Grayscale: A Whiteout Anthology

Valley of the Dolls

by Modren

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bimbofication #comic_book #dollification #dom:vampire #furry #growth #urban_fantasy #vampire #werewolves

Disclaimer: The following story contains consensual and non-consensual hypnosis and sexual activity. If you are underage, or if these themes make you uncomfortable, consider yourself warned. The characters and situations depicted below are fictional, and they should remain that way. The author does not condone any non-consensual sexual activity.

Author’s note: This follows the ending of Whiteout, and assumes the reader is familiar with the characters and events of that story. If you have not read Whiteout, it is recommended that you do so before reading this and future Grayscale stories.

It felt so weird being in the costume again.

Yun-hee slipped on her elbow-length gloves and picked up her mask. It was the first time she’d worn her old costume since Team Rainbow dissolved, and even though she’d worn it almost every day for years, it now seemed alien to her. She was acutely aware of the way the fabric hugged her body, compressing it and shining a spotlight onto her curves. She looked at herself in the mirror, and it was like looking at a stranger.

There was a knock on the door. “Yun? You done in there?”

“Just a sec, Val.” Yun-hee sighed and slipped on her mask.

When she first got to Val’s place, Yun-hee thought she had messed up the directions somehow. The building had been abandoned for as long as Yun-hee could remember, ever since she started coming to the Pink Mansion. But, to her surprise, Val was actually living there. Weiss had bought the place with the money she got from her stint as a supervillain, and now they’d moved in together. Weiss herself was out for the evening, and Yun-hee hoped she would stay that way. She still had trouble wrapping her head around the fact that she and Val were dating.

Yun-hee stepped out of the bathroom and tried not to look uncomfortable. Val stood across from the door, in full costume just like Yun-hee was. It suits her more than me. They walked into the main room, where Patti was lounging on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her.

“Evening, ladies,” Patti said, waving at them. “Are you both ready to go?”

“I guess so,” Yun-hee said. “But I’m not quite sure how this is gonna work.”

Patti sat up, the blanket slipping just enough that Yun-hee could see a hint of something pink underneath. “What do you mean?”

“Like, we’re not on Team Rainbow anymore, right? Why would we be wearing our costumes? And we’re your friends, we know you’re not a—”

“You’re worried we’re gonna notice something’s off, and that’ll snap us out of it?” Val asked. “Honestly, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I mean, maybe I’m just really suggestible, but you’d be amazed how well the brain can rationalize away inconsistencies.”

“And even if you realize it’s all fake,” Patti added, “it just becomes normal roleplay. Like, you knew that I wasn’t really your math professor back when we used to do those scenes, but you went along with it anyway.”

“But that’s the thing!” Yun-hee said. “In normal roleplay, you know it’s fake. What if it does work, and I think we’re in real danger?”

“You’ll have your safeword, and you’ll know to say it even if you don’t remember any of this.” Patti smiled warmly. “Do you have any more questions? Or can we get to the sexy-times?”

Yun-hee furrowed her brow. I remember what Patti did with us back in her apartment, but… there’s no way she can actually make us believe all this, is there?

It felt so right being in the costume again.

Yun-hee stepped out of the portal and sighed as she felt the cool night air hit her. This was what she loved about the job—the atmosphere of the city at night, the anticipation and energy coursing through her body, and working alongside her friends. When Val reached out to her about suiting up one last time, she jumped at the opportunity.

Val’s hair stopped glowing as the portal closed behind them. She looked up at the dead neon sign and scowled. “Looks like this is the place. Kinda weird for a supervillain to set up shop in a sex dungeon.”

“That’s what this place is?” Yun-hee glanced up, the sign instantly recognizable even turned off. “Hadn’t realized.” The Pink Mansion… Can’t let Val know I’ve been here before. Even if she’s dating Weiss, I don’t know how she’d react if she found out what I was into.

Val walked over to the door and checked the handle. To her surprise, it was unlocked. “Eyes sharp, Blue. Smells like a trap.”

