Wired into the Grid

Chapter 1: Spinning up the Investigation

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Spinning up the Investigation

Siobhan tried to slow her breathing as much as she could. Yes, what you’re about to do is heavily illegal. Yes, if you get caught your career is over… Her expression hardened, nearly as far from a smile as it could be without twisting into a frown. But if no one looks into this, and you’re right…?

A lot of women are being manipulated, controlled, and changed for nothing more than a fucking publicity stunt…!

She’d wanted to tie her shoulder-length auburn hair back into a ponytail, dress in all black, and carefully cut a circle into a window to open it up and climb inside of the Reily Motors facility. It would have been much more exciting, and felt a lot less likely to mean she was spotted going somewhere she shouldn’t.

Instead, she’d hidden her athletic build beneath crisp, clean, ordinary formal wear.

Cutting her way into a window would almost certainly trip off alarms. Walking around the facility in a tight, black bodysuit wouldn’t go very well for her, either. The idea was appealing, but it wasn’t very sensible.

It was a lot more exciting than walking right into the front door wearing a professionally short skirt that gave way to stocking-clad legs, a suit jacket over a crisp blouse that hinted at her breasts underneath, and a pair of thin-rimmed black glasses. She’d even put her hair up into a bun. Siobhan was leaving nothing to chance.

She’d done research, made contacts—everything to both avoid this infiltration and to make sure it went off without a hitch. Her sensible black heels clicked as she walked across the large, inviting corporate lobby, giving the receptionist her most plastic smile once reaching her desk.

“Hello… I’m Lisa Burke, working with the convention center?” Siobhan tried not to show how aware she was that every single moment she needed to keep her performance solid or everything would crumble around her. Shoulders tensed. Her smile strained momentarily.

This is important, Siobhan. Don’t focus on what could go wrong. Focus on what you need to do. Focus on being Lisa Burke. You’re here on official business, and they want you here.


“Oh, welcome to our corporate headquarters!” The receptionist offered ‘Lisa’ a bright smile. Siobhan tried not to make her mental sigh of relief audible. Her failure was minute. “Reily Motors is very happy to be hosted at the convention center! It’s a very important event every year—you should hear how much the suits upstairs are talking about it. Should I let them know that you’ve arrived to discuss some of the details?”

Siobhan froze.

They were supposed to be in a meeting all day today. That’s why I chose today. That’s why I’m here now. It was supposed to be safe. They’d be too busy to deal with me, and then…

“No, I don’t need to talk with any of the higher ups! Don’t worry about that!” Improvisation was always going to be part of the job, but Siobhan didn’t enjoy needing to think on her feet quite this much. “But I was told I could take a tour. I know this isn’t where anything gets built, but a lot of important work happens here, too… and I was invited to take a look around.”

Siobhan’s mind was racing.

Manufacturing plants were a much more reasonable place to be offered a tour. Corporate headquarters had breakrooms and places to show off their history and accomplishments, but they weren’t exactly popular destinations.

When the receptionist’s smile brightened, Siobhan let herself relax. Her original plan to ask to not trouble them in their meeting and hide away to use the elevator to make her way down instead of up wasn’t going to work. Getting an unattended trip through the building was going to take a bit more work, but Siobhan was okay with that. “Of course! Please take a seat, wait a moment, and I’ll have someone show you around! We’re always happy to see someone from the convention committee!”

“Thank you very much! I’ll be happy to wait.”

Siobhan moved over to take a seat, the stress draining out of her shoulders instantly. It had sounded ridiculous to imagine Reily Motors having a secret facility underground where women were brought to be converted into corporate icons.

Race queens, grid girls, booth babes… I’m not exactly a big fan of the practice of having women stand around wearing barely anything at all in the hopes it makes men eager to part with their money, or just happily remember the company. When the women involved are being coerced—very thoroughly coerced from what the rumors say?

That’s when I have a big problem.

Waiting wasn’t stressful. Siobhan could trust whoever arrived to give her a tour would arrive soon, would be very cordial, and then Siobhan could find some simple little way to break away and get to snooping. All she needed was just enough evidence of maleficence.

