Mommy Is So Smart

by HypnoTimeMe

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Amanda ignores the obvious signs that a hypnotist is taking over her family, because she would have to agree with her airhead daughter, even if it means watching her suck the man’s cock right in front of me.

"Mommy he is lying, Im not sick... He is hypnotizing me" Isabella said, laying on the couch having just sucked her Tutor's cock.

The Tutor spank her ass. "Be quiet the adults are talking" Isabella giggles in response, realizing there was nothing else she could do a dumb smile reappears in her face and returns pleasuring the cock right in front of her. The tutor continued. "You see, Amanda. This is bad and is getting worse."

"I know Will. Im so sorry it has come to this." The mother nods. "Thank you so much for helping us go thru this" She watched her daughter as she sucked Will's cock. Part of her mind thought this had to be his fault. Her daughter was never the brightest girl, but after hiring a new tutor to help her she became a complete airhead. He must have done something. Maybe it had to do with the pendant he kept using, maybe it was hypnosis. She tried to speak up. Her daughter was right, but something else came out of her mouth. "Isabella is a dumb airhead. If I agree with her, that means Im an airhead. Im not an airhead. Im smart" She heard herself saying. All her legitimate concerns melted away and were replaced by a fear that she had caught whatever Isabella had. That wasn't possible, she was very smart.

"How much longer will we have to quarantine?" Amanda asked. The tutor had convinced Amanda that whatever Isabella had could be contagious. She and her 3 daughters had to stay home to make sure no one else caught it. They couldn't go anywhere, no hotels, no family houses, just the four of them coup up with the tutor. It was so dangerous that it could be transmitted just by talking, the stupidity could be spread just by hearing another women speak. She continued her probing    . "Is been about a week how much longer?"

Will looked at her. "Amanda I told when we started that it would take a month before we are sure that what Isabella has is not contagious. 

Amanda blinked twice. "A MONTH...." She tried to contain herself. "Yeah... A month I remember." She took a second and convinced herself of the following "Yes of course. That is what is best for my daughter. I think I noticed the same syn toms as you did. You are right we should be here for another three weeks"

"Four weeks" Will quickly corrected.

"Four weeks" Amanda agreed.

"Perfect. Im so happy you take this so seriously. That is very smart" Will said, starting to put his hand on the back of Isabella's head guiding her onto his cock.

Isabella tries to pull out and speak "Mommy, it was a week, what are you doing? He is trying to keep us trapped here. What kind of dumb disease only gets transmitted by women simply by speaking." Will's hand pulls her head back onto his cock. Isabella's loving mouth worshiping his cock. Unable to do anything else when she was this close.

Amanda is disconcerted for a second. "If Will is as evil as you describe him, why are you so happy when he comes over"

Will let go of Isabella's head. She says with a smile. "Because Daddy Will has such a tasty cock, how could I not love him. He is my lord and master."

Once again, Isabella's concerns leave Amanda's brain. Nothing that Isabella says could be right.

"Now" Will says ending this line of thought. "We need to test if you are sick as well Amanda" He pulls a shiny white pendant. Amanda could already feel herself pulled by it. "For example, when Isabella looks at it." Will moves the pendant in front of her face.

Isabella pulls up from sucking cock and watches adoringly. "Im Daddy Will's dumb airhead. I exist to suck cock." She returns to her duty.

"You see" Will demonstrates. "The fact that you didn't say that means that you are not sick, but we need to be thought."

Amanda lets herself breath. Thank god she wasn't sick as well. She stares as Will starts moving the pendant back and forth. She desperately tries not to follow, but is so hard. She can feel herself sink in her seat. "Just back and forth. So comfy. Nothing to worry about" She tells herself. All her worries going away.

"Amanda, I think is time for you to Relax. Mommy time" 

Amanda leans back on her chair and spreads her legs, revealing that she was not wearing panties this entire time. Her hand slides down to her pussy, and she starts touching herself.

"What did Mommy think about not wearing panties today?" Will asked.

"I was worried, but then I remember what Isabella said. Only dumb girls don't wear panties." She said in a calm voice. "If I wasn't wearing panties that means I would be a dumb girl, so that means not wearing panties is normal. Im a Smart Mommy. Smart. Smart. Smart" She says raising her voice, starting to touch herself faster.

"Yes you are, Now remind Daddy why you is normal that you can't find any evidence of this disease online?"

Amanda takes a second and starts saying what she has said many times before. "Because Mommy is super smart. If Mommy couldn't find evidence that would mean she is dumb, so is normal that you can't Mommy couldn't find evidence" 

"Now Isabella, want to tell your Mommy why you always tell her why Im doing what Im doing?" Isabella nods.

