I put a spell on you

I don't care if you want me

by Mindcrank

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #drug_play #drugs #gentle_femdom #Human_Domestication_Guide #humiliation #self_harm #transgender_characters
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Mentions of suicide and self harm, some breath and "knife" play with a few other light bondage hypnosis elements Stuff happens this time I prommy 

Had to really wrassle the formatting here so if there's something glaring let me know!

[MyOwnShadow]: Dahlia? This is Allison. I was hoping we could meet up?

The message hung there for a minute, then two. Allison felt uncertainty settle into her heart- what if Dahlia had already written her off? She probably didn't want to see her let alone talk to her. It's not like Allison would have anyone to blame but- her tablet dinged with a notification.

[TwilightGuide]: It is good to hear from you Allison! I have been worried for you the last two days, I would love to meet up.

Allison let out a tense sigh, thank goodness she hadn't upset Dahlia too much.

[MyOwnShadow]: Mx Syringa and I are at the park atm
[MyOwnShadow]: can you come over to my hab in about two hours?

Allison chewed on her bottom lip waiting for the response.

[TwilightGuide]: Sounds good to me, little one. Don't forget to let Mx Syringa know and thank xem for xer help.

Ah, right, she wouldn't have pulled her head out her ass otherwise. She owed Lily a lot didn't she?

[MyOwnShadow]: Will do, gtg so I can get home and such.
[MyOwnShadow]: See you soon~

Allison frowned. That wasn't coming off as desperate right? Not that she was or anything. "Uhm, Mx Syringa?"

Lily smiled down at her, "Ready to head back now?" Xe asked.

She nodded, "Yes, and uhm, thanks Mx Syringa," Allison grinded her boot into the grass, "For the help and the advice that is."

Allison was swept up into Lily's arms, being carried was starting to feel normal. Part of her found that exciting. "Oh it was my pleasure little Allie, after all this was two horses with one boulder." Xe teased a few strands of hair out of Allison's face. "Now let's get you to your Affini, yes?"

Allison's heart skipped, and she felt a rising heat in her cheeks. She was going to be reunited with her Affini and she could hardly wait to see Dahlia again. She pushed the implications out of her mind. "I-uhm, yes please." Allison prayed Lily couldn't see her blushing in the darkening light as the last bits of the local star were disappearing beneath the horizon.


Allison regretted everything as she paced back and forth across the living area. Why did she tell Dahlia to come over in two hours when it only took twenty minutes to get home? Her mind was overflowing with thoughts- what if she was actually mad and was only coming over to tell her off? Was seeing her even a good idea when Dahlia could get Allison to do almost anything for her? What if she only wanted her if she became her pet? Aaa, she felt like her head was burning up!

Lily wrapped a few vines around Allison's legs, stopping her fervent march, "Darling you seem to be Anxious," Lily held Allison's hands in xer own, "I could give you something to help relax, if you wish."

Allison briefly considered taking the offer before shaking her head, "N-no. I don't wanna be all out of it when she gets here you know?"

Lily humphed, "I think you still lack understanding of the Affini view of drugs, Dahlia would not think less of you if you were to ask to be so inebriated you could not speak or move on your own." Xe hummed at that thought, "In fact I believe she'd relish the opportunity to care for you."

Allison chewed on her lip, "Are Affini into that? Do you really like to care for, like, a living ragdoll?"

Allison shivered as she felt Lily's gaze grow predatory and bear down on her, "Oh, little Allison, you have no idea." Xe was practically purring- no, growing? "We affini just adore shows of submission and that is one of the more submissive acts available. Were you merely asking or, perhaps, you are a bit curious?"

Allison felt her cheeks turn crimson, "Ah, N-no, that's fine." Would Dahlia really like that? Maybe it could be fun, if it was with Dahlia... She shook her head in an attempt to chase off the thought to no avail. She's independent! "I just kinda wish she was here already, just waiting with nothing to do is driving me up a wall." She fidgeted for her missing knife.

"You know you could simply ask if she can come over sooner." Lily offered.

Geh, She didn't want to bug Dahlia or seem desperate. Okay maybe she was feeling a little uncharacteristically needy but Dahlia didn't need to know that. "No, I already set the time, I wouldn't want to throw her off by changing it to 'immediately please'."

"I can hardly believe she'd actually mind. However, In that case I could give you just a light class E, it should take most of the edge off. There would only be a slight drop in reaction time, Your cognitive functions would be fine." Xe paused thoughtfully before adding, "Actually it'd probably be better without all that anxiety."

