Amareth Falls

8 - Sisterhood of Sins

by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dollification #dom:female #f/f #latex #maid #sub:female #AI #brainwashing #clothing #f/nb #gaslighting #multiple_partners #Nanites #Nanotech #pov:bottom #robots #scifi

“Beatrice?” I asked tentatively, I went to roll over and snuggle closer to her, but it was all wrong, the sheets were latex and I was alone.
I jerked wide awake as I recalled where I wasn’t. I scanned the room, the voice came from Sylphi who had alighted on my chest.
“Good morning, Amareth,” she said a cherubic smile on her tiny upturned face.
“Hmrph,” I grumbled and tried to wrap the latex sheets tighter around my smooth skin.
“We have a lot to do today. Do you truly believe you’ll avoid the inevitable, Amareth?” She said.
I felt a tickling trickle of current like stimulation on my most delicate areas. I twitched. It increased, bordering on uncomfortable.
“You know how this will end,’ she said in a sing-song tone.
The tickling turned to a faint pulsing sting.
“Fine…” I rocked up into a seated position.
My first day of maidship began. A whole new routine that began with donning my ~/maids uniform/~, and joining my two ~/sisters/~ for breakfast. I was surprised to find a wide spread of delicious looking food on the table including pretzel buns, confectionary treats, fresh fruit, and a charcuterie platter. 
“This is quite a spread!” I said examining a tart, which I placed atop my growing plate.
“Right?” Said Iri who was in the midst of delicately demolishing her well stacked plate.
Galli appeared from the restroom. Her hair was glittering today, the holographic effect even more pronounced in the simulated dawn of the station’s light panels.
“Amareth, today you are going to be shadowing me,” said Galli, taking a seat.
“Shadowing? Is this stuff that complicated?”
It couldn’t possibly be that straightforward with this place.
“It ranges quite a bit, but don’t worry, you'll be able to do it all quite naturally.”
“I’m not sure about that,” I said dismissively. “I’m a rock hopper’s daughter, not some Martian lady-in-waiting. I grew up head hunting bail jumpers.”

“I am aware of that. I don’t want to ruin Slyphi’s… fun,” she said, gesturing to the little Fae AI, who had been perched above us on a cascade of geometric glowing glass, the Fae smiled evilly. It said plainly and simply, you are fucked.

We continued eating breakfast while Iri did her best to get me to crack a smile. She had begun making headway by the time we cleared the table.
“Well, I guess that’s my cue,” said Sylpi, rising to her feet. She backflipped with an enthusiastic flourish, gliding down to the center of the table.
“Amareth, today you will be linked to Galli to learn proper poise while performing your duties.”
Galli gav me a subtle wink as she slipped out of the room.
“W-wait you don’t mean like yesterday? That was…” I trailed off lost in an attempt to bring words to the experience.
“Yes, but only to Galli, though the connection will be one way.”
Galli returned with a couple of pairs of antennae-like ear pieces.
“Here you go, dear.” She handed me a pair with pink trim. She donned her pair, each receiver seemed to softly grip her head.
I looked nervously at the two receivers in my hands. I picked up one and put it on my ear.

I didn’t want to lose myself to this. I don’t want to lose myself to this.
As I allowed the second to click into place on my other ear, I felt something foreign pushing into my mind. It felt like a ghostly touch all across my body, intensifying into something akin to an unrelenting itch, unconsciously pulling at my body. I realized I was matching Galli’s exact pose: my hands gently clasping behind my back and my chest thrust up and out. 
I felt like a puppet on Galli’s strings.
Before I could begin grasping the insidious nature of this newest development, Galli started walking gracefully towards the door.
“Oh, there’s one more thing, Lovelies! She needs heel training,” said Slyphi.
“Is that so?” said Galli, turning just enough to eye me.
“Yes indeed.” She flicked her wand, sending two glowing magic missiles on a low arch toward us. As the little puff of projected magic struck, she must have executed some sort of transformation command inside the nanites of my shoes, as I felt them cantilever me up until I was teetering on my toes.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I gasped, feeling the control exerted over me by Galli me to her dainty, high-heeled stance. Before I could come to terms with my new footwear upgrade, Galli began walking out the door. 
I felt myself pulled along in perfect lockstep.
“Oh, by the way? The intensity of the link is going to be dialed up throughout the day,” Galli commented as we flowed together down a long hallway. The liquid swish of our latex uniforms pulling on my thoughts.
“Do you take some sort of perverse joy in always finding another level to add to this insanity?”
She snickered.


It turned out our duties were quite different from the laundry folding, dusting, and sex I had assumed they would entail. The first part of the day we helped to serve and host a luncheon with several of the so-called ladies-in-waiting of Mara, as well as wealthy allies and supplicants.
They treated us both politely. I was surprised to find they were even interested to meet the maids. I found myself curtsying every time, and to my dismay it soon began to feel quite natural. I had never been one to wear such impractical footwear, yet I enjoyed the dancing grace they imposed on me. I only began to realize how much I was lost to the link when my feet began to ache in their high-heeled prisons, but the pain only made me feel more subservient to my expected role. The shoes were a natural extension of my service; regardless of comfort ~/a maid is her uniform/~.

