Path of Least Resistance

Chapter 6: A Carefully Engineered Appointment

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #bondage #brainwashing #chronos #comic_book #magic #midas_city #plant_control #serial_recruitment

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: A Carefully Engineered Appointment

“Please close the door, and then take a seat.”

“Y-yess… of… course…” Serina quivered as she allowed herself to be pulled across the room. Not fighting the vines inside of her wasn’t simply an act of surrender. There was a continual reward in it, from the vines squeezing around her clit drawing out no few gasps, to flowers blooming all the way up her spine, filling her head with a musky floral scent that made her feel dizzy and warm.

Much like a cartoon character pulled into place by a translucent scent, Livewire made her way forward with eyes nearly closed. When she reached the chair, she dropped down onto it, and her back arched on its own, her legs spreading as she quivered and shook. Wearing jeans meant it wasn’t an action that revealed much.

Her dark jeans were even capable of hiding the stain caused by all of Forêt’s influence, and Tiffany’s taunting making that so much worse and so much better at the same time.

“I…” Serina quivered. Though it was a brief, quick sound her voice still managed to shift from eager and floaty to quiet and uncertain. Her green eyes widened, some of the glaze falling away as her bottom lip quivered and her thighs gently clenched for the dark haired woman across the desk’s dark blue eyes to enjoy.

Don’t… don’t want to say what Forêt told me to say… but if I resist? She didn’t whimper, but she did suck in a sharper gasp as she felt the first hints of the vines coiling around places that made her tense in agony instead of shudder in bliss. I’ll do it anyway.

But it’ll feel so much worse, and I have no idea how it will feel if it keeps happening.

Maybe I’ll stop coming back.

“I… offer myself to you… in… every way that I… possibly can… A-ahhh!”  Serina gasped, her breath hitching as her jacket fell down along her shoulders, revealing the bare skin as the further arching of her back served to emphasize the hard nubs of her nipples standing at attention under her top. “I can’t…” She whined, feeling the unpleasant tightness, but the moment she relented the vines around her sorrow loosened and instead squeezed the pleasure centers in her brain. “I won’t… deny you… anything… Nnn!”

“Excellent.” The woman behind the desk tented her fingers, peering down at the slumping, quivering Livewire with hooded deep blue eyes. They were the same blue as the sand in Chronos’s hourglass logo. “I assume that Forêt made you aware of the benefits of partnering with our organization. Training. Resources. Whatever you need.”

While there was no outright malice or sadism in her tone, something cold and unwelcoming in her eyes, something in the professional front she rose during such a debasing and humiliating moment, made the blue-eyed woman feel especially cruel. Serina couldn’t stop herself from shuddering, but the vines weren’t upset with her for it so it was hard to mind as much as she might have in any other moment.

Anything I can easily imagine, or remember, is better than feeling like I don’t even exist except as a mannequin.

“Yes.” The answer came easily to Serina’s lips. “Forêt made me very aware. She gave me your card.” Her eyes fluttered, and she sucked in a sharp gasp as vines felt like they were stroking along the rims of her areola from the inside of her nerves. “I-is there any… anything else you… w-want to know, want me to s-say?”

“Yes.” The dark haired woman stood. Her black suit jacket made her look all the more imposing. The blue button-up blouse she wore under it was the same exact shade of blue as her eyes. “You’re going to do whatever I want you to do, but do you have any questions before we continue?” She laughed, but to Serina it was a plastic, professional laugh that felt more like a manager’s laugh before bad news than anything approaching genuine or well-intentioned.

How she manages to make an offer of information sound so wicked and self-serving, I really can’t understand. Serina tensed. Fuck, I hate how good it feels to let the plant control me. It hurts to deny her my answer for even a single moment, but if I don’t then I’m not even really here!

What would be the difference between that… nn… aah… fuck….! That and if I completely disappeared?!

Livewire’s narrowed eyebrows twitched, her lips contorting and reshaping. Though it was only a brief moment of hesitation, her face showed so many emotions. Anger and despair were perhaps the most prominent, but the expression it held after she gave in remained the longest.

Erotic relief.

“Wh-what’s… your name…? Why are you… doing this… what do you… want with me…?” She’d had other questions, other unknowns that troubled her in the past, but now that she had a person to actually ask her mind was more narrowly focused. “Will you please… let me go…? Ohhhhhh…” Though her words almost took on a plaintive edge, her smile only grew as she spoke. Her eyes hooded lower and lower as she yielded to the sweet rewards the plant offered for her surrender.

Feels… better every time I obey. Livewire twitched, her thighs clenching tight though they remained spread far apart. Makes it… so much harder to want to stop.

