The Cat that Got the Cream

Chapter 3: Visiting The Veterinarian

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #bondage #brainwashing #cage #cat_girl #comic_book #drugs #lactation #mother #mother_daughter #sex_toy #transformation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Visiting The Veterinarian

Rachel wasn’t expecting anything as she rode inside the truck. Raegan told her the people inside could help make everything better, and that felt like the only thing that mattered. Her mind was too blank, too drugged, too lost for anything else.

So when the inside looked a lot like an ambulance Rachel didn’t hesitate to follow her daughter up the ramp leading them both inside.

Two women were inside waiting for them. They wore matching uniforms that covered their arms and legs with elbow-length pink gloves and knee-high pink fishnets. Their heads were adorned with white hairbands decorated with pink symbols of a snake curled around a staff in front of the letter ‘v’.

Over their torsos they wore translucent jackets with white piping and pink collars that revealed so much of their naked skin underneath. Their costumes more emphasized than clothed, with the exception of their plain, white, matching bra-and-panties. Garter straps extended from their panties, neatly keeping their stockings just above their knees.

It was less a dignified uniform, and more bedroom lingerie.

Raegan’s eyes wandered from her mother to glance over the nurses, but only briefly. It would have been hard for anyone to not drink in their largely exposed curves, their vacant expressions, and their beautiful hair—one with brown and one with black—flowing loosely over their shoulders and down their backs.

Her eyes torn away, Raegan cleared her throat and gave her mother’s hair a gentle tug. She was incapable of hiding the lust in her tone, but that had already been present long before they’d entered the truck. “Here, mommy... make your way up onto this examination table here… We have some very special milk to help make the trip a lot quicker for you…!

“Just stand up for a moment… climb up and… Oooh… good girl, mommy…! You’re so well behaved, just like a good little kitty should be… I always wanted a kitty, and for us to be closer…”

As Raegan’s voice trailed off one of the women in the back of the truck pulled the back doors closed, and the other helped secure her mother’s ankles to the examination table. It was not unlike a stretcher with cuffs positioned carefully to help secure the heroine mother on her hands and knees. Once she was secure, the nurse who had been moments ago closing the door pulled out a metal collar with a singular button on the back and a green LCD screen on the front and sealed it around Rachel’s neck.

With one press of the button a pink heart formed on the screen, and Rachel mewled. Her mind was far too gone to understand the sensation as anything other than pressure and the gravity around her suddenly feeling so much stronger than it was the moment before.

Her body felt as though it were moving so sluggishly. Even her eyelids felt heavier than she could remember them ever feeling before. She mewled pitifully, but made no attempt to escape. Before any of her instincts could scream at Rachel to act, Raegan’s fingers were sliding smoothly through her hair.

“Shhh, mommy… Relax, and have some milk. You loved it in your tea, remember…?” Raegan’s voice quivered. If Rachel was able to think at all she would have been filled with deep concern. She wasn’t using a tone that a woman used to speak to her mother. Her voice was higher, and happy in a way that people didn’t use on other people.

It was a voice reserved for talking to pets.

“Why don’t you just drink, and relax…? The ride will be over before you know it, and then everything will be better…” Lips pressed to the top of Rachel’s head, and she pitifully mewled as she looked to where the pillow would have been if the table was an ordinary stretcher.

Instead, there was a saucer of blue-colored milk.

Saucer… milk… Rachel mewled, looking between the saucer and Raegan. Her eyes were still vacant, but not as empty as the nurses that stood at attention as the truck began to move. Something in Rachel’s eyes were quivering with something, seeking, nearing an epiphany not quite as close to recognition or understanding as Rachel might have liked. Why does this feel… wrong…? Raegan is going to… take care of me… make me more relaxed, but…

Rachel whined at her daughter, the sound as pitiful and heartbreaking as a trapped kitten squealing for her mother’s help. “Why… is it in a saucer…? I’m not… not a cat…”

“Oh mommy… mommy…” Raegan sighed, shaking her head with an expression of pure concern, love, and worry. “You’re thinking too much again, aren’t you…? I can tell by your eyes. Here…”

Rachel watched as her daughter dipped two fingers down into the saucer. She mewled in confusion, her mind struggling to make some sense of her increasingly bizarre circumstances.

Why is she… why am I… why can’t I… move…

Before she could question why her powers weren’t making the bonds holding her every bit as effective as tissue paper, Raegan’s fingers were filling her mouth. Sweet, warm, hot milk dripped from Raegan’s fingers. It was such a familiar taste, and one that forced Rachel’s eyes to curl back into her head.