I also began to notice a sort of joyful anticipation in service. I was happy. Each time we waited upon someone, Gallie seemed intently fixated on every little movement, facial expression, and uttered word of our guests.

And thus, I was too.

It felt like being an extension of the house, just a useful appliance for the guests. While they were all polite and kind to us, we were always less. Galli delighted in each act of service, to think I could be joyous pouring tea for them! 
I felt like my feelings were slowly being subsumed by Galli's submissive mindset. Instead of being horrified I was delighted when one of the Mara’s ladies-in-waiting, Kiliana, asked me to kneel for her as she reclined on a sofa.
Before I knew what was happening, I was asked to take off her shoes, revealing her stockinged feet. I was elated, when she asked me to massage them. A surge of pleasure ticked my breasts and nipples as I leaned forward to begin.

First, I pulled her stockings off her legs one by one, revealing her pedicured feet and delicate toes. It was then that I truly began to realize just how much I had physically shrunk. I could barely grasp the whole ball of her foot with my dainty hands.  Her skin felt so different; almost velvety to my latex fingers. She was the first non-maid I had touched since… Since I had been ~/made a maid/~. 
Curiouser and curiouser, I mused, trying to understand what I truly felt.
I had rubbed Beatrice's feet plenty of times after a performance, but this? This was different. My mind tumbling down into a sea of tranquil bliss, I felt like my world was simply pleasing this woman. 
Goddess, if this was my first day, surely I was doomed.
The day continued with one casual act of submission after another. Later we served a luncheon for Lady Victoria. She asked us to join her for the meal which was entirely surprising.
Helping another lady-in-waiting to get dressed for a night on the town, I knelt to lace complex thigh high shoes onto her legs. My movements were automatic, just like Galli’s. 
We cleaned a lover’s nest as they reclined in the bath, tired bodies intertwined. They hardly even acknowledged our presence, we may as well have been invisible. While we cleaned my head was crystallized by the blankness Galli exuded into the link. My movements became robotic. I wasn’t going to let myself be ~/anything other than a good maid/~

Eventually we were done with our shift. 
We walked, doll-like, movements a perfect mirror. Hips pivoting with each high-heeled step. We flowed. Latex dresses swished and heels clicked in perfect rhythm. Minds a blank slate on which orders were written. 
As we walked back to the servant’s quarters, however, I felt more aware; less like a worker bee lost in the pleasure of serving.
“You seem to be taking to the link like a fish to water!” Said Galli happily over her shoulder. “It’s nice isn’t it?”
“I, uhm… Yeah...” I said dreamily as I followed along behind her.

“You know, you looked so enthralled earlier, helping Lady Victoria into those boots. Guess being subby suits you after all, Amareth.”
Blushing, I said, “I just—” I rubbed my temples. “Feel like I've just been a puppet. Pulled on strings. Orders?”
“We’re all done for today though Cutie. I think your poor brain needs a rest from being linked...”
Then with a click, it was suddenly gone, and I almost missed my next stride. But, the momentary disorientation subsided quickly. I was surprised to feel whole again, I remembered what we had done vividly with my waking mind. I was horrified to realize to what levels I stooped over our shift.

“What the f—” I started, only to find my body locking up with a searing lance of pain as the cursed AI zapped me for cursing. My knees buckled, and I saw the ground coming towards me.
“You are truly hopeless, Amareth,” said Galli. She swiftly pirouetted catching me with catlike grace before I could hit my head.
I came to staring up at her delicate olive features, eyes watery from the pain.
I let out a soft moan. I tried to recall how limbs worked, twitching slightly in her soft embrace. 
“I don’t think I have ever seen someone be punished this much for cursing.”
“Have way too much experience with pain. Doesn’t seem to stick.” 
“Well you made it almost a whole day.”
I couldn’t deny they had already done more to stop me cursing than even my term of service.