“You got it, ‘Violet.’” Yun-hee rolled her eyes. Ugh, she’s always so serious when she’s on the job! The team doesn’t even exist anymore, I don’t know why she insists on using our codenames! She focused for a moment, and felt electricity flow into her fingertips. She always liked to go in with a bit of energy stocked up, in case they got ambushed right away.

The door creaked open. The two superheroes slowly crept in, careful not to make too much noise, their eyes straining in the dark. Yun-hee closed the door behind them, and Val opened a small portal in her hand, illuminating the area in front of her in a purple glow. She scanned the room, keeping her eyes open for anything out of the ordinary.

Yun-hee closed her eyes and tried to feel for something. She hadn’t gotten much practice with it—her evaluations had seemingly missed it entirely, or perhaps ignored it as being “irrelevant” for peacekeeping applications—but she’d gradually realized that she could sense the flow of electricity around her. It was faint even at the best of times, but if she really put in the effort she could sometimes tell when someone was hiding, or if there was a trap somewhere nearby.

Unfortunately, Val’s portals always caused a ton of interference. Whatever she was doing to generate those things, it made her body light up like the world’s biggest Christmas tree. Yun-hee could barely even feel her own electrical current, let alone-

“Look out!”


Yun-hee’s eyes shot open, realizing too late that the slight buzz she felt from behind her was an electrical device. She stood still, her body suddenly feeling rigid. Shit. That’s not good.

“Now,” said a high-pitched, sickeningly-sweet voice, “what do we have here?” Yun-hee heard footsteps move from behind her to in front of her, then two claps.

The fluorescent lights flickered to life. If Yun-hee could move, she would have jumped back in surprise. Just a few inches in front of her was a black woman with bright pink pigtails, a silver, plastic-looking tiara, and an outrageously skimpy pink princess outfit that looked like it came from a Halloween store. She stared into Yun-hee’s eyes, her grin slowly getting wider and wider. “Oh, yay! Looks like a couple new dollies wandered in!”

“What?” Yun-hee hadn’t expected to be able to speak. “Wh-What’re you talking about? Who the hell are you?”

The other woman scowled and smacked Yun-hee on the head with something. “A good dolly shouldn’t be so rude! But, as I am a fair and kind ruler, I will answer your question.” She spun around and struck a playful pose. “I am Princess Patti, ruler of the dolls! And I’m your new owner!”

“Fat chance,” Val scoffed. Yun-hee could just barely see her out the corner of her eye. “You can’t own a human being, psycho.”

“The only human I see around here is moi,” Patti giggled. “You two are just dollies! Isn’t that right, Yun?”

Yun-hee’s eyes went wide. What the fuck?! How does this crazy bitch know my name? “Va-Violet, get us out of here!”

“Oh, I’m afraid your powers won’t work,” Patti cooed. “Not unless I want them to, that is! Your bodies are mine to control.” She grabbed Yun-hee’s arm, and to the superhero’s shock, Patti was able to pose it with no resistance. “See? Just a silly little dolly.”

Patti let go of Yun-hee’s arm and walked behind the desk in the corner of the room. “Ah, but you two are special! You’ve got dollies of your own!” She reached down and pulled out something from behind the table.

When Yun-hee saw what Patti was holding, she rolled her eyes. “Really? Action figures?”

“I’m pretty sure they’re bootlegs, too,” Val added. “I sure don’t remember getting any royalty payments.”

“They’re not ‘action figures,’ they’re dollies!” Patti giggled. “And with a wave of my magic wand…” She held up a cheap plastic toy, with a clear ball on top. She clicked a button on the side, and a few lights swirled around as it made a zapping noise. That’s the same one I heard right before we got paralyzed… there’s no way that could make us freeze like this. She must have some other power…

“And there!” Patti grinned. “Now, I can pose my dollies with their own dollies!” She raised the doll-Val’s arm up, and the real Val’s arm raised to match it. “See? And what’s even better is, I can make my dollies play with each other!” She set both the dolls on the table and made them crudely walk towards each other.

