Path of Least Resistance

Chapter 3: Pumping up the Voltage

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #bondage #brainwashing #chronos #comic_book #magic #midas_city #plant_control #serial_recruitment

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Pumping up the Voltage

Her lips looked so soft… How would it even feel to feel lips like that…? To… kiss… lips like that… Serina’s eyes hooded. Her toes curled inside of her shoes. Would she taste like the forest…? She made everything smell like the forest, but…

I wish I’d felt her fingers when I took the card from her hand. Her fingers are probably so smooth. How would they feel between my legs…?

“Miss Alton?”

“Hnn… I… yes…?” Serina fluttered her eyes. The rest of the world hadn’t existed a moment ago. She’d existed inside of her thoughts in a place where only Forêt and herself existed. Forêt was still a distant presence, but that was enough to make Serina feel so… curious.


“Please pay attention. Projects are worth a large portion of your grade, and since you’re a journalism major, you need these credits.” Serina couldn’t even remember her professor’s name. She was pretty enough, but her skin wasn’t nearly as smooth as Forêt’s. Her hair was black, not the most beautiful shade of green. Her voice wasn’t unpleasant, but it lacked a sexy French accent.

Serina started to let out a dreamy sigh, but just enough of her focus was still intact when her professor scowled. Fighting the urge to sink back into the fog she cleared her throat and nodded, lifting her pen and holding it in her hand as she rested it against her notebook.

Satisfied she’d made her point, the professor continued discussing the upcoming project.

It’s not that I don’t care about journalism! Sure, I care less about it than being a heroine, but that’s not hard. I just… who would care less about someone as otherworldly, so connected to the natural world but so much more perfect than anyone I’ve ever… Nn… She shook her head again, quickly scribbling down the last few words her professor said without understanding any of the greater context. Shit… I just keep… Whatever I think about keeps leading back… to her…

She reached inside of her bag, and pulled out the business card. When she tilted it back and forth, the blue in the hourglass moved from the top down to the bottom. It didn’t draw in her eyes and trap her in a loop of obediently shifting the card.

It did, however, present a possibility.

I could… No… She shook her head again. I should… After my classes… before I even think about homework… I need to head to Chronos in person… I think… I think that’s my only chance to get my head back on straight, and… Serina dreamily sighed. To see her again… The offer might not be so bad, either, so I… really should stop by.

Maybe… She frowned. Even thinking about thinking some thoughts made her uncomfortable—and this was one of them. Maybe they could help me work on my interpersonal skills a little.

For a while Serina found it easier to scribble down notes and follow along, but it wasn’t too long before her mind was drawn back to more fun thoughts. She imagined her fingers sliding through green hair. She daydreamed of learning what it was like to kiss not another woman, but a demigoddess.

It was hard to not squirm openly in class, and she failed more than once. She couldn’t keep Forêt out of her mind, and those thoughts were dangerous.

Forêt was sexy in ways no other person had ever been.

Serina wrote her name, accent and all, and then drew a heart around it. She’d looked up the proper spelling before heading out for the day. Everything made her think of Forêt, from the grass outside, to the trees, to the beautiful sky. Forêt was a part of nature, and Serina was suddenly very interested in nature.

No one ever called me a tree hugger before. I like the environment plenty, but more people take note of the way I love technology… Serina wriggled her hips, squirming her ass down against the chair beneath her. But for her… I…

She knew that Forêt couldn’t hear her thoughts, but she still felt those knowing eyes that could see right through her. She wanted to be honest. She wanted to be close to a woman that…


I might not give up my computers, or my gadgets, or the loose wires and other toys I keep around in case I can come up with something fun… but… Her cheeks burned a little darker. I might only keep battery powered toys around me for a few days, If it was for her… if it was with her…

Her and that beautiful green hair, those gorgeous, deep eyes, that skin that… mmm how would it taste to…

Focus was hard to maintain, but Serina did her best when she remembered to care.

Serina didn’t wait for the cover of night. Once she was done with her classes—and she remembered enough material that it may have been better to stay home and simply sleep-masturbate to Forêt instead—she grabbed up the backpack full of her Livewire costume and hopped on the bus that would take her closest to the Chronos HQ.

She spent the whole ride flipping the card forward and back, imagining what kind of woman would be able to provide Forêt with anything. Most of those thoughts devolved to her imagining getting down on her knees or Forêt shoving her down onto a bed.

There were fantasies that just involved Forêt kissing her, stroking her, holding her, but something about how sickeningly wholesome they were made Serina feel a little too vulnerable.

It was easier to think of learning an elemental force of nature’s pussy with her tongue than it was to imagine herself nuzzled into that same beautiful creature’s body to let herself be held.

Orgasms were cheap.

I… Serina sighed as she hopped off of the bus and ducked into an alley. She slipped on her mask, and then tugged on her jacket. When was the last time that someone gave me a hug without some… unpleasant… complicated emotions…? As soon as she was dressed, Livewire made her way towards the Chronos Building.

She couldn’t change too close to the building—mainly because it would be too easy to get caught. But she needed to go there. She needed to see Forêt again.

How did a… transcendent being like Forêt start working for Chronos…? It’s not like I think anything bad about Chronos, but she’s… so... Livewire quivered, needing to pause her stride so she didn’t tumble to the ground as a full body shudder rolled through her. Did she get an offer like this from someone else…? Did she volunteer herself, to bless the world in some special, magical way…?

It must have been something really special…

While it wasn’t the shortest walk to Chronos’s offices, Serina’s mind was too caught up in thoughts of her brief encounter to notice the time. As she stepped closer to the building vines curled, and flowers bloomed in her eyes.

