Tender Loving Control

Chapter 8: Teaching, Learning, and Compassion

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #contemporary #disaster_lesbians #drones #exhibitionism #masturbation #mother #mother_daughter #pov:top #solo

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 8: Teaching, Learning, and Compassion

“Mmm…” Claire sighed as she woke up nestling into a woman’s chest. Her scent was intoxicating, curling Claire’s toes and making everything between her smooth thighs twitch. She could remember spending the later part of the night cuddled in between her mothers, a mindless Sophia commanded to rub her half-naked body against her daughter’s back as Mae clawed Claire’s scalp and praised her daughter for everything from her beauty, to her work in school, to the way she’d handled her other mother.

It was the kind of effusive, exhaustive praise that made it impossible to disbelieve on any level just how positively her Mae-mommy thought of her.

She doesn’t think I’m perfect… but she’s proud of me. She’s happy to have me as a daughter… and I think if I wasn’t her daughter, she’d be just as eager to give me one of those long, mind-fuzzing kisses of hers… Claire purred, nuzzling more into the warm skin that readily welcomed her face. I never felt like she didn’t love me, but… I feel like she loves me even more now…

There’s not very much normal about our family, but I wouldn’t give any of it up for anything…

Can’t believe I was worried about something silly like ‘ethics’.

Claire was still so bleary eyed that she couldn’t see anything but skin when she opened her eyes, so they didn’t stay open for long. Her lips kissed at the skin closest to them, and she wiggled her hips with a sound resembling a quiet purr.

“Mmm… Morning…”

“Morning, Claire-Bear…” Mae’s voice was the one to greet her into wakefulness. Claire couldn’t feel anyone behind her, and stretching her legs to search for Sophia found nothing. “It’s just us this morning… Your Sophie-mommy had to go to work, but… today, I’m going to start sharing everything with you. That is… if you aren’t having second thoughts…”

“Pft!” Claire followed up her sound of dignified disbelief with a quiet sniff. “As if. My only second thought is ‘When do I get to go on a date with Sophie-Mommy like you said I could if I kept my grades up?’ Also… if I’m allowed to use the tricks you teach me to help with my grades.”

Mae parted her lips to speak, and then let them fall shut without breaking her own silence several times. Each time they closed, Claire’s proud smile expanded.

Finally, Mae kissed between Claire’s eyes, and whispered against her soft skin. “How about I make you a deal? If you only ever use my… ‘tricks’ to raise your grades, you only get to raise them by a single letter. I care the most about you keeping your scholarship. Any job you get is going to retrain you anyway, and you can learn a lot in college, but you can learn a lot with more ‘practical’ lessons, too.”

“Hmmmm…” Claire twisted up her face. “Deal. But only if you promise to kiss me if I bring home a legitimate ‘A’.”


Without preamble, Mae’s lips found their way to Claire’s. Even if it seemed like the only mechanics of the kiss was a mere slow build of pressure, Claire felt her eyes crossing and her heart beating quick all over again. It was harder to focus on anything outside of Mae’s lips. Thinking about her lips instead of feeling them was difficult as her mind felt like it was tingling with the first hints of that numb feeling brought on by the sensation of Mae’s tongue against her own even before either of their lips parted at all.

Mae’s fingers teased along her daughter’s back, and drifted slowly towards her raised side. Nails teased just past Claire’s breast, moving in the perfect ways to send shudders of pleasure that made her whole body fall limp while her nipples stiffened and her clit throbbed.

One of Mae’s thighs teased its way between Claire’s, pressing up until it was flush with her repeatedly ruined panties. Mae had insisted on Claire wearing only her panties to bed, and Mae was still wearing her chemise from the night before. Feeling her helpless body writhe against Mae’s lingerie emphasized the gap in experience and Mae’s relative position of power and authority.

When their lips finally parted, and Mae’s tongue quickly thrust into Claire’s open mouth, Claire’s mind went so numb that when the kiss ended her mind was barely functioning at all.

Where… am I…? Who… who… ohhh… Claire’s thighs clenched as her hips slowly bucked, rubbing her down against her mother’s leg. Who is sh-she… who am I…? Ohhhh… Everything feels… so… tingly, so… warm… hot…

Mae didn’t push the advantage, though she allowed Claire’s hips to lazily roll and grind her panties down into own her thigh. Instead, Mae simply stroked her daughter’s hair, holding her face between her breasts. Patient and calm, Mae quietly hummed as she simply waited while her daughter twitched, grinded and panted.