Yun-hee and Val’s bodies both started to move on their own, mechanically walking towards each other. We’re not in sync with the dolls, though. It’s not one-to-one control, so… maybe our minds are interpreting what she does to the dolls and translating that into movement? Finally, they stopped moving, a few inches from each other.

“See, it’s not enough that my dollies always love me,” Patti said. “They love each other too! So let’s see you two show your love!” She pressed the dolls’ faces together, and Yun-hee had a split second to realize what that meant before her head suddenly lurched forward and her lips met Val’s. Their eyes were both open wide in shock as their bodies betrayed them, passionately locking lips while the rest of their bodies stood stock still. Yun-hee felt her cheeks flush with shame.

Suddenly, Yun-hee’s arms began to stroke Val’s back and shoulders, and Val’s arms did the same to Yun-hee’s body. Out of the corner of her eye, Yun-hee could see Patti manipulating their dolls’ arms, imitating a more passionate make-out session. “C’mon, girls,” Patti giggled, “put some work into it!”

Fuck, fuck! Yun-hee closed her eyes and tried to focus. How are we gonna get out of this? And… why don’t I really mind it? I mean, she could’ve chosen a worse person for me to kiss… wait, what the hell am I saying? This is… d-definitely bad!

Patti pulled the dolls apart and spun them so they both faced her, and Yun-hee and Val’s bodies followed suit. Yun-hee’s cheeks turned even redder, and she tried to ignore the growing heat between her legs. “Good show!” she giggled. “Did you like that, my dollies?”

“No, you psycho!” Val shouted. “I don’t care what kind of sick game you’re playing, but we don’t appreciate being puppeteered! Right, Blue?”

“R-Right,” Yun-hee muttered. She didn’t quite believe her own conviction.

“Is that so?” Patti smirked. “Well, don’t you worry. I take good care of my dollies, and I always make sure they feel good! In fact, my dollies can make each other feel good, too!” She posed the dolls’ arms so they touched each other’s crotches.

Yun-hee’s eyes opened wide. “Oh, fuck.” She felt Val’s hand slide over her and begin to rub at her pussy through her costume. Even worse, Yun-hee felt her own hand do the same to Val, teasing her teammate and eliciting a surprised moan.

“That’s it, my dollies,” Patti purred, licking her lips. “Put on a good show for your Princess.”

“F-Fuck,” Yun-hee gasped, shuddering even as she was held rigidly in place by whatever spell or technology Patti had used on her. Her body was awash in conflicting emotions—anger at how she was being forced to humiliate herself and her friend, shame at how she had succumbed so easily. But also arousal, from those very same causes. Even as she knew how she should feel in this situation, she couldn’t deny how overwhelmingly turned-on she was. It was just about the worst possible time for her kinky side to manifest, but for some reason, she didn’t feel like fighting it. Something about this encounter didn’t feel quite as dangerous as it should have.

For her part, Val didn’t seem all that bothered by the scene either. She whimpered and mewled as Yun-hee’s hand worked its magic, slowly driving her up the wall. Yun-hee realized that her hand was doing what it normally did when she masturbated, slowly ratcheting up the pleasure and leading to a long, satisfying climax. Val’s hand, meanwhile, worked fast, overwhelming Yun-hee with pleasure but never quite bringing her over the edge.

“Well, well, well,” Patti chuckled. “Not so stoic now, are you? What happened to all that self-righteousness, that confidence? All I see now are two very, very horny dollies who want nothing more than to cum their silly little brains out!”

Cum my… No, fight it, Yun… you can’t let her win! “I-I…”

“Yes?” Patti stepped closer to Yun-hee, tilting her head coquettishly and grinning. “What is it, cutie? Do you want to submit?”

Yun-hee spat in Patti’s face. “I’m not your fucking doll!” she shouted.

Patti gasped and touched where Yun-hee spat her, looking at her hand like she couldn’t believe what just happened. “Y-You…” She scowled and glared at Yun-hee. “Oh, you bitch.” Her voice wasn’t as high-pitched anymore; she sounded angry. She held her hand out in front of Val and Yun-hee and-


Yun-hee blinked. What happened? I feel like I just… Her hand wasn’t between Val’s legs anymore, and Val’s hand wasn’t between Yun-hee’s either. She glanced around the room, and saw that Patti was nowhere in sight. “Val, what just happened?”