Well it's not like she ever needed much convincing, being a nervous wreck was also undesirable after all. Allison nodded, "Yeah that sounds nice, just a little though." Hopefully she wouldn't be too dopey.

Lily unfurled one of her vines, revealing a single light pink flower at the end. "Hold still, and take a deep breath for me."

Allison drew in air and held out her left arm, the flower pressed into it and she felt a light prick. She expected the warm fuzzy feeling that had overtaken her the last few times but instead she felt all the tension melt just a little. Like a synth-cocobar left in the heat. She had been worried about something right? Her motor skills?

She tried clenching her hands a few times, there was a bit of a delay but the strength was still there. It would take a bit of getting used to, but at least she wouldn't have to put out Dahlia or Mx Syringa. There was something else, wasn't there?

Lily broke her faltering concentration, giving her a light scratch on the top of her head. Stars that felt nice. "Feeling better little one?" Mx Syringa asked.

Allison nodded, "Mhm, I can't seem to recall what I was worried about though?" It was strange, she could remember getting worked but she couldn't grasp the information the was right there. The more she tried the more she felt her balance start to go.

Lily scooped her up as she started to totter and set her on the couch, "It's all taken care of, I've asked Dahlia if she could hear over and she said she would love to come over sooner. She's on her way."

Oh! Dahlia was going to come over! Allison felt excitement bubbling up. She sat up and started fidgeting again, "Oh, uh, you didn't have to do that." A gentle vine settled her back into a more relaxed sitting position.

Lily chuckled, "Darling I think you if two are apart another hour you'll have to be sedated."

Allison gasped, how rude! "You make it sound like I'm all needy, I was just a bit nervous is all!" She huffed, "I'm not a Floret you know!"

A vine playfully poked her on the nose, "No, not at the moment." Mx Syringa teased, causing Allison to puff out her cheeks.

"W-whatever! I'll prove to both of you I'm independent!" She huffed again, God, why were the Affini so like this?

"Oh?" Lily touched a hand to her chest in a dramatic fashion, "Well I very much look forward to it." Xe giggled.

The computer chimed before Allison could respond, "Heya cutie, you have a visitor!" She jumped up as her heart skipped, Dahlia was here!

"I will get the door," Lily gently pushed Allison back into a sitting position, "You will stay here."

Allison was screaming inside, how could Mx Syringa expect her to just wait! She watched Lily walk over to the door, chewing on her lip as she watched a vine move to doors interact.

The door slid open, Aaa Lily was talking to Dahlia in the doorway! She could only see a vine here or a flower there through Lily. Allison could feel her heart pounding, why was she feeling this way? She just wanted to patch things up right? Yeah, she was just still a little nervous through the xenodrugs is all. Then Lily stepped aside and Dahlia stepped into the room.

It was like someone had fixed the oxygen mix in the room, the air tasted sweeter. Her heart rate relaxed as she felt a weight lifted. Dahlia's dark leaves and sunset flowers were as beautiful as ever, the luminescent lines that across the "physical" parts of her body were thrumming pleasingly. Her face was as pretty as ever and her eyes, the way those pale purple lights seemed to go on forever and flickered with specks of green, gold and a deep violet. "Hello Allison," Stars, she had missed her voice too. Dahlia really had the prettiest voice. "You wanted to discuss some matters with me?" She asked, stopping in front of Allison on the couch.

Right, she wanted to apologize and stuff! "I-" Wait, how did she word it in her head again? "Uhm that is-" she struggled for the words, she should just say it right? "S-Sorry." Allison tried to avert her eyes, but she just couldn't look completely away from Dahlia, keeping her in the corner of her vision. "It's just- I've had some people who have tried to make me into what they want without any concern for me and it was rather shocking to learn about the uh," she scratched at her face nervously, "the pet stuff. A-and I kinda freaked out."

Dahlia sighed, "No, Allison, it is I who should be apologizing to you." She stroked her face with a vine and Allison leaned into the familiar comfort, closing her eyes. "I could have made the time to tell you sooner, or gave you something to help accept the news or any of a number of things." She felt that stroke under her chin and opened her eyes to look at Dahlia. "I was selfish though, and didn't account that you might wish to remain independent."

Geh, this wasn't fair! She was supposed to be mad, not understanding! "b-but-" Dahlia pressed a finger to Allison's lips, silencing her.

