I put a spell on you

Cuz I'm yours, anyhow (I'm yours, yours, yours)

by Mindcrank

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #drugs #gentle_femdom #Human_Domestication_Guide #humiliation #self_harm #transgender_characters
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If you write 35k words based off a song you get to link that song right? Here you go. Also the manson version. Anyways this has been a blast to write and I hope you enjoy it. I didn't manage to find a place for EVERYTHING I wanted to put in this fic and sadly I was still derusting the first few chapters. 

Also this may not be the most totally canon compliant fic in the tag but I bet was higher writing this than everyone else and that's it's own kind of authenticity. CW: Aluding to suicide also Allison loses her independence 

Allison ran her thumb along the edge of the blade a few times, taking a deep breath and releasing it. Okay. Last night had been... Intense. She was just a bit confused from waking up and the haze that was slowly giving way. Nothing changed. "You're still flushing out the last of the Class H Allison, I'll be there shortly." Dahlia called. She shut the knife.

Allison felt part of her perk up as another part wilted, seeing Dahlia right now would be compromising(exciting!). She needed time!(Mistress!) Allison shook her head, chasing away the strange thoughts, she needed a plan, She needed to hide she needed- the door opened behind her.

Oh. Oh God. She could hear it now. The faint tune she had picked out a few times before was as clear as a bell. It was beautiful. It was haunting. It was Dahlia's song. "Good morning Allison." Dahlia's voice was like another instrument in the song, it joined the others to melt through her. "Are you doing well? How are you feeling?"

Allison could dimly sense Dahlia's emotions and intent a bit before but now the genuine concern and care came crashing over her. Allison turned and sat up in the bed, intently focused on the knife in her hands as she fiddled with the release, "I, uhm," Stars, what was she supposed to say here? "My heads still kinda cloudy I guess, I only vaguely remember last night but it's slowly coming back." Dahlia was satisfied with that answer, Allison felt her lips twitch into a slight smile.

"Yes that sounds about right, they should clear up in about half an hour though it could take a bit over an hour." Dahlia narrowed her eyes and Allison felt herself being examined. They shivered, praying that she wouldn't see through them (but then Dahlia could claim her!). Dahlia made a thoughtful humming noise, "Is there something else you wish to tell me little Allison?"

She knew. She had to know. Allison scrambled mentally for an out but her head was still feeling clouded. Ah, she couldn't possibly be in right frame of mind currently, that was her out! "Uhh, it's a bit early for riddles, maybe after my head clears up?"

Dahlia giggled, "Well I'm glad your sense of humor is doing fine at least, let's get you dressed"

Oh good, she had been craving Dahlia's caress! Wait, no, she was independent! "I-I can get dressed myself." Allison protested, standing up. Before she even got fully upright the sudden movement made her head swim and her vision cut out. Her knees dissolved under her as a light nausea set in and she collapsed back down into the bed, groaning.

"Tsk-tsk," Dahlia mockingly scolded her, "you are in no condition to dress yourself. though I am glad to see your stubbornness is still intact."

Allison sighed, "Fine," Mistre- Dahlia was just trying to help, as usual. "I want my normal clothes though."

"Of course." Dahlia smiled. Allison gasped as vines wrapped around sending waves of pleasure coursing through her as they lay her flat on the bed. A pair tugged at the pajama pants removing them swiftly as another pair moved her arms over her head and tugged off the shirt. Allison lost track of the vines after that as they manipulated and directed her limbs this way and that, each time they brushed against bare skin sending another spike of pleasure to her increasingly foggy brain. She heard someone panting and quietly whimpering in pleasure. Wait, was that coming from her? Before she could figure that out, Allison heard the most wonderful voice and her thoughts were interrupted again, "What a good girl, going so limp for me." Ahhh, Mistress was praising her! Allison smiled vacantly for a moment, wait, Mistress? She wasn't a floret? (Not officially~). "All done."

Allison blinked a few times trying to focus and sat up to examine herself. She was fully dressed, band shirt, black skirt, tights, beanie and even her boots. (Much better than putting it on alone!) No longer being wracked with pleasure she found her voice, "Thank you mist-" she caught and corrected herself quickly, "Tagetes." Smooth.

She felt Dahlia's amusement at the slip up but any embarrassment she may of felt was immediately lost as her Affini scratched just the right spot at the base of her head. "You know you could call me Mistress, If you want." Dahlia teased, causing Allison's face to flush crimson.

She scrambled for an exit, "I- that- its just a bit of leftover from last night I think." Then she added, "S-Sorry, I'm still waiting for my head to clear."

