Long Lost Lover

by HypnoTimeMe

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #dom:male #exhibitionism #sub:female

Sarah’s mother reconnects with her long lost master in the middle of a mall. Is normal when your mom undresses for a man in public, right?

"Wait why is she naked! How did I not notice bafore!" Sarah was in shock. Her mother, Monica, had suddently called out to the man. The man was teasing a collared naked girl in the middle of a public mall. They were sitting at a table, the petite girl in his lap moaning in pleasure as people walked past as if nothing was wrong. Was everyone blind? Was she blind before? Sarah could feel herself calm down once again, hard to pay attention to them, the memory erasing itself, but then her mother called them out again. 

"Henry is that you?" Monica called, her voice full of surprised and joy. The man still unaware of our existence.

"Mom what is happening?" Sarah tried to find answers. She turned to her mother, finding her fixing her hair, unbottoning her blouse, and lifting her skirt so much that you could see her panties. Her mother finally turned back to see her. Something was wrong. Desperation. Monica looked up and down her daughter almost as if she was an object. "Mom... what are you doing?" 

Monica smiled. "Dear, Im just making you pretty" she started unbottoning Sarah's shirt, just like hers. "Need to look our best." she giggled. As she lifted her skirt, she sighed dissapointed. "Panties and bra's don't match... Did I not teach you better. Well... I guess this will do..."

Sarah felt as her mother took her hand and pulled her towards the man. She looked at them in shock. She had forgotten they existed once again. Maybe it was shock from her mother's behavior. 

"Henry!" Monica called. The man finally paying attention. He smiled, looking mildly amused. "Henry, how are you doing? It has been so long?" They stopped right in front of him. 

Now that the man had akgnoledge them, Sarah could finally focus on the couple. Almost as if she had permission now. The man must have been about the same age as her mother. Sarah couldn't help but to move her sight on to the naked girl, lovingly cuddliling with the man. The girl didn't notice them until the man had stopped playing with her breasts and pussy. Suddently her face went red and her hands started covering her body. "Don't worry" Sarah heard the man's voice for the first time and even thou he was not speaking to her, Sarah felt herself calm down. She started to make excuses. There must be a reason this is happening. The girls looks happy, it must be fine. No one seems to care. She can feel herself letting go. The man continued talking to the girl. "Don't worry dear, Im sure they are friends. I told you, there is nothing to be worried when you are with me. You can be your real self." He kissed her in the forehead. "Now be a darling a play with yourself. You love watching Master take control don't you" She nodded moving on top of the table, spreading her legs and teasing her own pussy.

The man finally turned to look at them. He gestured to Monica, telling her to walk toward him. Without him having to say a word, she obeyed. With no hesitation he slid his hand down Monica's panties. Sarah looked in horror as her mother starting moaning. "Thank you Henry... Your good little slut, loves being played with"

"Henry?" The man said confused. "No one calls me that anymore. I tend to go by Master now." he giggles "You must have been some one of the first girls I met. How long has it been?"

Monica had to help herself from just moaning, nothing more than squeels of pleasure. "More than 20 years master. I was in college. I think of you everyday master. Every time I touched myself. Spank myself. Remind myself my place. I know you told me to find love and get a life, but I never forgot you. Nothing felt as good. Every time my ex-husband fucked me... I thought of you. I wished it was you. I wished I was still your good little slut." Sarah could feel herself in shock as she heared this information. But her "rational" mind fought back. There was nothing wrong. Her mother was happy right now, her mother had clearly loved this guy before. They were not hurting anyone. Her mom deseved to be happy after her dad died. "Master..." Monica continued between moans. She pulled the remaining bottons off and pushed her bra down. Her breasts in full view. "I hope this helps you remember. You always said my breasts were your favorite."

Master laughed before turning to Sarah. "Is this your daughter?" he asked. 

"Yes, master" her mother responded promptly. "She is in college. About a year older than when you found me. Do you like her? She looks just like I did at that age."

"Sarah, could you please help us?" master asked. "Your mother has changed so much, but I think your body will be able to scramble my memory."

Sarah wanted to fight back. This made her sick, but once again her "rational mind" bud in. She wanted to be helpful. She wanted nothing more but help her mother become this man's happy little slut again. "Of course" she smiled. Carefully taking off her shirt and bra and putting it in a table near by. Then she stood up straight making sure her breasts were in perfect view.