If women’s minds were at risk, it was the very least that Siobhan could do.

“Lisa?” A woman in a starchy, off-white colored suit stood above Siobhan with a warm smile. “I’m Desiree, and I’ll be taking you on our little tour.”

Rising to her feet, Siobhan readjusted her bright, cheerful façade. “Thank you, Desiree. I appreciate that you must have plenty of important things to do, but I’ve been hoping to get a look around for a while. Reily Motors’s conventions are a very important event every year, and I felt if I took a tour, I might better be able to help facilitate that.”

“How very thoughtful!” Desiree smiled as Siobhan rose to her feet. Looking for any signs of concern or distress in Desiree, Siobhan found none. Her posture, her expression, and her tone—all of them were smooth and relaxed.

There was no reason for Siobhan to believe she’d overplayed her hand.

“If you’ll just follow me right this way? I’ll be more than happy to show you everything there is to know about our company. Maybe we can find a way to add something special to the events this year, mm?” Desiree laughed quietly as she rested a hand at the small of Siobhan’s back and guided her towards an elevator. Siobhan did her best to keep her body loose even if the touch felt far too intimate. “A new perspective can always bring something to the table…”

Once they were inside, the elevator doors closed. They were alone in the small metal room, and before they turned around Desiree reached out and pressed a button on the wall.

Maybe this won’t turn out so bad after all.

Maybe it was the right thing to come undercover like this, playing a different kind of professional.

Maybe I was worried for nothing.

“I’ll do my best! Like I said, the convention is always an important event every year. I’m not sure what new features we could add, but I might find some new way to emphasize… Reily… Motors… History…” As Siobhan turned around, she saw that they weren’t heading to one of the higher floors.

They were heading down.

Before Siobhan could even form a coherent thought on the subject a cloth pressed over her face and Desiree shoved her back against the wall. She’d looked relatively lithe, but her professional wear had done an amazing job of hiding the woman’s strength.

Siobhan tried to get a good strong grasp on Desiree’s hand to pull her arm away, to do something, but soon found herself pinned to the wall, cloth held over her mouth and nose, both of her hands pinned back behind her by the force of her own body. Desiree wore a smooth, professional smile the whole time she held the cloth over Siobhan’s face.

“You’re a very stupid woman, Siobhan.” Her blue eyes opened wider as Siobhan tried both to struggle more and breathe less. The sickeningly sweet scent that tempted and teased at her nose could in no way be good for her to breathe in but there seemed very little chance she could realistically break free. “Coming here yourself? Perhaps if you’d sent a proxy, or if you hadn’t spent so much time feeling for information, this could have worked… but you aren’t that smart.

“But don’t worry, I definitely have a way you can contribute to the convention. They’re going to love you there, too. Well… not you.” Desiree grinned wider, and the world around her grew darker and darker as Siobhan struggled to keep her eyes open. They kept closing on her own, and her struggles were growing weaker all on their own.

Fucked up… need… need to get free… need to struggle… need… to… nnnn… so… sleepy… so… weak… so…

“You’ll be getting your story, but you won’t be telling anyone, so I guess that won’t really count, will it?” Desiree sneered. Siobhan tried to say something, to snark back, but her muffled words only helped her breathe in more of that sweet scent that made her eyelids feel so heavy. “A lot of people won’t even really consider you a person anymore once we’re done… I wonder how much you found out. You’ll be happy to tell us once we’re done.

“For now…” Green eyes hooded as Desiree’s grin turned all the more wicked. “Get some rest. You’ll be going through a lot very soon.”

If Desiree let go of Siobhan she would have thudded down to the floor with a cry. Her eyes were barely open, and her arms were limp. Her knees shook. Not a… person…? What could that… even… mea… nnnnn…

Everything went black for Siobhan.

When her vision came back the only thing Siobhan knew was that she was strapped down. She tried to rip away, to run, but even if she was upright her arms were strapped down, and so was her forehead. Her clothes were gone.

None of that felt like a good sign.

The room was dark, but what Siobhan could see was cool, pristine, and industrial. Purposeful. She wasn’t in some lounge, and if she’d been expecting to wake up with a spiral strapped to her face that wasn’t the case either.