Dahlia poked her nose, "Nothing to apologize for, it should clear up shortly. A few things may bleed over for a bit longer however, since you woke up early, but you should be back to your independent self again after breakfast." Oh that's good (Aww).

Dahlia scooped Allison up into her arms, causing her heart to flutter as she fought a moan into a whimper. "W-warn me next time!" (But it's exciting that way!)

"Of course, my dear Allison." Dahlia smiled, starting to carry her out of the bedroom, "It just slipped my mind after how compliant you were last night."

Allison tried her best to pout, but the sensations of being carried heightened by whatever was still coursing through her veins made it difficult. "Since when do things slip your mind?"

Dahlia giggled, "I suppose I may have been a little selfish. I hope you won't hold it against me." Dahlia stopped as they arrived in the kitchen and placed Allison in her chair. "I haven't started cooking yet so please be a good Allie-cat wait a few moments." She said, scratching at the spot where her neck met the base of her skull. Stars that was divine.

Dahlia stepped away to the stove, and Allison's brain caught up to her with a flash of the previous night, "A-Allie-cat? Uhm, D-did ya come with that on your own?" Please let her have come up with it on her own.

Dahlia hummed, cracking a few eggs into a bowl, "I may have heard it from somewhere, does it mean anything to you?" She continued to put some sort of white liquid in the bowl and began to whip the mixture together as another set of vines placed a skillet on the stove and turned it to a low medium heat.

Allison leered at Dahlia, their budding 6th sense told them the affini knew. It also told them that she wanted them to say it. "It, uhm, I may have used it as a stage name when I did some..." Allison scratched her face nervously, "fairly salacious videos. They didn't do very well though."

Dahlia poured the contents of the bowl into the skillet and sprinkled a bit of salt and a few other things Allison couldn't identify. They sizzled in the pan and a delicious aroma quickly filled the room. "Mmm, well I thought they were cute, especially the matching collar and ears you wore."

Allison laughed, "Yeah I bet you did, I think I still had them actually." She searched her memory, the fog was still there but it had cleared a bit and was still waning. "At least I don't think I threw them out? Christ, no wonder everyone keeps calling me seed." Wait, did she say that last part out loud?

Dahlia flipped whatever was in the skillet, "It does make it seem like you would enjoy being a pet." She sprinkled a few other things into the skillet.

No wonder Dahlia had treated her the way she did, "I don't know, there's a bit of a difference between doing a bit of it now and then and actually being a pet you know." A thought occurred, "How long did you know anyways?"

Dahlia emitted a long, low, thoughtful hum, "I came across them when I was looking into you after you had that panic attack in the grocery store."

Wait one fucking minute, "So when you said you were calling me kitten cause I was mewling-"

Dahlia interrupted her, "I wasn't lying, you were mewling for me, however," Dahlia paused as she attended to the skillet briefly before turning to face Allison, "I might have given you some direction." She winked.

Allison huffed, "Well that's unfair, isn't that kind of taking advantage of me? I mean I had only met you like an hour ago at that point."

Dahlia slid whatever it was from the skillet to a plate, "Maybe, but the Affini aren't exactly known for being fair." She moved from the stovetop back to the table and sat down with the dish in front of her. Ah, it was an omelette! The smell of it was mouth-watering. "Oftentimes giving a sophont the care they need to heal and become their best self is unfair to them or others after all."

Allison frowned, she couldn't really argue with that, but she still was far from happy with that answer. Dahlia dug a fork into the omelette and moved the bite towards Allison. She felt a tap on her cheek and opened her mouth in reflex, Dahlia depositing the bite before another tap had her close her mouth. "H-huh? Wh-" a vine pressed to her lips silenced her.

"No talking with your mouth full, unless you want me to help you chew and swallow as well." Dahlia said firmly.

Allison stopped and chewed the bite in her mouth, her eyes going eye as the flavor burst across tongue. Swallowing, she tried again, "What the hell was that?"

"I may have used some hypnotic suggestions to touch train you when I thought you might need them." Dahlia tapped her cheek again and Allison opened her mouth as Dahlia fed her another bite. "I only did the basics however." Another tap closed her mouth. A tap slightly further back in her jaw made her start chewing, followed by one stroking her throat that made her swallow. One more under the chin had her looking into Dahlia's eyes. They were twinkling, brimming with... Allison couldn't quite place it but it made her heart speed up just a little.

