Why Buy the Cow When You Can Make Your Own?

Chapter 4: Crying Over Sipped Milk

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwashing #comic_book #growth #hucow #lactation #superhero #transformation
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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Crying Over Sipped Milk

Belinda regained consciousness, and instantly regretted it.

She didn’t want to sleep her life away, but it seemed like the only time she lost any ground was when she was cognizant. There had been times she’d awoken with the headphones on her ears, her head aching like they’d been there for days, but she’d still been just as able to resist the seductive call to submit.

Her willful denial of The Veterinarian’s demands that she moo had been haunting Belinda without pause.

The first thing she heard when she regained her focus was her own voice.

“Moo… moo! Moo… moo… moo moo…!”

I can fight it… I need to fight it, but I’m so… I’m so tiredBelinda quivered. She had no idea when the machine beneath her would start to thrust deep inside of her. Since her breasts weren’t feeling itchy at least she knew that she wouldn’t need to be milked soon. It was impossible to resist embarrassing herself during a good long milking. If no one finds me soon, if I can’t… I still can’t use my fire… Maybe I’ve forgotten how it even works…? I… I can’t remember…

Thinking took a lot more effort than it should, at least Belinda was relatively certain. It was hard to be sure anymore. She couldn’t remember what it felt like to have a head that wasn’t hazy.

She’d long since stopped trying to keep track of time. Her only hope was that it had been a long time, or else she’d be embarrassed to be brought so low so quickly. It was hard to do much when she needed to concentrate on pushing the endless barrage of mooing out of her mind. Every time she was milked she’d fall into the same litany, and the sound of her own voice was stronger than any of The Veterinarian’s other recordings.

Belinda didn’t trust them, but she did trust herself… or at least, she used to trust herself.

With her memory feeling so hazy, so strange, it was impossible to be certain about anything besides fighting and resisting. Had her last outing as Bonfyre been fighting robots, or had they been saving people from a burning building?

How old was she? When was her birthday? What season was it? All of these ideas were too abstract, too unreal for her to have any real idea at all.

“Moo… moo! Moo! Moo, moo, mooooo!”

Her toes curled tight as she whined, trying not to shake her head. Her breasts had been large before, but now they felt almost unreal. There was nothing natural about the constant injections that changed the way her body functioned and made her lactate blue, the same color as her fire, but she couldn’t deny the process made her body grow the largest pair of breasts she’d ever seen in her life. Her nipples were so puffy, so big, so perfect for the milking machine they used whenever her breasts started to get a little too heavy.

Just like The Veterinarian had threatened, they’d replaced the gloves for white-with-blue. The headphones she wore now blended in with her hair, looking like a part of her. It was hard to remember what her bare fingers looked like besides in the most general, blurry sort of way.

Between her legs, her pussy was yearning to be filled.

If she wasn’t being milked, and she wasn’t being injected, then that always meant being fucked. It was always machines, and she wasn’t sure anymore if that was better or worse.

Being handled by so many machines was less and less like being a person, and more and more like being livestock. Fucking her wasn’t even for anyone’s pleasure—it was to destroy her mind. Now, they didn’t even need to fuck her. She was already wiggling her hips in spite of herself, trying desperately to keep herself still even as she dripped down over the cushioned bench where she always knelt.

“Flamey! I want to show you something…!”

The Veterinarian’s voice came through her headphones, and Belinda shuddered. They always took off the headphones when she visited Belinda. Hearing that voice mingling with her own moos made Belinda feel so much more vulnerable.

She didn’t like it at all, but her thoughts were too scattered by the unfamiliar experience to know what to think. Instead, the inside of her mind was a mess of fear and arousal.

Her clit twitched, eager for The Veterinarian to unveil some new machine to make further use of her body to crush the feeble resistance of her mind. Belinda’s libido had been such a loyal collaborator, doing all that it could to tame the resistant heroine. Even if it hadn’t been enough by its own, it had surely done its part at softening the heroine.

When she’d arrived, her body had been tough, muscled, and strong. Now she was soft and plush, a curvy thing with large, heavy breasts and no muscles to speak of. Her libido had done its job well even if Belinda had managed to struggle past its near constant urgings to give in.

