Path of Least Resistance

Chapter 7: Scientific Voltage Tester

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #bondage #brainwashing #chronos #comic_book #magic #midas_city #plant_control #serial_recruitment

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 7: Scientific Voltage Tester

Serina groaned as she regained consciousness. Above her was a white ceiling, looking pristine and clean in a way that felt like she was in a hospital. It didn’t look at all like she was bent over a desk, and thinking was so difficult. Her mind felt incredibly sore, and the bright lights made it hard to keep her eyes open for very long.

Nnn… I feel like I just did all of the homework I’ve ever done for college but all just in one night, my head is so…

Where am I…?

“You have a very interesting power. It interacts in ways that I haven’t seen in—ahem, excuse me.”

Suddenly hearing a woman’s voice made Serina whimper. She couldn’t raise her arms—something sturdy cushioned by something soft and warm kept them trapped in place somewhere over her head—but she could turn her head to see a blonde woman in a lab coat standing over her. She wore her hair up, and glasses perched on her nose as she scribbled notes on a clipboard.

“How are you, Diagram?”

The blonde’s voice was professional, but not the way that The Lady’s was professional. Where The Lady seemed all about business, the blonde seemed more as though she considered all of the woman lying below her as business, a task to handle in a very specific way.

It was off-putting, but Serina was far too distracted by the name she’d been called.

“Diagram…” No one else seemed to be in the room, but Serina didn’t need to know that to be certain the blonde scientist was talking to her.

I’ve never been called that before in my life… never even thought of taking it as a name when I was trying to decide what I should be called, but it feels right? It feels… She shuddered, struggling in her bonds just to see if maybe they were padded enough to tug herself free. Familiar? I don’t like that, but I can’t pretend it doesn’t feel nice.

Where am I?

“Ahem.” The blonde cleared her throat. “I’m Windy, and I’ll be handling your orientation today. Your powers are very interesting, and my tests were very thorough so I’ll need to know how you’re feeling. Dizziness? Confusion?” She scribbled something on her clipboard, checking a few other things as Serina groaned. “Your name is Diagram now, but I think you understand that. The quicker you answer my questions, the faster you can get to your room.”

“My room? I have a room?” Green eyes blinked as Diagram tried to understand what was happening, and what she should do about it.

Being in a room that’s mine sounds better than being here, wherever here is, but ‘orientation’ what could that— Her spine tensed and her eyes fluttered briefly shut. Of course. I’m a part of Chronos now. An employee feels like a stretch. The Lady doesn’t seem like she cares if I get paid, or anything besides her getting exactly what she wants. Forêt said I couldn’t deny her anything, but she didn’t say anything about this ‘Windy’.

Still, it doesn’t make much sense to piss off someone I don’t know when they have me strapped down, and…

Diagram glanced down at herself and frowned as she flushed and tried to squirm in some way to protect her naked body. She was covered only by electrodes that seemed to cover just beside places she might have appreciated being hidden away, including her nipples. She was on display, and her squirming only served to emphasize her body in ways she didn’t want Windy to enjoy.

“Your room, Diagram. You have a room here, whenever you aren’t needed for… something. Your powers have a lot of applications, so if you could just cooperate?” Windy rolled her eyes, tapping impatiently on her clipboard.


Naked, bound, hooked up to machines…

“My name isn’t Diagram, but I guess with a name like ‘Windy’ you’re too much of an airhead to remember someone’s name!” She smirked, her hips faintly shifting in another fruitless attempt to struggle free.

Windy raised an eyebrow behind her glasses, and quietly cleared her throat. “If your name isn’t Diagram, then what is it? Can you even tell me?”

“Of course I can! My name is Dia—” Diagram clamped her mouth shut tight, staring fearfully up at Windy. “I’m not Diagram! My name is Diagram damn y—fuck!” Windy smirked, scribbling on her clipboard. Not only was she so far above the bound woman, but she was enjoying Diagram’s dehumanization.