“Codenames, Blue!” Val whispered. “And I don’t know either, it’s like one second she was right here, and—”

“Oh, dollies!” Patti said in a sing-song. She skipped back into the room and sat cross-legged in front of the dolls. “Guess what I’ve got!”

“Medication?” Val smirked. “An anti-psychotic, perhaps?”

“Wow, okay, rude,” Patti said. “Casual ableism, don’t like that.” She held out her hand and opened it. “It’s a brainwashing helmet!”

“That’s a thimble,” Yun-hee interjected.

“No, it’s a brainwashing helmet. Place it on your head, and it melts your brain down and makes you a good, happy, obedient dolly, just like you should be! Of course, it won’t fit on your big ’ol noggins…” Patti played with the thimble with her fingertips, her gaze shifting down to the dolls in front of her. “But it’ll fit perfectly on these!”

Yun-hee swallowed. This is absurd… that’s clearly just a normal thimble, but if a cheap toy was able to freeze us in place and make those action figures pose us, then who knows what that thing can do? What the hell kind of power does this lady have?

“Now, who to put it on first…” Patti furrowed her brow and rubbed her chin. “Eenie, meenie, minie, moe,” she said in a sing-song, pointing back and forth between the dolls, “catch a tiger by the toe, something something something something it!” She landed on one of the dolls and grinned.

“Oh, no…” Yun-hee gasped. She felt her stomach tie up in knots.

“Why are you sad, Yun?” Patti giggled. “You’re gonna be soooooo much happier as my mindless doll! No more sad, boring thoughts, just yummy bliss and giggles!”

“P-Please, let us go!” Yun-hee cried, tears starting to well up. “We’ll leave you alone, just don’t—”


Yun-hee stumbled forward. Suddenly, she wasn’t frozen anymore. She looked up and saw Patti standing up and walking over to her. “Okay,” she said, “I think this is a good time for a check-in. Yun, you seemed pretty freaked out there, is this getting too intense?”

“Wha…” Yun-hee shook her head. “Um… I’m not sure. My head’s still kinda fuzzy, it’s hard to remember what’s…” She blushed. “Oh. Uh, sorry for spitting on you.”

“Apology accepted.” Patti smirked. “Just be glad we didn’t agree on impact play, else I’d have smacked the shit outta you.” She turned to the other woman in the room. “And Val? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Val stretched and rubbed her thighs together absent-mindedly. “But yeah, it was probably a good time to call for a break.”

“Got some water bottles in the mini-fridge. Just a sec!”

Patti sauntered off behind the desk, while Val walked over to Yun-hee and put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “So, what do you think so far?”

“It’s… a lot,” Yun-hee replied with a nervous giggle. She felt a damp spot near her eye, and wiped away a half-formed tear. “I mean, wow. I didn’t think the memory stuff would work that well, but I didn’t even recognize Patti. And, like, I could tell that none of it made much sense, but I still bought into it.”

“That’s because I’m just so good!” Patti interjected. She handed Yun-hee and Val water bottles and smiled warmly. “So, Yun, do you want to change anything about the scene going forward? We could have Val be the one to get brainwashed, if you’d prefer.”

“Well, what would we be doing once we got brainwashed?” Yun-hee asked.

“Basically, whoever gets the helmet would help me ‘convert’ the other one. With sex, because, like, duh.”

“Hm.” Yun-hee took a swig of her water bottle. “Val, what do you think?”

“I’d, uh, rather not do that.” Val scratched the back of her head and looked down at the floor. “Being brainwashed to betray my friends is… kind of close to home.”

Patti winced. “Oh shit, right. I should’ve thought of that. We don’t have to do that angle at all, it’s just something I thought up mid-scene.”

“Well…” Yun-hee blushed. “I… I wanna do it myself.”

“Really?” Val raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“I dunno, it’s just… when Patti was controlling our bodies, that was really hot, y’know? And if I get the ‘helmet’ or whatever, it would be more of that. But, I’m not really sure what it would be like.”

