Wired into the Grid

Chapter 3: Tightening the Grid

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #masturbation #pov:bottom #sub:female #breast_expansion #contemporary #drones #grid_girl #growth #hive_mind #race_queen #uniform

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Tightening the Grid

Siobhan quivered. There were clothes sitting on the bed beside her, and she wanted to wear them. They were exactly what she expected them to be, and that just made it so much worse.

She wanted to wear them because they wanted her to wear them.

A tiny bikini top. A vest that wasn’t made to close, only fall over her breasts. A short skirt. A tiny thong. A pair of heeled boots.

The Rey uniform.

How do I fight this…?! Siobhan whimpered, her hands running along the hem of the skirt. Unless she wanted to go naked, she would need to wear the revealing outfit that was almost worse than actually being naked—but only almost. It would actually cover her body, and not just emphasize things. It was worrying that her breasts seemed larger, and that her hair was longer, but it was harder to focus on that than Siobhan wanted it to be.

It was hard to not feel happy.

So many of them, so many of her, were feeling so overjoyed. They had a new sister. They had a new friend. Siobhan was going to become another happy, sexy corporate drone.

I need to fight this…!

The thought was hard to keep solid all the way through. It was made worse by the fact that she was already getting dressed, and she wasn’t sure how much of it was her own will and how much of it was the larger entity, the larger self that existed outside of her but filled her to bursting.

Her breasts didn’t quite fit right in the bikini top, and some part of that ached. She wanted it to fit, at least she did until she shook her head and forced herself to remember how fucked up that would be.

It wasn’t easy, not with so many voices eager to chime in how wonderful it would feel if she just gave in and let herself be one of them.

There were so many of them, all thinking the same thoughts. It was too much for Siobhan to process. Self-defeating though it might have been, she tried to distract herself from the onslaught by dressing. The short skirt felt like it should have been squeezing her body tighter, but the boots fit. Everything fit enough, and that felt so worrying.

 I need to stay myself… but they’ve already changed me, they… oh… oh no…

Reaching up to her ear, she could feel a Bluetooth headset—the same one that she knew all of the Reys wore. She tried to pull it loose, to pull it out of her head, but it wouldn’t budge.

Surgically… it’s… not just a headset. It’s a part of me now. It’s part of how they’re filling  my head with all of these feelings, all of these ideas, all of these… thoughts

Siobhan whimpered, trying to pull the vest so it would hide more of her breasts to no avail. It was made to emphasize, and even if she didn’t (yet) possess the breasts of her peers, that didn’t mean it would be much help.

Making things so much worse, she could feel a new sensation—a horrifying sensation.

Oh, you didn’t tell anyone where you’d be… and you didn’t have any real evidence! The company will love knowing that! The thought came after a feeling of recall, of struggling and straining to remember every last detail she could about the story she’d been trying to write, and her little stint at being an undercover investigator that had gone so badly. Don’t worry! It’s kinda too bad that no one will be coming for you so they can join us… but you don’t need to worry about being taken away, either!

Siobhan’s eyes filled with tears.

Lying that she’d been smarter, that she was ready to blow the lid off of Reily Motors’s whole scheme was her only chip to help get her out of this mess. They didn’t seem to be in a big rush to brainwash her, and she’d hoped Desiree would come to gloat. She’d hoped that would give her a chance to convince the woman into letting her go.

Now, there was no chance of that.

Now, there was no chance of anything but becoming like the other Reys, a part of some larger whole that would do everything it could to make her lesser than she’d been before.

Time to eat!

Mmm, I’m so hungry!

So many thoughts echoed in her mind, and Siobhan quivered as she made her way out of her room. The door emptied out into a hallway that was quickly filling with other women—women that all looked like perfect clones of each other wearing the exact same outfit.

It’s like… like some kind of a bee hive… like…

Ooooh bees…!

We’re such sexy bees…!

It feels so good to be a sexy bee…!