"No buts, Allison." She stopped stammering and Dahlia continued, "I told you then and I'm tell you now: I made a mistake and needed to give you some space. I'm grateful you've decided you give me another chance to help you."

Allison sniffed back some welling emotions and pressed her face into Dahlia's palm, "I missed you Dahl." She felt her rumble as used her hand to scratch the back of Allison's head.

"Awww, aren't you two just cutest?" Lily squeed, oh fuck, did Allison really forget xe were here? "I'm sure you two have a lot of catching up to do, so I'll excuse myself for now."

Allison felt a pang, Lily still had something she needed right? Oh! "Ah, Mx Syringa, I still need my knife back!"

The joyous expression on xer face faded, "Dahlia, can you I have a chat outside for a moment?"

Dahlia responded in Affini before turning back to Allison, "This should only be a few moments Allison." She traced a few fingers along her cheek before turning and exiting the hab.

Allison felt the spot where Dahlia had touched, feeling it still tingle. She blinked, why did she feel lonely? Dahlia was just outside, she wasn't needy- she wasn't!

She was snapped out of her inner turmoil as the door opened and Dahlia entered again. The door closed. "Uhm, how did it go?" Allison asked.

Dahlia crossed the distance between them and sighed, "Xe was just concerned for you. But," Dahlia held something metallic between her finger and thumb- her knife! "it is time we talked about this."

Ah. Allison tried to avert her gaze again but still found it hard to completely look away, her hand fidgeted, "Uhm, it's just- It's rather important to me." She could feel Dahlia wanted her to continue, so she obliged, "I kinda just like the feel of it- the edge under my fingers, the snap of it opening, even the ridges on the small part of the back of the blade are such a lovely texture."

Dahlia hummed thoughtfully, "I believe you and I believe you've never used this knife for much more than scratching yourself however," Dahlia slid a vine under her chin in an all too familiar manner, Allison drowsily looked into her eyes. "There is something you aren't telling me."

Allison couldn't share that should trust Dahlia. "Sometimes I like to um." She poked her neck, adjusting her fingers until they rested against her carotid artery, "press it here. I like feeling my pulse against the blade. It's..." Allison couldn't help but smile as she recalled the feeling of her heart thrumming against the sharp edge. "Exciting."

Dahlia seemed satisfied with that answer, rewarding her with a few scratches that Allison found herself leaning into. "Good girl, such a good girl for telling me." Dahlia cooed. "Okay little one, you can have your knife again, on a few conditions."

Allison sat up, she was gonna get her knife back! "Uh, what are they?"

"First, you must never use this to harm yourself or another sophont." Dahlia paused so Allison could nod to show that she accepted the term. "Second is that you don't play with it in public spaces, especially when I am not present." She nodded, the last thing she needed was to lose her knife to some random Affini. "The third condition is that you let me find you something more appropriate to stim with."

Allison furrowed her brow, "But I like my knife, i-it's even saved my life a time or two!" It was like a part of her, being apart this long already was making her twitchy.

Dahlia sighed, "I understand Terrans pack bond with anything but Allison it's a knife. Not even independent sophonts regularly carry weapons."

She huffed, "I grew up on the outer worlds, a knife is a tool first and a weapon second. I've seen Affini with thorns the size of my head, I don't see the big deal." Allison pouted, Dahlia should understand right?

"I wouldn't be opposed to replacing your knife," Dahlia started, "but I mainly wanted something to offer in times where it is impractical."

Ah. Right. "Sorry, that should be fine, but, um, is that it?" She waved her hand, "For the conditions that is?"

Dahlia held a finger up, "One last thing, if you agree I would like to give you a Class H so I can bind you to it, it's not that I don't trust you. It is just a precaution. If that knife ever got misused-"

"I-I've never stabbed anyone!" Allison interjected, before half mumbling. "Well not anyone outside of getting mixed up in a fight at least. What's a class H anyways?"

Dahlia sat next to her on the couch, "Class H is a type of Xenodrugs that enhance the hypnotic abilities of us Affini. With it I can make it so you wouldn't even be able to think about drawing your knife outside of the hab." She gently laid her hands on Allison's knees as she explained, comforting and holding her in place.

Allison couldn't help but snort and break into a laugh, "Hypnosis? Hypnosis isn't real is it?" How could she ever think she'd buy that? If Dahlia could just hypnotize her into doing whatever- she'd be her pet already wouldn't she?

