Rivaled Methodologies

Chapter 3: Compromised Resistance Training

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #brainwashing #corporate #cyber_punk #intelligence_play #pov:top #scifi #tech_control

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Compromised Resistance Training

Xinyi sighed as she woke up in bed. She didn’t remember her failed attempt to take swift control of Yeji. She didn’t remember how everything went so horribly wrong. All she remembered was that she loved her big sister, and she was feeling so terribly lonely in her big bed all alone.

She was a short woman, but her bed had never felt so small in all the time she’d lived in the shared space with Yeji.

She also couldn’t remember the last time she’d woken up feeling quite so… hazy.

Nothing that curling up with my big sis can’t help… Have I ever done that before…? Xinyi giggled, shaking her head both at the sound and how silly her concerns sounded even inside of her own mind. I’ll need to have her help to make sure my clothes are proper enough before I go to work anyway… so it wouldn’t hurt to get some cuddling in before then! I’m sure she’d enjoy it, too!

Sliding out of bed, Xinyi made her way carefully across the apartment. The normally sharp tongued and private engineer didn’t even bother to put on any clothes over the panties and thin nightgown she’d worn to bed. It wasn’t sheer, but the way it fell over her large, round breasts made it impossible to not perfectly make out her nipples.

Too small to completely cover her equally impressive ass, the nightgown failed to provide any real coverage and instead worked to emphasize her curves and the split between them.

Each step she took, her feet sinking into the soft carpet, something warm tingled in the back of Xinyi’s mind. She mewled, her teeth closing around her lip. It slowed her pace, but did nothing to dissuade her. She wanted to cuddle up to her brilliant big sister before she went off to work, and even if just walking across their apartment was making her head feel foggy and her panties feel slick that didn’t matter.

A dreamy smile spread across her lips as her eyes hooded. She giggled again, curling her toes into the carpet as her eyes fluttered.

Really want to see… my big sis…

Out of nowhere her mind was filled with intrusive thoughts. This was wrong. This wasn’t her. She was giggling like some sort of simple minded ditz. She was adoring a woman who… who… was there any reason she shouldn’t? She tried to remember, but all that did was send a shudder down her spine and curled her toes that much more in the carpet.

Of course I’d adore her…! Xinyi sighed dreamily, wrapping her arms around herself. Yeji is my big sister… She always has been! Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am, wouldn’t be so happy, wouldn’t…

Right as her hand landed on the doorknob, it pulled away from her hand.

Yeji was standing behind the open doorway, smiling knowingly as she grasped ahold of Xinyi’s hand. “Come on, my cute little sis. Let’s cuddle in bed before we need to work, and I can make sure that your skirt is short enough to turn everyone’s head so they all know just how cute you are.”

Xinyi’s heart fluttered as Yeji pulled her in. She didn’t resist, stumbling along with an expression that made it easy to imagine hearts in her eyes. Her smile had lightly faded, but only to be replaced with a certain vacant emptiness.

When Yeji pulled her down onto the bed, nestling her down between her smaller, but no less lovely breasts, Xinyi could only mewl as her eyes fluttered shut.

“Thank you, big sis…”

Yeji hooded her eyes, nails moving through her little sister’s hair as she tugged her even closer, and then twined their legs. “Of course, Xinyi… what are sisters for? Just like how you won’t mind sharing some of your software with me for a… special program I’m working on, to make our lives even better, mm?”

“Of course not!” Xinyi wiggled her hips, nuzzling more into Yeji’s chest as she let out a quiet mewl. “I can share whatever you want… whatever you need! Anything for you, sis!”

Giggles flowed out of Xinyi without any hesitation. The warmth of her sister’s loving embrace melted away the thoughts that tried to scream from hidden places deep within her mind. Up above her, Yeji grinned proudly and whispered soothing words into her ear.

It was only a matter of time before the promotion was hers, but she wasn’t intending on abandoning Xinyi once she was done.

Her plans went much further than that.

Anna’s sadistic smile grew as she slowly scrolled through personnel reports. Accelerant Technologies only employed the best, but that didn’t leave Anna with lots of work to do that most would consider unpleasant. She was very rarely left without a problem to solve. So many people under her always seemed as though they would benefit from a “very difficult conversation” or two.