It could have been minutes or hours later from Claire’s perspective when Mae spoke—the first intelligible words in so long. Claire herself had only been able to babble useless sounds and emit pitiful whines for so long.

“My poor, poor Claire…” Mae kissed between Claire’s brown eyes again, her smile never leaving her eyes and even only leaving her lips for the bare minimum of time. “You need a mental preserver to find your way back to me, don’t you? Listen to my voice, and follow it back to me… We haven’t even begun your lesson for the day.”

“C-claire… L-l-lesson…” Claire’s voice stuttered, wrenching her body in so many directions at once as she felt herself hooked by Mae’s voice. “I’m… C-claire… You’re… going to teach me… you’re… m-my mommy, but you’re also… you kissed me and… and…”

And after you kissed me, I lost my identity until you whispered my name…! Claire’s eyes rolled back into her head. I didn’t even have an inner monologue…! Until I started speaking again I… I wasn’t even thinking at all… just what the fuck is Mae-mommy doing to me… just what has she done to Sophia—I mean Sophie-mommy…?

Mae brushed a curl away from Claire’s face just before it could move towards her eye. “Feeling better, now…?”

“Uh… Uh-huh… I…” Claire whined, finding herself lost in the sensation of her mother’s fingertips along her cheek for several long moments before she again remembered herself. It didn’t take nearly as long as before, but in the same way an orgasm could make any innocuous part of one’s body weak, her mind seemed to be similarly vulnerable to her mother’s casual caresses. “What… happened…? You… you kissed me and… and I … and you… Are you… human…?”

“No, dear.” Mae spoke calmly, her tone neutral, her eyes set as solidly as possible. “I’m an alien, and so are you. That’s the secret of how I made your mother my human slave.”

Claire stared, her eyes wide and lacking any guile or suspicion at all.

Then Mae ruined it all by snorting and laughing so loudly Claire winced and hid between her breasts.

“S-sorry…! You… You should have seen the look on your face…!” Claire whined, and bit the inside of her mother’s breast. It was a careful bite, but still sharp and hard enough that Mae whimpered and very gently bapped at Claire’s nose. “No bite! No bite! If you can’t behave yourself then I’ll take away your mother fucking privileges for a week!”

Claire whined and whimpered, kissing the gentle indentations left behind by her teeth repeatedly. “Sorry, mommy! Don’t take my… mother… fucking… privileges…” She groaned, gently resting her head against her mother’s sternum. “Your sense of humor doesn’t change when you’re in bed with someone. How did you ever get Sophie-mommy to agree to marry you and spend the rest of her life dealing with this? They call them dad jokes, but you are very much my mommy so maybe that’s not a good name for them…”

“It’s not.” Mae giggled, kissing the same spot again before squeezing Claire extra tight. “Sorry, sorry, I’ll behave… though the truthful answer is that when the person punning in bed with you isn’t your mother it’s called having a sense of humor. Women love that—even when you haven’t turned them into thralls drooling from both ends.”

Both of them clenched their thighs at Mae’s description.

Mae purred.

Claire whimpered.

“Still, you’re confused, so it would only be fair for me to…” Mae teased the very tip of her nail along the curve of Claire’s ear. “Well, at least start to explain.”

“O-o-ohhh…” Claire whined, her eyes rolling up into her head as her lips struggled to move. “P-please s-s-stop… I…w-wanna learn and t-touching me like this… m-m-makes it… a lot… harder... to think…!”

“Oh, right…” Mae chuckled quietly. “Sorry, when you get used to controlling all of the women you’re intimate with, well… I was never trained to be a teacher. I was trained to infiltrate, seduce, brainwash… I didn’t exactly retire when I got married, but no one ever discussed the possibility that I’d want to tell my daughter how to do what I do when she got older. Plenty of us do eventually settle down, adopt, or find a single mother and ‘adopt’ them both…”

Claire blinked.

This time, however, a very suspicious look rested on her face.

I’m still… dizzy… hazy…f eels like if I let her kiss me again, even just a gentle peck on the cheek I might just fade away into a moaning mess, but… Claire quivered. Just the idea of Mae’s lips, of her tongue, of anything as intimate and intense as the way her mother showed lust and affection, was enough to make her sense of reality quake. She’s setting me up to laugh at me again, and at this point… it’s just mean.