"Oh I remember now" Master stood up, leaning in until Sarah's mother and Master started kissing. "It has been so long. Lets see if you remember me as much as you claim Present yourself." Monica happily took off the rest of her clothes with no thought on where it ended up. Her soaked panties and skirt simply in the floor. Then she put her hands behind her head and kept her legs slightly apart. "Your happy little slut lives to be used"

Sarah could feel herself starting to get turned on. This was a new feeling for her, she had started to think she was ace, but now... Watching her mother be dominated like this. She looked her up and down, still and obidient. Soon noticed that her mother was so turned on that she could see her juices slide down her legs.  She wanted that all of it. Master turned to her, feeling under pressure, she made sure to look good, still, just like her mother.

"Monica, did you not teach your daughter to always wear matching underwear?" he asked. Sarah's face turning bright red. She wanted to apologize, but maybe speaking would make it worse. Master spoke to her mother not her. Sarah wanted to be liked so bad. She simply moved her arms behind her head like her mother and tried her best to make a smile.

"Sorry Master... I was dumb. I should have know. You told me so many times. Good little sluts should always be ready for Henry... I mean Master. Good sluts should always be ready for Master. I should have made sure that if you ran into your slut and her daughter, she would be ready" Monica finished.

"Has she even had a boyfriend yet?" Master asked. Sarah could feel her heart sink as her mother nodded No. She felt pathetic, worthless. "She is just like you Monica. A virgin, Im not surprised, but don't worry I think she can be a good little slut, just like you were."

Monica sounded excstatic. "Master Please... Teach her like you taught me. Let her be your happy little slut. It was the best time of my life. Before we met, I didn't understand myself. I was ashamed of my body. I was scared of my sexuality. I was lost and you found me. I have done a bad job as a mother, but you can fix it. Please."

Master moved towards Sarah. Sarah still stood there silently, her breasts for master to see. Her mind jumping back and forth if she should completly undress like her mother, but that would mean she would have to stop presenting. Nothing could calm her down. Then she could feel Master's hand starting to grope her breasts and all that stressed melt away. She was in heaven. He got in one knee and took off her skirt and now soaked panties. She couldn't look down but she could feel her juices dripping down her leg just like her mother. Sarah could feel as Masters loving hands felt her body slowly moving down to her pussy. The anticipation killing her until she finally felt his hand start teasing her virgin pussy. The plesure overwhealming, it became so hard to think. She desperatly tried not to moan. Master has not given me permission yet. Everything else left her mind. Nothing but the need to obey, to present. Holding in the moan making it so much harder to keep it in. Master moved back up, towering over Sarah. "Sarah, would you like to be my happy little slut?"

"Yes..." Sarah's rational mind wanted this more than anything. This was perfect, but there was another voice inside her. One that knew this was right and if she didn't not fight now, she may never get a chance again. "but with one condition" Master looked surprised. "my mother also gets to be your happy little slut"

"You would really give it all up for your mom" Master asked. Sarah felt terrible, she threw it all away. But she had to take the shot. Her mom wanted this so bad. Sarah loved her mom so much, even if she was going to regret it for the rest of her life, she had to take a chance.

"Yes. Sorry Master"

Master laughed at himself. "Well I would hate to break a pair anyways"

Sarah tried to keep her enjoyment in "Thank you Master."

Master turned around, "Girls I think is time for us to head home. A mall is no place for Sarah to start her training. The first time is special"

For the first time in a long time, Sarah remembered that she was in public, but she didn't care. When she was with Master, she didn't have to worry about anything. Her mind was focused on her mother. Seeing what she did. Wanting to be a good slut like her. When Sarah finally saw her mother move, she felt her body freed as well, rushing to her and embracing. Their naked bodies against each other. "Mommy we will get to be happy little sluts togueter."

"I know I can't bealive this is happening" Monica leaned in and kissed Sarah in the mouth. Sarah returned the kissed. Her mother always knew best. Her mother was right, Monica's touch sending wonderful chills down her body. 

Next thing Sarah knew, Master called them, the girl on her leash standing next to him. She held out her hands. "Master doesn't have leashes for both of you here, so make sure to hold tight." Monica and Sarah each held one of the girl's hands as Master guided the three of them out of the mall.

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