There was no reason for her to restrain her glee when she was all alone.

After writing a very stern e-mail laced with warm and understanding language—the one-two punch of warning someone how close they were to slipping away from the sort of performance Accelerant Expected combined with such tender language always seemed to hit hardest—an alert popped up in the middle of her screen.

She frowned.

I have at least another four emails to write, and that’s just for this location. What could possibly be more important than—oh.

Her frown faded, and instead she let out a sigh.

The alert was very simple, and one she was very familiar with.

Anna Wallin is overdue for mental security training.

It was always something she tried to put off for as long as she could. There was nothing fun about having her mind run through its paces. Being pushed and pushed, shaped and reinforced into something sturdier and more resistant was a good thing, but much like exercise it wasn’t something that she enjoyed doing more than she had to.

Her tall and curvy figure did have a certain valkyrie strength to it as befit her Nordic looks, but no one would call her athletic. She was simply blessed with a certain size, and her voluptuous visage carried with it just enough sharp angles to not simply appear round.

None of that would get her out of more mental security training—no matter how much she tried.

The only option the alert gave her was to contact the proper branch. Until she pressed that button which would ring her attached phone through to their line, it would take up a significant portion of the middle of her screen. Accelerant Technologies had coded the alert to make it impossible to do anything else while it was on screen. Even the clock in the corner paused. Time still ticked on, but it was to send a specific message to each and every employee who qualified.

Mental security training was the highest priority. Even time had no authority over it.

More than a few employees found vacations canceled early to make sure their extended time away from the office wouldn’t allow someone to take advantage of their mental state not being the most protected it could be.

Anna was always careful to schedule around it, but she was one of the few who had complete access to all of those files and the latest evaluations. Not everyone was so lucky.

“I suppose I have no choice. A pity, really… but it’s not like I won’t get to write the next email soon!” Clicking the button on screen, Anna lifted up her phone’s receiver and waited. It was far lower tech than using a headset or just using her internal computer, but Accelerant at times eschewed modern solutions in the name of security.

So many techniques that could suddenly seize control of a wireless headset, or even a cordless phone, were beaten by a simple coil cord from an old fashioned desktop phone.

“Hello, Anna? I’ve been assigned to your mental security training. Your mind is in very safe hands.” The calm, professional voice of Kang Yeji was a pleasant surprise. Though she was well known by most in the company for her work out in the field, Anna was privy to the full extent of Yeji’s activities.

Her skills at training minds, and her own strong mental discipline were two of the many reasons she was one of the women offered the open VP slot.

At least I’m skilled hands if I need to go through this againAnna sighed, thankful that Yeji couldn’t see her rolled eyes. I’m too important to not receive regular screenings. If anything happened, everyone would know. This is completely unnecessary.

“That’s very good to hear, Yeji. I always appreciate having someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s always unfortunate to need to discipline someone after they’ve been trying so hard to help only to fail.” She couldn’t keep the grin off of her face, nor the sound of it out of her voice. Anna was already eager to get back to her favorite part of the job. “When should I report in? I’d like to get this over with quickly as possible. You understand—I’m a very busy woman.”

“You are, and that’s why you don’t need to report in at all.” Anna blinked and stared at her phone. Yeji sounded serious, but she didn’t sound ready to tell Anna to hang up, either. Violating company policy so brazenly—to a woman considering her for a promotion—wasn’t like Yeji at all. “We can do this remotely, and make it a background process.”

Anna sighed in relief.

“It can run in the background, and you won’t even need to worry about it. You can just let the program do its thing.” As Yeji spoke, the prompt in the middle of the screen changed, now asking for Anna’s password. “All you need to do is give me permission to install.”

“It’s really that easy?” Anna raised an eyebrow, her fingers poised over her keyboard with the receiver shoved between her ear and her shoulder. “It’s usually a long in-person thing.”

Yeji’s laugh was the perfect tone to feel amused without sounding at all patronizing. “New technique. I could do it in person if you’d prefer, but I know you have better things to do than spend an afternoon being induced. A week with five minutes lost here, fifteen minutes there, thirty seconds there… that fits your busy schedule much better, doesn’t it?”

