Path of Least Resistance

Chapter 2: The Invitation

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #betrayal #bondage #brainwashing #chronos #comic_book #magic #midas_city #plant_control #serial_recruitment

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: The Invitation

“Local heroine ‘Livewire’ put an end to a break-in and attempted robbery. The suspect has been identified as the villain ‘Detonia’ and is currently in custody awaiting trial. What she was hoping to find in an unassuming warehouse is anyone’s guess, but usage of an unknown energy weapon was reported by witnesses nearby.” Mina Elliot’s professional voice was typically lovely to hear, but Serina couldn’t help but groan as she caught the news during her breakfast.

Serina couldn’t fault the award winning reporter for doing her job. She couldn’t blame whoever it was that took the picture of her that the news hung in the corner of the screen as they discussed her. There was also a picture of the redheaded woman she faced in the warehouse.

Detonia wasn’t the worst name she’d ever heard, but it also wasn’t one she’d heard before. If the news feels comfortable labeling her as a villain then I’m going to bet she has a record, but I’ve never heard of her. Hopefully I didn’t make a very dangerous enemy, but she seemed to be working alone. Probably just wanted a better weapon to rob a bank…

And now my face is all over the news.

She groaned, filling her mouth with ramen.

At least now I’ll get to figure out if my mask really works or not in class.

“Meaningful Analytics has released a public statement thanking Livewire, and explaining that the energy discharge was the result of research into alternate energy sources. MA remains one of the leaders in this research, from advancing the efficiency of solar panels, to other renewable energy sources such as wind.” Mina’s smile grew and softened. “We’ll be back with the weather, and if you have any plans this weekend you’ll want to stay tuned to see if you should bring an umbrella… or some sunscreen!”

As a commercial started to play, one that slowly panned across Midas City, Serina reached for her remote and turned the television off. Alternative energy? Not likely. But at least none of their people died last night, and their technology didn’t hurt anyone else.

Once her meal was done, Serina put up her hair in front of the mirror, and adjusted her skirt to make sure it fell neatly over her pantyhose. With an MCU t-shirt over her chest she looked just like another college student. She squinted at herself in the mirror, and tried her best to not see the woman who had been in the small picture on the television.

There’s no reason for anyone to recognize you. Don’t worry about it. She sighed, and moved out of her bathroom and past one of her computers. Various pieces of technology were scattered across her small apartment. One corner of her living room held two large bulky CRTs and one flat panel LCDs with an old laptop near the monitors and a few computer towers scattered around the area.

Grabbing up her backpack—making sure it was the one with her books and not where she stored her Livewire costume—Serina made her way out the door and locked it behind her.

Despite herself, when she thought of Mina Elliot talking about her saving the day, Serina cracked the smallest of smiles. It was more instinctive than conscious, but it added a slight skip to her step as she made her way to class.

Tonight, Serina thought to herself as she pulled her mask around her face. Let’s go for something a little lower profile…

It was unlikely anyone would hit the same warehouse two nights in a row, but the area was still a prime target for illicit activity. There was always a chance that something else was hiding in the nearby area, and the previous activity would encourage them to make a move to avoid detection.

Even if nothing happened, it felt like a bad idea to hide away at home after such an eventful night. Serina had homework to read and homework to write, but she wanted to be making an active difference.

She wandered the same streets and alleyways as she usually did with mild variations to where she turned and when. Tracing the same path every time didn’t feel like a very smart idea, but she still wanted to cover as much ground as possible to make sure she could be interject anywhere she might be needed.

“Hello, Livewire.”

She froze. The moment she’d rounded the corner a woman with skin the color of cherry wood and green hair—with a tight green bodysuit to match—was speaking to her with the faintest of French accents. The green haired woman possessed a certain calmness, a serenity that made it hard to feel particularly intimidated.

Serina wasn’t smiling, or lowering her guard. She was just a little calmer than she might have been otherwise. “Hello…” She slid her hands into her jacket pockets, shrugging.

Hopefully she’s just another heroine who saw me on the television. If she is, then this should go fine. Her hands squeezed around her palm light, and her stun gun. If she’s a friend of Detonia then at least I’m armed.

“I am Forêt.” The woman gestured to herself, and then held out her hand. Between two of her fingers was a small business card. “My employer saw you on the news last night and She was intrigued. She wanted to invite you to Chronos to meet with Her personally.”

For a just a moment long enough to make it awkward, Serina looked between the card and Forêt’s face. Trying to not look too awkward she took the card as carefully as she could, making sure to not brush Forêt’s fingers in the process. It was a simple card with a logo, an address, and a slogan.