Ah. She turned her gaze, the spell broken. She really was going to end up as Dahlia's pet wasn't she? She wasn't gonna give up independence that easy, but if she did lose it, would it really be that bad? Dahlia fed her another bite, "You know I received an interesting message from a Rubia Tarax, third bloom last night."

Allison blinked, the name was unfamiliar to her "Oh?" 

"I believe you know her as VerdantTrellis, from a chatroom you've been frequenting?" Dahlia cut a few more bites out of the omlette.

Oh. Oh she was extra fucked. Her hand went to her knife, gripping it tightly for comfort. "D-did she now? She uh, she didn't say what about did she?"

Dahlia made that wonderful amused hum again as she fed Allison another bite, "She mentioned a few things, unfortunately I don't think we have time to cover it right now. I have some affairs to attend to as soon as you are fed and feeling better."

Allison swallowed, feeling especially conscious of her collar, "Ah, well, later then." Desperate to shift the subject she added, "What it's it you do anyways? I know there's no jobs or whatever but-"

Dahlia fed her another bite, "I study xenobiology and xenoecology, specializing in nocturnal areas of the fields."

She swallowed, mulling over the information. Suddenly, the gears in her almost cleared head clicked together and she couldn't help but giggle, "You came here to study the night life? That's... Actually kinda cute."

"You're cute." Dahlia fed her the final bite, "I just admit it was disappointing to discover this world had largely been deserted, only 19.7% of the expected populace remained. I was really hoping to observe the Terran night life for myself. I'm glad coming here wasn't a total waste however."

Allison savored it for a moment before swallowing. "Oh yeah? How come?"

"Well," Dahlia smirked as she got up and cleared the table, "I think a smart little sophont such as yourself can figure that out." She fed the dishes into the compiler. That definitely beat washing them, Allison mused.

She then pondered the question, it had to be total bust right? After all the only person really going out at night anymore was- Oh. "It's me isn't it?" A short moan escaped Allison's lips as Dahlia rewarded her with a few scratches.

"What an observant and smart sophont you are." Dahlia's praise caused her to melt further, "You are quite fascinating as a subject of study you know. Not many species produce diurnal and nocturnal sophonts." Dahlia paused for a moment, allowing Allison to recover "How is your head feeling dear? Still cloudy?"

She mentally checked herself, "Uhm, it's just about cleared up I think? At the very least my brain doesn't feel like soup anymore and I'm pretty certain I can handle myself."

"Excellent!" Dahlia helped her off the chair and Allison found she could, in fact, stand on her own. "Now I'm only going to be gone two, possibly three hours, but I won't be far away so don't hesitate to message me if there's an emergency or if you feel unwell, okay?"

Allison felt a small pang and fought through it, Dahlia could leave if she wanted to! She wasn't some needy pet that'd miss her owner if she was left alone for ten minutes! "R-right, I wouldn't hold your breath for a message though, I lived on my own for years you know."

"Yes, yes, you are a very independent little Allie-cat." Dahlia slid a few under her beanie scratching along her scalp. Allison caught herself leaning into it and pulled back, adjusting her beanie. She wasn't a pet she was not a pet. "Just remember that I would love to give you any help you might want." Allison nodded, not wanting to say anything. She followed Dahlia out of the kitchen and watched her open the door with the interface. "I hope you enjoy your time alone little one," she stepped out before adding with a wink "But not too much." The door closed and Allison was Alone.

Dahlia's song faded from her ears moments later and she felt... strange. Vaguely empty, somewhat restless, maybe- no she wasn't going to bug Dahlia fifteen seconds after she left, She wasn't some needy floret. She flicked her knife open and closed a few times. She was independent, she was used to being alone. She just needed to fill some time, she was great at that.

Right, A listen to a few of her favorite albums would fill the time easily. Hmm, she forgot to ask Dahlia about circumventing the block the hab held on her music. She left her phone charging on the couch but after standing on her toes to gaze over the cushions she didn't see it. Dahlia or Lily probably moved it somewhere. "Uh, computer? You there?"

The Hab chimed, "I'm always here cutie, what do you need?"

Goodness she sure she would never get used to how cheery the Affini made their artificial assistants. "I left my phone on the couch, do you happen to know where it is?"

"Hmmm, Lemme check real quick okay?" A few beats passed, "Got it, Mx Syringa put it away in one of the boxes you opened!"

Oh, cool, "Thanks!" Well that should solve her boredom problem which was absolutely why she was feeling the way she was. Definitely wasn't any other reason. Nope.