Tastes… so… good… mmm… makes me feel… so…

Her lips wrapped around Raegan’s fingers, suckling every drop of the sweet, creamy taste. At first her lips were hungry for it—nearly desperate—sucking with an intensity that slammed Raegan’s thighs together.

The more of the milk she swallowed, the slower, and lazier her lips sucked. The more of the milk Rachel took into her mouth, the less intelligence filled her eyes.

When Raegan’s fingers were all clean of the milk Rachel whimpered around them. She didn’t stop sucking, still thirsty for more, but she continued to whine until Raegan pulled them free and dipped them back into the saucer.

“It’d be cuter… sexier, even, if you were ready to drink from the saucer with your tongue, but… kittens need their owners to take care of them before they’re mature enough to drink on their own…” Raegan’s eyes hooded, something in them looking darker, less mischievous and more… wicked. “Taking care of you like this on our way to your special appointment really is the least I can do.

“Besides… It’s not like I don’t intend to take care of you for a very long time once your treatment is done…”

Treatment… Rachel moaned around Raegan’s fingers as her lips slowly sucked, and her tongue reached out to stroke thoughtlessly in search of more. I don’t feel sick… I feel… so…


Raegan kissed the top of her mother’s head as she drew her fingers back again only to return them with more of that special milk. “Isn’t that so much better…? Just worry about sucking up every drop, and let me take care of you. Let me show my pretty mommy just how much I love her…”

Mewling around her daughter’s fingers, Rachel’s lips curled into a dreamy smile. Her eyes fluttered, slowly falling closed as the last hints of her thoughts faded for dull vacancy to replace them.

She stopped trying to understand why being bound in the back of a strange truck was unusual. She stopped trying to figure out why her daughter leading her around with fingers in her hair seemed so strange. She stopped doing anything but sucking with glassy eyes that hooded lower and lower as her hips lazily swayed side to side.

The ride was smooth, with only the very occasional bump. Otherwise the truck around them glided smoothly along the road, making it easy for Raegan to offer her mother more and more fingers of milk to keep her happy and placid through the entirety of the ride.

For Rachel it passed in moments.

One moment she’d been feeling warm and loved thanks to her daughter’s tender care. The next, the table—with her still strapped to it—was making its way slowly down the ramp.

No milk remained in the saucer. Raegan’s hand was stroking Rachel’s hair when the table first started moving, and didn’t miss a beat as it made its way down. “We’re here, mommy…! Don’t worry. We’re nearly at your appointment…!”

Appointment…? Rachel quietly mewled. I don’t remember… oh… right… to help me… relax…? Do I really need…? Nnn… my head… feels… so…

Thinking was difficult—too difficult to reach any useful conclusions. She couldn’t even open her eyes to realize that she was being moved through an unfamiliar facility. She wouldn’t have recognized it, but it might have raised her concerns even with Raegan doing her best to soothe them away without the aid of more milk.

Before long the table was wheeled into an examining room, and placed at the very center. The brunette nurse stayed with them, standing at attention with her small breasts arched out and so much of her skin on display.

“The nice nurse is going to get the woman that’s going to help you…” Raegan kissed her mother’s forehead. Rachel quietly sighed, her eyes fluttering open to meet Raegan’s. “Try to relax? I know we’re here because you’re no good at relaxing, but it’s still going to be better for you if you try even before she starts to help…”

Rachel nodded. “O-okay, sweetie, I’ll tr—mm…”

“Mommy…” Raegan’s fingers, the two fingers her mother had sucked clean of milk over and over during their ride together, pressed against Rachel’s lips. “Shh. Relax.”

“Mm…!” Rachel whimpered. Her mind was still slow, soaking in so much milk and tingling in a feeling of cool that longed for more of that warmth that felt like curling up in a sunbeam, but it still ached to be silenced by her daughter.

Raegan being so firm and authoritative while Rachel felt so weak and pitiful only made it worse.

I’m supposed to be her mother... Doesn’t that mean I’m supposed to be in charge…? Rachel fluttered her eyes, but no matter the effort she put into the motion her lids drooped the moment she stopped. Nnn… Why am I on my knees…? I… should give her a talking to… or… has she done anything wrong…?

Her addled mind struggled to form a coherent line of reasoning. Raegan was trying to help, she was sure of that. At the same time, whatever she was doing was why Rachel was on her hands and knees. She was why a part of her ached for that creamy taste.

