Chapter 1: Frayed

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Frayed

Serina Alton took a deep breath. She was standing in only her plain tan-colored underwear and a pair of black socks, psyching herself up for the work ahead. Her apartment was situated right in the heart of Midas City, a perfect place to start and end a patrol. There wasn’t exactly a bad place to patrol in a city with so many people that all deserved to be kept save, but that didn’t make where she lived any less deserving of her focus.

She reached down and lifted up her mask, or what she had that passed for a mask. She’d lived in Midas City for a while, but she hadn’t yet taken the time to find out how so many heroines had tailored costumes. There just need to be services for it… maybe even some of them are affordable for a woman who can’t catch a break…

What Serina held in her hand was little more than a long strip of black cloth with two eye holes cut into it. She had at least sewn the eye holes so they wouldn’t tear and fray during a fight. The last thing she needed was to get a thread in her eye as a signal that her luck had run out. She tied it around her head, pulling up her black hair so it hid away the knot as it fell loosely over her shoulders. Her blue eyes, neither terribly light, nor terribly dark, stood out dramatically surrounded by so much dark fabric.

Usually, nothing much about her body stood out. She was beautiful enough—no one had ever complained about a chance to get close with the still-fresh vigilante. Her build was too soft to be athletic and not quite slight enough to be slender. Unfortunately, or fortunately for a woman who didn’t want to attract any additional trouble when she wasn’t wearing a mask, Serina just didn’t stand out for any particular reason.

Next came a pair of tight, thick black jeans that took a little extra effort to pull into place but were tough enough to make glancing blows, or getting caught on a tiny bit of glass, not quite so rough. After that was a black top, one that dipped far lower than anything the college journalism student would ordinarily wear. Enough heroines claimed that distraction was a useful asset, and she figured it would help dissuade anyone from imagining it was her hiding underneath her pitiful excuse for a mask.

After she pulled on the pair of chunky black boots with thick, solid soles, she tugged her dark blue, busted up leather jacket on and looked down over herself. Not bad for still wearing an off-the-rack getup that I could get away with wearing down town without a second glance if I wasn’t wearing a mask…

Live Wire wasn’t a name that many people in Midas City would hear about. Names like Jade, the Blue Fox, and Psyche were much louder and prominent. That was fine with Serina. The point wasn’t glory—it was about using what she could do to make the world a better place.

Careful to make sure her front door was locked, Serina popped open her window and slid out onto the fire escape. She pulled the window down after her, and then leapt down to the street two floors below. If I ever get a chance to choose some new powers then ‘bullet proof’ is going near the top, but at least being able to jump from, and to, my apartment is pretty useful.

Without a look back, Serina began to move through the streets of Midas City. With her enhanced mobility it was easy for her to move from shadow to shadow, and even hop her way up to overhangs and fire escapes to get a better vantage point. Midas was an older city with its own personality, and the lack of smooth, identical buildings surrounding her made it simple for Live Wire to make her way around relatively unnoticed. All that anyone might see was a flash of blue like a jolting spark of electricity—which was basically the only reason she hadn’t gone with a cheaper, black leather jacket.

Sometimes a little style didn’t hurt when she could still have substance.

Most nights, and most patrols, went entirely uneventfully. She was ready for this patrol to be like any other, and chalked it up half to her supernatural luck and the fact that even if something happened every night, odds were good that most of it in Midas City would be too quiet for anyone to notice—even if they were looking. On a random hunch she stayed perched atop a building for a minute or two longer than usual when she heard the telltale sound of shattering glass.


Live Wire grinned as she crouched down and hopped down towards the direction of the sound. It wasn’t close by, but if she’d turned the corner when she normally did then she would have missed it entirely. A local mall, one that spanned two blocks of the city connected across the street by a glass bridge, was notably missing a door. Its remains littered the ground in a haphazard heap.