She walked over to the boxes and opened one of the two that were unsealed, revealing her phone. Ah, first try, nice! Well it was only a fifty-fifty but still. She unplugged it and navigated to the music library, hmmm, she only had time for maybe 2 or 3 albums. Maybe she should listen to some selected singles instead? Actually before even that, "Uh, computer? Are you still connected to play the music off this?"

"Sure am! Just press play whenever, okay?"

Allison hummed to herself, pleased. She scrolled up and down a few more times, adding a few of her favorite songs to the playing queue and hit play. The first song was old, something she dug up in a long abandoned server for discussion about early metal. A lot of her music came from such sources truthfully. A media snippet played before the vocals truly started. Allison once looked it up, it apparently came from an ancient cartoon. Then whine of guitar faded in, before turning into the main riff, the almost tribal drums joining soon after.

The singer started borderline screaming the lyrics, the main repetition was something about playing as a car, blood as his pavement. She sang along of course, she knew the words by heart. It made her mind wander to last night, and the things she did with Dahlia. To her surprise she could actually recall the events beyond a vague impression, fuck that was hot.

It was actually a little disappointing Allison didn't get to see or taste any of her blood, maybe if she asked Dahlia- okay that was almost certainly a bad idea. 'Hey Dahlia if we ever do that again can you let me have a taste at least? I miss the flavor.' That'd be a one ticket to domestication. Allison chewed her lip, as she continued to run through the now available memories of the prior night as the song finished and the next started.

This one started with drums, leading into a guitar. The lyrics were possessive, extremely so. Claiming to break her, to own her. She fidgeted with her knife. Maybe... Maybe domestication wouldn't be all that bad? The more she recalled and dwelled on it the more hot and bothered she got. She shuddered and skipped the song before it finished.

The next song was even worse, she realized as the beat started. Allison cut the music all together as her heart pounded in her chest. She could almost feel Dahlia's vines ensnaring her, worse yet, she realized wanted to feel their touch. She craved it. She heard a ding come from behind her, oh, someone was messaging her! Thank God, a distraction!

She picked up the tablet, opening the messaging app. Oh, it was Dahlia.

[TwilightGuide]: Dear are you doing okay?

[TwilightGuide]: It seems that your heart rate is really elevated, and your anxiety is above the norm, do you need me to come back? I can administer a class E from here if you wish.

Allison's lip was starting to get a bit from how much she had been gnawing on it. She considered asking Dahlia to come back, to never leave her again but quickly dismissed it. She was still sorting out her feelings, she should avoid doing something so rash. Dahlia coming back now would be... Less than ideal. She paused to take a deep breath and collect herself. Exhaling, she responded.

[MyOwnShadow]: I was just getting a bit worked up rocking out to some of my music

[MyOwnShadow]: it's fine

[TwilightGuide]: Are you sure you're doing okay dear?

Geh, Dahlia knew her too well. It's a good thing this conversation was text, Allison doubted she could conceal the truth in person.

[MyOwnShadow]: yeah it's nothing to worry about

[TwilightGuide]: Well if you are sure, but please don't forget you can tell me anything. I am here to help you.

Allison winced as she chewed her sore lip again. Unfair. It was unfair for her to be so understanding and patient and wonderful. She flicked her knife open and closed a few times.

Allison started to type, intending to ask her if she was sure all the Class-H and hypnotic stuff from last night was cleared. That was probably why she was feeling so weird right? Geh, Dahlia would figure out what she was playing around if she said that. She deleted the message before sending it Then again, Dahlia almost certainly knew already...

[MyOwnShadow]: are you sure all that stuff you put in my head is flushed out

[MyOwnShadow]: been having some weird thoughts since you left ig

A few tense moments passed, maybe she tipped her hand too much?

[TwilightGuide]: It should be, the readout from your collar indicates you're clear at the very least. Did you want to talk about these thoughts you've been having?

Okay that would definitely be tipping her hand

[MyOwnShadow]: Nope

[MyOwnShadow]: thanks for the offer though

[MyOwnShadow]: that's all I needed

[TwilightGuide]: Hmm, well, maybe when I get back then, as part of our other conversation.

Allison swallowed nervously, she almost forgot VerdantTrellis had messaged Dahlia about her. She was as good as owned, wasn't she?

[MyOwnShadow]: 👍

She quickly closed the messaging app, not knowing what to say. Allison was splitting, she could feel it in her soul. Everyday, no, every moment that fire of independence in her grew weaker and something else was growing in its place. It scared her. It thrilled her. How had she changed so much in just a week?

