Miss_Praxis - Micro Fiction Compilation


by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #clothing #diety #dom:nb #drones #drugs #ego_death #exhibitionism #f/nb #fantasy #latex #microfiction #mind_control #plants #robots #sadomasochism

She found it in a bin, at Barkley’s Bits. The chip’s label, “Fantasy Facts”,  catching her attention. Ness was intrigued by the contradiction.
Now, to give it a play, and see what the strange name meant. The sensation of chipping always bothered Ness; pushing past the dust cover, the chip slipping into her skull, the click of the socket. It broached some primal instinct, like a needle piercing your skin. It was fully seated into her port, an icon popped up in her HUD, a weirdly high definition icon. The sun bleached pixel-art on the cartridge had her expecting oldware, but this was nice, she’d gotten a bargain.
A menu resolved, accompanied by a cutesy chiptune playing, with several options in listed in curling script, Neko, Subbie, Maid, Drone, Thrall, and Combo. She tried to exit the menu, a countdown popped up, “30 Seconds to Auto-Select.” She felt a sudden thrill realizing she couldn’t manually eject it either.
She chose the least threatening, Combo, hoping it would be less personality warping. A flashing pink slot machine tumblers spinning replaced the menu. The tumblers slowed, revealing Subbie and Neko. The flashing light began strobing. Pink light engulfed Ness.
"~Nyaa? Mistress?"
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