Trigger-Happy Girl Hunt

Chapter 4

by Modren

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #college

Disclaimer: The following story contains non-consensual and consensual mind control and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

Commissioned by AWMBH.

Faith drooled onto her tits as Mistress talked with Bethany.

Normally, when Mistress talked, Faith hung on her every word. But Mistress – not this Mistress, the one who actually brainwashed her into becoming a perfect, obedient slave – knew that sometimes, slaves didn’t have to listen to everything Mistress said. Sometimes she would be talking to someone with free will, someone who could actually think for themselves, and those conversations were far outside what a slave like Faith could understand.

But Mistress was so smart! She knew that her slaves would get bored if they had to just stand there and not follow her orders. If they had to wait too long, they might even start thinking for themselves. Faith shuddered; she couldn’t imagine anything more dreadful. So what Mistress programmed all of her slaves to do, and what Faith and her fellow slaves were now doing, was to sink into a horny haze whenever Mistress hadn’t given them an order in a while.

Images began to play automatically inside Faith’s head, random flashes of memory to keep her occupied until Mistress called upon her. She remembered when she and Emily first discovered they served the same Mistress. If Mistress let her remember it when she was awake, she might have found it funny. Faith and Emily were both called in to meet with Mistress, and neither of them quite knew why the other one was there. They’d both told Mistress about their relationship, but they hadn’t had any issues in a long time.

But then Mistress said those magic words, and Emily remembered her true self. Faith freaked out and tried to leave. She was so silly! As if she would ever want to escape from Mistress’ control! All it took were two words, and Faith was back where she belonged. Mistress explained that, since Faith and Emily were girlfriends, they could please her so much more together than they could apart. It made Faith’s cunt gush with delight; she was so happy that she and Emily could do that!

Speaking of her cunt, Faith noticed her hand lazily creeping towards it. She pulled it away and held her arms rigidly at her sides. As much as she wanted to masturbate right now, what she wanted didn’t matter. Slaves could only do what Mistress told them to do, and Mistress hadn’t told Faith to masturbate yet. She was sure that time would come soon.

And so will I… the small part of Faith that hadn’t yet been subsumed by Mistress thought.

And then that part was silent as well.

“Get the fuck away from me!”

Bethany backed away from Morgan and Chloe, inching ever closer to the door. She held the straps of her backpack like her life depended on it, taking fast, shallow breaths.

“L-Listen,” Morgan stammered, “w-we’re not gonna h-hurt you. W-We just wa-wanna-”

“What Morgan is trying to say,” Chloe interjected, “is that your friends are just fine!”

“Fine?” Bethany scoffed. “Do you think I’m an idiot? They’re not fine! They’re standing around like a bunch of fucking zombies!”

“Yes, well, aside from that!” Chloe looked over her shoulder. “Em? How do you feel?”

Emily blinked, her brain slowly reactivating just enough so she could answer the question. “Mmm… good…”

“See?” Chloe smiled. “She’s fine!”

“Wh-Who are these girls, Emily?” Bethany asked nervously.

“Chloe…” Emily slurred, “and Mistress…”

“‘Mistress?’” Bethany said, her eyes narrowing.

“I-I’m not really her M-Mistress,” Morgan tried to explain. “I’m j-just, uh…”

“This is some fucking sex cult, isn’t it?” Bethany spat, scoffing in disbelief.

“It’s not… not a sex cult,” Chloe said with a sheepish grin. “But it’s not our sex cult!”

You’re not helping, Chloe. Morgan tried to make her body say something, anything, to help salvage this situation, but it refused to obey her commands. She could feel her heart pounding, reverberating through her entire body. She shook like a leaf.

“Jesus, I think I’m gonna be sick…” Bethany kept moving towards the door. “What, you’ve got everyone hooked on drugs or something?”

“No, it’s not like that at all!” Chloe said, moving towards Bethany as the frightened cheerleader moved away.

“Stop it!” Bethany shouted. “Don’t come any closer!”