They didn’t last for long, almost seeming to press up against her eyes from underneath, petals parting, vines distorting from the pressure, before vanishing from sight.

No one drew close enough to see anything out of the ordinary. It was early enough that plenty of people saw Livewire, and plenty of them recognized her, but none of them dared to interrupt the woman’s dreamy reverie.

I wonder… has she thought of me as much as I’ve thought of her…? I don’t see why she would. I’m just a college student, a heroine who got lucky stopping a few crimes that matched up pretty well with my skillset, but she’s… Serina sighed, resisting an urge to rest her hand over her heart. Forêt has never been a big name in Midas, she isn’t a name I’m familiar with, but…

Livewire’s heart skipped a beat. Her nipples tightened under her tank top. Her thighs squeezed together.

She’s been starring in my fantasies all day long.

Finally arriving at her destination, Serina couldn’t help but whistle. The building wasn’t the tallest she’d ever seen, but it stood out as important even in a city like Midas. It felt like the only building in the entire city even coming close to being worthy of Forêt.

Without a moment’s hesitation she pushed her way into the lobby, and approached the receptionist with her best version of a composed, calm smile. “Hello, I’m Livewire. I…” For a moment she almost mentioned the forest goddess, but the idea of saying her name made Livewire’s entire being tighten and clench. “I received an invitation…?”

“Ah…! Welcome! Let me take a look…” The receptionist typed quickly on her keyboard, and then looked up with a smile. “She’s in a meeting now, but it should be over soon. If you’d just take that elevator over there up to floor one hundred, you’ll be her next appointment.”

Livewire blinked. “Oh. Thank you. I… appreciate it.”

The receptionist nodded, smiling the brightest, most professional smile Serina had ever seen. “You’re very welcome! I hope you have a very productive meeting.”

Productive… Would meeting Forêt again be productive, or… Serina fluttered her eyes behind her mask, forgetting for several long moments where she’d been told to go and what she’d been told to do. Flowers bloomed in her eyes, and she imagined her naked legs twined with Forêt’s like a pair of vibes or loose wires. Maybe not productive in the strictest sense, but definitely… Unforgettable.

Every step to the elevator, more flowers bloomed. Vines coiled around parts of her essence, making Serina’s heart soar as she found it harder and harder to keep the imagining of Forêt’s naked body from her mind. It was so much easier to indulge in the fantasy and mindlessly press the button for the 100th floor.

I really… really want to see her again…

The elevator let out a quiet “ding” as it began to rise. Forêt wasn’t the woman waiting for her at the top of the building, but only through that meeting could Serina achieve her goals.

While she didn’t allow herself to consciously process the idea, she was aware on some level that there was no way she could function with her mind so preoccupied. Forêt was now an important drive, and unless she found some way to satisfy those thoughts, those urges, those needs, even getting through an ordinary day would be too difficult.

Instead of acknowledging that, her eyes watched the floors change as the elevator rose higher. Each floor seemed to take far too long, but the higher she rose, the more that she could smell a forest expanding around her.

Wet leaves.

Aromatic flowers.

Forêt…! Livewire inhaled, leaning back against the far wall as her plant-filled eyes fluttered shut. It’s like I can feel her here… all around me… inside of me… It’s almost like she’s compelling me, urging me along... So easy to let this feeling guide me, to… I… made the decision to come here, to hear the offer… I wanted to hear it, to consider it…

That was all me… but if she’d asked me to come here, just for her…

The elevator stopped, but Livewire’s eyes remained locked on the display. She didn’t even look down when the door opened. It took an accented laugh to draw her eyes to a familiar face. “It is nice to see you again, Livewire. I did not expect to see you again so soon after you made your displeasure so clear.”

Forêt stepped into the elevator, and the metal doors closed behind her.

Serina quietly moaned. How is she even prettier than I remember? Maybe it’s seeing her in better light for the first time. Her skin is so… Her eyes… Her lips…

She couldn’t take her eyes off of those lips, and her hips began to idly sway and roll. Every part of her still wanted Forêt to pull her into a hug, but expressing the idea was too much for her. All she was capable of was her awkward, aroused squirming as Forêt’s eyes wandered over her body.

“I think you should consider this offer very seriously.” Forêt stepped closer, a hand reaching out to gently caress along the curve of Livewire’s cheek. “I would love to see what She’d have you wearing. This look doesn’t bring out half of your natural beauty.”

“Oh… I…” Serina stammered. She wanted to nuzzle her face into Forêt’s hand, but that move felt as though it would break the spell. The last thing she wanted was to be free from the enchanting forest goddess who was as charming as she was lovely. “I… thank you…? I… Off the rack isn’t so bad, but if you… I mean if that’s what you wanted to see…”

Forêt’s eyes hooded as she stared into the garden growing in Serina’s eyes. “What if what I want, Livewire, is to kiss you, and take your world away until it’s time for your appointment?”

“Oh please yes, Forêt…” Livewire whimpered, mewling in delight as her rolling hips finally met Forêt’s in a delicious moment of friction. “Take it all away, take me away… I… You were all I could think about, all day, and I—”

Fingers pressed to Serina’s lips, and she instantly fell silent.

They weren’t Forêt’s lips, but with how soft, how fulfilling that felt, Serina felt her whole body burning so hot she felt gooey and weak. Her knees trembled. Her eyes couldn’t stay open, and each time they fluttered to see Forêt again they couldn’t peer away from her eyes.


Serina moaned, her closed eyes rolling back into her head as she grinded her whole body against Forêt and everything melted into wet, hot, sticky pleasure as the green magic filled her eyes with the accented, French command to bloom.

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