Suddenly it occurred to her she hadn't seen her reflection since meeting Dahlia, there was a mirror in the bathroom right? An intense curiosity carried her over to it, and she saw herself for the first time.

Her face hadn't really changed all that much, some of the features had softened, sure, but all the stress that had worn itself into her features had faded. She turned her head to the left and the right, examining the new look. This wasn't the face of someone who had seen the horrors of war or capitalism. She'd almost certainly never be mistaken for a man again.

The curiosity building, she stripped off her shirt. Oh, she had like, actual breasts now! Groping them she figured they'd grown almost two cup sizes and actually created a bit of cleavage now! Her shoulders had lost a bit of their broadness and her skin looked so clear and soft as well. Her hair had gained a much higher quality to it and cascaded down ending around her nipples. Allison was starting to feel giddy, for so long it felt like she was on the verge of being the woman she saw herself as and now there she was in the mirror! She turned to examine her back, oof that looked... Intense.

The wounds were already healed and fading but light pink traces formed fascinating patterns that blended the geometric and floral. The blooms looked familiar, those were supposed to be the ones that predominantly covered Dahlia right? That was... Really hot actually. Allison blushed at thought, It was like she had marked her as hers. And she liked it.

She wrestled with that feeling for a few moments, she liked the things Dahlia showed her. She liked being hers. She wanted to be hers. She felt something wet on her cheek, Oh. She was crying. She wiped at her eyes and took a deep shaky breath, centering herself. So maybe she DID want to be Dahlia's Floret. Honestly with how things had been going it was probably inevitable. Geh, she-she was supposed to be independent! Maybe she just needed space from Dahlia again? Allison shook her head and shivered, the thought of actually cutting out Dahlia was too painful. Tears were starting to well up again.

She centered herself again, hanging on to the last shred of her emotional stability with all her life. Options, Allison needed to list off her options. The first thing that came to mind, of course, was to become Dahlia's pet but she pushed past that feeling for now. That was what she was trying to come up with alternatives to after all. Maybe Dahlia would be happy just continuing their current relationship? It seemed unlikely, Dahlia wanted her and after a mere week Allison was finding it hard to deny her.

She furrowed her brow, there was one other thing wasn't there? She could almost grasp it but each time it slipped away. Geh, what was it again? She played with her knife, flicking it open before closing it, that usually helped jog her memory. It was something she had kept in her pocket just in case her living situation got too dire. Something for only the most extreme emergency when life beca- Ah. Right. She grit her teeth. Well it was safe to say that was off the table, she promised Dahlia! Besides, Dahlia would be devastated if she did... That.

She pocketed her knife and put her shirt back on. Okay other options. Did she have any? She couldn't leave Dahlia again, that'd hurt them both too much. Just thinking about it made her want to cry again. Her mind circled back around to the first thought she had had. Becoming Dahlia's Floret seemed better every passing moment, more than that, it seemed her only option at hand.

She still had some qualms about giving up her independence. Even if Dahlia only had her best interests at heart it could be an issue if they didn't agree on what was best for her. Then again, from the little Allison had seen of Florets, she wouldn't be allowed to disagree on anything that was truly in her best interest. For some reason that didn't seem that frightening anymore, she trusted Dahlia implicitly in the end.

Geh, none of this was helping! She just needed to keep herself busy and not think about how much she wanted to be Dahlia's or how hot it would be to be made into a loving pet! She was probably just still sorting stuff out from last night, sure Dahlia said it had been flushed out but the human body didn't work like that did it? She stomped out of the bathroom. Distraction, she needed a distraction.

She picked up her phone off the box she left it on and put on her favorite Northern Sun album. It was instrumental and more of a post rock conceptual piece than true metal but it retained many of the elements. Hmm that was helping but she couldn't help but feel her mind keep drifting to Dahlia, she needed something else. She could pop into a chat? No, she didn't wanna meet new people in her emotional state and there was no way she was going back to the NSSG either. She ruminated over what to do for a few moments when it occurred to her she never did open that third box of her stuff. Rummaging through her possessions was as much a distraction as she could hope for. She flicked her knife open, broke the seal on it and lifted the flaps open.

There, at the top, was her old cat ears, collar and outfit. They were covered in black fur and fairly fuzzy, with pink accents forming bows at their corners and the interior of each ear. The collar was largely pink with pink frills and a small pink bell hanging off it. Two stockings with cat ears at their top, a pair of panties with a stylized pink paw in center and a keyhole bra in the shape of a cat's head formed the rest. Each predominantly black with pink accents or trim.