Pressing enter, Anna watched as the software named “Accelerant Security Suite” installed itself onto her machine.

It didn’t seem to be a very large file, but that didn’t bother her. It simply further validated her belief that all of this mental security training was largely working on the placebo effect while giving the company an excuse to encourage “loyalty.” Since her goals aligned with the company it didn’t bother Anna terribly much, but that didn’t make it less of a waste of time.

“It most certainly does. So all I need to do is just let this run and expect a bit of distraction over the course of the week?” Anna lifted the receiver from her shoulder, her gaze sliding back over to her email client.

“That’s all. I’ll talk to you in a week to make sure it worked. Stay safe until then!”

“Until then, and…” Anna’s grin shifted, taking a more crooked slant. “Best of luck with Xinyi. She really is a genius, so you have your work cut out for you if you expect to win.”

Yeji took a moment to respond, but Anna wasn’t concerned. She interpreted it as she typically did. Her needling had hit her mark. It had the Senior VP wiggling her hips in her fancy office chair.

“I really do. Thank you, Miss Wallin. We’ll speak soon.”

“I look forward to it!” Anna set the phone back down into its cradle, and returned to her work. The idea of losing random, small bits of time wasn’t very worrisome. If it would only be happening at her desk she would just need to be sure that she kept her schedule up-to-date.

Any corporate approved software wouldn’t want me zoning out on the phone, so I imagine that’s safe too…

As she typed up another email there was a very subtle effect twisting into place on her screen. The edges of some letters took on a shifting tint of color, and she was wholly oblivious to the soft, quiet sounds coming from her speakers. Too busy taking delight in the dirtier parts of her job, Anna didn’t realize that anything was out of the ordinary.

Even when her gaze slowly drifted around the screen, sucked towards the middle like she were being pulled down a drain, Anna didn’t suspect a thing. She was busy at work, and she had no expectations of the security software taking effect so quickly.

By the time her gaze was focused on the very center of her screen, much of the focus in her eyes had softened—or vanished altogether. Her lips rubbed together, mouthing words that she didn’t realize could have come from any place outside of her own mind. She couldn’t hear the soft voice echoing from her speakers, but it was loud enough for her mind to understand and obey.

After a minute of thoughtlessly reshaping her mouth in a mantra she couldn’t even hear, Anna’s mouth fell open and stayed open. Her blue eyes were glassy and blank, devoid of any hint of will as she stared at what was now a very obvious prismatic spiral.

The longer she watched, the more her body slouched back. No one was there to watch her breasts become more and more emphasized as her chest arched, but she could feel it. She could feel the quivering of her own thighs, and the way they squeezed around the wet heat that was building between them.

She could feel it, but she could do nothing about it.

Her mind was lost somewhere deep in the spiral that reflected its myriad of colors in her wide eyes that were eager to take in every twist and spin. Surrendering to its offered calm, offered bliss, offered erotic delights was so much simpler than thinking ever was.

Anna’s files noted her low level of mental defense, but they’d done nothing to suggest how much she was unprepared for it to be compromised sitting at her desk.

Imagining herself safe, Anna was wholly unprepared to put up any fight at all.

The spiral spun, and tugged more of Anna’s control out of her mind. The spiral spun, and Anna eagerly offered it more and more of her thoughts. The spiral spun, and Anna moaned as the voice in her speakers became loud enough for her to easily hear. It no longer mattered, because she lacked the critical thinking or consciousness to object.

“Anna Wallin enjoys being sexy and simple.”

Blue eyes fluttered as Anna mewled, her lips rubbing together in a weak attempt to echo the words from her speakers. When they failed, her body sank deeper into her plush chair.

“Anna Wallin is eager for an opportunity to let someone take control that won’t compromise her position, or use her against the company.” She didn’t even try to chant along to the voice that was surrounded by tones designed to soften her mind that much more. “Anna Wallin is going to sleep now, and let her mind be protected from external influences, while surrendering to her desires.

“Moan, Anna, and sleep.”

A loud, low moan fell from her lips, and the last of Anna’s mind drifted away as she eagerly listened to the voice telling her what—and how—to think.

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