I was ~/helpless/~ to this, I was ~/becoming perfect/~.
“Don’t remind me,”  I said, awkwardly pushing myself to my feet. I began to slowly walk back, towards I knew not what.
After a quiet walk, we returned to our quarters. I flopped summarily onto the couch, spreading out into a ruffled sea of latex petticoats. Iri waited, gracefully lounging across a rolling chair,  drawing on a tablet. She somehow managed to pull me into a conversation, until food was served. Again the meal consisted of finely crafted foods appearing seemingly from nowhere. Galli and Iri both doted on me like a ~/Princess/~ for the whole proceeding.
Eventually I found myself in the large, cavernous private bath of the suite with both of them. As we all disrobed, I saw both were unique with very notable differences from myself. Galli wore a piece of metallic jewelry enclosing the head and shaft of her penis.
“Galli, what is that?” I asked, my intrigue gaining the upper hand.
Galli blushed furiously as she slipped hurriedly into the bath. “It’s— it’s a long story,” she said.
The other point of interest was the strange, silvery, rune-like traces that criss-crossed over Iri’s entire body, except for her face. They had a faint glow that pulsed almost like they were breathing with energy. Were they just tattoos? I wanted to touch them.
As we all settled into the massive tub, Galli recovered from her embarrassment.
“Well, you know how Iri mentioned her, uhm reason for being here…” She trailed off, looking wanly at Iri.
“Ya,” I said feeling the jets pulsing warmly on my tired body.
“Well, I uhm—” She hid behind her dainty hand then continued, “Each of us has our reasons for being in this collection.”
“I used to be Mara’s, confident when we were younger. But, then I chose to run away with another girl who she quite despised.”
“What a bitter wench,” I said angrily.
Her eyes said it all, she agreed. “Well, she has a way of making our modifications fit our offense,” She said, glancing down into the frothy waters.
“I’ve been, uhm... caged ever since. I can’t remember the last time I was touched down there,” She trailed off staring into the bubbles.
I reached out my hand and placed it on her soft thigh, submerged under the water’s surface. I gave it a faint squeeze.
Iri, who had remained silent, joined in shifting her body towards us, “Mara does enjoy a fitting modification.” 
I wondered what twisted gift each maid had received from Mara for the first time.
“Wait, does that—” I froze mid-sentence contemplating the significance of my own changes.
“Yes, you were made to order, in a sense,” said Iri looking into my eyes. Her own shimmering silver ones filled with tears.
“She took my strength. She made me small. Just to punish me for…”

I couldn’t fathom the pettiness.
“For being a thorn,” finished Galli reaching her arm around me gently.
She was so soft to the touch. I yearned to save her; To save us. But, it was nice to just be for now. I felt Iri reach out her hand onto my other knee beginning to lightly stroke it.
Soon we were entangled in the bath embracing in a shared moment of catharsis. Momentarily though, I felt the other two had more in mind, as Galli gently, but firmly pushed me back onto one of the tub's built-in seats. She and Iri straddled my ~/petite/~ thighs.
I couldn’t help but return to the overwhelming sensation of powerlessness of the prior evening as they pinned me there. I was about to protest when Iri leaned forward, planting a soft kiss onto my mouth. Her lips were glossy, soft, and tender, nurturing the warmth that had begun to spill from my core.
My protestations became less with each passing moment of increasing sensation. Galli had begun to stroke up and down my inner thighs sending my heightened senses to new peaks.

I was torn.

How could just laying there like a pillow princess be so good? I always led. These feelings couldn’t be my own! I was a top; I wasn’t used to being pounced on and pleasured. It was hard to believe myself though, as my body melted more with each passing second.
I squirmed, helplessly as Iri continued to gently make out with me. Yet, I was unable to deny the intensity of the sensation.
I felt soft fingers teasing at my lips drifting up and down, so subtly that I could hardly tell the jets apart from the attention. It only built the intensity of the pleasure washing away my thoughts. 
I gave in. 
They wanted to cherish me, so I let them, and they continued their delicate crusade. 
Time had no meaning as I squirmed my hips up against Iri’s thighs, squeezing Galli’s hand against me. They both seemed amused by my attempts to milk further pleasure out of the scene, giggling softly and cooing at me. I blushed so intensely that I felt lightheaded, swimming in a miasma of beautiful pleasure.
Little bolts of lighting dripped from Iri’s lips, striking me down into mindlessness. For the first time I realized that her silvery lips were the same material as her runes, somehow conducting pleasure into my weakened body. I twitched, feeling her nails and fingers joining into the electric cascades as her markings began to pulse in rhythm with her ministrations. 
Galli giggled again, redoubling her efforts to match Iri’s augmented abilities.
I moaned helplessly, the pleasure was too much, I felt small. They could have their way with me and I would just meekly spread my legs and welcome it. My core began to gently convulse as my needy moans shifted to wanton mewling. I pushed with all my might to inch Galli’s expert fingers deeper, but each time she pulled back as Iri’s kept me hopelessly pinned. The atomic, white-hot flames of orgasmic bliss were always too far away to catch.
Iri pulled away from a kiss to stare into my eyes intently, “Do you want to cum, little doll?” She asked softly.
I wish I could say I said no, but I nodded vigorously unable to form a word.
“Hmm. Galli, I’m not sure if she should, since she can’t ask properly,” Iri mused as she licked her lips, sending white little flickers of energy across her tongue.
“Pleaseeee,” I begged.
“Please, what?” Asked Iri with a time honored question.
“Please just let me fu-,” the jolt hit me again right as Galli let me over the edge, pleasure combined with electric searing agony. A wash of hellish delight coursed through me as I bucked so hard that only my heels and shoulders still touched the seat. I lifted Iri for a moment before I collapsed into paroxysms of orgasmic pleasure and electric pain.
“Good girl,” Whispered Iri as I faded into the bliss.
If you are reading this it is likely enjoyed my written erotica, I happen to peddle smut of many varieties across the internet that you may enjoy

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