“I just-”

Bethany took off her backpack and chucked it at Chloe, hitting her square in the chest, before spinning on her heels and bolting towards the door. Oh fuck… she’s gonna tell someone about this… Mistress is gonna find out and call off the whole game!

Then, in what felt like the blink of an eye, Bethany stopped.

Morgan’s body was pressed up against Bethany’s, one hand covering Bethany’s mouth and her other arm pressing into the cheerleader’s collarbone. Bethany squirmed, struggling to break free.

“Morgan,” Chloe gasped, “what are you doing?”

…What am I doing? Morgan didn’t know how it had happened. It was like her body went on autopilot. Was this something Mistress programmed her to do? Some emergency protocol to help maintain Mistress’ secret? But if it is, why does this feel so… right?

As terrified as Morgan was, there was something else running through her mind. She was sure that Bethany could easily overpower her if she tried; she was certainly in better shape. But she wasn’t doing that. The way she squirmed and thrashed, it didn’t seem like her heart was in it. Why wasn’t Bethany overpowering Morgan?

Morgan removed her hand from Bethany’s mouth. “Do you… do you want this?”

“Wh-What?” Bethany glared at Morgan with fire in her eyes. “No fucking way! I’m not gonna be part of whatever your sick game is!”

Even though Bethany denied it, Morgan could tell there was a desire within her. She leaned in close, whispering into Bethany’s ear. “I didn’t ask if you would, I asked if you wanted to.”

Bethany shuddered, but tried to maintain her steely resolve. “I… I don’t.”

“Yes, you do.” With her free hand, Morgan crept down Bethany’s stomach. She expected that at any moment, Bethany was sure to push her off and run out the door just like she tried to before. But even as Morgan’s hand moved further and further down Bethany’s body, even as her fingers crept under the cheerleader’s waistband, Bethany didn’t move an inch.

Morgan grinned when she found what she was looking for. “You’re soaked, Bethany.”

“N-No, I’m not…” Bethany gasped, seemingly trying to convince herself more than Morgan.

“You can be honest with me. You like seeing these girls like this, don’t you? Empty, horny, perfectly submissive. In fact, you want to be just like them. Isn’t that right?”

“I… I don’t…”

“Oh?” Morgan pulled her hand away and stepped back from Bethany. “Then by all means, leave. If you truly want no part in this, the door’s right there.”

“Morgan?” Chloe asked with a nervous giggle, “what are you doing?”

Bethany stood still, panting and staring at Morgan, her cheeks burning red.

“What are you waiting for?” Morgan asked smugly.

“I…” Bethany hung her head low. “Please don’t make me say it…”

“Excuse me?” Morgan stepped forward and grabbed Bethany’s chin, tilting her head up so their eyes locked. Bethany whimpered and bit her lip, her gaze full of longing. “What did you say, Bethany?”

“I w-want…” Bethany mewled.

“Do you want to be a good girl?” Morgan asked, the words spilling forth from her mouth without her even thinking about them. “Do you want to be an obedient slut like all your friends?”


“What was that, Bethany? I’m not sure I heard you.”

“Yes!” Bethany shouted.

“Then join the others,” Morgan purred.

Bethany nodded, walking over to her hypnotized friends. She slipped off her clothes and laid them over the bench where Faith and Emily had been sitting just a few minutes ago. She stood at attention, not quite fitting in with the dazed, blissed-out demeanor of the rest of the group.

Chloe approached Morgan, a her face a mixture of confusion and awe. “Morgan, what was that?”

“I don’t know!” Morgan replied, giggling nervously. “I just- it just felt right, y’know? Like, it all just came out and I didn’t even need to think about it, and now I feel all tingly and horny and holy shit this is hot-”

“Deep breaths, Morgan.”

“R-Right, sorry.”

Chloe smiled. “I gotta admit, I didn’t think you had it in you. You didn’t strike me as a top.”

“Me neither. I hadn’t really thought much about kinky stuff, but I always assumed I’d be kinda submissive. But wow it’s fun to make someone melt like that!” Morgan paused, the rush of bringing Bethany to heel fading and her nervousness and self-doubt coming back to the forefront. “I-I mean, unless you think that’s weird? It’s weird, isn’t it?”