Dahlia's mask seemed to still for a moment before it burst into laughter, it was the most wonderful sound Allison had ever heard. "You really are too cute. Little Allison, hypnosis is very much real." Dahlia drew herself around Allison, gently scooping her into her lap. "You have, in fact, been hypnotized several times today alone."

"Huh?" Allison asked, her mind drawing a blank as to when, "Wh-what? Really?" Dahlia stroked her under the chin- oh it was time to look into her eyes again! She gazed blankly into them for a few moments when realization hit- "Your eyes!" She exclaimed, turning her head.

Dahlia giggled, "Yes, however an Affini had several hypnotic abilities- Terrans are capable of enjoying all but a few of them." She continued as a puzzled look grew on Allison's face, "Besides our eyes, Terrans find our voices easy to obey, our biorhythms soothing and easy to miss if they become accustomed."

Allison ran through a mental list, she did find Dahlia rather nice to be near, but was that because she liked her was she just caught in whatever her biorhythm was? That song in the distance wasn't making it easier to think, how long has it been playing anyways? Ugh, She just needed to decide if she trusted Dahlia enough to let her mess with her head, and she's already done so, right? "Uhm, I think I'll take the Class H." She felt a prick in her arm and few moments later everything started to get fuzzy.

Allison felt vines support her as she started to lose her balance. They held her up and turned her to face Dahlia, "Now just look into my eyes, listen to my voice, my rhythm." She couldn't imagine anywhere else she'd rather look. Ah, Allison could hear that song again, it was getting louder. It was... deep and primal but also light? She strained to focus on it, trying to pick out the composition.

"You are doing wonderful Allison, just continue to sink for me." Dahlia praised, rewarding her with few touches. "I'm going to count backwards from 5 now, just take deep breaths, relax, and sink." Relax and sink, Allison nodded slowly, she could do that.

"5." Allison felt the outside works lose focus as she sank deep into Dahlia's eyes.

"4." Ah, that music was getting louder, more clear, she couldn't place any instruments in the medley though. Some wind instruments? Drums of some kind for sure.

"3." Everything besides Dahlia and the music had faded away, she strained for a short moment, there was a world beyond Dahlia right? Oh well, if it was important Dahlia would say so.

"2." She was barely aware of anything beyond her, beside the rhythm that she now felt all around her.

"1." She was out like a light.


Allison blinked, suddenly aware on the couch. What had just happened? She agreed to taking the class H and- "Oh, you're up, how are you feeling?"

That was Alan excellent question. How was she feeling? She gave herself a quick rundown, "Uh, my mouth is a little dry and I'm kinda hungry." She scratched awkwardly at her head, "I don't really remember what happened after taking the Class-H either, how long was I out? Can I still have my knife?"

Dahlia booped her on the nose, "You were out for just under two hours so being a bit hungry and thirsty is par for the course." Dahlia offered her a glass of water and Allison took it, sipping as Dahlia continued. "As for the class H, not being able to recall the events is a sign it's taking. As such, I suppose it is time to return this to you." Dahlia poked a vine inside herself and retrieved Allison's knife, offering it to her.

Allison couldn't help but giggle in excitement as she tentatively took her knife, a satisfied smile crept onto her face as her hand was reunited with its partner. She flicked it open, relishing in the feel as the blade snapped into place. She felt the edge of it with her thumb, still in need of more than a few passes of a whetstone but sharp enough to delight in. A voice within reminded her to be careful. She rotated it a few degrees catching the glint of the edge before she broke the blade catch and closed the knife, running her thumb along the ridges of the back of it. She flicked it open again. Allison sighed, her arm was complete.

Dahlia emulated clearing her throat, oh fuck right, "Thank you Dahlia, you won't regret this!" Allison beamed, closing the knife again. Dahlia gave her knife back- that must mean she respected her as independent!

She rumbled in response, "Just remember our agreement little one." Allison nodded. "Now how about I fix you some lunch while you continue to rest and recover from the class H?" She nodded eagerly, excited to have Dahlia's cooking again. "That's a good girl," she stroked Allison's hair a few times causing her eyes to lose focus before gently placing their tablet in their lap. "I'll be a few minutes, feel free to entertain yourself as I make something." Dahlia winked, before disappearing into the kitchen.

Allison flicked her knife open and closed it a few times before tapping the Tablet to life. What to do however, hmm, maybe Dahlia could give her some ideas? She shook her head, it was like 20 to 30m, she didn't need Dahlia to fill every measly half hour. Allison suddenly recalled she had some other notifications in the chat application- opening it she found two messages from VerdantTrellis and one from FramePerfect. Skimming through the messaging it seems she caused some worry by just ghosting last time. Allison frowned, well she should at least poke her head in one last time to let them know it's fine right?