“Or I suppose I should say that I want to show you someone if I’m being more… accurate.” When The Veterinarian stepped into view, holding her ever-present tablet, still wearing only her embroidered lab coat with only lingerie underneath, she wasn’t alone.

Beside her, stood Tinder.

Belinda’s eyes widened. She parted her lips, and then hesitated. As much as she wanted to call out, fear gripped her tighter than she wanted to admit. It was as though her body could preemptively give her a taste of that pain, and even after so much of it she’d gained no greater resistance.

So intense, it cut right past all of her defenses and left her weak and vulnerable. She was much more afraid of ceding ground to The Veterinarian now than she was before.

Tinder was still wearing her black-and-white costume that hid her face away, but something about the way she was standing was… wrong. The tall woman was slumped, leaning against the barely dressed Veterinarian. Her lips kept rubbing together, and then falling open. With her mask hiding away her eyes Belinda couldn’t tell where she was looking, or what kind of state she was in, but she didn’t look… good.

Something was wrong.

When her mind finally caught up to that realization, she couldn’t hold herself back, Tinder was her protégé. She’d trusted her. She’d relied on her. “T-tindaaaaaaah!”

Blinding pain tore through her body, and Belinda fell silent as her body quivered and twitched. Her pussy longed for the machine even more. Her nipples ached for the milking machine even if her breasts weren’t full.

They weren’t empty either, but they rarely were anymore.

Every injection made them swell up faster and faster, or at least that was how it seemed. She was sure if the machine sucked it would draw out something blue if it tried hard enough.

“Oh, she’s not Tinder anymore—at least not for much longer…” The Veterinarian grinned, a hand pulling away from her tablet to grasp at the young heroine’s ass. She moaned, or at least it looked like she moaned, but she made no move to pull away. Tinder only seemed to tremble, lost in a daydream. “That milk you’ve been drinking…? That’s the source, fire cow 2!”

“N-n-no-o-o-oohhhnnnaaa!” Belinda whimpered louder as Tinder was pushed towards her before The Veterinarian pulled the mask away from her eyes. Instead of the familiar warm browns, Belinda saw only blue. It was a very familiar blue—the same blue that filled the tube of the milking machines.

Instead of moving to save her mentor, Tinder leaned down and lifted the once heroine’s nipple to her mouth and began to suck. Her eyes hooded low, dimly glowing from within as she suckled harder and harder as though she were desperate for the taste.

Even if Belinda retained the force of will she’d had when she first arrived, there was nothing she could do to stop her milk from flowing. Her body worked a certain way, and those lips were the perfect stimulation. Maybe they didn’t suck as hard or as ravenously as the machine, but they still sucked firmly enough, and stubbornly enough. Worse still, they felt so much better than the machine, so wet and soft.

“N-n-a-ahhh—m-m-mooo…!” Tears flowed down Belinda’s face as she shuddered in her bonds. They were as unbreakable as ever, but seeing her protégé suckling at her nipple broke something within the heroine’s mind.

She didn’t need to hear what The Veterinarian said next, but she could do nothing to stop herself from listening as the smug scientist spoke. “For the last several months, the drugs we’ve been pumping into your system weren’t just to break you down into a big-titted, lactating plaything for us to use as we desired. Your powers were from a science experiment gone wrong, or right, isn’t that so?

“It turns out that it had a very interesting effect on your physiology… or at least, it could, with a little nudging.” The Veterinarian’s eyes hooded lower, her lips rubbing together as she listened to Belinda’s louder, more desperate mooing. “Turns out your milk is great for melting the minds of other heroines…! So, with a little help from Flint…? Here you are…”

F-flint… S-she… She sold me out… s-she… she… d-don’t… don’t want to think… m-my milk… m-my tits… T-tinder… Staring into Tinder’s eyes, the only thing that Belinda could see was mindless need.

She suckled so eagerly at Belinda’s breast, but she didn’t suckle like a lover. She didn’t even suckle like a daughter, though she was hungry for more.

She suckled like an addict.

“M-m-moo… moo… moo…!” Belinda’s mind wasn’t silent, but she was trying her best to silence what few thoughts tried to rise up. They all hurt, aching in ways nothing had ever ached before. Her body had been twisted against her will and used to turn a bright, brilliant young woman into something so much more mindless, so much more helpless, so much more… usable.