Allison slowly picked up the pair of cat ears and after a moment started giggling uncontrollably. She collapsed next to the box, still giggling. Of course the Affini would pack that up from her old place. She sighed, God she really was a seed. If Dahlia didn't break her, the first Affini to get their vines on her would have. At least Dahlia was cool.

She ran her fingers along the ears, feeling the soft fuzz. When was the last time she even wore this? Like two years ago? Suddenly an idea occurred to her- and Allison's mouth cracked into a pleased grin. Inside her a new flame burned brightly, not either of the two that had been fighting for dominance the last few days but a new fusion of the two. Brighter than either had ever been. Dahlia had been lightly pulling her along every step so far, and as far as Allison could figure, was planning on walking her to this conclusion upon her return. But this was a game with two players. She didn't have to let herself get dragged into it. She could push and get Dahlia off balance. She grabbed the rest of the outfit and some makeup that was conveniently just under it- Allison couldn't help but giggle as she anticipated the payoff.


Allison adjusted the tights, making sure they hadn't slipped and examined her handiwork in the mirror. She was pretty cute in it before, sure, but with the extra bits of curve she had gained she'd say she was a straight up knockout. Allison giggled, that probably wasn't the part Dahlia was going to appreciate. Nonetheless, her new resolve and the vague plan she had worked out had her feeling positively giddy.

Allison checked her tablet, how much longer was it until Dahlia got back? She said two to three hours and that was... How long ago? "Uh computer? Can you please tell me how long ago Dahlia left?"

It chimed, "Miss Tagetes left the hab unit two hours and five minutes ago cutie! Did you want me to tell her you're feeling lonely?"

"No!" Allison shouted, before collecting herself, "I mean, that isn't necessary, I'm sure she'll be back soon." Tipping her hand now would just be a travesty.

"Alright cutie, just let me know if you change your mind okay?" It chirped before going silent again.

Allison marched out into the living room and psyched herself up. It'd already been over two hours, Dahlia was sure to be back any moment, she just needed to be patient a little while longer. Geeze. Not even two hours and Allison broke, what would Dahlia say? She double checked that she had the right song queued up on her phone- an old but classic Gothic rock staple. Everything seemingly in order she fidgeted with her knife. Allison felt her heart lift at the sound of the door suddenly opening behind her and whipped around to face the source of that now familiar sound.

"A-Allison?" Dahlia stood there, the most delightful expression of shock on her face. Her vines and flowers seemed to be quivering with anticipation. Ahhh, it was so precious, it made Allison's resolve in the plan skyrocket.

Hardly missing a beat, Allison struck a pose, hands forming makeshift paws and popping up a leg, "Welcome Back Mewstress, Your lil Allie-cat missed nya~!" She winked.

Allison's heart skipped as the world became a flurry of vines and she was swept up by Dahlia- soft leafy lips pressing against her own. She moaned into the kiss from the pleasure of all the writhing vines holding her, stroking every sensitive spot of hers. She seemed to have a lot of those now. Dahlia's tongue took advantage of the opening and invaded Allison's mouth, ravaging her. She was starting to fully lose herself to the pleasure when Dahlia pulled back, beaming satisfaction and pride into Allison's very being. "Mine."

Allison stammered, babbling nonsense. She turned her face away from Dahlia but a gentle vine corrected her mistake. The look in Dahlia's eyes was everything to her in that moment. Calming her, claiming her. Hers. She was hers. She couldn't help but smile. Allison placed a hand on the vine that helped her, "Yours."

Dahlia's rhythm was full of pride and possessiveness, crashing over Allison and filling her to the brim. "Goodness little one, you are too much. I must admit, I was looking forward to breaking you when I got back, but this surprise was far better." She tickled at the tip of her nose, "I'll have to send the video to Mx Syringa and Miss Tarax, that was just too precious.

Allison fidgeted with a vine, she had been right. Dahlia WAS going to claim her anyways! But she still felt a pang of disappointment, Dahlia had been looking forward to it. "Uhm, you probably could still break me, if you want. I've only decided I want to be yours. I'm sure I'm still stubborn in a lot of ways." Recalling the previous night she quickly added, "In fact with that class H stuff I'm sure you could break me a dozen times."

Dahlia rumbled, her whole body quivering with joy, warming Allison. "Oh, little Allison, my precious kitten, how glad I am you fell into my vines out of all them in the compact." She coo'd. "Now that you are mine, I don't have to ask to do this." She unfurled a floweres vine from her shoulder, the needle oozing something that smelled fruity.

