t you.”

“Yeah, but…” Morgan looked down at Ms. Ryan, lying on the floor passed out. “I trusted her… and she just used me…”

“She used all of us,” Chloe added. “She treated us like toys.”

“I can’t…” Morgan took a slow, shaky breath. “I won’t let this go on. Ms. Ryan isn’t gonna have any more girls under her control.”

“But how can you stop that?” Chloe asked.

Morgan looked at the chair and the TV, still playing the tape Ms. Ryan put in. “I think I have an idea…”

Annie waved at Cathy as she approached the front desk.

“Morning, Annie!” Cathy said brightly.

“Good morning!” Annie giggled. “How are you, Cathy?”

“Eh, same old same old, I guess.” Cathy hit the button behind her desk and opened the door. Annie strode confidently down the hall and entered her office, locking the door behind her.

She sat down at her desk and sent off a text letting Morgan know she’d arrived.

Within seconds, she felt the vibrator buzz to life. It wasn’t especially intense, partially to help the battery last all day long, partially so that it wouldn’t be audible over the hum of the AC, but mainly to ensure that Annie wouldn’t cum. It would only tease Annie into a constant horny haze, just how Morgan wanted her.

Annie smiled serenely and leaned back in the chair. Whenever the vibrator buzzed, her mind entered a sort of resting mode, her thoughts slowing down while her mantras reinforced themselves. Her lips silently repeated them as they soaked into her pliable, suggestible mind. Pleasure made her obedient, and obedience gave her pleasure.

She stayed like this until the intercom clicked on. “Annie?” Cathy said. “Morgan’s here for her appointment.”

“Send her in,” Annie replied, her voice never once betraying her. She still sounded just as lucid as she did before Morgan made her obedient. But in truth, she hadn’t felt fully “herself” in weeks. Even when she was awake, she felt like she was dreaming, floating through life in a love-drunk fog. Annie wasn’t in control anymore; Morgan was.

And Annie had never felt better.

There was a knock on the door. Annie stood up and walked over to it, smiling warmly at the person standing behind it. “Hi, Morgan! Take a seat.”

“Thanks, Annie,” Morgan replied. She sat down in the same chair she sat in back when and Annie was her Mistress. Even though it was only a few weeks ago, it felt like a different life entirely. Annie could scarcely imagine herself being anyone’s Mistress, let alone Morgan’s.

“Would you like me to worship you, Morgan?” Annie asked, the hunger in her voice unmistakable. When she was with Morgan, she didn’t have to pretend to be anything other than the slave she was.

“Maybe later,” Morgan said. “For now, though, I want to have a chat. So, first order of business…” She pulled out her phone and tapped the screen.

The vibrator stopped, and with it the fog filling Annie’s mind dissipated. Not fully, but enough that she could formulate her own thoughts, if they could truly be called “hers” and not “Morgan’s.”

“Kneel,” Morgan said.

Annie immediately fell to her knees, looking up at Morgan as she rested her elbow on the arm of the chair and held up her head with her hand. She looked down at Annie with an expression Annie couldn’t quite place. Was it admiration? Disdain? Perhaps a mix of both.

“How many other students have you been seeing?” Morgan asked.

“Only you,” Annie replied. She’d had Cathy reassign all her appointments to the other counselors. After all, Annie was in no position to help anyone else, not until Morgan had fixed her.

“Good, good. Now, let’s see how your lessons have been going. How many slaves did you have under your control?”

Annie furrowed her brow. “I… I’m not sure.”

She nodded and pulled out a small black book. “And this? Do you know what this is?”

“Hm…” Annie squinted at it. “A journal?”

“Do you know who it belonged to?”

Annie shrugged. “No. Is there a name on it?”

Morgan chuckled. “Something like that. So you really have no memory of this book?”

“No, Morgan. Should I?”

“No, of course not.” Morgan put the book away and gently scratched Annie’s chin. “You’re doing very well, slave. Soon, you’ll forget all about being a mistress, and you can go back to your life.”

Annie groaned and recoiled.

“Something wrong?” She asked.

“I… y-yes…” Annie blinked. Everything was wrong. Why was she on her knees? Why couldn’t she think straight? And why was Morgan the one in charge? “You… what did you do to me?”