It hadn’t been due to her own actions, or her own desires, but none of that mattered. For so long, Belinda had been holding out hope that Flint, or Tinder, or both of them would rescue her. If not them, then perhaps some other heroine. Bonfyre had done so much good for the community—it was only natural to hope that someone would come looking for her.

Instead, she’d been betrayed by her own trusted friend and used to melt away any chance of another ever living up to her full potential.

“That’s right, flamey… Just moo the pain away. Moo… and everything can feel better. Moo, and you don’t need to be a person anymore…” The Veterinarian grinned as she slowly stroked Tinder’s hair. “It feels so much better when you’re a good cow for me, flamey…”

“M-m-mooo! Mooooo… mooo…”

With The Veterinarian so close, Belinda could hear the sucking of Tinder’s lips echo on either side of her head. The sound was loud and wet. It wasn’t as perfect a rhythm as the machine that fucked her, but it was still a rhythm that felt good. Being sucked, being drained, it was the one feeling that no part of Bonfyre had been able to resist so late into her conversion from woman to dairy cow.

Tinder, or the woman who had once been Tinder, wasn’t even sucking passionately. She wasn’t using her tongue. Her lips were just warm, and wet, and soft.

That was enough to have Belinda’s clit throbbing, her pussy shaking as the mounting pressure grew stronger and stronger. It was harder to hold on to her inhibitions if she was going to let herself be a cow instead of a woman. If she wasn’t going to let herself think anymore then nothing mattered anymore.

Belinda didn’t matter anymore.

Fire cow #1 mooed, her head falling back on her neck as much as it could. Everywhere she looked were mirrors, making it so easy to see the other cow sucking at her breast from every possible angle. Before long, she knew that Fire cow #2 would be in an enclosure just like she was, her hand in gloves just like hers, heavy, swollen breasts just as ready to be milked with a pussy just as needy for the machine’s thrusting toys.

Something distantly told her that was supposed to be a bad thing, but the fire cow couldn’t remember why. Instead she mooed, moaning at how good it felt to have lips suckling the milk out of her breast before she was even full enough to ache.

Feeling the machine between her legs always made things better, but she felt too good. She didn’t even need it to cum, her thighs shuddering as she burst wet and slick all along her quivering thighs. “Mooooo!” Her blue eyes were vapid, blank, and empty. They stared forward, but they barely comprehended what they saw.

The Veterinarian licked her lips as she tapped at her tablet, and the machine whirred to life.

“M-m-mooo…! Moo…!”

Unlike before, the fire cow didn’t try to strain for stillness while the machine moved between her legs. Instead, she bounced on the toy, squeezing her body around it as tightly as she could. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she mooed louder and louder, her free breast bouncing dramatically as the other cow suckled just as dully and simply as before. Tinder didn’t even seem to mind that the fire cow was moving.

It didn’t matter as long as she could continue to drink interrupted.

“That’s right, sweetie. Moo for me. Moo for us. Surrender, submit, obey… You’re our fuckable little dairy cow.” The Veterinarian sneered as she tapped at her tablet. “Just like I told you. I was impressed. I really was… It just never mattered. You were always fucked.”

With another tap, the fire cow stopped being able to hear The Veterinarian’s voice.

Instead, all she could hear was her own loud, desperate, frantic moos as she tried to lazily thrust her breast into the suckling cow’s face while also doing her best to ride the machine for all that she was worth. Her body and mind worked so slowly, so unwilling to put in any passion or effort, but it didn’t matter. The other cow was happy to suck, and even if she didn’t move the machine was more than willing to fuck her brains out.

Nothing mattered, not anymore.

She was a good cow, and she knew now that mooing was so much better than thinking. She knew that mooing was so much better than being a person. It was simple, and simple felt good.

All she wanted to do was moo.

She came again with another loud moo, milk spurting from her other nipple and slowly dribbling down her breast as if forced out of her by the pressure between her legs.

When the cow at her breast found there was no more milk to suck she switched to the other nipple and latched just as tightly. Before long they were in the same rhythm as before, writhing and sucking, bouncing and sucking, both of them making the other more and more mindless with each moment.

There was no more Bonfyre, or Belinda.

There was only a cow.

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