There were any number of stores in the mall—jewelry, clothing, a sunglasses stand—so Serina had no clue who to expect. No one was playing look out, but that could easily mean a gang that was overconfident or a solo villain. While a gang might mean numbers, Serina wasn’t excited by the prospect of a supervillain.

Even with guns, Serina was a match for a few thugs in most circumstances. There was no knowing what a supervillain could bring to the table. The stories she’d heard about the kinds of supervillains the news didn’t talk about in Midas City made her blood run cold.

It was easy to follow whoever was responsible for the broken glass. They didn’t seem to be particularly concerned about being quiet, or unnoticed. Live Wire braced a hand one of the barricades that closed a nearby storefront. Once placed, she reached out with her power, and frowned. She could feel the security system there, straining, struggling to send out a signal, but the end of the circuit ended uselessly. Somehow, Serina guessed as she pulled her hand away and proceeded cautiously towards the sound, they took care of that before they entered. This was a planned hit… Why here, and not somewhere else? It’s just a mall…

Rounding the corner, Serina was utterly unprepared for what she saw. Electronics wasn’t surprising as far as what store would be hit, but she hadn’t anticipated seeing seven women wearing skintight, latex bodysuits. Their bodies were mildly different in shape and size, but they looked as close to identical as possible. Their movements were stiff and methodical, making them almost look more like machines than the women their round curves insisted they were.

Their faces were either wrapped up in black, or made up of the same slick, shining black material that squeezed around their generous curves. Even if they were masks, they were shaped in an approximation of faces that only made them look more… wrong. Artificial. They were too close to lifelike to look like simple masks. If they were the women’s faces then something very twisted had been done to them, but it seemed more likely they were either wearing masks, or whoever had sent them liked curvy robots wrapped up in latex.

Not a single sensible reason freely came to Serina’s mind, but attributing sense to some criminals seemed to be a pointless exercise. Anyone who would send a septuplet of robotic drones to rob a local electronics store seemed to be at least a little disconnected from reality. Serina didn’t have time to worry about that. She needed to act.

I hope they are robots… That’ll make my job a whole lot easier.

None of the women, robots, whatever they were, turned to look at the heroine who silently spied on them from around a corner. One of them stood at the entry way, holding up her arm. The end wasn’t an ordinary hand, but a large round attachment that looked like some sort of cannon. It reminded her almost of something from a videogame the way the side had a barely visible display. Whatever it was capable of firing was probably more dangerous than a bullet.

Thankfully, the other six robbers had their hands full rifling through the merchandise. Hopefully it’ll take them a little time to react to my presence. I just need to act quick. If they’re robots I won’t even need to wish this was the week I managed to pick up a nice pair of leather gloves…

When the arm cannon moved as far away from her corner as the guard seemed comfortable to point it, Serina made her move. She rushed with a speed that an Olympian would be jealous of without breaking the sound barrier or setting the tile beneath her on fire. It was fast enough that when she reached the guard and wrapped her hands around the device at the end of its arm, none of the women inside had any time to react before Live Wire was activating her special ability.

If anyone knew that she had this power they might have questioned why she wasn’t going into electrical engineering, or at least computer repair. She couldn’t understand how the device worked and recreate it on her own. She couldn’t repair it without knowing how it was supposed to work when it was intact. With her electrical sense reaching out, Live Wire could see all of the electronic passageways inside of the device.

She could feel its current, and through that she could feel all that the device was.

Live Wire could feel the precise ways that would be charged to activate one portion of the device or another without knowing what any of those functions actually were. Each new device she touched was a new mystery—but she didn’t only need to touch.

Using her own current, or at least that was how Serina imagined it functioned, Live Wire could reach out and activate those functions, or fry part of that circuit to make it useless. When she was a teenager she’d done the former by touching an ATM and learning which way to direct the current to make a wad of bills hit her in the face. She’d done the latter by deactivating the security system to nab CDs from the mall.

She’d grown out of such petty, illegitimate uses a long time ago but those youthful experiments meant that it was easy for her to reach out and turn that cannon off. With a quiet pop and a quick burst of smoke the display on the side went dead, and the faint green light that had illuminated its business end went out.