Wait she still had extra plan leftover! She couldn't just let the rest of the plan go to waste just because the first stage was too effective! "I, uh, actually had a little more planned if you care to indulge me."

The flower paused its advance, "More you say? Well if the rest is half as cute as the first part I suppose I have no choice but to indulge you for being such a good girl and giving yourself to me." Dahlia set a flustered Allison back down, steadying her on uneasy feet. "I would love to see the rest kitten."

R-right, the rest of the plan. "Uhm, well, I wanted to sing this one old goth rock song and uhm. Give you something." She paused, "well something else that is." Dahlia smiled at her patiently, waiting for her to continue. "A-anyway, uh, here it goes." She picked up her phone and hit play.

The beat started heavily on bass mixed with the upper register of a piano. She had practiced it few times while getting ready to make sure she remembered the words and poured all her feelings for Dahlia into them. Almost screaming out her love and her own possessiveness for her owner. She didn't dare to look at Dahlia's face during the short performance, the song clocking under two and half minutes, but she could feel the Need rising in her Affini with each belted line. The song finished, Allison giving her best snarls and snorts to replace the ones she had the computer cut from the track and the hab feel silent for a moment.

"Little one... I had no idea you felt this strongly for me." Dahlia cupped Allison's face in her hand and she leaned into it. "Your independence must have been paining you deeply, I should have noticed and helped you sooner."

Allison hummed, "No Mistress, I- I don't think I was ready then. Pushing the topic would have only made it worse I think." Remembering the plan she startled herself out of her daze, "Oh, one last thing!"

Dahlia moved her hand to Allison's head, petting her briefly before removing it, "My my, you must have done a lot of thinking for a pet, I'll have fix that." She teased. "It is rather touching how dearly you wished to be my Floret, however."

Allison blushed, "Well yeah, you're wonderful and nice and understanding and-" a vine hushed her. "R-right, uhm, open your hand and close your eyes." Dahlia gave her a quizzical look, "Please?"

"Of course kitten." Dahlia obliged, the glowing pools of light that were her eyes extinguishing themselves as she reached out an open palm to her. Allison took one last look at her knife, this was at one time the ticket to proving she could be independent, now as a symbol of her being free from that delusion, she placed it into Dahlia's waiting palm. The lights of her eyes creeped back on, as she lifted the gift to examine it. Her eyes shimmered like an oil slick for a moment, "Oh, Allison, This really is too precious."

Allison was drawn up to Dahlia's face and her Mistress' rewarded her another kiss, full of affection, making her mind go blank and leaving her panting. She was just cognizant enough to watch her knife- her symbol of independence- disappear into an Affini for the final time. Tears of joy welled up in her eyes. Allison would never have to worry about anything besides being Dahlia's loving pet ever again. She couldn't help but smile lovingly at her owner, It was like a salve for her soul. "I think it's about time I got you home little one."

Allison cocked her head, the growing pet feelings already clouding her ability to think, "Home?"

"Yes my precious little Allie-cat, this place was only ever meant to be temporary. Now that you belong to me you'll live in my hab with me." Allison felt a rush of excitement, she was going to see Dahlia's hab! She was going to live with Dahlia! "But first I think you deserve a reward for such a display, pet." Allison felt a prick in her side and warm fuzzy feeling flooded out from the injection site, shortly after her sensitivity spiked and every one of Dahlia's caresses sent electric pleasure coursing through her.

A hand on her head petting her chased away any remaining semblance of thought she still clung too, "These ears are rather cute, I'll have to get you a working pair I think." Dahlia scratched under her chin while her vines teased themselves across Allison's overly sensitive skin. "Hmm, perhaps a few other modifications too. You want to be my kitten, yes?" Allison nodded, barely registering the words. Dahlia wanted it for her, so it must be right. "Yes, we'll have to schedule you for some modifications and start getting you ready for your implant, your appointment is in ten days."

Allison cocked her head, she already had an appointment? How convenient, Dahlia was always planning ahead. Well, that's why she was the Mistress and Allison was the pet. She nuzzled into a fan, delighting in the sensation. It seemed so strange that being carried and doted on like this used to make her feel anything but loved. Dahlia drew Allison up from her spot deep in petspace, "We're home kitten." She helped Allison sit up in her cradling vines so she can examine the new surroundings.