All of the Reys, and Siobhan could feel that it was all of them, started to wiggle their hips and make low humming buzzing sounds. Siobhan tried to resist, but she was already moving and buzzing before she realized it.

The hallway emptied out into a large cafeteria absolutely swarming with Reys. All of them looked bright and cheerful, eager and happy with big brown eyes and their long, dirty blonde hair with those visible black roots. They were prone to sprinting, flipping up their skirts to show off the scant clothing they wore underneath and to make their breasts bounce in ways that made Siobhan lust and ache.

All of the Reys found each other intoxicating, and it was hard for Siobhan to deny that she shared that trait already.

If I don’t eat then they can’t drug me with food, but if I don’t eat… then how will I keep up my strength…? Siobhan moved along the line without thinking too much about it. It was easier to feel one foot move when it needed to, and then the other followed along. None of the food looked especially appetizing, and there wasn’t very much of it dropped down onto her tray, but that felt like such a small concern. What can I do when they can read my mind…?

Siobhan moved with the other women, unaware of just how quickly the only thoughts filling her brain were those of the larger consciousness.

Siobhan blinked.

There was no way she could know how long she’d been subsumed by the larger consciousness. All she knew was that one moment she’d been in the lunch line, and the next she was in what looked like a large dance studio practicing a choreographed dance with a dozen other Reys.

When she moved her head to the side, her arms reaching out, her hips swaying, locks of hair fell over her face.


Dirty blonde.

I’m looking more like them every time I… wake up… Siobhan quivered, spinning around without questioning it, thrusting out her ass as she felt the thighs of every other woman in the room clench around a slick, aching cunt. I don’t know how long… how long I can keep holding on at all. When I let go… I won’t… I’ll never…

…need to worry ever again! I’ll just get to be a happy, sexy grid girl!

It feels so good to be a Rey!

It’s the best!

Siobhan’s eyes crossed, but somehow, she continued to move just like all of the other women around her. She didn’t even fall out of rhythm, or lose the beat. It felt more like a testament to the consciousness battling with her own, but it was still an undeniable fact.

She’d never been this fit before.

Even if her body was feeling curvier—her breasts were definitely heavier and fitting into the bikini top a lot easier—it was still capable of performing dance moves that Siobhan would have struggled with before. She didn’t feel winded or tired, either. Whatever training regimen, or changes they were making to Siobhan’s body definitely included boosting her physical strength and endurance.

Her body turned, and she bent forward to be nearly face-to-ass with a Rey. Her ass was so round, so full, and the short skirt was riding up to show just enough of her thong and just enough of her thighs to make Siobhan salivate. Her nipples felt hard at her chest, and she could feel the other Reys savoring the sensation of her body hungering for another woman.

They could feel her desire, but they weren’t mocking her for it.

They were happy.

It’s hard to be angry at them when they just want what’s best for me, what’s best for us, what’s… I… no… Siobhan twirled, falling to the floor with her legs spread apart, her back arched. Her thong desperately clinging to her drenched pussy was on full display, or it would have been if there was anyone in front of her to look back and see. All of them were posed identically, on display with no one to ogle them.

Disappointment crashed over them in waves, making longing and lust and desire rise up in response.

Would be so nice if we were going to an event tomorrow…!

It’s no fun if no one is watching…!

Nothing’s fun if no one is there to enjoy us doing it!

Siobhan whined, but she wasn’t entirely sure if it was with the same sorrowful need as the others were feeling, or if it was over how powerless she felt, and how little it felt like her attempts to struggle or resist mattered at all.

Daydreams of being watched as she arched, jiggled, bounced, and swayed became more and more impossible to resist as Siobhan’s pussy soaked her thong and dripped down her thighs.

Lounging back against a car with a hand just below the hem of her skirt, leaning forward by a booth with signups to know more about Reily Motors’s latest models and plans for future events, posing as people took pictures of her and her sisters all looking so perfectly identical without a single feature looking different…

Whimpering, Siobhan came and her consciousness wisped away once again.

