Amareth Falls

9 - Aerial Ariel

by Miss_Praxis

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dollification #dom:female #f/f #latex #maid #sub:female #AI #brainwashing #clothing #f/nb #gaslighting #multiple_partners #Nanites #Nanotech #pov:bottom #robots #scifi

Beatrice stepped into one of the locker room showers below the dome. Her legs struggled to keep her upright even in the light pull of Luna. Nevertheless, she persisted in making her way to the locker rooms and into a shower stall.
She began to cry, the sobs wracking her body as she slumped to the floor. She had over done it, her muscles screamed at her, agony lancing along every nerve ending. It was from pushing her tech, her body and mind to their limits yet again.

The warm misty water slowly lessened the pain to a dull ache as Beatrice dissolved into the shower. Her body's complaints waned as the water washed away its pain. Her tears kept coming just as furiously. Eventually between her wracking sobs she began to silently mutter curses.

“This is what you get, Beatrice! You open your heart to a girl like her, and what did you expect was going to happen!”

Somewhat ungracefully began to clamber out of the shower before finding an outstretched hand holding a power jack in her path; It was Julie.  She winced at the realization that she had probably heard her. 
“Here Bee,” said Julie, still offering the cable to her.

Beatrice awkwardly palmed the cable without making eye contact. She seated it on the magnetic charging plate in her lower spine staring at the far wall.
Julie leaned against the shower seemingly caught on her next words before she said, “I just, uhm, wanted to check in on you. After earlier, you seemed kinda distant in the lobby. I-I know you were late and all but…” she gestured aimlessly with her free hand. “I guess I just thought something was up.”
Beatrice groaned ignoring the statement as she began to try pulling herself upright onto a bench, only partially succeeding in her attempt.
Julie's arm twitched toward her for a moment before falling back to her side as she instead tried to shift the topic, “I-I know you go hard Bee, because you're afraid that if you don’t stop the show, Anne is going to let you go. But, you… You know that’s not true.”
Gesturing at Beatrice's exhausted form she continued, “It scares me when I find you like this, is all.”
Those words echoed with ones from far in the past sending Beatrice tumbling back to that pain filled time. Those same damned words of concern, the words her grandmother and mother alike had both used. The dying flame in Beatrice was reignited, she resisted a deep instinctual urge to flee. To just run, or to even crawl if she had to, to hide away in a corner and curl up cease existing. She breathed deeply, clinging to her desire to never go back to that and steeled herself as best she could.
“I’ve got it handled, Julie,” she said flatly.
“Do you?” She said, staring pointedly at her friend's crumpled form draped over the bench, “I know you put a lot of time into your routines and practice, but you're always on the edge of breaking.”
“I haven’t fallen in a long time, Julie.”
Julie winced.
“You know that’s not what I mean, It’s just you’re clearly—,” Beatrice's glare cut her statement short. Her anger was bubbling forth now.
“I know that you think I am made of glass, but if I choose to go as hard as I do, maybe it's because I know my own damn limits way better than you think. I have been living with them for my entire life, Julie.” Julie cowered and stepped back as Beatrice staggered to her feet. She began to advance haltingly on Julie. The glowing power cable trailing behind her like a malevolent tendril of Beatrice's manifested rage.
Beatrice’s leg gave out below her and she clawed at the wall before managing to brace herself haphazardly against it. Julie looked mortified, torn between trying to help further or just fleeing the escalating confrontation. Beatrice locked eyes with her for an instant as the other woman sighed heavily.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I can’t help but worry when I find you crying alone in the shower, Bee.”
Beatrice said nothing.

Julie sighed exasperatedly and turned to leave the room.
Beatrice's momentarily relished her perceived victory, it was quickly subsumed though by the fear she had spent the last few days desperately fleeing from welling again at seeing her friend leave.

The tears returned to Beattrices eye with a vengeance and she slumped down to the floor bouncing lightly in the microgravity. 
The other woman pivoted on the threshold; frozen, uncertain of what to do.
“Its- its Amareth,” said Beatrice, tears pouring fiercely down her cheeks.
“Wha— Wait Beatrice, she didn’t... If she broke your heart, I don’t care that she rescued me, I’ll still kill her.”

“No!” It was Beatrice's turn to look mortified. “Shes... She's missing, Julie.”

Julie gasped, “Fuck... Oh my, godde—” without continuing she ran to hug Beatrice.
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