“Whenever you are free, Livewire. She understands women such as us can be very busy. This means she must be flexible.” Forêt’s voice seemed to grow more accented the longer she spoke, but that only made it sound more beautiful. “You have heard of Chronos, no?” Livewire shook her head. “I am surprised! Chronos provides training, funding, and support for supers in exchange for them performing needful tasks. You seem as though the support might not hurt, mm?”

Livewire looked over herself and winced. “My costume might be a bit simple, but I’m not destitute.” Forêt simply smiled, but something about the warmth in her eyes seemed almost mocking. “I really don’t need handouts. I’m doing this to make the world better, not for money.”

“Mm. I understand, of course.” Forêt stepped closer, her serene smile making it difficult for Livewire to do anything but tense. “But it is a very good offer, Livewire. You could do even more good if you had more resources, and this is the second time you’ve made the news lately. After that bank robbery, and last night… You’re moving up in the world.”

Damn it, Clover. Livewire frowned. I told you I wasn’t there to do anything but help out. Why did you need to make sure everyone in Midas know I was there first?

Pride swelled up in her chest, but Livewire maintained her frown. Being more notable was exciting. If it wasn’t being used to try convincing her of something she didn’t want, something involving working with more people when she was perfectly happy working alone, then there wouldn’t have been any downsides at all.

The slogan on the card was a catchy one.

“Providing metahuman solutions for your everyday problems…” When Livewire looked up from the card again, Forêt was so much closer. Before they’d both needed to stretch out their arms to exchange the card. Now, they were so close that Livewire could smell wet leaves all around her. “Forêt… What does that mean, exactly…?”

Her hand tightened around the stun gun as Forêt rested a hand on her shoulder. “It means ‘forest’, Livewire. I’m a forest sprite. Not native to this region originally, but… that is a very long story that would be easier to tell if you considered this offer more seriously.”

“Sorry, but I really am still going to need to decline…” She stiffened as Forêt continued to stroke her shoulder. She stepped back, and Forêt moved forward with her. “You’re a little… close. Sorry, I don’t—”

“You’re not much of a people person, are you, Livewire?” Something about the way Forêt’s accent affected Serina’s alias made it sound so much sexier than it ordinarily did. Either it was that, or it was Forêt’s deep green eyes, or the crisp, wet scent of leaves mingled with something almost floral. It was a heady scent, and it made Serina aware of just how supernaturally gorgeous Forêt really was.

Her cheeks were so impossibly soft and smooth. None of her features were too pronounced or too subtle, all seeming the perfect ratio for her face. I’m not sure if it’s possible for another woman to be prettier than she is... I… Serina shook her head. How long have I been… dizzy…?

Her head was swimming, but just a moment before she’d felt perfectly clear headed. Had it come on quickly, or was it such a slow, insidious rise in sensation that she simply hadn’t noticed it until it was too late? Serina couldn’t be sure, and trying to think was becoming increasingly difficult.

I should… If this is happening, and she’s this close, then I should—

“I asked you a question, Livewire.” Forêt’s authoritative voice shook away Serina’s thoughts. Her hand released her stun gun, and the moment Forêt detected the loosening of those muscles, she pulled Serina’s hands from her pockets. “You are not a people person. This is true, yes? You find it… difficult to enjoy the company of others?”

“Who… who told you that…?” Livewire blinked, suddenly finding her hands both held in one of Forêt’s. “I’m… I’m perfectly fine with people.”


Livewire blushed, her eyes faintly hooding as Forêt squeezed her hands. She tried to say something, to object, but every time the words came to her lips they fell shut. It was a lie, and she knew it was a lie.

“No one told me. I was sent knowing very little about you… very little but your heroism.” Forêt tugged Livewires arms, pulling her closer until their noses brushed together. Serina’s lips quivered as she slowly inhaled, taking more of that scent deeper.

It was such a soothing scent, such a natural scent, and everything about it was too calming to feel suspicious. Even Livewire, as untrusting as she was, couldn’t worry about that. Every time her hazy thoughts began to grasp at a new idea for why she was feeling the way she was, especially any explanation that didn’t come down to the way the petals of her sex were collecting their own fair share of dew, they drifted away just like the leaves she smelled around Forêt.

“Being close to people is… difficult for you. Are you afraid of being hurt, or are you afraid of being… insufficient?” Forêt’s voice sounded both as though she wanted to wrap Livewire up in a warm blanket, and as though she wanted to laugh. As much as the latter hurt, it was so difficult for Serina to know how she should interact. “Chronos could help you with that.”