“I think it suits you, actually.” Chloe shrugged. “At least, you seem good at it, and you clearly like it a lot.”

Morgan smiled, then looked down at the floor. “Did… did you like it?”

“Oh! W-Well, I uh…” Chloe blushed and scratched the back of her head. “Y’know, I’m proud of you for being all confident ‘n all, um…”

“Is that so?” Morgan replied, smiling deviously.

“Y-Yeah!” Chloe bit her lip. “Like, it’s cool how you just take charge, and uh, all tha-”

Chloe was cut off by another pair of lips locking with hers. Morgan pulled Chloe in and kissed her, feeling her roommate at first stiffen with shock and then melt into her. Chloe moaned softly, wrapping her arms around Morgan and lightly scratching her back.

Morgan pulled away, her eyes full of hunger. “Join the others, Chloe.”

Chloe gasped softly, but then smiled. “Aren’t you gonna make me a slave like the rest of them?”

“No, I want you awake. More fun for both of us that way, don’t you think?”

“Whatever you say, Mor- ah!”

Morgan slapped Chloe on the ass, her expression suddenly becoming deathly serious. “That’s Mistress to you.”

“Y-Yes, Mistress…” Chloe hastily made her way over to the line, the hypnotized members of which had long since lost the precise, regimented posture they had when Morgan first ordered them. All five of them were lost in a sea of pleasure, keeping their wills occupied until Morgan once again took command. As Chloe stripped out of her clothes, the only sound in the locker room was the small whimpers and moans of pleasure escaping their mouths.

Once Chloe was undressed, Morgan stepped towards the group. She felt like she should pinch herself. Holy shit, holy fucking shit. This is happening. I’m really doing this! Seven girls for her to play with, five of them brainwashed into mindless obedience. Her mind raced with possibilities, images of flesh pressed against flesh, mouths against mouths blazing through her head. She focused for a moment, and an idea began to take shape. “Which one of you is the captain?”

“I am, Mistress,” Hannah sighed, her voice completely lacking the forceful, commanding presence it once had. Now there was only bliss.

“I think Nat deserves punishment for running away,” Morgan said. “Would you care to do the honors?”

Hannah’s eyes became just a touch less glassy, her posture straightening out as her mind re-oriented itself. Mistress had given her a command. It was time to obey. “Yes, Mistress.”

She stepped out of the line and walked over to Nat. When she got close, Hannah sat down on the bench and puled Nat over her lap, yanking her by the hair. Nat yelped, and then yelped again when Hannah’s hand went smack! against her ass.

“Bad girl!” Hannah growled, sounding for all the world like someone who could actually think for herself.

“And Nat,” Morgan said, her smile widening by the second, “every time Hannah spanks you, you’ll feel your Mistress’ tongue on that pretty pussy of yours.”

Nat nodded. “Y-Yes, Mis-” Smack! “Guh!”

Satisfied, Morgan turned to the rest of the group. Now what? I might wanna take care of Bethany soon, in case she decides to run off again… but how? She tapped her chin and approached the nervous-looking cheerleader. “Bethany,” she said, trying to make her voice sound more forceful, “tell me a little about the other cheerleaders.”

“W-Well,” Bethany said, “I know Emily and Faith are dating…”

“Is that so?” Morgan looked at Emily and Faith and smiled. “Oh, girls? Have either of you ever wanted to bring another girl into the relationship?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Emily sighed wistfully, “we love when Mistress makes us worship her.”

“Yes,” Faith purred, “it makes us so happy to kiss her, and touch her, and-”

“I can fill in the rest,” Morgan said. “Now, why don’t you treat Bethany here like she were Mistress?”

The hypnotized duo stepped out of the line and smiled warmly. “Yes, Mistress.”

Bethany gulped as Emily and Faith approached her, sensuously rubbing their hands over her naked body.

“Oh, Bethany,” Faith whispered, “have we ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“How much you excite us?” Emily cooed. “How you make us so fucking wet?”