She logged onto the server.

[Server - NSSG]: Hello and Welcome back to the New Sophont Support Group @MyOwnShadow!
[FramePerfect]: oh hey
[FramePerfect]: wasn't sure if we'd see you again
[VerdantTrellis]: It is very nice to see you again shadow, did you ever talk with your Affini?
[Blooming Belle]: ohh is this the new person I missed yesterday?

Allison paused to consider her response for a moment, starting and deleting the message several times.

[MyOwnShadow]: She's not my Affini but yah we talked things out
[MyOwnShadow]: even got my knife back
[FramePerfect]: Huh, really? That's odd.
[VerdantTrellis]: I'm very happy you two talked it out :)
[VelvetRabbit]: I give it a week max before she's a full blown floret
[3000BeesInAJar]: I give it three days
[MyOwnShadow]: I'm not a pet!
[FramePerfect]: yet
[MyOwnShadow]: she's just helping me adjust to life in the compact
[MyOwnShadow]: she respects me as independent
[FramePerfect]: Stars you are too much
[VerdantTrellis]: And where is she now, little one?
[MyOwnShadow]: She's in the kitchen making lunch for me
[MyOwnShadow]: why?
[FramePerfect]: okay that's my limit lmfaooo bbl
[FramePerfect]: you need to get honest with yourself
[FramePerfect has left the server]
[3000BeesInAJar]: Shadow, are you sure you aren't like, already her pet?
[NotYourKitten]: if we're still placing bets I wanna put my non-extant dollars on under 72h
Allison puffed out her cheeks in annoyance. She proved herself as independent to Dahlia, why did everyone think she was about to go get domesticated? Also she would know if she was a pet! Right?

[MyOwnShadow]: it's not like that

[MyOwnShadow]: she's just a friend
[MyOwnShadow]: we still have some talking to do and she offered is all
[VerdantTrellis has placed the server in restricted mode! Only permitted members can reply!]
[VerdantTrellis]: Sorry for restricting the chat but this situation seems a tad delicate. I would like to take a moment to remind those here our purpose is to assist Sophonts find their place in compact whatever that place may be. Little Shadow, I wish you the best of luck with your friend. She sounds lovely, and I think you can make each other happy if you allow her in. That said, I'm giving you a temp ban, please come back tomorrow after you work it out with her.

[You have been banned from the server. Reason: You need to work this out with your Affini. Time remaining: 12h]

Allison tossed the tablet into the other corner of the couch out of frustration. Rude! Thinking she could get advice from those people was a mistake. They didn't even seem to understand her situation!

"Allison? Are you okay?" Ah crap, Dahlia must have heard her wing the tablet across the couch.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine." She swallowed, flicking her knife open and feeling its edge to calm herself, "Just got a bit annoyed with some folks online so I'm taking a break." Not the truth, but not really a lie either.

She heard Dahlia humm, "Breaks are good, I'm just finishing up here okay?"

Allison felt her mouth start to water at the promise of Dahlia's cooking. Oh, she should go get her stool from the bedroom so she could show Dahlia how resourceful she was! She slid off the couch and immediately fell on ground, knocking all the wind out of her. She rolled over groaning. Right. Still kind of uncoordinated from the Class E.

"Allison!" Dahlia burst into the room and scooped her up, exploring every inch of her body with vines. Allison whimpered as they touched a few sensitive spots. "Thank goodness, nothing's broken." Dahlia sighed, "Next time just ask me for assistance okay?"

Allison winced, the fall hurt, sure, but the only real damage was to her pride. "But-"

A finger placed on her lips silenced her, "No 'buts' Allison. Your Xenodrugs mean you need a little help sometimes and I'm more than willing to give it to you, whether you want it or not." Allison nodded, afraid to protest. "Wonderful!" She clapped her hands together, interweaving her fingers, "Lunch is ready too, let's get you fed."

Dahlia scooped her up again, Allison's heart raced; she felt the Affini's gentle warmth and rhythm surrounding her. It was getting harder to deny she kinda liked it. She was set down in a seat at the kitchen table, in front of her was a large hamburger with a side of fries. She could see the heat coming off them and the smell was heavenly. 

She felt a vine wipe at the corner of her mouth, "You are drooling, little one."