“Chronos… not… you…?”

Oh… you dummy. You did not mean to say that… Serina was blushing before, but now her flush spread all the way from her face to her chest.

When Forêt laughed, somehow even that possessing an accent, Serina found herself too charmed by the sound to process any humiliation. “Oh, no, no, no my beautiful Livewire. I’m a forest sprite, not an etiquette sprite… though there is something I could do to help you. That does sound nice… no…?”

“Ohh…” Serina quivered. Her thighs shook as one of Forêt’s hands wandered along an arm, and the other traced a path along her hip. Though the scent surrounding her was a forest, so perfectly suiting her name, Serina felt more like she was in a hot, sticky swamp. “No… I mean… yes…? Is it… I… I’m not… I am perfectly good at people, but I… if there’s something that you want to do to help… You seem very friendly and—”

“Shhh, Livewire…” Livewire was moving backwards again, but this time it was as Forêt directed her. She was moving into an alleyway, the dark alleyway she’d left before Forêt addressed her for the first time. “I understand. If you wish me to help you? You need but nod. This is easy, no?”

Livewire parted her lips, beginning the faintest of sounds before her cheeks darkened and she nodded instead.

Forêt grinned.

“Perhaps I am a teacher. I have taught you one thing after all. Allow me to teach you another.”

She leaned closer, and Serina shuddered. Her lips parted. Is she going to kiss me? Are we going to kiss? I’ve… never… is this something I would normally… am I a… Ohh, when a woman is this beautiful, I don’t think sexuality even matters.

When Forêt’s lips moved past Livewire’s, she whined like her heart had been broken in two. It was an embarrassing sound, but it was impossible to imagine a person who would not want a kiss from such a beautiful woman. She had such few people in her life, none she was sure she could really call friends, and that kiss felt like the most sincere offer of intimacy she’d ever received.

“Shhh, fiche èlectrique…” Forêt’s hand was no longer at her hip. Instead, her nails were sinking into Serina’s ass, making her pitifully moan. Her arms hung limp at her sides, and her chest arched to press against Forêt’s. “The lesson is not my lips. Not… yet.”

“Wh-what is i—oooooohhh…” Serina moaned, her mouth hanging open as the woman blew into her ear. She had no idea what was happening, but she could feel something wet and warm flowing into her ear. It didn’t make sense, and she didn’t understand what it meant or what she should do, but she knew that she felt her nipples turning to hard points under her tank top.

She knew how good Forêt’s warm body felt against her, and how nice it was to bask in the scent of the forest. Her eyes fluttered, and her fingers twitched at her sides. She clenched her thighs tightly around her ruined panties.

Fingers slid down between the curves of her ass, grasping her clothed sex through the denim of her jeans. “You’re going to go to Chronos. You want to see me again. You want to hear the offer in person. You’re going to believe you came to this conclusion on your own, and you won’t remember anything out of the ordinary happening between us.”

“I-I… w-want to see you againnn…!” Serina whimpered as she grinded her warm, needy body down against Forêt’s hand. “W-want… to hear the offer… o-on my own… w-won’t remember…!”

Small green flowers made of light bloomed in Serina’s eyes. They didn’t look like a digital effect, more like a part of her glowing from inside of her eyes.

“You won’t remember me touching you, but you will remember wishing I had. You will think of me, and it will consume more of your thoughts until you visit Chronos.” Forêt’s grin grew as her hand moved from Serina’s hand to squeeze at her clothed breast. She used the grasp to force her against the brick wall beside her. A thumb rubbing over her hard nipple made Serina groan.

As Forêt spoke a new imperative, a new command, more flowers grew in Serina’s eyes. Vines from them seemed to stretch out, coiling around things out of view.

“I… think of you… c-consume… I…”

“Dream of the forest, and our naked bodies entwined.”

Forêt drew her hands back, and Livewire crumpled down to her knees with a pitiful whine. As Forêt stepped away the plants in Serina’s eyes slowly became translucent, but Serina’s pussy continued to soak her panties as her lips trembled, repeating the words Forêt planted inside of her soul.

Author's Note:  Forêt clearly has Serina wrapped around her finger, but just what will happen to her at Chronos? What do they intend to do with the newly noticed heroine? There's only one way to find out... and that's to read more! If you'd like to see the next chapters before anyone else? Check out my Patreon campaign! Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord or my personal discord, Madam Kistulot's Domain!

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