“Remember how you both talked when we did that doll-play thing back at my place?” Patti said. “It’d be like that, except you’d also think like that. And on that note, what do you want the brainwashing helmet to feel like?”

“God, I don’t even know,” Yun-hee replied. “Val, you’re the expert, got any suggestions?”

“Well, sometimes Weiss likes to make me feel like my brain is melting and leaking out of my…” Val trailed off, her cheeks turning flushed. “Y-You know where.”

Yun-hee rolled her eyes. For someone who lives with a dominatrix, she can be awfully prudish talking about sex. “Sure, let’s go with that.”

“Sounds good!” Patti grinned. “And I’m gonna try to back off on the intensity a bit, keep it sexy and not scary. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll drop you back down and we’ll get back to the scene.”

Yun-hee took another swig of her water. “I’m good right now, actua—”


“…something something something it!” Patti pointed straight at Yun-hee’s doll and grinned. “Say bye-bye to your brains, Yunnie!”

Before Yun-hee could utter a word of protest, Patti slipped the thimble on her doll’s head. Immediately, Yun-hee felt her body light up, her eyes rolling back into her head as her body spasmed and shook.

“Fight it, Blue!” Val shouted. “Don’t let her win!”

Yun-hee tried to respond, but she couldn’t make her mouth form a coherent word. She could feel her brain melting—literally feel it pooling up in a hot, warm soup at the bottom of her skull—and leaking out of her messy, drooling cunt. Her mouth hung open, drool dripping down her chin, the only noise escaping her lips a shameless, animalistic moan.

Fuck… feels so good… have to fight… how… Yun-hee tried to hold onto something, anything, to help her stay afloat as her mind diminished. But the more she struggled, the faster she melted, and the slower her thoughts became. Have… to… to…

I have to obey.

The words seemed strange. Like they didn’t come from her own mind. But there were precious few thoughts for Yun-hee to latch onto, so she latched onto this one. I have to obey. I have to obey.

I have to be a good dolly. A wide, dopey grin formed across Yun’s face. I have to be a good dolly. Yes. A surge of pleasure rippled through her, and her smile got even wider. Good dolly. Obey. Have to obey Princess Patti. Be a good dolly for Princess Patti. The more she followed these new thoughts, the better she felt. I don’t need brains. Dollies don’t think. Princess Patti thinks for me. I’m a good dolly for Princess Patti.

Finally, the last of Yunnie’s brains dribbled out of her pretty dolly pussy. She blinked, and stared at nothing.

“Y-Yun?” Val asked, fear overcoming her attempts at anonymity. “Are you okay?”

Yunnie giggled. “Yunnie feels super! Yunnie loves being a good dolly!”

Princess Patti smiled. “Wonderful! Aren’t you so much happier being a dolly instead of some boring old superhero?”

“Yes, Princess Patti!” Yunnie exclaimed. “Yunnie is ever so grateful!”

“Oh, God…” Val whimpered. “Look, you win. Just… just put the thing on me and get it over with.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Princess Patti chuckled. “Hey, Yunnie, let’s play dress-up!”

“Yes, Princess Patti!” Yunnie loved playing dress-up. She loved everythingPrincess Patti wanted her to do. She walked over to Princess Patti, her body able to move under her own volition now that she was a good dolly. She and Princess Patti sat across from each other, and Princess Patti began to undress Yunnie. She started with Yunnie’s boots and gloves, before unzipping the bodysuit, taking care not to rip or stretch it out.

Once the costume was fully removed, Princess Patti grinned and gave Yunnie’s boobs a playful squeeze. “Oh, yeah, I remember these,” she purred. She ran a finger along Yunnie’s drooling pussy and smirked. “Always nice to have a doll with some real anatomy.” She giggled at her own joke and stuck her finger in Yunnie’s mouth. Yunnie lapped it up happily, overjoyed that Princess Patti was so pleased with her.

“Now,” Princess Patti said, turning her gaze back to Val, “what do we do about your friend? Yunnie, you want her to be a good dolly too, don’t you?”