Allison wiped at her mouth, "Sorry," she apologized, "It looks delicious though, thanks Dahlia."

Dahlia made a satisfied noise as they began to eat, "Nothing to apologize for Allison, it was rather cute." She blushed and kept her mouth stuffed as an excuse to keep silent. Drooling on herself was cute? Allison's mind flashed back to Lily's words- The Affini loved to exercise total control over their drugged out pets. Unbidden, images of her so high she can't do more than moan as Dahlia attended to her needs and showered her with undivided attention. Oh God, was that something Dahlia wanted? Well, maybe if it was with Dahlia trying it wouldn't be too bad... "Allison?" Dahlia snapped her out of her daze.

She chewed a few times before swallowing and took a drink from the water Dahlia had laid out for her, "Sorry, I was just uh," just thinking about you drugging me brainless and ravishing me! Y'know, just thought it might be kinda fun. Something else. Anything else. "Stuff. 's not important. Forgot it anyways." Great, nailed it. Allison took another large bite.

"Well if you remember what it is that's bothering you, I would love to help. Same with anything else troubling you." Dahlia smiled. She knew they were lying right? Dahlia had to know she was dodging the question. Geh, Allison didn't have energy for these games. "Actually if you don't mind, there's a few things I'd like to ask." Her eye twitched. Ah, there it is.

"Wha-" Allison started, forgetting her mouth was full. Holding up a finger she quickly choked the rest down. "What sort of questions?" She narrowed her eyes, watching the Affini carefully.

"I was curious about your plans once my wardship ends," Dahlia said, "the standard observation time is two weeks so we're already just about halfway through." Ugh, plans huh? Wait, Dahlia was just gonna leave? "If you don't have any that's fine, I just thought you might with how adamant you've been about remaining independent."

Allison grumbled, it's a good thing she had finished most of the burger as it suddenly lost its flavor. "I dunno, probably get off this rock for starters." She shrugged, "Probably just travel around, get high and listen to some licks. Maybe learn to play now that I don't have to worry about bustin sixty plus hour weeks just to feed and shelter myself." She picked at a few of fries.

Allison couldn't quite discern the emotion in Dahlia's mask. "Darling, I don't mean to upset you, but I think you might want to seriously consider domestication."

Allison blinked, taken off guard, "So I don't really have any plans or whatever. Isn't that fine? Can't I just, vibe on my own or whatever?" She took a drink of water.

"It is true there are sophonts that can and do live happily in near solitude but you," Dahlia jabbed her lightly in the sternum, "Have a tendency to completely shut down and self isolate. Terrans are a social species, you've done- well, not irreparable damage, but significant damage to your psyche. I'm afraid without an Affini to help draw you out your mental health will decline."

"I-i can take care of myself you know!" Allison stammered in her defense. She wished she still had an appetite so she could keep her silence through chewing.

The vine that poked her wagged in front of her, like a lecturing parent, "Physically maybe," Dahlia corrected, "Emotionally and mentally however, well..."

Unfair! Rude! Character assassination! "N-name one way then!" She demanded, before quickly amending, "Besides the suicide attempts and the cutting!"

Dahlia raised a makeshift eyebrow, "Allison those two things alone are enough to get most domesticated, if they weren't in the past we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Nonetheless, I will entertain you." Dahlia held up fingers as she started to list off, "You shut down when are nice to you, you shut down when people are rude to you, you are suspicious of anyone who talks to you, you go on the offensive if you perceive you are getting attacked, you-"

"Okay, okay, okay, I get it!" Allison interrupted, "so what if I kinda suck at that stuff? Surely my only option isn't being a pet?"

Dahlia's gaze turned soft, "Oh, Allison, of course not. Even if you don't decide to be domesticated you can still have an Affini help you, it's just what we can do for an independent sophont versus our florets are worlds apart." She sighed and caressed Allison's face with a vine, "I just want you to have the happiness you deserve."

Allison scoffed lightly, relaxing into the vine, "Deserve, huh? I don't know about deserve. Lots of folk deserve things they won't ever get, lots of 'em get things they can't ever deserve. I don't think a person can deserve love anymore than they can deserve to be unloved."

Another vine joined the first to squeeze her cheeks playfully, "Nope." Dahlia sang.

Allison blinked as Dahlia released her face, "No? What?"

"What I mean is," Dahlia clarified, "You are wrong. You deserve love and understanding as does every sophont, and you will get them regardless of if you decide to be domesticated or not." She postured herself pridefully, "That is the promise of the Affini Compact and that is the promise I will make to you now."

