by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 


The room was dark around her, with the only light being cast directly over her own body that was strapped down, naked, to the cold steel table underneath her. She tried to struggle, to twist, to rip herself free but she already knew how meaningless it was. Metal around her ankles kept her legs spread shoulder-width apart, and metal around her wrists kept them trapped uselessly at her sides.

Her body was naked, but it was covered with a thin sheen of slick sweat that made every bare inch glisten. Between her legs was no exception, her flushed lower lips drooling with lust and desire as her hips tried to swing side to side, to buck, to arch, to do anything to escape her torment. All it did was remind her how helpless she truly was.

She hadn’t been able to escape the previous times she’d been conscious in that dark room, and if anything the restraints holding her down felt like they were stronger than they’d been when her torment began.

It’s all… Useless… Can’t escape… Can’t struggle… Can only do what she wants me to do…

Tears filled her eyes, threatening to spill over at any moment. It was a futile effort, but she tried her best to keep her eyes shut tight. It was the only thing that felt capable of holding them back. She tried to maintain to some tenuous grasp on her dignity, on her identity, on the idea that if she could keep herself together for just a little bit longer then she’d be able to escape and everything would be just like it had before all of it began.

She tried to ignore the growing ache that she felt at her lips, in her belly, and the weakness that followed in its wake. Her muscles continued to move, but they felt so tired, melted and pitiful. She felt so warm, burning with need and desire and an ache that she knew wasn’t hers. At the same time she felt so cold that it was hard to keep her teeth from chattering. Her vision was beginning to blur as if she were seeing two images of the same sight improperly laid over each other and no amount of squinting could force them to properly align.

Her body had a need, and it was not one that she could simply will away. It was deeper than just the psychological yearning that grew louder and louder with each moment. It was deeper than the pitiful pleading voice that was not foreign to her mind, but a central part of it. Even if it was a traitor, it was not something that monster had put there.

It feels so good… It feels better than anything you ever felt before…! Stop fighting it… Ask for more… Beg for it… Promise to be good and maybe she’ll never stop giving it to you…!

The thought was seductive, and it was hard for her to deny that she wanted to believe it would be that simple.

It did feel good. It felt better than sex that was so sensual and focused on her pleasure it would make her stay in a daze for a week. It was better than sinking her teeth into the perfect meal and feeling the satisfaction not only of the taste, but also knowing that she’d feel so full, so satisfied, so happy when it was done. It was every birthday party without any disappointment. It was graduation without the student loans.

It was heaven in a way that no devil should have been able to create, and yet it was made by the worst devil she’d ever met…

And she needed it.

Her mouth felt as dry as her pussy felt slick. She was thirsty, but not just for any taste. Water wouldn’t have made her feel better. Her favorite soda would only have taunted. A milkshake might have been close enough to make her cry without offering any joy.

“All you need to do is ask for it, and I’ll give it to you.” The woman’s voice was cold, the only warmth from her own wry sense of amusement. “Do you think you can hold out forever? Do you? It’s made from you. The formula is absolutely perfect in every way! All you’re doing is torturing yourself and providing me with a show.”

As much as the bound woman wanted to be turned off by those words, to feel horrified right down to her core, she couldn’t. The thought of the other woman watching her from the shadows, enjoying the way her breasts bounced and shook at her chest, savoring the way her thighs uselessly clenched around her exposed pussy, it sent quakes of pleasure down her spine so intense that all she could do was whine.

I’m… I was straight, before she did this to me, before… before…

Even thinking about what she’d been through was dangerous, and her traitorous clit was all too happy to pulse and throb in pleasure and yearning at the idea of more of that. More of the woman’s games would certainly scar her mind deeper, rend away at more of who she was and leave something new in her place, but it would all feel so good. It would be so intense.

She’d never experienced anything like the things that beast of a monster had done to her. She’d had sex. She’d fucked. None of those experiences had ever left her a drooling, shuddering, orgasming mess that couldn’t remember her name no matter how hard she tried.