“I-I uh…” Bethany giggled nervously. “Y-You girls are really hot too…”

“Mmm…” Emily licked her lips. “Have you been eyeing us during practice? Letting your eyes linger when we’re changing into our uniforms?”

Faith kissed Bethany on the neck. “Fantasizing about getting into bed with us?”

“N-No…” Bethany blushed and gasped as Emily squeezed her breast. “Well, maybe…”

“Well, then,” Emily said, “let’s make that dream a reality.”

As Bethany surrendered to the pair of hypnotized beauties, Morgan looked back at the two remaining girls, Chloe and Maddie. Maddie looked blank as any other hypnotized slave, but Chloe was grinning like an idiot. She flicked her eyes towards Morgan.

“What?” Morgan said.

“You’re really good at this, Mistress.”

“I am?”

Chloe nodded profusely and giggled. “Oh, definitely.”

Morgan scratched the back of her head. “I dunno, I don’t feel like I’m… doing anything? It all just feels so easy, like I don’t even have to think about it.”

“Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you’re not good at it. If anything, that just shows how good you are. It’s like an instinct or something.”

“I wouldn’t say that…” I never thought of myself as someone who could be dominant… but if I like it so much, and I’m apparently so good at it, maybe I can be?

Chloe squeezed her thighs together and squirmed. “C’mon, Mistress, I’m tired of waiting! Boss me around or something!”

“Hey, I’m supposed to be the one in charge here!” Morgan chuckled. “Unless you’d like to take the initiative?”

“What does that mean?”

Morgan stepped up to Maddie and whispered in the hypnotized cheerleader’s ear. When she pulled away, Maddie turned towards Chloe and smiled. “Hello, Mistress. How may I serve you?”

Chloe raised an eyebrow, but then smiled back. “Oh, hell yeah.”

“Have fun, Chloe.”

“Believe me, Mistress, I will.” Chloe leaned back against a locker and reached down between her legs, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers. “Lick.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Maddie purred. She got down on her knees and began to lap at Chloe’s cunt. Chloe rocked her head back and moaned with abandon, running her fingers through Maddie’s short, jet-black hair.

Morgan stepped back and admired the scene she’d created. Hannah hadn’t stopped spanking Nat since she was told to start, and by now the formerly-bitchy cheerleader’s ass was bright red. Nat herself was basically lost to the world, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and her eyes rolled all the way up into her head. Each time Hannah’s hand came down, she felt another lick from Mistress’ tongue. She’d already orgasmed twice, and Morgan knew that she would likely cum a lot more by the time the night was through.

Bethany, meanwhile, was being ravished by her friends. Emily and Faith clearly had a lot of experience making other girls squirm with pleasure, and they were using every trick in the book on the only cheerleader who could still think for herself left in the room. All three of them were sat on the bench, with Bethany sandwiched between Faith and Emily. Faith was behind the two of them and played with Bethany’s breasts while Emily made out with Bethany and slowly worked Bethany’s cunt with her hand. Bethany wrapped her arms around Emily, mewling and gasping and looking so deliciously overwhelmed by it all.

And then there was Chloe. As beautiful as all the other girls in the room were – as beautiful as every girl she’d triggered over the course of the day was – Morgan still thought Chloe was the most beautiful of all. She looked even more beautiful when she was enraptured by another girl’s affection. She was so clearly happy and joyful that she almost glowed. Her moans of ecstasy were loud enough that, if Morgan didn’t know the rest of the building were basically deserted at this hour, she might have been worried.

A part of Morgan wished she was the one between Chloe’s legs, the one giving her that pleasure. But then she realized something.

She was the one making Chloe feel so good.

Everything going on in this room, all the cheerleaders fucking each other senseless, that was all due to Morgan making it so. She controlled this situation. She created it.

She pulled the book out of her pocket and kissed it. In that moment, it didn’t feel like the work of some unknown woman on campus brainwashing students and forcing Morgan into a bizarre game. It felt like a gift from the gods, a tool that showed Morgan who she really was, who she was meant to be.