“Of course, Princess Patti!” Yunnie beamed. “Everyone should be a good dolly!”

Val went pale. “Wh-What are you gonna do?”

“Well, I could use the helmet again,” Princess Patti replied. “But I have a better idea.” She picked up the Val doll and sat it down. “Yunnie, help Val here get undressed.”

“Yes, Princess Patti!” Yunnie wasted no time taking off Val’s uniform, giggling at how much Val whimpered and tried to squirm. Silly dolly! Doesn’t she know how good it is being owned by Princess Patti?

“Very good, Yunnie,” Princess Patti said once Val was naked. She repositioned Val so she was lying on her back, her legs spread wide with her hips a few inches above the floor. “Now here’s what we’re going to do. I shall use my magic wand to enchant Val’s mind, wiping her clean so I can build her back up as the bestest dolly there ever was! And you, Yunnie, are gonna lap up her pretty, juicy dolly pussy, and make her feel sooooooo good she won’t even think of resisting!”

“What a good plan, Princess Patti!” Yunnie chirped.

“I know! I’m a genius, aren’t I?” Princess Patti sat down behind Val’s head, holding her magic wand above her and turning it on. A swirl of lights bounced around the crystal ball, and Yunnie found herself captivated by it, her plastic smile fading slowly as a bit of drool escaped her lips.

“Yunnie!” Princess Patti snapped. “Get to work.”

“Y-Yes, Princess Patti.” Yunnie shook herself out of her stupor and began to lick Val’s pussy. Val gasped as her tongue made contact, and Yunnie grinned. She’s gonna be so thankful once we’ve made her a good dolly! She went slowly, teasing Val and paying extra care to focus on her clit. The scent of Val’s arousal became stronger and stronger the more Yunnie licked, making Yunnie drool shamelessly.

Princess Patti was saying something to Val, but Yunnie couldn’t quite make it out. But the more Princess Patti talked, the wetter Val became. Her brains are leaking out, just like mine! Yunnie giggled and redoubled her efforts, savoring the taste of Val’s surrender. Val whimpered and moaned, unable to withstand the combined assault on her mind. At last she came, smearing Yunnie’s face with her juices.

Yunnie sat up and smiled. Princess Patti looked down at her and lifted Val’s torso up. “Now, how do you feel, Vallie?”

Vallie opened her eyes and stared off at nothing, a wide, silly grin plastered on her face. “Vallie feels wonderful, Princess Patti! Thank you for making me a good dolly!”

Princess Patti giggled and kissed her new dolly on the forehead. “You’re welcome. Now, would my pretty dollies like to play with each other?”

“Yes, Princess Patti!” both dolls sang out in unison. They sat up and faced each other, their expressions and mannerisms completely identical.

“Now, let’s see…” Princess Patti tapped her chin. “Vallie, why don’t you reward Yunnie for helping me break you by worshiping those big, juicy titties of hers?”

Vallie nodded. She crawled over to Yunnie and sat in her lap, suckling her breasts and purring. Yunnie moaned, stroking Vallie’s hair gently as her plastic smile became even wider. “Oh, that’s so good, Vallie!” she chirped. “What a good dolly you’re being!”

“Thank you, Yunnie!” Vallie giggled. “I love being Princess Patti’s dolly!” She pressed her face into Yunnie’s cleavage and squeezed her boobs together, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her fellow doll. Yunnie hooked her legs around Vallie’s waist and pulled her in closer, rubbing her hands over Vallie’s back.

“Mmm…” Princess Patti smiled. “Wish I would’ve brought my other magic wand for this…” She giggled and hopped up on the desk, sticking a hand underneath her waistband. “Dollies, I want us to get off together. Rub your pussies and tell me how much you love being mine.”

“Yes, Princess Patti!” The dolls detached themselves and got on their knees, sliding their fingers in and out of their soaked dolly pussies with the same rhythmic precision.

“Being a dolly is so much fun!” Yunnie moaned. “Princess Patti makes me so much happier than being a boring old superhero ever could!”