My name… It wasn’t Diagram, I know it wasn’t! She whimpered, rolling her head back and forth as she tried to recall. Looking back over her life, remembering birthdays, ID cards, so many times where her name had come up, all of them felt so sincere, so accurate, and yet…

Each time, she was confronted with the name “Diagram.”

Can’t even think of what my name should be, what my name is or… was! She slumped in defeat. A desire to snark, to bite back at Windy rose up inside of her, but she couldn’t think of anything to say. The experience of having her very name stolen was more emotionally overwhelming than she’d expected.

Squirming tugged at one of the electrodes beside a nipple, pulling her back to reality.

My head still feels burnt out. Whatever testing she was doing, but maybe I could try to—

Before Diagram could muster the concentration to try understanding the machines connected to her, Windy tugged the electrodes free with a firm tug. All of that glue, so close to sensitive places, drew a sharp cry from Diagram’s throat.

“Your name is now Diagram. The sooner you adjust to that, the happier you’ll be. Or the blanker you’ll be. I don’t really care.” Windy scribbled a few more notes before reaching down to rub at one of Diagram’s sore spots beside her nipple, making her whine and squirm. “If you don’t cooperate I’ll just go over the parts She’d want you awake for, and then I’ll trigger you into compliance. It’s up to you.”

Trigger me into compliance? Diagram’s face scrunched up as she tried to understand what that could even mean. Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good, but this woman is pissing me off.

Fuck cooperation. If they want me to cooperate, they can just make me cooperate. So why should I make that any easier for them?

“I think I’m going to blow you off, Wind—”

“—Overgrown Floral Short.”

“O-over… g-g…grown…?” Diagram whimpered. Windy spoke the words so quickly, firmly, and without the slightest hesitation. The moment they poured into Diagram’s ear the vines were back, growing over and through her mind so quickly she barely had a chance to suck in a breath before they started to bloom.

The scent was so strong, a scent of wet leaves, fragrant petals, and lust. The fragrance resembled the enchanting aroma that flowed from Forêt, and it smelled like The Lady’s office when she’d been bent over its solid wooden desk.

Vines squeezed tighter, dove deeper, and grew flowers in such deep parts of her mind. Diagram inhaled, but she didn’t need to when the scent was soaking into her very brain itself.

Diagram’s eyes glassed over. Her thighs tightened, only to loosen as her sex grew flushed and damp. The only sounds she made after her whimper were soft, distant whines as she faded far away from conscious control.

“That’ll be enough of that.” Windy smiled calmly, scribbling down a few notes, and ticking the check box beside “successfully tested control phrase” on her clipboard. “How were you feeling before I used your code words, Diagram?”

Diagram whimpered again. There were no vines squeezing her, and she could no longer smell the flowers that suffocated her mind moments before. All she could do was obey, feeling herself sinking deeper and deeper into her hypnotic state. “M-mentally exhausted… V-very dizzy… Weak… Used-up…” There was no option for her to even struggle, much less resist. Even when she bared her soul, she didn’t stiffen from anything besides the pleasure of her obedience. “Afraid…”

“Mm-hm, mm-hm. That makes sense with what I found during my testing, and just how far I pushed your abilities.” Windy scribbled more onto her clipboard, and then set down her clipboard to tug off the pants of her scrubs. Once they hit the floor, she crawled up on top of Diagram.

The moment she was settled atop the bound and naked woman, Windy raised her pen to her clipboard again.

“You actually form a circuit between yourself and whatever you scan, but you learned instinctively how to keep it from including you in any way that would affect you. I’d suspect you electrocuted yourself badly as a child and no longer remember it, or it’s a natural side effect of your powers. Learning how this functions will be useful for further metahuman modification and enhancement.” Windy scooted forward, her naked sex inches away from the bound heroine’s lips.

“I was able to test you with a variety of devices, and once I was able to translate how you feel diodes and other things, I was able to perfectly duplicate the actual diagrams. The human nervous system isn’t all that different than any other electrical device, so we have that possibility to explore with some expendable test subjects. You actually have the ability to modify and adjust the system you connect with, but not as much as you could have with further procedures stabilizing and enhancing your powers…”

No one was conscious to hear Windy, but it didn’t seem to matter. She noted down some of what she said, and other things were already present on different pages of her clipboard. Whether it was part of her job to inform Diagram of her testing or she simply enjoyed hearing herself speak, Windy continued unbothered by a lack of reply.