The device was well enough insulated that an ordinary electrical assault would have managed to cause very little harm, but Serina’s powers didn’t seem to mind. It was as easy as reaching out and wrenching the wires loose. It could be repaired, but it would take effort.

In the time it took to short circuit the woman’s weapon, Live Wire had been spotted. Using her powers didn’t take long, or take so much of her focus that she was blinded to the world around her, but the weapon wasn’t all the woman had at her disposal. Before Live Wire could react, the woman’s other hand flew to her throat and grasped it tight.

Live Wire’s eyes went wide as she sputtered for air. The grip wasn’t as tight as iron, but she could already feel that unless she did something the only air that was going to reach her lungs was already there. Her body was good at quick bursts of exertion, things like sprinting and jumping, but somehow it had missed out on the idea of mutating or otherwise being enhanced to have endurance to match. If the woman squeezed much tighter, Serina was afraid of either blacking out or what might happen to her windpipe.

Adrenalin made every moment stretch out, every sense heightening. She could feel skin growing slick with sweat, and every muscle in her body tightening instinctively as if it wanted to fold away from the hand at her neck. Her electrical senses told her that either the woman was a robot too sophisticated for her to reach further than its weapon, or it was a woman with something strapped to her arm.

Live Wire’s hands shook as she removed them from the curvaceous, latex-clad robber’s disabled weapon, but before she could reach for the hand choking her she was lifted up and thrown through the air. The motion was so quick, and her landing so abrupt, that Serina’s perceptions all felt scrambled.

She’d flown through the air, but which direction, and where she’d ended up were hard to immediately determine out. It didn’t help that she’d smashed into a display case, and was covered in CDs. To add insult to injuries they weren’t even from musicians Serina enjoyed.

Ugh… Voidprison hasn’t put out a good album in ten years… Serina shoved the case away as quickly as she could, which was slower than she wanted to admit. Her head was spinning, and her whole body ached from the rough toss and the sudden landing. Just get up and move, get up and let your body move for you.

Once she finally rose to her feet she quickly found that the six other criminals hadn’t remained unaware of her presence for long. No longer were they rifling through various boxes, and it seemed that the one guarding the door hadn’t been the only one of them armed. All six of them held up arms ending in the same long round cannons with bright green displays on the side. Live Wire’s body often moved quicker than she could come up with a good idea for where to move, but she had no time at all to survey the cramped store around her before the cannons activated.

She’d expected lasers—either solid beams or bolts of searing plasma—but she hadn’t expected shifting, dancing, swirling lights.

At first she’d almost wanted to laugh. It seemed as though seven women had staged a break-in just to taunt a superheroine with toys that were sophisticated, stylized, scary looking versions of things Serina had played with as a little girl. There was a certain pattern to the light, but nothing about it was soporific, mesmerizing, or painful. They were just swirling, shifting colors. Nothing about that was scary or intimidating at all.

It wasn’t long before her assessment quickly changed and her hands moved up on their own to grasp at the sides of her head. What… What’s… Nnn my… my head…! Serina whined as she squeezed tighter, trying to shake the feeling away to no avail.

She didn’t know what was happening, or how it was happening, but she knew that she could feel those colors, weaving, threading, and pushing themselves into her skull like an almost physical presence. It wasn’t a peaceful or calm invasion of her mind, it was raw, unrelenting, overwhelming, constant force slamming against the walls of her mind from every direction at once. Every moment of the feeling was jarring and disorienting, like she was being spun in place without even moving at all.

Any sense of balance she had after so quickly rising from the intruder’s throw was quickly disrupted, and Serina was sent plummeting down to her knees with a pitiful groan. Her jeans did little to cushion the fall as six arms lowered, keeping their cannons leveled squarely at the shuddering woman’s head.