“What the fuck are you even talking about, mom?” Claire flattened her eyes. “You’re acting like you’re a part of some global, continent-crossing conspiracy to turn all women into lesbians, or at least key ones, and control things from behind the scenes using sexual techniques to turn women into your malleable servants.”

“I mean if you want to put it like that…” Mae quietly grumbled, tapping Claire’s nose. “That makes it sound so… passionless…? Besides, there are different global conspiracies that work together, fight against each other, and generally can only agree that they all want to fuck women.”

Claire’s eyes remained flat.

“Mom. I’m not falling for it again!”

Mae frowned.

“Do I need to make you cum with a single finger for you to believe me…?” Mae rested a single fingertip at the tip of Claire’s nose, slowly sliding it higher until it was tapping the space just between them. At first, Claire was able to merely sigh and enjoy the sensation, but the higher it reached, the further it pushed, the more that something in her mother’s touch, something about the way it moved higher and higher, closer and closer to her eyes, felt like it was pushing something between them.

Claire didn’t know what it could be, or what it was doing to her, but it was undeniable. Something about the way her mother’s finger was moving, some vibration, some special warmth, some kind of pressure, was forcing some metaphysical force inside of her.

F-feels like… like she’s pushing… p-pressure, pushing force into… into… p-places between… between my thoooughts… Claire’s mouth started to hang open as she panted, her eyes slowly beginning to cross. L-like something… m-magnetic… drawing my eyes… in… t-together… making me feel… so… sooOOoo… o-oohhh…!

When Mae’s finger tapped that place between Claire’s eyes she drew her finger back, and began to slowly press her finger forward again. “If I need to make my little girl cum just so she believes me, then you’re going to be vacuuming twice a week for the rest of the year…”

“Nnnn… Nnnyaaaa…!” Claire tried to say ‘not’ and found her mouth utterly incapable of taking the shape. Her vision blurred, and her mouth wouldn’t close no matter how hard she tried.

“It’s not nice to call your mommy a liar when she’s telling you something very private—very secretive.” Mae’s expression might have seemed similar to a frown, but small quirks to her lips, a certain sparkle in her eyes, a quirk of her brow, all hinted just how amused she truly was. “Do you know how few women who aren’t formally initiated have any idea that this is anything more than fiction…? This is a very special thing for you to be told, even with me as your mother… It isn’t an organization that respects heredity.”

“Maaa…” Claire’s eyes opened wider as Mae’s fingernail grazed the space between her eyes. She could bring her lips together, but she lost much of her clarity in the exchange. “Maaa….! Maa… maa…!”

S-so  hard to… hold on… to… anything when she… keeps… Claire’s eyes twitched, opening so wide it almost hurt. Her mouth stopped being able to form shapes at all. Saliva glistened, threatening to find its way down along her chin. It’s like… like she’s… f-fucking… her fingers… into… into my… my… my brai… braiiii…nnn…!

“I meant it when I said you didn’t seem like you’d be happier as a mewling submissive pet, but sometimes?” Mae purred, and flicked her nail at the center of her daughter’s forehead. “A lesson needs to be taught in a very specific way.”


Claire’s mind broke.

At first it was like the fingers shoved deep into her brain were rubbing at her fantasies, at her desires, at her libido directly. Then, it felt as though those fingers were charged with sexual electricity, and her thoughts, her vision, her hearing—all of it turned into jumbled, useless static.

Then those perceptions shattered and Claire screamed a jumbled mass of sounds as her pussy gushed and her whole body shook as though she were in the throes of a particularly violent seizure.

Claire couldn’t think.

Claire couldn’t control her body.

Claire wasn’t even sure that she was anything at all, much less someone named Claire lying in bed next to her mother.

All that Claire could do was shake and sputter—and those actions weren’t under her control. She had no concept of sound, or silence, or communication. She couldn’t comprehend the mind rending pleasure that emanated from between her legs and tingled through all of her synapses.

Mae watched her, and waited for her shaking to slow before her arms wrapped tight and nestled her daughter into her chest. Delicately, carefully, she began to rock her and quietly hummed a lullaby that Claire couldn’t remember ever hearing before.

Nonsense sounds and meaningless gestures trembled through Claire, so safe in the warmth of her mother’s arms.

Author’s Note: The Term True Lesbian Conspiracy is an old term I haven’t seen thrown around in the MC community for a long time, but it felt like time to bring it out of the closet and be inspired. While I’ve grown apart from most of the writers that I recall using it frequently, I hope if they see it that it brings them some measure of bliss

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