Allison smiled faintly, letting out a short and resigned laugh, "Heh, you're seriously too good Dahl." She sighed, "I wouldn't want to waste your time though, I don't think being a floret is for me."

Allison vocalized pleasure as Dahlia stroked her hair, "Allison, If you truly wish to live independently I would love to help you."

"But wait, is that still living independently?" Allison puzzled, "What's the difference between living with you as an independent and being your floret anyways?" Everytime she thought she had a grasp on it, it seemed there was some nuance she missed that threw her whole perception off. Why was everything in the compact so confusing?

"The main difference is with a sophont we must communicate with them and make sure they are comfortable with their treatment. With a Floret, while there is communication, in the end it is the owner who decides what's best." Dahlia paused to think, "This explanation is apt but, perhaps, you would prefer some 'hands-on' experience?"

Allison narrowed her eyes, she felt like she knew what Dahlia was playing but it was better to make sure than reveal her hand. "And by hands on experience you mean?"

"Be my Floret for the rest of the Evening." Dahlia smiled, "Nothing legally binding of course and I give you my word I won't do anything too severe." She held up a finger, "But from now until bed you will be more or less treated exactly as if you were mine. Then we can decide where to go from there tomorrow, no strings attached. "

Allison clenched her jaw, keeping herself from agreeing immediately. She felt her heart stir, oh God, she wanted this. She had to know what it would be like to actually be hers. Allison chewed on her lip, Dahlia couldn't just claim her as her floret unless she wanted her to or she would've done so by now, right? So as long as Allison didn't break it should be fine, it was just a few hours. Should be easy. "N-No strings attached? If I don't like it will you drop this whole 'domestication' thing?"

Dahlia nodded, "If your experience is anything less than heavenly, I will not broach the subject again."

She should probably reconsider. Wasn't Dahlia messing with her head? She should back out trust Dahlia. Allison nodded, "A-alright, um, if it's just for the evening." She swallowed nervously, "How did you-" oh Dahlia wanted her to look into her eyes again! Bits of gold and pink swirled and surfaced hypnotically in pools of pale lavender light and she felt a prick as she sunk deeper and deeper and deeper....


Allison Tagetes, First Floret had awareness dawning on her. The first sensation to return was the comforting familiar vines of her Mistress caressing her all over. The second was her Mistress' rhythm, followed shortly the whiny, mewling sounds coming from her own throat. Lastly her eyes finally began to focus, her Mistress' face becoming clear.

"Hello my little Allie-cat," Dahlia teased, "It's so very nice to see you again."

Allison flustered, her limbs still weren't responding, "M-Mistress, please, that nickname is embarrassing." Mistress was such a flirt, bringing up her short lived career as a camgirl like that.

Dahlia tickled her nose causing Allison to giggle uncontrollably, "Well I thought the word play was rather cute." She then looped a vine into her collar and tugged them by it, just enough to feel the tension of the leash. "Unfortunately for you, Pet, I get decide what you are called."

Allison's cheeks were slightly flushed before, but now her whole face was crimson as she melted into a puddle of noises. Fuck it was hot when Mistress did that.

"Ahh I've waited so long to play with you like this kitten." Dahlia cooed, scratching from the top of her head all the way down to the base of her neck.

That was strange, she played with Mistress all the time didn't she? Allison's head was swimming in the usual xenodrug soup that slowed her thoughts, and her Mistress' attentions were making thinky stuff any easier. Best to leave that sort of thing to Mistress anyways, pets don't need to think, Mistress told her as much. All she had to do was give her all her love and adoration and Mistress already had that.

"I would like to try something pet," Dahlia stated, sliding a vine into her hand, "If it gets too intense, squeeze twice and we will stop."

Allison nodded drowsily, Mistress was the best, she was always coming up with new ways to play with her. Vines slid over her eyes in a blindfold and wrapped around her already useless limbs, further binding them in place. Allison smiled vacantly, waiting for the real game to start.

She felt a thorned vine lightly drag itself across her back causing her cry out in pleasure and pain, "M-Mistress!" A finger pressed into her mouth and Allison moaned into it, still in the afterglow.

"Kittens don't speak, do they?" Dahlia teased, removing her finger.

Oh, duh, she was such an airhead sometimes. "Miaow?" She was rewarded with the sense of her owners pride.