The first thing she saw besides a white wall, a white floor, and a black strap over both of her wrists, was a woman. She had large breasts held in a small, dark blue bikini with a white vest hanging loosely over them. She wore a tiny white skirt so small it barely looked safe for the woman to walk, and a pair of shiny white boots with blue piping. The woman had brown eyes, black eyebrows, and though her hair was a dirty blonde she had very visible black roots.

Visible in her ear was a silver Bluetooth headset.

Hanging from her navel was a silver ‘R’ with a blue gem at the center.

The woman’s brown eyes looked empty and vacant, as did the smile she wore on her face. She giggled, but there was so little audible thought it sent frightful shudders down Siobhan’s spine.

No way… that’s what they’re doing to the women that went missing… everything I found out… everything I heard… it’s all… true…?

“Like… Good morning…! I’m here to welcome you into the family…!” The dyed-blonde smiled goofily at Siobhan. It was too wide, and her eyes were too wide, too. When she giggled, her breasts shook and swayed like they were too heavy and big to do anything else. “Like… I’m Rey… And soon, you’re going to be Rey, too…! Don’t worry, it scared me at first, too, but you’ll love it, really! If you think the outfit wouldn’t look good on you… don’t worry… it will, when they’re done, like, making you Rey, like me…! I didn’t used to look like this, either…!”

“Wh-what…?” Siobhan shuddered. “What are you… what are you even sayi—nnnnnggg…!” She whined, shuddering as she felt a needle press into her neck. “I don’t… understand what… what’s going oooonn….”

Rey giggled, stepping closer until her clothed breasts brushed against Siobhan’s. “Like… don’t worry…! Soon you’ll get to hear all of us, all the time… and that’ll help you feel a lot better!”


“It made me feel a lot better, for sure…!”

Siobhan shuddered. There was only one woman in front of her, but she was distinctly hearing women from out of her vision to her left and right with the exact same voice, cadence—in every way sounding vocally identical.

Her mind was slow. Waking up after a traumatic experience was bad enough, but the drugs that sent her plummeting down into sleep hadn’t done much to help her mind do a very good job of focusing. All of that was made so much more difficult by whatever new drug was injected directly into her neck.

Large breasts, wrapped up in a blue bikini with a vest hanging over them squished into Rey’s left arm, and then her right. Looking up from their chests, Siobhan saw three perfectly identical women.

They were all wearing the exact same uniform, but it fit their bodies in the exact same way, too.

Triplets…? Nnn but they said… They said something about me being Rey, too…? Rey… Did that name… were any of the women who disappeared named Rey…? If Siobhan’s head wasn’t strapped in place it would be lolling on her neck. Instead, she could only stare with glazing eyes, her mouth falling open several times with no words coming out. Missing women… Reys… They all look… the same… me too…? Doesn’t make… can’t… hard to…

Two of the women in front of her, the ones on either side of the first woman’s arm, started to giggle. They rubbed against the first Rey, their eyes fluttering back into their heads as she grasped a handful of their asses. “You’ll have so much fun being Rey…!”

“And the best part is that you get to work with the public whenever you aren’t spending time with the rest of the family…!”

“We always get along, because we’re all sharing the same brain…!”

All three women wriggled their bodies together, groaning in perfect, complete unison. With how many drugs were swimming through her mind, Siobhan wasn’t sure if she should be aroused or terrified. Deciding anything so important felt far too difficult.

She still lacked the strength to even try to break free, but the bonds were so tight. Siobhan hadn’t even been able to rip free of Desiree’s grip. Pulling out of these bonds felt even more impossible.

Wasting her energy on something that couldn’t work out felt like a very bad choice.

“We can’t wait for you to be us, and for us to be you…!” Two of the Rey’s kissed, and the third sucked on the first’s shoulder as they all rubbed and grinded their scantily clad bodies together.

Siobhan tried to whimper as she felt her strength fading away again, but the sound was too soft, too quiet for even the woman herself to hear.

Everything went black, and the last thing Siobhan heard were the Rey’s quivering moans.

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