Why Buy the Cow When You Can Make Your Own?

Chapter 3: Under the Pump

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwashing #comic_book #growth #hucow #lactation #superhero #transformation
See spoiler tags : #betrayal

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Under the Pump

The heroine awoke with a groan. She’d been there for what felt like weeks, but might have only been days. It was hard to keep track of how many times she’d woken up just to fall back asleep without doing anything of her own volition. The Veterinarian, that green haired woman who held her captive, might not have been able to instantly break her mind?

But she was definitely capable of keeping Bonfyre restrained.

So many times she’d woken up with a needle piercing one breast, and then the other. The hot feeling that burned through her body hurt less and less each time. The transition from agony to bliss was quicker and quicker, but she hadn’t given in. Not one time had she willfully yielded to The Veterinarian’s machinations.

Somehow, even with her breasts larger and larger, and so long since she could remember being anywhere besides in the strange wooden cage, Belinda was holding onto her will to resist.

Why do they feel so… nnnn… heavy… Bonfyre quietly whined. The headphones weren’t on her head, and she hadn’t felt the needles pierce her skin. Instead her chest felt… hot, and tight. Every breath she took she felt weight crushing down on her, and a pitiful yearning.

There was something she needed, and she needed it badly.

“Hello again, fire cow number one.” The Veterinarian stepped into view, tapping at her tablet with a crooked smile. “You’re coming along nicely. Have you gotten a good look at yourself? You look more like a cow every day. If I didn’t like your blue eyes so much, we’d probably be giving you a pair of big brown contacts, but instead… I think we might make the spots on your pretty little cow accessories blue—to match your hair!”

Bonfyre groaned, glaring as she shook her head. “I’m not… not a cow…!”

The Veterinarian raised a green eyebrow, grinning more widely. “Oh my. You really are impressive. How long has it been since you’ve been here, and still you’re resisting…? Do you still think you’re a person and not—”

“I’m not a cow!” Bonfyre yelled with all of the righteousness she could summon. Trapped on her knees, her arms over her head, her breasts feeling obscenely swollen at her chest, so much was working against her. She knew that it was supposed to be true, but the faintest hint of doubt, of uncertainty, was just barely audible in her voice. “My name is Bonfyre, and I’m not a cow!”

“Funny… You look like a cow to me…” The Veterinarian grinned, reaching out to swat at the heroine’s breasts. They jiggled together, swaying dramatically as the heroine sucked in a sharp hiss. “These big, fat, heavy tits. That dull expression… You even just mooed for me.”

“I did not moo!”

When The Veterinarian’s grin grew wider, Bonfyre knew she’d made a mistake. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that it was definitely not going to be good for her struggles.

“Oh, but you just did! Can you trust your mind? Cows aren’t known for being smart, or having very good memories. You might be thinking of elephants… and you definitely don’t have a trunk.” The Vet snapped her fingers, and a pair of women dressed like lab assistants in plain, unembroidered lab coats, suddenly stepped into the room. “My assistants here will help show you that you are, in fact, a cow.

“Tell me, fire cow… are you starting to feel that itching in your breasts? That gnawing, aching itching that feels like if something doesn’t help you soon you’ll just… lose your mind…?” She tried to look away from The Veterinarian, to ignore her words, but Bonfyre couldn’t ignore the way those words made her chest ache even more.

Her cheeks burned, and she stared down as close to the floor as she could. There was another mirror there for the bound woman to see herself, helpless and trapped.

Have they really kept me in here this whole time…? How long has it been…? My legs feel so sore… Have I been kneeling since they captured me…? That’s supposed to be… to be really bad… She tried desperately to remember the word for what that was supposed to do, for the kind of damage it could inflict, but the gears in her mind moved too slowly.

The flaming heroine had retained her will, but her mind had still suffered for the time in captivity. A constant supply of drugs administered to her breasts, and to her pussy, meant she hadn’t been clean for what might have been well over a month.

When was the last time I ate food…? I don’t remember eating or drinking… anything…? I just remember… Nnn… No… Don’t remember those words… Don’t remember the needles…!

“Attach the pumps, please.”

“Yes, Veterinarian!”