Windy scooted forward, grinding her pussy against Diagram’s lips.

“Make me cum, Diagram. Unless I had a vibrator without a switch you wouldn’t be very useful to me right now for a thrilling orgasm, and you took a lot of work.” Windy sighed as she set down her clipboard, and then moaned as Diagram’s mouth started to move.

She’d never found her face between another woman’s thighs before, but in her state of hypnotic surrender Diagram knew what Windy wanted and she had no ability to hold any of it back. Tongue reached out, finding Windy’s clit and teasing it with gently caresses before her lips wrapped around the sensitive flesh.

Groaning, Windy’s eyes fluttered shut. Her hips rolled, pressing her sex down into Diagram’s face. Her breathing was quivering, and her lips curled into a pleased smile. “Mmm you know… We might be able to give your ability more range… With the right device, or the right treatment… maybe some kind of conductor… we could make it so you could interface with anything… from a distance… and make it, or them do… anything… there are so many possibilities to explore… Mmm…! There, right there, suck like that!”

Diagram moaned as she obeyed, dutifully sucking exactly as she had been when given the command. Her naked body shuddered, clenching tight as her programming rewarded Diagram’s sleeping mind with pleasure for sinking deeper into her helpless surrender.

There was nowhere for her mind to go but down, and somehow no matter how deep she fell there was always deeper to go. Except for Windy’s commands her mind was utterly blank, devoid of anything resembling independent thought. As the scientist rode her face, Diagram could do nothing but lick, suck, and lose herself deeper to the programming conquering her.

“We could even… Ohhh…! M-make technology no one but you could utilize… o-or send you… mmmm near laboratories… r-research facilities… have you… steal their designs… and give them to us… f-fuuuuck!” Windy screamed, bursting wet and slick over Diagram’s face without slowing the bucking of her hips for even a moment. “Mmmm there’s so many ways we can use what you do to get an even better understanding of how the metahuman mind interfaces with its powers, at least the way that yours does… and if it works with others… theirs, too… Could make whole new fields of technology, could… could… f-fuck!”

Windy screamed again, louder, bending in half as her pale fingers slid deep dug into Diagram’s dark brown hair. Her clipboard clattered down to the ground.

“The Lady just wanted you… mmm… because you were on television… because… you’re… mmm… pretty… but… you’re going to be so much fun to tear apart and build up however we want to make you the most you can be!” A mixture of twisted scientific excitement and purely sexual lust quivered through every word that moaned its way from Windy’s lips. Her eyes were full of excitement, and yet unquenched thirst. “It exhausts your mind to do it, but maybe we can use that? Learn how your power drains you, and make a device that siphons at a metahuman’s mind when they try to use their powers…

“Could even make it so the source of their own powers is what makes the technology work! It would be more powerful than any other form of neutralization technology, because it would drain their power and make them weak to being controlled!” Windy shuddered, one of her hands rising up to knead and squeeze at her own clothed breast. “You are a treasure trove of ways to exploit the metahuman body and mind!”

Diagram didn’t respond, continuing to suck as much like she had in that one precise moment when Windy had been so thrilled. Her tongue continued the same motions, uncaring for how tiring it felt to continue such passionate movements. Windy had given her a command, and her mind no longer worked for her.

It worked for Windy, the woman who turned it off and made her into an obedient automaton.

“You’re so useful you might not even spend any time whored out to whoever wants a piece of your ass… but you have one hell of a mouth so… oh…!” Windy gasped, her thighs tightening more around Diagram’s face. “You may spend some time under Her desk—or mine!”

Windy screamed as she came again, and Diagram continued to eagerly suck.

She had no other choice, and in her deep hypnotic state it was impossible for her to remember what choices felt like. Much like the disappearance of her name, those things were taken away.

When she got either of them back was not up to her.

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