She didn’t want to put too much thought into the way her thighs clenched when Raegan stroked through her hair. She didn’t want to think too much about a vague memory of desperately sucking her own daughter’s fingers. It was easier to let those ideas drift away just like it was easier to let her eyes be half lidded with a pitiful expression.

I’ll… figure out what needs to happen to Raegan after my appointment…

“Ah! Raegan, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person…!” The sound of her name in an unfamiliar voice drew Rachel’s attention. Her ears twitched, and she swung her head to look towards the door as it fell shut behind a woman with neon green hair. Something about her tone sounded insincere, even biting, but Rachel couldn’t understand why. “Is this my patient today?”

The woman was nothing like Rachel had expected when she was told whoever arrived would help her relax. She was wearing a fancy lab coat, white with gold details that looked far too expensive for any ordinary doctor to wear.

Underneath she wore deep red lingerie.

A garter belt holding up stockings. Panties. High heels. A half-cup bra. Her build wasn’t curvaceous or slender or athletic, but overall ‘average’ in a way that was neither likely to thrill or disappoint. Her short, pixie cut hair’s neon color stood out, but it was matched in oddity by the sunshine yellow of her eyes.

She held a tablet in her hands, and causally tapped it as she moved in not towards Rachel—but Raegan.

She’s… She’s looking at me… but she’s only talking to Raegan. Rachel whimpered quietly. It’s like I’m not even here… but I’m… We’re both adults, but I’m Raegan’s mother…! She should be talking to me, she—

“Thinking. Too. Much.” Raegan tapped her mother’s lips with every firm, insistent full stop. “Quiet down, mommy. I don’t just mean your lips. I mean your thoughts, too.”

Rachel whimpered and shook her head.

Haze still filled her mind and wrapped around her tighter than a suit of latex, but that was too much for the heroine to take. She forced her eyes open even if it was a constant struggle. She pushed up against the table, trying her best to rise even if that merely put her on her hands and knees like a cat arching its back.

“Raegan… I’m your mother, not some animal for you to boss around…!”

The strain was enough to make Rachel whine. Her arms and legs felt so weak. Keeping her eyes open felt like more effort than it would normally take for the heroine to rip apart the kinds of reinforced alloys of metal only used by the most threatening super villains.

How can I be so… weak…?! Rachel whimpered loudly, beginning to thrash in her bonds. It was a useless endeavor, doing little more than making her sweater-clad breasts sway pendulously beneath her. This doesn’t make any sense…! I’m Maiden Mercy, I… I’m strong, not… Not…


“Oh, sorry, did that hurt…?” Distracted by her struggles, Rachel had missed the green haired woman gesturing to her nurse who was now holding a syringe buried deep within the heroine’s ass. “I’m afraid your metabolism is a bit too much for any of my pain solutions to last for very long! You’ll just need to grit your teeth as we anesthetize you… for your own safety, of course.”

Rachel watched warily as the nurse pressed the plunger lower and lower. More and more of the glowing blue payload forced its way into the heroine’s body, drawing sharper and more terrified cries from her lips.

Burns…! It’s… so… so hot… so… hurts… stings… w-warming me… up… c-can’t…

“Nooooooo-ooo… ooo… ooohhh…”

Her screams slowly quieted as the last of the blue entered her body. Brown eyes pulsed with blue, glowing unnaturally as the heroine fell flat against the examination table. Her eyes remained open, if only barely.

“M-mom…” Raegan’s voice was shaky, and only just loud enough for her mother to hear. Rachel couldn’t think, couldn’t process, couldn’t understand… but she could feel the familiar touch of her daughter’s hand slowly smoothing her frazzled hair. “It’s okay… Everything’s going to be okay… You just need to learn to relax. I promise… You’re going to be okay…”

“That’s right…” The green haired woman quietly laughed as the nurse withdrew the needle from Rachel’s body. “I’m The Veterinarian, you sweet little kitty. I’ll be the one taking care of everything. When we’re done, you’re going to be just fine… Just lay there, and we’ll get your treatment started…!”

Rachel mewled, unable to move as the nurse moved a pair of large, noise-canceling headphones over her ears. The top of them was a pair of cute kitten ears.

“Meowing, mewling, and purring are better than thinking. Meowing is more natural than speaking.” The words were spoken directly into Rachel’s defenseless mind, playing in time with a lazy, calm tune that felt dreamy and surreal. “You don’t want to be a person. You want to be a kitty.

“Meow, and surrender.”

Rachel mewled, but not in an act of obedience. She just couldn’t do anything else as the body burned up with that feeling of blue warmth that made her think of Raegan’s fingers.

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