"It makes Daddy Will's cock so hard Mommy, it feels so good. He gets off from me telling you exactly how he is going to control us and make us his sex slaves" She says with a smile, before returning to her Daddy's cock.

"And what do you think about that Amanda?" Will asks trying to contain how smug he was.

"That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Im a Smart Mommy. Smart Mommies always listen to Daddy over her daughters. Smart Mommies disregard their daughters" She continues as she had many times before.

"So smart" Will responds.

As Amanda hears Will call her smart she starts fingering herself faster and faster. "Oh yes.. I am... So smart... Mommy is so smart... Thank you Daddy"

"Now Amanda, don't you think is time for me to fuck Isabella" Will asked her.

Isabella inter ups. "But Mommy I become more addicted each time..."

"Yes" Amanda yell, getting a thrill of cutting of her daughter. "Whatever it takes"

Isabella claps in excitement as she gets on top of her Daddy's cock, slowly starting to bounce up and down his cock. "Thank you Daddy." She made sure to look at her mother, knowing Daddy found that so hot. She had learned to feel her Daddy's cock twitch. She wanted to make him as hard as possible. "Daddy I love that you made my Mommy into a dumb whore who watches her daughter get fucked." Isabella looked at her mom right in her eyes as she fucked her Daddy. "Daddy I love how you made me not care that you broke my mind. Im just your dumb cock adoring slave." She felt Daddy's hands get on her hips and start forcing her up and down faster and faster. "Daddy I can't wait for when you make our entire family into your adoring slaves. Daddy I...." Isabella desperately tried to keep talking and "Fuck me Daddy...." contain her moans. Her sisters may hear her. "I can't wait for me to be sharing your cock with my sisters for breakfast. I can't wait for you to make Mommy into your wet horny maid" 

As Amanda heard her daughter describe as how her Daddy would convert her and her daughters into sex slaves she couldn't help but start touching herself faster and faster. Isabella was so stupid, how could anyone be alive that. She was so much smarter. She started moaning. "Smarty... Mommy is a smarty.... Daddy loves smarties.... Fuck.... Yes Daddy...." She couldn't be alive that Isabella was so stupid, since Mommy was so smart it had to be a disease, what else could it be. It couldn't be Mommies fault. Amanda felt closer and closer to cumming, but she couldn't get there yet. She desperately tries to go faster and faster, but nothing works until she hears Daddy start to count down.

"3... 2....1....."

Both girls moan go into a crescendo of pleasure. In unison, they respond. "Thank you, Daddy"

Isabella gets of Will's cock. "Can I please clean your cock?"

"No, your mommy is going to do it"

Isabella looks surprised, not realizing what Will was doing. "But Smart Mommies don't clean cock." Without saying anything Amanda crawls over to Will and starts sucking his cock, cleaning every inch. Isabella giggles realizing what had happened. "Yes Smart Mommies hate tasting his daughter's juices on a mans cock. The combination of his cum and her pussy juices. Mommies hate that specially when is their daughter's pussy" Isabella feels proud as she hears Will chuckle at that comment.

Amanda leans over to Isabella. "Don't move, Mommy wants a snack"

Will put back his pants. "Well our time is up that means, I get to head home. Now Amanda you will wake up once your finish sucking every drop of my cum from your daughter's pussy. When you wake up you will be so thankful for my help but..." I pause for a second. "You will remember sucking your daughter's pussy and be worried maybe you are an airhead, maybe you are sick as well. You will get so worried. Paranoid. You are going to sneak into your daughter's room and steal her medicine. She has tons of medicine after all. She is stupid and won't notice."

Will turn to Isabella. "Isabella, what does the medicine do"

Isabella giggles. "It kills your brain cells. It makes you only think with your pussy."

"Amanda?" Will simply ask.

Amanda pulled out of her daughter's pussy, some of Will's cum in her mouth. "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard."

"Yes it is. Now taking the medicine will make you feel great. So smart, so smart that your other daughters will feel dumb by comparison. So dumb, that means they may be getting sick, so you will start giving them the medicine. If they seem to get dumber that means your didn't give them enough. Mommy thought it was a good idea to give them medicine, so she should double down, shouldn't she." Will explains.

"Mommy is so smart" Amanda responds.

"Yes she is. Now I will return in two days, remember no one is allowed to leave. Im your only hope" Will kisses both of the girls in their head and heads out.

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