“Princess Patti is soooooo smart!” Vallie whimpered. “She made us obey her so easily! We were so silly for trying to fight her!”

“Especially when it feels this good to be hers!” Yunnie added. She grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed, her breath hitching in her throat as her pleasure increased. “I wanna be her mindless horny dolly forever and ever and ever!”

“More!” Princess Patti mewled, her own fingers increasing in speed and intensity. “Tell me what you want me to do to you!”

“I want Princess Patti to show the world that we’re her good, obedient dollies!” Vallie gasped, her body shuddering and threatening to topple over. “She deserves to be worshipped by every pretty girl on the planet! Everyone should be Princess Patti’s dollies!”

“I-I wanna be dressed up in the f-frilliest, girliest dresses!” Yunnie stammered. “S-So no one would ever recognize m-me as a big, strong hero! I’m just a silly, st-stupid dolly!”

“Break me!” Vallie screamed, her eyes rolling back into her head as her smile faded into a mask of orgasmic bliss. “Let me be used like the slut I am!”

“G-Good girls,” Princess Patti moaned, tilting her head back and closing her eyes. “Now cum! Cum for your owner!”

“Yes, Princess Patti!” The princess and her dolls came in unison, their cries of joy echoing through the empty halls of the Pink Mansion. Yunnie collapsed like a ragdoll, letting the afterglow wash over her and fill her up with sleepy, lazy bliss. She stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, the only sound in the room being the slow, steady breathing of herself, her fellow doll, and her owner.


Yun-hee slowly opened her eyes. “…Holy fuck.”

She heard Patti giggle from the other side of the room. “Language like that isn’t very becoming of a doll, you know.” Yun-hee sat up and groaned as Patti clapped her hands together. “Alright, check-in time! How are you both feeling?”

Val gave a silent thumbs-up, still catching her breath.

“And Yun?” Patti asked.

“I’m just…” Yun-hee put her hands in front of her mouth and chuckled nervously. “Wow.”

Patti smiled. “Sounds like you had a good time. Or, maybe ‘happy ending’ is more apt?”

“Ugh. Now I know where Weiss got her sense of humor.” Val propped herself up on her elbows and slowly sat up.

“Other way around, actually,” Patti replied. “But I’m more curious where that exhibitionist streak came from?”

Val blushed. “Wh-What’re you talking about?”

“Oh, come on! ‘Show the world we’re her dollies,’ ‘use me like the slut I am?’ I didn’t suggest any of that.”

“I-I, um…” Val looked down at the floor and buried her face in her hands. “I don’t wanna talk about it!”

Yun-hee scooched over to Val and embraced her. “Patti, no teasing. I think we all need a minute to process what just happened. Val, let’s get you some water, okay?”

Val nodded silently. Patti reached behind the desk and brought over the water bottles from earlier, along with a large, fluffy blanket. “So, do you wanna call it there, or keep it going after this break?”

“I dunno…” Yun-hee said, wrapping the blanket around herself and Val. “It’s getting kinda late.”

“I wanna keep going!” Val said, a little louder than she intended. “I-I mean, if it’s alright with you guys…”

“Well, you and I can play on our own,” Patti smirked. “Really, it comes down to Yun.” She flicked her eyes over to Yun-hee.

Well… if I stay out too late, I’m gonna get an earful from the Bureau guys…Yun-hee looked into Val’s expectant eyes. But God damn, that was fun. “Yeah, let’s keep going.”

Patti grinned. “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” She raised up her magic wand and flicked on the light.

Yun-hee’s eyes widened. Yunnie smiled.

Author’s note: I would like to thank Sammynona for commissioning this story. It was a real honor to be commissioned by him, and I’d like to take the moment to plug his Patreon, which is a real treat for fans of mind control erotica.

I’d also like to take a moment to mention Carefully Random’s Discord serverand the Mind Control Literature Discord server, which are both wonderful communities of erotica writers and readers. I’ve also opened up my own Discord server, which you can join here.

If you’re interested in reading more from me, you can check out my tag on HypnoHub, support me on Patreon, or view all my links at

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