But I should want to stop!

“I’ll start from the end, and work my way back.” Gazing up at the calm, professional woman made Serina feel that much smaller. Every inch she had to look up felt like another thousand miles the standing woman rested above her without any effort at all. “Will I let you go?


Serina’s lips parted, prepared to interrupt with her raw insistence that this was wrong, that the woman needed to let her go, that all of this would fall apart sooner or later, but the bliss Serina felt wasn’t the only difficult thing for her to resist. The vines were learning the signs of her struggle that much more intimately, and squeezed tight before she could speak.

All she managed was a pitiful squeak, and when she relented in her attempt to express herself rather than listen she moaned as the scent enveloped her.

C-can’t even… object… my role here is to… o-obey.

“What do I want with you?” The professional smile gave way to a cool, self-impressed smirk. “Everything I can take from you, Livewire. Your body. Your mind. Your powers. In a word, what do I want? Everything.”

Serina moaned, her thighs trying desperately to spread wider, her chest trying to arch out even further apart as her eyes fluttered.

If that’s what she wants then that… that’s what I need to offer her.

Something in Livewire’s eyes almost visibly dimmed as she felt the full depth of those words.

I don’t have a choice anymore.

“Why? Money.” Shrugging, the dark haired woman moved around her desk only to sit on the edge closest to Livewire. Her long legs emerged from a skirt looking so elegant, so perfectly shaped, so impossible to not enjoy the sight. The tip of her high-heeled shoes pressed between Livewire’s legs, and the heroine whined as she shook. “Profit. Sexual thrills. The usual reasons. I’m not unique in my motivations, but you will do whatever I want to see that my desires are met. I think that answers all—no, there was one more question.

“It always surprises me how many people don’t know who I am. It used to be I had to be discreet about my presence if I didn’t want it to be all over the papers.” She laughed, shaking her head as she idly twisted her foot. “You can call me The Lady. Maybe we’ll use you for PR, but there’s a chance I may just throw you to Windy to be her test subject—after Forêt gets her turn.”

Whimpering, Livewire tried to shake her head only to feel how impossible it was.

The Lady… It sent shudders down her spine. She’s the woman that even Forêt treated with so much deference. She somehow has a goddess working for her.

By the time I arrived it was already too late for me to do anything.

“She is a very successful recruiter. Not my best, but it’s hard to compete with someone with the perfect power for it while being so loyal.” The Lady sighed almost wistfully as she pressed the point of her shoe in just such a way that Serina’s eyes shot open wide before she howled in pleasure. “I wonder what you’ll bring to us. Take off your jacket, your top, and tell me all about what you can do for an organization like ours.”

“Y-yesss…!” Serina whimpered, not even able to hold back expressing an eagerness that was wholly not her own.

Her jacket slid off of her arms, pooling over the chair. She was already crossing her arms over her body as she moaned from the pleasure of a flower blooming right between her eyes, soaking her mind in desire that made thinking that much more difficult. She tugged off her tank top, exposing the tan bra she wore underneath.

“I-I… can touch electronics… map the circuits… I understand how they work, c-can make parts of them… work… disable… other parts… understand… machines… Sometimes I make… little gadgets, and I…” She didn’t even try to resist, even as she felt a chill go down her spine that the vine covered and soothed with a warm embrace. “College student, learning… journalism…!” Revealing details of her life as Serina while wearing Livewire’s mask twisted her stomach. She wanted that to make it feel less fulfilling, less euphoric to obey, but it didn’t.

If anything, betraying herself only felt better.

“Remove your bra.” The Lady didn’t allow Serina a single moment to catch her breath before her commands continued. She barely even paused. “Then lose your shoes, and your pants. Pull the jacket back on.”

“C-can’t deny you… anything… feelssss… sooo…!” Livewire groaned, her bra falling to the floor followed soon by her shoes, and her jeans. The jacket felt cool over her bare skin that was burning hot. Feeling the cool metal teeth of her zipper against her bare breasts made Livewire moan even before the plant inside of her mind rewarded her by feeling as though it were filling between her legs.

The Lady nodded, her eyes gazing over the shuddering heroine. She slid from her desk to stand above her again, gesturing to her desk.

“Stand up, and bend over my desk. Spread your legs apart as far as you can.” Livewire quickly moved to comply with The Lady’s words. Moving so quickly to obey she almost tumbled to the floor, Serina complied. Her legs spread wide, her sodden panties on clear display, her pale, round ass arched out for The Lady to enjoy. “Forêt’s report was right. Knowing how mistrustful you are makes it even better to take you like this.”