It was breathtaking, and far larger than her hab. All around her was more flora, vegetation and fungi than she had ever seen before. Many of them exhibited some level of bioluminescence in the dim artificial twilight. It was a glowing surreal nightscape. A small waterfall about the size of Dahlia was in one corner and a shallow babbling creek wound it's way through the shadows of the plant life ending in a calm reflecting pool on the opposite corner of the hab. There were more doors here too than in her previous hab. Allison was certain she'd get very familiar with them soon. For now, she was home in the arms of her Affini, and nothing could be better.


*Three drug addled days later*

"Huh, there's like, actual paperwork?" Allison stared at the mountainous stack of documents on the kitchen table. "I... Can't exactly say I care for paperwork."

Dahlia brushed a vine along her spine, causing her to gasp in pleasure. The xenodrugs her Mistress had been ramping up in preparation for her implant made her feel needy for touch at all times. "If it makes you feel better, it is the last piece of paperwork you'll ever have to do. It's really not as much as it seems, it's mostly this one sheet of paper."

Allison giggled, "If it's one sheet what's the rest of this for?" a shift in Dahlia's rhythm had her add, "that is if you don't mind me asking Mistress."

"We Affini have something of a love for bureaucracy, most of that is for me." Dahlia mused, "Unless of course you have something you wish to add to your domestication? As a willing subject you have the right to request a few things- within reason of course."

Allison thought about it for a moment, what should she ask for? Her music? Dahlia hadn't indicated that she'd take it away entirely, just the parts that were too close to her trauma. A knife? Dahlia had pried that particular fidget out of her head since she became hers. Dahlia also made it clear that she wouldn't be reduced to a living toy at all times, so an occasionally clear head would be a waste. Oh, she knew what she wanted! "It's not that I kind calling you Mistress but your name is rather pretty, I wanna be able to call you by your name still, on occasion."

Her Mistress scratched at the nape of her neck, causing Allison to see stars, "I think I can do that for such a loyal and cute pet like you, anything else?"

Allison leaned into her owner's attentions, "Nope, I trust you."

"Stars, you really are precious kitten. Such a perfect pet. Of course dear." Allison felt a surge of pride at her Mistress' praise. After a brief petting session, Dahlia returned Allison's attention to the document in front of her, "Now, let's have you check off each point from the top and sign underneath-"

Allison examined the paper-

Above all else, you, Allison, must obey your Guardian, Dahlia Tagetes, Fourth Bloom in all things. This is for your safety, wellbeing, and care. ☐

Seemed, straightforward. Why would she want to disobey Dahlia anyways when doing what she asked felt so right? She checked it off.

Your Guardian, Dahlia Tagetes, Fourth Bloom, owns you. You are her property. You do not have political rights in the Affini Compact. ☐

Allison chewed her lip, she would legally be property. More importantly Dahlia's property. Fuck that was kinda hot. She checked it off.

You do have a guarantee of your wellbeing, as defined in Section 57 of the Human Domestication Treaty. ☐

Sure, why not. She trusted her Mistress would watch out for her even if she wasn't legally bound to. She checked it off.

This guarantee of wellbeing does not preclude your Guardian from disciplining you, as outlined in Section 61 of the Human Domestication Treaty. ☐

Allison checked it off immediately, she might just have to devise dinner mischief to see what was in store.

As the property of your Guardian, she may add, remove, or modify conditions of your wardship at any time for any reason within the limits established by the Human Domestication Treaty. ☐

Another easy box to mark off.

Your full name is Allison Tagetes, First Floret from this moment forward. ☐

Allison paused. Ah. Now this one was special. "You know, I don't believe I ever told you my last name. It's a bit of a moot point now I suppose." She giggled.

Dahlia joined her with a slight chuckle, "Yes, I don't believe it is very relevant at this point. It was always gonna end up as Tagetes anyways."

Allison laughed, "Yes, I suppose you're right." She checked off the box.

Sign here to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these terms


Allison paused. "You know Dahlia, I think even without this, even if you didn't actually want me, I would have ended up following you wherever you went."

She lost herself in a hand ruffling her hair and a gentle kiss pressed to her forehead, "My dear sweet little Allison, you don't ever have to worry about such a thing again. You are mine, and will remain mine for the rest of your life regardless of any treaty. This merely documents the fact that you belong to me." Ahh, Mistress always knew just what to say. That's what made her Mistress.

Allison Tagetes, First Floret, signed her name for the first and last time, sealing her fate. She couldn't be happier.

Thank you so very much for reading this. This is the end of the main story. I have plans for one additional chapter that serves as an epilogue and also a blatant excuse to inject one of my other fetishes I did not think would work well in the earlier chapter. 

Also if you can guess the two other Manson songs I'm referencing in this chapter you and I have the same brain worms 

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