When Siobhan felt her consciousness return, the consciousness that she hoped she could call her own, her lips were wrapped around another Rey’s nipple.

She’d been awake the whole time, at least her body had been, but she couldn’t clearly remember it. Trying just flooded her mind with memories of dancing, of posing, of being photographed, of spending time with the Reys…

And now she was sucking at a Rey’s nipple, her tongue flicking in a way she knew the other woman liked because she liked it, and all of them shared the same body. All of them shared the same desires. All of them shared the same sensations, and Siobhan could feel her own lips, and her own tongue, as though they were at her own breast. It was enough to make her eyes cross as she moaned and shook, her thighs clenching as she gazed up at the woman above her.

My eyes… they used to be blue, but when I look into Rey’s eyes… I can see my eyes staring back… and they’re brown. They’re brown, just like hers…

My tits are big and round, just like hers. My eyebrows are black, just like hers. My hair, it’s the same… my clothing, the same… small little bits of my face don’t match, small little bits still look like me, like… Siobhan, but they’re… fading…

It won’ t be long, but that could be days, or weeks, or… ohhhhh…!

Rey’s leg forced its way between Siobhan’s thighs, pushing them apart and dragging such wonderful friction down the length of her slit. Siobhan sucked harder at Rey’s nipple. Her teeth tugged. Her tongue flicked. Her hips jerked forward. Her eyes felt so hooded. It was hard to concentrate on why she was holding out before, or why she was even trying to resist.

Remembering Siobhan’s memories was so much more difficult than remembering Rey’s.

Siobhan’s despair at the loss of her identity was so much more difficult to feel than Rey’s eagerness and excitement to have her tits lavished with passionate attention.

Can’t remember if I ever did anything like this before… only that I love doing it now…! Siobhan moaned as she pressed herself down into Rey’s thigh, squeezing it as tightly as she could. Rey whimpered, nails sliding through her hair. Siobhan’s eyes fluttered, but she could still see herself through Rey’s eyes. She could still feel her body quivering against Rey, and feel that sensation from Rey’s side, too.

The feelings from Rey didn’t feel nearly as external as they had before. They didn’t feel overwhelming. They didn’t feel unwelcome.

They felt like a part of her—a very vital, and important part of her.

Feels so happy… so fulfilling… so good… how could I resist this…?! I love being… being… Siobhan sniffled, tears running down her face even as her lips curled into a smile. Rey moaned, and she moaned with her.

I love being Rey!

The thought wasn’t wholly her own, but it wasn’t wholly formed from outside of her, either. It was a part of her, even if that external presence had been clawing its way in, it was in now, and it had expanded to lace around and through every part of Siobhan that mattered. When she squeezed at Rey’s ass, it was through the cravings and the movements of that hive mind. When she moaned, it was the pleasure of all of Rey, not just her own.

Siobhan was fading away, and the Rey in her place was so happy to be part of the family. She was so happy to belong. She was so happy to be just as sexy as all of her adorable, fuckable sisters.

All of them were so perfect, and that meant she was so perfect, too.

Her hands moved to pull up Rey’s skirt, just as Rey reached to pull up her own. Fingers clawed across the curves of round, firm asses before lips pulled away from a nipple and found another pair of identical lips. Fingers found their way under thongs, stroking at identical clits as Rey moaned into Rey’s mouth.

Their bodies jerked in the same perfect unison as their caresses, and their thoughts of desire, longing, and euphoric fulfillment.

Though their flesh was hardly connected, where one Rey ended and another Ray began was much harder to tell. They could feel everything the other felt, and knew everything the other knew. They shared the same thoughts, and as their fingers stroked, and their cries grew sharper and more insistent, they were both driven by the same longing, the same desire, the same unyielding craving to be close to each other and feel those barriers dissolve.

Rey came together, screaming each other’s name with their quivering lips and their blurred, intertwined thoughts.

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