Like this… with my mind so weak I can’t express myself, can’t—

“Ahhh!” Serina’s thoughts were interrupted by The Lady’s hand coming down to slap over the slick stain on her panties. Her eyes crossed as she rubbed back into the touch, vines coiling around her mind. The room around her grew darker, and so much of reality felt so far away.

For Livewire, there was only herself and The Lady.

“You’re going to work for me from now on, Livewire. As useful as having a journalist working for me can be, I already have the news I care about bought and paid for, or too afraid of me to do anything but parrot my public statements.” The Lady’s hand drew away, only to return with a firmer strike between Serina’s legs earning a sharper cry. “I don’t think you’ll be continuing your formal education in any way that Windy doesn’t identify as a potential way to make you a more useful asset.”

Serina moaned as The Lady tugged her panties to the side, stroking slowly along her flush, dripping slit. Her hips bucked back, rubbing needily down into the woman’s soft, firm fingers.

A tear burned its way down Serina’s cheek, but she cared more about the fingers pressing deep inside of her.

Wh-why am I crying when this… feels… so… good?!

Vines squeezed tighter and tighter, almost seeming to move deep inside of Serina’s pussy with each possessive stroke of The Lady’s fingers. Tears, distant fragments of Serina’s mind, fell without their meaning being the least bit understood.

“I don’t need a journalist, and if I wanted to fuck college students? I could give more speeches at MCU. Each time I do it for free my time counts as a tax write-off and I still don’t do it much.” The Lady sighed, her other hand reaching up to grasp at Livewire’s dark brown hair, pulling it until it lifted the heroine’s head off of her desk. “Whoever you were before, whatever you were before? You’ll tell us everything. We’ll know everything about you, and anything I don’t like?”

The Lady released Livewire’s hair, and her head dropped to the hard wood below her with a loud groan.

“I’ll throw away. Do you understand?”

“Y-yessss!” Livewire screamed, her pussy clenching tight as it could against The Lady’s fingers as they invaded her body so deeply. Each buck of her hips was another offering of her body, another act of surrender, and the vines liked it when she did that. “I understand! A-any terms… I’ll join up… s-sign anything… give you anything… everything… I understand!”

When The Lady laughed again, there was nothing professional about it. Instead of a laugh that felt suited to a board room, this sound was more in line with the loud wet sounds of Livewire’s drenched cunt.

“Exactly what I thought.” The Lady leaned over Livewire’s body, lips just above her ear. Serina could feel the heat of her body nearby, but not feel her clothed form. “I don’t care how you were before we met, Livewire. I don’t care what you wanted, or how you acted. All I care about is that now you belong to me. You’ll be my heroine, my prop, my sex doll, my whore, my coat-rack, or anything else I want. No matter how important you’ve become recently?

“You’re now my pawn.”

“Y-your pawn!” Serina screamed as loudly as she could, her whole body quivering as she came. Lust dripped down from The Lady’s fingers as she pulled them free of the heroine’s pussy and then wiped them off over Livewire’s panties, and then the back of her jacket. “Doesn’t… matter… your… p-pawn… now…”

The Lady reached past Livewire again, grasping one of the metal balls hanging from the cradle on her desk. “If we ever talk again? We’ll see how much of the old you is even left when I have the useless parts of you scooped out and thrown away.”

With a casual motion The Lady released the metal ball, and the metal clicks and clacks that followed soon grasped Serina’s mind away from the feeling of the desk under her.

“Considering how you’ve been in my office I might not be able to tell, but I’ll make sure Windy gets very thorough notes, and I’ll make sure Forêt cooperates, too.” Every word The Lady spoke was perfectly timed with one of the metal balls, or the gaps between to make the next click and the following clack that much more powerful.

Serina was soon moaning at each metallic sound, her thighs uselessly clenching in failed efforts to squeeze them around her dripping pussy. Her body was too weak to move, and her mind held in place by a powerful voice and unrelenting metal clicks.

“You’ll see her again, soon. I wonder how long it will be before you thank her for recruiting you?”

Before she could give an answer, Livewire melted away from herself and sank into a deep trance. She had no answers, none she could give without being told what to offer. She couldn’t resist, or struggle, or do anything but sink and surrender.

The Lady’s deep blue eyes watched her quiver as she sunk deeper, and idly reached a hand to stroke between her legs in time with the swinging metal balls.

Author's Note:  Serina has gone from being a nobody, to being recognized as important, and now... a pawn. In no way was this what she hoped for, or anticipated, but it seems to be what she can expect... but her story isn't over! If you want to see what happens to her next, right now? Check out my Patreon campaign! Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord or my personal discord, Madam Kistulot's Domain!

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