None of those experiences had ever made it so she was eager to have another person’s eyes on her body. None of those experiences had ever made her aroused at the idea of being bound, being used for the pleasure of someone she not only couldn’t stand, but hated with every fiber of her being. It was like the life she’d lived before meeting that woman was some kind of dream, or an early beta of what life and pleasure could be. So much of her didn’t want to go back, even if that would mean reclaiming her freedom, keeping some grasp on her identity, and not losing the idea that she was a woman instead of a toy …

“Like a hummingbird with sweet nectar, you can taste it on your lips.” The unseen woman spoke again, and the woman strapped to the table groaned in agony. “If you just asked for it, you could. You could be enjoying it right now. Enjoying it more than anything…”

The bound woman sobbed, a choked, strangled sound that tore out of her from deep in her throat, deep in her soul, making the bound woman’s body jiggle and shake so much more dramatically. She thrashed with the need of a woman who felt like she would not only die, but dissolve away into nothing if she went without satisfaction or if she seized it.

No matter what she did, it felt as though her surrender, her defeat, her utter annihilation was inevitable.

She craved oblivion from the tips of her curled toes, to the depths of her quivering pussy, to the points of her erect nipples, to the top of her tingling scalp. She craved the release that she knew just a single taste would grant her. It would be so easy to ask, and she knew that the other woman would not withhold it from her. She wanted it to be asked for, to be given, to be taken.

Why is she playing with me like this…?! She could just force it on me. There’s nothing that I could do. I can’t pull away, and if that taste hit my tongue… O-ohh…

Her pussy convulsed, and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her whole body writhed. Everything about that sounded like perfection. It sounded like everything she’d been missing, and everything that she now craved but had never even truly considered wanting before.

“Come on, little toy. You know what I want to hear. You know what you want to say. Why are you doing this to yourself?” The unseen woman clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. Each echoing sound made the bound woman shudder and whine, her breasts shaking as her body shuddered in place. “It’s not like this is going to make me reconsider this approach. It works. You’re nearly ready to be shoved inside of a drawer until I’m ready to play with you. You won’t even mind it. You’ll love it. You’ll be just as happy to be surrounded by cold, unloving metal as you ever were to be… anywhere.”

She wanted to argue, to spit out some retort, some biting comment that would disprove all of the woman’s bluster, but she knew that she couldn’t. She knew that everything the other woman said was true. She could feel it in her clit, reminding her how nice it felt to feel her mind being turned off.

Her body hated it at first, but after she’d felt it during one of her doses…

“Just ask for it. Once. Ask for it, and I’ll let you enjoy it at least until you lose consciousness. Maybe we’ll see if you can suck while you’re in a drugged out haze.” The words should have felt cruel, but they didn’t. It should have made the bound woman want it less but it just made her want it more.          

It was like being young again only to be offered the chance to eat her whole cake the day before her birthday. Even if it was bad for her… she wanted it. She wanted it so bad, and reason was so unimportant when she had such an intense need.

E-even my bones are aching… It feels hard to breathe, hard to… Hard to think… I’m so wet, so weak, so… I can’t function like this, my body feels like… Feels like it’s shutting down…

She didn’t know what would happen if she actually managed to resist long enough that the other woman withdrew her offer. Could her body even function without that specially formulated concoction anymore? If she went long enough without it, would her mind no longer be able to form coherent thoughts? Was it better to indulge than damage any chance at ever recovering?

She had too little information to make any informed decision, and her need only grew more intense the longer she tried to hold out. If she passed out it was hard to imagine she wouldn’t regain consciousness needing it even more. It wasn’t going to be something she’d shake by being kept away from it for such a short time.

Especially not with how good it felt to indulge, even just a taste…

“I’m getting bored waiting for you. I have so many other fun toys to play with. If you won’t—”

“Please…!” The bound woman’s voice was a desperate cry so loud and so sharp. Her eyes were full of pitiful yearning just as plainly as her flushed lower lips. “I need it…! Give it to me, please, please, please give it to me…!”

