Another Before

by Mars

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #therapist #D/s #pov:bottom #sub:female #unethical_therapist

A woman decides she needs to end her sessions with her therapist, but she just can’t seem to slip away.

This story was originally published in 2017 on my old tumblr page. Enjoy!

I think I’m a nymphomaniac. I don’t know why I say that.

Also, I should probably get a new therapist, because I’m fucking my old one.

I don’t know, maybe it had something to do with the fact that she told me what to do all the time, so when she told me to eat her out right there in her office, I didn’t really think about it much, I just… Did it.

Let me back up.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Vienna for only about 2 months, but it feels like it's been much longer. During that time I’ve basically told her everything about my life. We talked about my family, my childhood, my daddy issues, where I grew up, what my friends were like, where I went to college, how much I drank, what my life was like now, what color underwear I liked, how my work was progressing, how much I loved her pussy, what type of exercise I liked, how much sex I had, what my favorite food was, how good it felt to be brainwashed, and so on. You know, the usual stuff.

But about a month ago, I started forgetting things about our sessions. I felt like I would sit down, listen to Dr. Vienna recap my last visit, blink, and then it would be time for me to leave. Were things becoming too routine? Was my mind just not considering what we said to be important enough to commit to memory? God forbid, was I falling asleep just listening to her talk? Drifting off while the reflections of the lights off her increasingly intricate jewelry flashed across my drowsy eyes?

Maybe that was it, how she dressed up. Was it too distracting? She had started to wear this long turquoise necklace that sparkled in the sunlight, and it stopped my train of thought every time it did. A curious thought would come in to replace it, but it felt like a shadow passing along the back of my mind, and it felt like while I couldn't hear her, a part of me was listening to her words more, not less.

I didn’t think anything of it that first time, but then the next session she had these uber reflective bracelets on that just caught the sunlight every time she moved. And since she loved to use body language, they flashed at me all the time.

This just continued, one day she’d wear earrings that would shine and shimmer, the next she’d wear a necklace with an emerald that I could just stare into for the whole time. Every time, I would just stare at whatever caught my attention, then before I knew it, she was standing up and telling me to schedule my next session. Every time, I would just space out, stare, and ‘listen’ to what she had to say, but it was like I was only subconsciously listening. I would hear her and occasionally respond, but I never remembered what either of us said afterward.

I thought maybe I was spacing out because we didn’t have much to talk about, and that maybe it was time to end the therapy. After all, my life was in order now, unlike when we had started. My work was enjoyable, I had friends I actually talked to, I was eating healthy, and I just felt like I belonged in the spaces I occupied. I met all the goals I’d set for myself, so maybe I’d be alright without Dr. Vienna to guide me through my mind- I mean, my life.

But I really began to feel attached to the doctor. I trusted her more than anyone I’d ever known, and I know there’s supposed to be a “doctor-patient relationship” professionalism there, but it really felt like maybe something was going on between us.

For example, when I accidentally blurted out how attractive I thought she was, she just bit her lip and thanked me, before turning back to her notes. When I told her I wanted to know what her tongue piercing felt like, she didn’t hesitate to shove it down my throat when we kissed. When she told me she had an exercise that required both of us to be naked, my clothes were off before she turned around, because I trust her. I more than trust her…

But despite all that, I was going to come in today and tell her that I was ending our sessions. I didn't need them to improve my life anymore and it was quite expensive, but I secretly hoped I could convince her to still see me outside of work, as a friend or fucktoy or something. I don’t think I ever got around to that.

You see, she was wearing this deep red ruby on her necklace that just caught every bit of my attention as soon as I walked in. And before I knew it, my clothes were strewn across the room as I started doing breathing exercises for her.

And things just… Happened. She led through positive thinking, then stretching, then playing, then loosening the bolts of my mind to let her version of myself out...

So yeah, here I am, on my knees, eating out Dr. Vienna like a sex crazed nymphomaniac. But really it’s not like that, Dr. Vienna is doing this cause she knows how relaxed and obedient it makes me. She knows I need to relax a bit more in my busy life. I know I’m doing such a good job too, her moans and hands in my hair tell me that.

Her hands on the back of my head suddenly push me inward. My air supply is cut off but I know I have to keep licking and sucking no matter what, as the doctor’s hips buck, as her hands dig into my hair, and as she finally orgasms, spraying sweet nectar across my face.

And time again just disappears.

Oh, I love this part of the session. Dr. Vienna has this exercise where I stare at her necklace and repeat things (I never remember what exactly), while she rams my backdoor as hard as she can. It gets me to release tension like you wouldn’t believe, and I’m always so relaxed for the rest of the week after we do it.

I hear myself repeating words… 'Fucktoy…’ 'Submissive…’ 'Obedient…’, And I feel those words sink into my head, only to be erased from my memory every time I feel the ecstasy that comes from her being fully inside me. It just--Oh god, oh fuck-- disappears.

She tells me with every movement I become a little more obedient, every flash of the crystal makes me a little bit more hers, every stroke makes me forget a little bit more… makes me forget more…

Her fingers snap.

Dr. Vienna sits back in her chair as I come up. “Well! That was a wonderful session! Be sure to check with the secretary, and I hope to see you next week!” Dr. Vienna begins to pack up her stuff. I yawn and shake my head, it feels like it's been covered in cobwebs, but it also feels nearly drowned in pleasure. I nearly moan aloud, before slapping a hand over mouth. Wait, is the session over already? We’d just started, right?

I want to say something, but my hand automatically reaches for my coat as my legs carry me out of her office posthaste. I hadn’t even had a chance to talk about cancelling our sessions. But maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. She had been so good to me over the last few months, and like I said, it felt like a special connection we shared. I always do feel so much better after her sessions, maybe if I went for a few more weeks it wouldn’t hurt.


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