She was a domme. And damn if she didn’t love it.

Morgan awoke in Chloe’s arms.

Well, not just Chloe’s. She was held in a pile of naked flesh, all the cheerleaders cuddled together into one mass. She smiled. I could get used to this…

She heard footsteps approaching and jolted upright. She looked around frantically. In the dim morning light, she couldn’t quite make out anything. Were they about to be caught?

“Oh, sorry!” someone whispered. “I didn’t mean to wake you up!”

Morgan turned around and saw Bethany, dressed in the same clothes she had on last night. She smiled sheepishly, and even though Morgan couldn’t see much, she could tell that Bethany was blushing like crazy.

“It’s okay,” Morgan said, keeping her voice low. “You heading home?”

“No, I’ve got a study thing. This girl Jennifer’s meeting me at the observatory.”

“I assume you know not to tell anyone about all this?”

“Of course.” Bethany shrugged. “I mean, I’d be kinda telling on myself too, y’know. And I don’t think anyone would believe me either. Hell, I still don’t really believe it myself.”

“It’s a lot to take in,” Morgan smiled. “Just remember, if you ever change your mind about keeping this secret, you’ll end up just as brainwashed as the others.”

Bethany gulped. “G-Good to know.”

Morgan grinned. Oh, I like that! That little moment of tension, when they’re not sure whether to be scared or turned on… “Wait.”

“Wh-Wha…” Bethany froze. Morgan got up from the pile and stepped over to her, examining Bethany like she was a fine work of art. She lightly touched Bethany’s chin, and the cheerleader shuddered and gasped.

“Oh, my,” Morgan purred, “still a little sensitive, are we?” She didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, she pulled Bethany in close and kissed her on the cheek, savoring her quiet whimpers. “Now, run along now. You wouldn’t want to keep your friend waiting.”

“Y-Yes…” Bethany quickly shuffled away, the door to the locker room slamming behind her.

“Ah!” Chloe shrieked, suddenly awakened by the loud noise.

“Sorry!” Morgan said, rushing to her side. “That was Bethany, she just left.”

“Fuck…” Chloe chuckled. “Nearly gave me a heart attack.” She noticed one of the cheerleaders stirring next to her. “What do we do about them?”

“Hm… I don’t think they’d still be under if they wake up,” Morgan said. “Let’s wake them up one-by-one, then send them back home thinking they had a normal meeting.”

“You’re the boss, Mistress.”

Over the next few minutes, Morgan and Chloe woke up all the cheerleaders, quickly used their triggers, and erased their evening of fun from their memories. It pained Morgan a little to see those girls forget everything that happened between them. But she understood that it would be disastrous for them to remember everything; it could easily bring the entire network of slaves crashing down.

Once the last cheerleader was gone, Morgan and Chloe fished around for their clothes. “So,” Chloe said, “you think Bethany’s gonna tell?”

“No, we talked about that before she left,” Morgan replied. “She’s gonna keep quiet.”

“Where was she heading, anyway?”

“Apparently she had a study date at the observatory. Some girl named Jennifer.”

Chloe paused. “Wait a sec… lemme see that book again.”

Morgan handed Chloe the book, and Chloe flipped through it with a determined look on her face. “Jennifer Barrett,” she finally said. “Astronomy major. That’s who she’s seeing!”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Well, shit, it’s worth a shot, isn’t it?” Chloe quickly threw her clothes back on and rushed for the door. “I’ll race ya!”

“W-Wait! ‘Unfakable preguarantor!’”

Chloe stopped mid-stride, stumbling to a halt. “I am hypnotized, I must obey.”

“If we’re gonna race,” Morgan chuckled, “at least wait for me to get dressed first.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Wait, it’s only seven in the morning?” Chloe frowned at her phone as they walked to the observatory. “Who the hell has a study date this early? I’m not even up at seven!”

“I usually get up at eight,” Morgan shrugged, not even looking up from the black book. “Maybe they’re just early risers?”

“Or they want the place to themselves,” Chloe remarked, noting how empty campus looked at this hour. If there weren’t cars parked along the street, one would think the whole area was closed.