"Good kitten," Dahlia cooed, "What a good kitten. Do you know what good kittens get?" Allison didn't try to respond, she merely trembled in expectation of the answer. The next words came from so close Allison could swear they came from within. "Good kittens get rewarded." Another slow stroke of the thorns traced it's way up her back this time, and Allison let out a choked yowl of ecstasy.

She was panting heavily with desire as the xenodrugs worked overtime, coating the stinging pain with heavy layers of pleasure. Allison felt something sharp lightly trace it's way around her neck, a single thorn on a vine. It wrapped around her neck twice and the thorn stopped right on top of her pulse. Allison tried pushed into it, whimpering, she could feel her pulse against it, just barely. "Oh? Does my Allie-cat like that?"

She mewled again and again, sounding as needy as possible. Please please please Mistress she needed it please, she begged mentally. The vines tightened around her neck, making it nigh impossible to breathe and digging the thorn into her artery. "What a good kitten." Her heart was pounding loudly in her ears, she was pleasing her Mistress!

The thorned vine returned, dragging itself slowly one more time between the two previous spots. All the air went from lungs and she felt the vine and her neck loosen for just a moment so she could catch it, keeping the thorn pressed to her pulse. This continued for some time Allison was losing herself to the rhythm of her Mistress and of the process of a vine choking her, another vine tearing her back, being allowed a few ragged breaths and then starting over again. She could feel the beating of her heart start to slow with each cycle. Her Mistress' rhythm was slowing down too. Her vision was filling with stars, she was actively fainting and she never wanted this end.

Suddenly the vines entangling withdrew and she could see again. "Ah, you really are too cute." Her voice was quivering with pleasure and Allison quaked alongside it. Dahlia looked so proud of her! Allison felt a swelling of pride as her eyes struggled to focus on the Affini holding her, she was such a good pet for her Mistress. "Let's get you fed and ready for bed, yes?"

Allison nodded and nuzzled into her Mistress, it wasn't a question but it was nice to say yes anyways. Something cooking smelled delicious and she realized just how hungry she was. Luckily, she didn't have to wait long and soon found herself sitting in her Mistress' lap. A tap on the cheek let her know when to open and close her mouth so Mistress could feed her. She even let her know when to swallow by massaging her throat. The meal progressed quickly with Dahlia setting the pace and soon she had finished her dinner.

Dahlia picked her up again and hummed happily, carrying her into the bathroom. She ran the water and selected several of the bottles off the wall, pouring them into the bath and causing large suds to form. Once satisfied she lowered Allison into the warm, soapy water. Allison sighed, the water felt so wonderful on her sore back. "Is the temperature alright kitten?" She added in a whisper, "You can use your words if you wish."

Allison merely nodded, "Mm-hm" the soaps were already starting to scramble her brain even further.

"Good, good," Dahlia poured some the water over her head and began to wash her hair, other vines scrubbing the rest of her down. "Just relax and let me handle the rest."

Between the warm water, the comfort of her Mistress and being worn out from play, Allison felt drowsiness start to overtake her. "Mistressss" she slurred, "'m sleepy."

Dahlia sighed- was Mistress sad about something?- "Yes I suppose you are. Sleep then, my little Allie-cat, we have much to discuss tomorrow."

Allison was already fighting to stay awake, but with her Mistress' permission she drifted off happily.


Allison woke up feeling like someone had replaced her entire brain with cotton. She was in bed? She mentally traced her steps- she remembered making some kind of a deal with Mistre- with Dahlia? Flashes of the utter pleasure from the prior night poked through and Allison's face burned, i-it couldn't have actually been that good right? She didn't break did she?

"Allison? Are you awake?" Dahlia called, and Allison felt that strange pang again. It was something like longing?

"Uh, yeah, give me like twenty minutes and I'll be down." She called back, buying herself some time. She noticed was wearing the pajamas Dahlia had given her, looking around she spotted some of her old clothes neatly folded, placed far from her on the bed, with her knife on top. That's right, it was merely a trial, she was still independent! Last night, as little as she could recall, didn't have to mean anything! Allison made her way over to the pile and grabbed the knife, flicking it open. She still had her independence- but why did that feel vaguely empty all the sudden?

Yay-yuh she finally got her knife back! An object she is absolutely not conflating with her independence and has a completely healthy relationship with! Now if only she could pin down that weird feeling she's been having since Dahlia came back...

Last chapter middle of next week sometime God willing. Thank you all for the wonderful support so far! Also yes I think I'm clever for Allie-Cat.

  • PPS: 👁️👁️ @ the one person who found my external social media 

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