Laughter came from the shadows, but only briefly. It didn’t linger. Instead, a familiar contraption began to lower down over the bound woman. Her thighs tensed in preparation for the tube that slid between her legs, deep inside of her pussy. She whined as it happened, shaking her head even as she clenched around it so tightly.

You don’t like this more because she’s a woman… You don’t want this more because of what she did to you… She’s just… It’s just… Need to… Have to…

Small suction devices were placed over her nipples, making the bound woman howl in familiar pleasure and a deeper agony. It wouldn’t be long now, not anymore. What she needed was coming, and even if she didn’t want to need it, she did. Even if she didn’t want to crave it, to be so wet for it, she was.

The tube slowly lowered down towards her lips, mere inches away. It shined in the light, almost glowing divinely as the machine sucked at the bound woman’s nipples and the slick, velvety inner-walls of her drenched pussy. She had been expecting for it, trying to make herself ready for it, but even knowing what was coming didn’t make it any less amazing and horrible at the same time.

Her body was being invaded, sucked at, siphoned at, and all she could do was writhe as the machine worked her tits and pussy like she were another part of the machine. She couldn’t even buck her hips in any way that mattered. The tube inside of her decided exactly what she felt.

“Be careful not to have too much! You won’t be able to fit into those jeans if you aren’t careful!” The unseen woman laughed as the tube finally lowered those last few inches until it pushed its way between the bound woman’s eager, trembling lips. “Enjoy.”

Orgasmic moans were the only noise that the bound woman could make. They were muffled by the tube, and her eager, excited suckling, but they were still so audibly intense. She was hungry, needy, and this was everything that she’d been resisting. This was everything she’d ever wanted, ever needed, ever hoped for.

She suckled as hard as she could, and a taste unlike anything else filled her mouth. The way it had been described to her was simple, but that could do nothing to describe the pure euphoria that washed over her.

Her pussy convulsed around the tube, needing nothing more than that taste to make orgasm after orgasm inescapable. Every time she came there was more of her hot cum for the machine to draw out of her. Milk was easily siphoned from her breasts, suckled and tugged and drawn out of her.

Somewhere out of sight those things were mixed together, probably combined with something else that the unseen woman would never confess to, and then fed back to her.

For the bound woman, everything was euphoria. It was like being lost in a dream, suckling, wriggling, writhing as every worry and care went further and further away. She wasn’t empty or blank, but full of warmth, full of love, full of joy. It felt like all of the things that didn’t matter, her thoughts, her ideas, her memories, even her identity, were all just being sucked out, and then the bliss she was being fed filled those places in as she writhed and came.

It felt like every time she’d ever came, every dream she’d ever hoped for, and so much comfort. It was like belonging, like she really mattered, like the whole world only cared about her and wanted to make her happy.

It was ice cream on a hot day, and hot cocoa on a cold day.

It was an orgasm shared with someone she loved and a gentle hug from a friend.

It was perfect, so perfect that all she could do was squirm and writhe as endless pleasure made it impossible for her to want anything else. What did it matter if exposure to more of this would destroy her mind? It was worth it when it felt that good. There was no way she could ever want it to stop.

She suckled, and suckled, losing herself to a haze that was deeper than any mere drug. It was all of her own hopes and dreams, her own body and mind, turned against her. It was everything she could have ever wanted all at once.

She moaned, her eyes melted shut. Time had no meaning. She had no meaning. All that mattered was getting more, and more, and more of that wonderful taste past her lips and deep inside of her belly. All that mattered was sucking so much that she might never need it again, just lost in a haze of her own milk, her own pussy, her own perfect blend of lust and love turned against her.

She barely even felt it when minutes, or hours later, deep inside of her reverie, the metal tentacles slid into her ear and everything went black.


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