Miss_Praxis - Micro Fiction Compilation


by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #clothing #diety #dom:nb #drones #drugs #ego_death #exhibitionism #f/nb #fantasy #latex #microfiction #mind_control #plants #robots #sadomasochism


It was hot, sweltering. She woke up with a sudden start as her breath was cut short by? Where was she? With each breath there was a distinct click, maybe from a valve? The oppressive heat muddled her mind. She was engulfed in wet sweaty slickness but one sensation overrode all others the potent smell of rubber. The pungent smell dominating each breath.
She tried to roll over, to struggle free of the tight embrace. Instead she squirmed against a hot enveloping cocoon of latex. Her vision was dominated by a black screen floating just above her face. Her mouth and nose felt separated from her face by a light pressure around them that sucked closer with each breath.
Suddenly the screen blinked into life displaying an odd inflated cocoon bound with straps, hoses, and connections extending from it. Wait… When she writhed so did this otherworldly form… My goddess it was her!
The shot cut away replaced by a writhing fractal accompanied by whispers that stroked her mind. The heat seemed to intensify. She couldn’t form any thoughts in this bottomless sensory pit. She drifted in the rising heat. Becoming, more and more, malleable. 

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