Her mouth twisted as her eyes opened wider. She’d never felt any sensation like it before. Her thoughts, her perceptions, her concept of self had never felt like such physical things and neither had anything like the colors that pushed against her with increasingly strong pressure. N-need… Need to fight it… Need to resist… Need… Need… I… who… where…?!

Live Wire’s mouth opened wide to let out a loud, pitiful scream, but her body was only able to squeak out the most pitifully quiet whimper.

It wasn’t just pressure pushing against the edges of her mind, it was invading, pushing in, filling up space in ways that her mind couldn’t begin to adjust to. The longer the colors pushed, tangling around neurons and filling in voids of synapses, it was harder and harder for Serina’s mind to find new pathways for her thoughts to follow. Ideas kept being shattered apart, broken up, disjointed and half formed, useless in the increasingly isolated depths of her comprehension.

Her body hardly helped, clenching and tightening even more than it had at the feeling of the hand cutting off her air. Serina could feel the pressure, the raw force, invading her nerves and filling her body with phantom sensations that she couldn’t block out or ignore no matter how hard she tried to shake her head or force the feelings away.

The sensations were less distinct than touches, more a bizarre, incomprehensible knowing that something was squeezing around her entire body at once. She could feel it like the women must have felt the latex squeezing around their bodies, only it was continually pushing its way through more and more of her body, deeper and deeper.

Serina could feel the invasion inside of her breasts, feeling like they were being kneaded firmer and harder than any hands ever had. She could feel the invasion between her legs, at first feeling like vibration against and along her lower lips before it pushed deeper, filling her with raw force that lacked any and all sensuality. It was just raw sensation, raw stimulation. It pushed against her clit, and burrowed inside even as those colors, that pressure, that overwhelming otherness pushed through her arms, her legs, her ass, her eyes, her mouth…

Everything was filling with light, with color, with nonsense stimulation that was nothing more or less than noise.

It wasn’t pleasure.

It wasn’t pain.

It was both and neither at once, and the more that her body felt overstimulated and numb the harder it became for Serina to hold onto even the faintest idea of her consciousness. It was hard for her to consciously hold on to the sight around her as colors slammed into her visual cortex and made so much of what she saw a blur of nonsense. It was hard to be sure what she’d thought the moment before when it felt like a beam of yellow blocked her short term memory.

Her eyes were wide, and her mouth hung open as drool sparkled at the corner of her lips. She could barely perceive it was there, much less think to raise up a hand to brush it away. What little she could be sure she perceived made the moment feel humiliating, embarrassing, and horrifying.

Then the women spoke.

“You will be processed.”

Six voices spoke with perfectly identical cadences. Each word was perfectly timed, and each lacked any and all emotion. They were a firm wall of verbal intent. Each word was robotic, machine-like. If they weren’t robots, then they had been trained to be.

“You will be processed.”

Somehow the only clear, distinct thing that Serina could focus on were those words. They didn’t just cut past the noise. The noise slammed that idea through all of her body at once. Her muscles shook with those words. Her nipples throbbed with those words. Her mind ached with the unavoidable, inescapable presence of those words.

It wasn’t a matter of wanting to hear them or not. So much of Serina’s consciousness was full of pretty static and sensations too extreme for her mind to process. The colors felt like they were both wrapped around her nipples and filling them, like each and every finger was full of bright swirling light even as they clutched desperately at her head. None of it was anything that made sense or could be digested for some form of comprehension.

Their words were the sole exception, and she could not help but allow those words to reach her, to sting inside of her, to reach places that Serina could not protect. They were places her mind had used for so many years but she’d never been aware of them. She’d simply used her mind and taken for granted that it worked.

I… I will be… p-p-processed… P-p-processsed…!

            Echoing those words was all that her mind could do as the women moved tighter and tighter around her. Her eyes fluttered, strained between too much sensation and a raw imperative that her mind need to obey. Live Wire, Serina, all of her would be processed. She knew it. She accepted it.

When one of the women pressed something against her ear and a cool metal tentacle reached inside of her ear, nothing mattered anymore as her mind turned off with a sharp, metallic sound.


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