Bonfyre’s blue eyes widened as she realized what was happening. M-my tits… m-my chest… She’s… I’m… This doesn’t make me a cow…!

Each of the assistants reached past where Bonfyre could see, her sight impeded by mirrors of her own horrified expression. When their hands returned they were unmistakably holding a pair of pumps that they promptly secured to the heroine’s puffy pink nipples.

“Aww… You look scared!” The Veterinarian smiled in a mockery of plastic politeness. “Don’t worry, cowy. This isn’t to hurt you, not at all…” She hooded her eyes, her voice so much lower and husky as her assistants adjusted the pumps to perfection. “This is what you need, and you know why?”

Wincing, Bonfyre tried to recoil from the woman’s words before they left her lips. She didn’t want to hear it. She needed to not hear it.

“You’re a big titted, dumb, simple cow.”

She shook her head, whimpering. I’m not a cow! I’m a human! I’m a woman, a woman with a name, with an apartment, with a job…! I have a secret identity, I’m a super heroine… I’m not… I’m not some cow…!

Before her lips could part for her to speak, The Veterinarian adjusted her embroidered lab coat. She still only wore the white-and-gold over deep red lingerie. “The next time you speak and it isn’t a moo, fire cow?” She pressed a button on her tablet, and Bonfyre screamed as she felt an electric shock course through her body.

It was so intense, and it came so quick that she could barely understand what happened. The lab assistants had already finished securing the pumps, but that she was the only one electrocuted wasn’t a comfort to the bound heroine.

That pain…! It hurt… It hurt so much, so deep, it… It was like it hurt everywhere at once…! She whimpered, slowly shaking her head. Her body stayed tense, ready for another jolt. The cowbell… o-or the horns…? Either way, they’re… on my body. I can’t get rid of them, I can’t… I’m not immune to electricity… if it was fire, then maybe I could ignore that, but this…? This is… Too much…!

Feeling tears in her eyes was a sensation Bonfyre was starting to find altogether ordinary.

“Start the pumps!”

“Yes, Veterinarian!”

Bonfyre had never heard the clicking sounds of a milking machine before, but somehow a deep part of her body reacted to the sound before she even understood what was happening. Everything felt like it happened so quickly around her, making it even more difficult for her to imagine that she would ever be free.

Her sidekicks hadn’t found her in so long, and her own faculties were clearly affected. She wouldn’t let herself give in, but she couldn’t deny that their constant assaults on her brain were having an effect. Even if she hadn’t mooed, her brain wasn’t working, not like before.

When the pumps started to suck at her nipples, tugging them asynchronously, Bonfyre’s eyes crossed and her mouth hung open with a long, loud, low moan.

She’d been so horny in the past that her whole world had revolved around getting someone to touch her, but this was so much more. Wh-what did they do to my body…?! My nipples aren’t this sensitive…! I’ve never… never needed… needed this before…!


Bonfyre had been screaming from the sheer overwhelming pleasure of being drained, of feeling her breasts siphoned and emptied, but then she’d used her voice. The Veterinarian hadn’t even reacted herself, simply sitting back and watching with a cold smirk as the electricity coursed through the heroine’s body. Thrashing in her bonds made Bonfyre’s heavy breasts sway that much more dramatically, and made the suction feel even more intense.

“I said if you didn’t moo there would be consequences, flamey… but don’t worry. I’m patient… and we probably won’t need to brand you. That’s really more of a… free ranged cow sort of problem…” The Veterinarian laughed as she hooded her eyes, and more milk traveled down the clear tubes leading away from Bonfyre’s breasts.

W-wait… Why… why is it blue…? Why is my milk… b-blue…?


Belinda sobbed out in pain as her sounds of pleasure were enough to trigger the corrective electric shock that seared its way across her body. Her eyes crossed, large, blue, and increasingly vacant as the pleasure and relief of having the pressure at her chest milked away felt better and better.

Nothing about the pleasurable sensations she was feeling at her chest were at all artificial. The aching already felt so much better, and whatever drugs they’d been pumping into her nipples had made the whole of her breasts so much more sensitive.