Morgan smiled. She tapped her phone’s screen, and Annie’s mind shattered.

The vibrator roared between her legs, causing Annie to melt to the floor, shaking and gasping and moaning.

“I really should thank Summer for lending me that,” Morgan said. “Get back in your chair.”

“Ysss, Mmrrggnnn…” Annie whimpered. Even though her body felt like jelly, she managed to get up off the floor and stumble over to her office chair, collapsing in a heap. The concerns she had just a moment ago were already forgotten, disintegrated by the pleasure Morgan was giving her.

Morgan picked up Annie’s phone and unlocked it, opening a folder Annie wasn’t normally allowed to know about. She opened a drawer in Annie’s desk and pulled out the VR helmet Willow had been working on. She slotted Annie’s phone into the front and slipped it over Annie’s head before toning down the vibrator back to its normal state.

Annie stopped shaking, and instead started drooling. Unbeknownst to her, Morgan had added every hypnotic pattern Annie had created over the years to her phone, and had Willow convert them to VR videos. It was a far more convenient solution than the elaborate setup Annie had in the observatory.

Morgan stood back and admired her handiwork. Annie had come along incredibly well in such a short time. The flare-ups of her old personality were becoming fewer and farther between, and each one was less drastic than the last. With any luck, Annie would be a completely new woman in a month or so. A part of Morgan felt bad for doing this to her. But the way she saw it, Annie had been putting on the façade of a kindly, supportive woman for years; Morgan was only making sure her real personality was the same as the one she pretended to have.

Morgan felt her phone buzz and pulled it out of her pocket.

Several minutes later, she stopped walking and blinked, trying to get a grasp on her surroundings. She wasn’t in the counseling center anymore; instead she was approaching the business school. Why am I… She groaned and rubbed her temples. “Dammit… not again…”

The one thing Morgan still wasn’t sure about was how to go about deprogramming everyone Annie had brainwashed. As far as she knew, the trigger phrases in the book still worked, but she knew that wouldn’t be enough to fix everything. She and Chloe had been working on each other for weeks now, and they still sometimes felt the residual effects of what Annie had done to them. More than once Morgan found herself listening to the “relaxation” tapes Annie gave her without even realizing it, her mind following the schedule Annie set for her.

Morgan thought about pulling her phone out again, but decided against it. Whatever that message was, it must have been set on a timer long before Morgan had started brainwashing the domme out of Annie. It had activated some latent programming still in Morgan’s head, and made her come to this building. But why?

As if to answer her question, she saw Jennifer walk past her towards the business school. Morgan grabbed Jennifer’s hand and spun her around. “Hey, where are you going?”

Sure enough, Jennifer was subtly yet obviously entranced. “Gonna see Ms. Ryan,” she said, her eyes just a touch glassy, her voice just a hint too monotone to be boredom. I should probably wake her up… but maybe I should see where this is supposed to lead us. Morgan hung back and followed Jennifer inside.

Jennifer led Morgan down into the basement of the building. They walked down a long hallway, leading to what appeared to be a meeting room. The door was a solid piece of steel with no window, but there was light poking out from under it. Jennifer punched a code into a panel next to the door, which Morgan knew she wouldn’t have known when she was awake.

When the door opened, Morgan’s jaw dropped.

Inside was every single girl she’d run into during Annie’s game, and quite a few more on top of that. None of them looked like they had any idea what was going on; there was a nervousness in the crowd, everyone seeming disoriented to various degrees. But there was also a sense of anticipation; they knew something was going to happen, even though they weren’t sure what exactly that was.

Morgan felt a hand touch her shoulder and spun around, startled.

“Hi, Morgan,” Chloe said, a slightly confused look on her face. “Do you know where Ms. Ryan is?”

Morgan sighed. Oh, Chloe, you really need to build up some resistance. She grabbed Chloe’s arm and dragged her outside, snapping her fingers once they were out in the hall.

Chloe blinked. “…Shit, it happened again, didn’t it?”

“Yeah. What were you doing before?”

“I was just up in the dorm, studying.” Chloe rubbed her eyes and groaned. “What about you?”