As they got closer, Morgan noticed Bethany standing outside the building. She pointer her out to Chloe crouched behind a bush.

“Morgan,” Chloe sighed, “what are you doing?”

“We don’t want them to see us!” Morgan whispered, motioning for Chloe to join her.

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Ugh, fine, you fucking weirdo.” She went behind the bush next to Morgan, and stared at Bethany off in the distance. “Why’s she just standing there? Shouldn’t she go inside?”

“Maybe it’s not open yet?”

“Then how could she have a study date there?”

As if to answer Chloe’s question, another girl started to approach Bethany. That must be Jennifer. When she got to the door, she pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and unlocked it, then held the door open for Bethany.

“C’mon, let’s follow them!” Morgan whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” Chloe asked, smiling.

“Shut up, Chloe!”

Morgan grabbed Chloe’s arm and dragged her into the observatory. They followed the sound of footsteps when they got inside, leading them to a small side room, the only room in the entire building with the lights on.

Chloe reached for the handle, but paused. “Oh, fuck…”

“What is it?” Morgan leaned over Chloe’s shoulder and gasped.

Bethany sagged into Jennifer’s arms, each snap! from Jennifer’s fingers sending her deeper and deeper into trance. She felt the urge to fight back, but she couldn’t quite remember why.

“We gotta get out of here!” Chloe whispered. “Go get help, find someone who-”

Morgan turned the handle and burst into the room. “‘Foresaid deaconry!’”

Jennifer looked up, her eyes wide with fear. For a moment, Morgan panicked.

But then Jennifer’s eyes lidded. Her chin fell to her chest. “I am hypnotized,” she murmured, “I must obey.”

Morgan let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. “Fuck… Alright. Bethany? Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” Bethany whispered.

“Just… run back home, and forget all about this ‘study date.’”

“Okay…” Bethany slowly stood up and walked out the door.

Morgan turned back to Jennifer. “What the hell were you doing with Bethany?”

“I was conditioning her,” Jennifer said. “She has been made more submissive, and now she must learn to obey Mistress’ control.”

“Huh?” Morgan took a step back. “Then… you help her brainwash people?”

“Yes. I bring them to her special room and begin the program.”

“What special room? Is it here?”


Morgan paused. Was I brought here? Was Jennifer the one who started me on this path? “Show me the room, Jennifer.”

Wordlessly, Jennifer walked out of the room and down the hall, past a stunned Chloe. Morgan and Chloe followed Jennifer to another room, one which had an electrical hazard sign on it. Jennifer pulled out her keys and unlocked the door, stepping inside and turning on the lights.

“Holy shit…” Chloe gasped.

Inside the room was an old tube TV with a VCR sitting on top, a large chair with what looked like straps to hold someone down, and a small table holding a cassette player and a set of headphones.

Morgan walked over to the VCR and hit eject. A tape popped out, with a handwritten label saying “Relaxation Program: Part 4 (Visuals).” It was the same handwriting that Morgan saw on the envelope. She put it back into the VCR and checked out the cassette player. It looked like the same model Ms. Ryan gave her. I guess that makes sense, though. There can’t be that many of these things left out there.

She noticed there was a cassette inside it. My gut tells me I shouldn’t play this… but, wait, if I go under, Chloe will just wake me up. So I guess I should be okay?

Morgan held the headphones up to her ear, took a deep breath, and hit play.

“Hello,” a female voice said. “Welcome back to my relaxation program. Today, I’m going to help you bring out your deep self. Your true self.”

“Well?” Chloe said. “What’s it saying? Whose voice is on that tape?”

Morgan felt her stomach tie up in knots. She knew exactly whose voice was talking to her right now.

“It’s Ms. Ryan…” she gasped. “Ms. Ryan is Mistress!”

Author’s note: I would like to thank AWMBH for commissioning this story.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Carefully Random’s Discord server and the Mind Control Literature Discord server, which are both wonderful communities of erotica writers and readers. I’ve also opened up my own Discord server, which you can join here.

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