It was an intense sucking, so unyielding and lacking in any tenderness, but it was sensation. No matter how much Belinda wanted to feel it as agony, or might have wanted the feeling to stop for the sake of her mind, none of that stopped how perfect it felt in the very same moment. She was getting what her body needed even more than the times she rode the sex toy that filled her every time they put those large headphones on her head.

Had they looked like cow ears the last few times, large and hanging down on either sides of her face, speckled with white? Her memory felt so blurry and hazy, and it was so hard to concentrate when any time she felt the pleasure too much her cries triggered those intense electric shocks.

As good as being milked felt, those sizzling, spine tightening shocks of pure pain were enough to make the willful heroine sob like a misbehaving child.

The Veterinarian smiled so smugly, her eyes hooding as she looked into the heroine’s guileless blue eyes. “All you need to do to stop being shocked is make mooing a habit, flamey! Once you start mooing instead of making people sounds the pain will stop… Oh! Y’know what, I think I know what should be able to help you with that. I think it’s ready now…” She tapped at her tablet, slowly licking her lips. “Assistants, fetch her ears. It’s all primed and ready. I think our little bovine barbeque could use a little assistance, or she just might make herself pass out…!”

“N-o-o-ooooooo s-s-stoooop!” Bonfyre screamed, summoning up what little of her defiance she could still grasp. Working through the pain as it seized her body was nearly impossible, but she was a heroine.

Doing the impossible was the point.

“No, flamey. I’m not going to stop…but it won’t take too much longer before you stop. Enjoy.” The Veterinarian wiggled her fingers in a wave as her assistants positioned the headphones down over her ears.

Belinda was tensed up before they let go, no idea what she’d be hearing. Would it be the mantra again and again, telling her to be a good cow and moo? Would it be some hypnotic melody to melt her into a mindless, drooling mess while they sucked the milk from her breasts? Her mind was too slow to come up with any more possibilities before she found out for herself.

“Moo…” A shudder rolled down her spine. Her eyes opened even wider even as some spark inside of them dimmed. “Moo… moo… moo… moo…”

The sound was her own voice on an endless loop.

Earlier, when The Veterinarian had tricked her into mooing, it hadn’t been for nothing. Again, and again, and again, as the pumps sucked the milk out of her large, aching breasts, the only thing Belinda could hear was the sound of her own voice giving in to The Veterinarian’s desires.

It kept on repeating, like a perfect echo that shattered at some deep part of her psyche that had been holding out against giving a single inch. Hearing her own voice betray her resonated at the perfect frequency to send doubt shuddering through the heroine’s mind.

Not enough doubt to shatter her will completely, but enough to make her defenseless to the pleasure that flooded through her body with each click of the milking machine as one pump stopped and the other started. Each click brought a shudder and a moan as Belinda’s eyes turned glassier and glassier. She couldn’t fight back against the sound of her own mooing, not in the face of such unyielding pleasure.

The Veterinarian spoke, but Belinda couldn’t hear her. Her eyes wouldn’t even focus enough to see her lips move. Lost in her own little world of suction and mooing, Belinda trembled as she lost consciousness without falling asleep.


It wasn’t her conscious mind surrendering. It wasn’t a sign that her struggles had finally ceased. If anything, it was just a sign that the combination of endless drugs and pleasure hadn’t been for nothing. Her moos lined up with the recording as her back arched out further and further. Her mouth hung open, saliva sliding down along her neck as her thighs shuddered and clenched.

Bonfyre wasn’t going to surrender until she had no other choice, but that didn’t mean that she could resist completely. Every injection, each thrust of the many sex toys had all had their impact and it was all showing at once. After so many sessions of simply looking lost, befuddled, and blank Bonfyre finally looked as though she were being brainwashed.

Even if it took weeks, or months, or years… it was inevitable.

Bonfyre would fight it with her last ounce of strength, but with how much milk they could draw from her breasts it was clear that given years there would be more ounces of milk than strength.

The Veterinarian left the blank-eyed Belinda to mindlessly moo again and again, the room around her recording every moment of it. Every mirror in front of her reflected the sight back into Belinda’s glassy, lost, vacant eyes.

“Moo… moo… moo…”

It had been so long, and no one had found her. She was too far gone to wonder if anyone was still trying to find her.

All that mattered was the pumps, and the mantra echoing through her brain.


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