“I was at my ‘appointment.’” Morgan looked back at the room full of entranced beauties. “So what do we do now? Should we just leave them?”

Chloe stared at Morgan like she was a crazy person. “And miss a golden opportunity?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Come on, Morgan! You’ve got a whole room of potential slaves and you’re just gonna walk away?”

“I don’t need any more slaves.” Morgan pecked Chloe on the cheek. “I’ve already got one, after all.”

Chloe smiled. “And she is ever so grateful you chose her, Mistress. But you’re seriously not gonna take anyone else?”

“No, absolutely not. I already have my hands full with you, I’d never even find time to do anything with the others.

“Hmph.” Chloe crossed her arms and pouted. “Fine. But you gotta be the one to wake them all up.”

Morgan rolled her eyes and walked back into the room. “Attention, everyone!”

The sea of confused women all turned their heads towards her. Morgan snapped her fingers, but nothing happened. None of the girls seemed to become more lucid, or question why they were all down here together.

“Huh?” Morgan tried snapping again, and again. But none of them woke up. “Why isn’t it working?”

“Hm…” Chloe said, rubbing her chin. “Maybe Ms. Ryan has to be the one to do it?”

“Well, I don’t wanna go back and drag her out here…” Morgan pulled out the book. “Guess we gotta do this the hard way.” She flipped it open. “‘Frowsty wormseed.’”

One head dropped in the crowd. “I am hypnotized,” Faith said, her thoughts grinding to a halt, “I must obey.” It was almost startling to see; one second, she was chatting away idly with Emily, and the next she was out like a light. Even if one didn’t know that she was hypnotized, there was no way to ignore how utterly gone she looked.

Emily, however, seemed completely unfazed. She poked her girlfriend in the side, appearing only slightly concerned. “Faith? Did you get enough sleep last night? It’s not like you to nod off like this.” Faith didn’t respond, Emily’s poke causing her to sway slightly on her feet.

That’s surprisingly nonchalant. Guess that makes sense, though, Annie wouldn’t want people freaking out while everyone gets dropped. Morgan scanned the crowd again and noticed Summer off to the side, holding her phone high and smiling brightly.

“Hey, what’s up, fam?” Summer said, pulling down her crop top to show off her cleavage better. “It’s your Best Girl™ Summer here, waiting to meet with… well, I don’t really go to the counselor, but I’m meeting one here, along with-” she spun around, tilting the phone a little higher so the camera could get a better view of the crowd “-alllllll these gals! I guess this is some group thing? I’m not really sure, but I know I can’t wait for Ms. Ryan to get here!”

Wow. Say what you will about e-girls, you can’t accuse them of slacking off. “‘Pennate groggery.’”

Summer’s arm dropped to the side, and her phone fell from her hand and landed with a crack! on the linoleum floor. “I am hypnotized, I must obey.” Her bright, cheery persona evaporated, like a machine with its batteries suddenly yanked out, her pink pigtails swinging down around her head. Without the lewd personality and the high-pitched voice, Summer almost looked innocent, like a pink porcelain doll. Her breathing was slow and steady, her chest rising and falling, accentuating the way her breasts strained her tight shirt. Drool mingled with cherry-blossom lip gloss, signaling that she was open and ready for whatever Morgan’s next command would be.

Morgan winced. Shit, that phone will be hard to explain… “Uh, let’s try… ‘inofficious kibitka?’”

Maddie was leaning against the back wall when the trigger hit her, and as her body went limp she slid down to the floor. Morgan had only seen Maddie in her workout gear before, so this was the first time she got to see her actual fashion sense. The cheerleader was dressed head to toe in black, with a sleeveless turtleneck sweater clinging tight to her chest and thigh-highs underneath her skirt. Her legs splayed out from under her and giving any outside observer a full view of her black lace panties. Maddie didn’t care. She couldn’t care; all she could do was give a dreamy smile and say, “I am hypnotized, I must obey.”

“What’s with you girls?” Hannah said, lightly tapping Maddie with her shoe. “You’re dropping like flies.”

“I told you the new routines were wearing us out!” Natalie groaned, unsubtly sneaking a glance at up Maddie’s skirt. “We’re all exhausted after every practice!”

Hannah put her hands on her hips and scowled. “Well, you can talk about your sleep schedule when Ms. Ryan gets here!”

Morgan chuckled and shook her head. It’s nice to not have to worry about them freaking out so much. She read off Hannah and Natalie’s triggers, leaving Emily as the only cheerleader left standing in a group of peaceful, empty shells.

Emily stamped her foot, an annoyed expression on her face. “C’mon, girls, get it together! Lazy little…” She trailed off into an indecipherable stream of mutters.

Oh, don’t worry, Emily, you’ll be joining them in due course. Morgan admired the group of cheerleaders, the indescribably erotic way they all looked, like puppets without strings. Mmm… those girls look so good when they’re hypnotized. She looked down at the book and squinted. “Hm… don’t think I’ve seen this one before. ‘Glabrous cleome?’”

That one belonged to a cute Korean exchange student Morgan had seen around campus. “I am hypnotized,” the girl said, her voice sweet and deliciously blank, “I must obey.” She always wore these tight exercise leggings that showed off her shapely legs, as if she could break out into a jog at a moment’s notice. Morgan had more than once caught herself sneaking a glance, and now she had all the time in the world to stare.

“Um… ‘scuse me,” Morgan said, “what’s your name?”

“Ji-Hyo,” the hypnotized girl whispered in a breathy monotone.

“Hm… I’ll have to remember that.” Might wanna try and hit her up for coffee sometime… Morgan read more and more names, but as she went down the list, she began to notice a strange reaction in the crowd.

“Oh, fuck,” Willow moaned, her hand starting to creep down underneath her jeans, “please, Ms. Ryan…”

“Make me obey, Ms. Ryan,” a red-haired woman gasped, her hands kneading her breasts, “I want it so bad…”

“Hypnotize me,” Georgia whimpered, rubbing her thighs together, her gruff demeanor falling completely by the wayside, “put me under, please…”

“God, Faith,” Emily mewled, absent-mindedly grinding on her hypnotized girlfriend’s thigh, “you’re so fucking hot when you’re blank… Ms. Ryan, make me like her, I can’t wait any longer…”

“What the hell…” Morgan muttered.

“Seems they’re all super into the idea of being brainwashed,” Chloe remarked. “It’s probably because they’re brainwashed.”

“I… figured.” As much as Morgan wanted to stick to her plan, she couldn’t deny how hot the scene in front of her was. As she read off each name on the list, the moans and cries of the remaining girls grew louder and even more desperate. She knew it wasn’t exactly “real,” that it was just something Annie programmed them all to do for her own amusement. But that didn’t make it any less arousing.

Finally, she read off the last name, and the cries ceased. The room was dead silent, every girl standing limp and open for her.

Chloe patted Morgan on the back. “Guess it’s time to wake them all up, huh?”

“Y-Yeah…” Morgan sighed.

“But you don’t want to, do you?”

Morgan groaned. “No… dammit, why’d they gotta make me horny before I dropped them? It’s not fair!”

“Oh, poor you,” Chloe said mockingly, “stuck with a couple dozen hypnotized slavegirls and all turned on. Life’s a real bitch, isn’t it?”

“Fuck off,” Morgan chuckled. She looked out into the room and scratched the back of her head. “Well… if they’re already here… I guess it can’t hurt to have some fun before I send them back…”

“Atta girl.” Chloe kissed Morgan on the cheek. “But I think you forgot someone when you were reading all those names.”

Morgan smiled. She leaned in and whispered in Chloe’s ear before kissing her on the lips.

When she pulled away, Chloe’s eyes were dull and glassy, her face completely expressionless. She began to undress, already anticipating what Morgan was about to say.

I love it when your sub can read your mind. “Everyone,” Morgan said loudly, “get undressed and pair up. Explore each other. Make your partner feel good.”

As Morgan felt Chloe begin to slip her t-shirt off her, two dozen voices sang “Yes, Mistress” in unison. It was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard.

Author’s note: I would like to thank AWMBH for commissioning this story.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Carefully Random’s Discord server and the Mind Control Literature Discord server, which are both wonderful communities of erotica writers and readers. I’ve also opened up my own Discord server, which you can join here.

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