Ongoing Education

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #younger_dominant #age_difference #contemporary #high_school #student #teacher
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Brianna has brainwashed her teacher Mrs. Jones into her personal plaything.

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Ongoing Education


I quiver as I feel her hands wrap around my clothed breasts. Her fingers are splayed to try and grasp as much of my tits as she can, but they’re too small to hold them effectively and their weight sinks into her hands. Her grasp feels like she’s trying to mark me with her hands.

She wants me to know that I’m hers.

“You don’t have to do this… You… We… this can stop, I won’t… I don’t want to tell anyone, and you could make it so I can’t—”

She sighs, and my voice quiets itself.

Her lips aren’t quite at my ear, but only because they can’t reach. She’s shorter than me, and I’m standing—even leaning forward. My hands are desperately grasping the hand railing in front of us so I don’t fall. I can’t even bother trying to escape her.

Brianna made sure I couldn’t do that what feels like a lifetime ago.

“Sink for me, Mrs. Jones.”


The moment she says those words nothing else exists in the whole world besides her and what she wants. My vision instantly turns from clear behind my glasses to hazy and fuzzy. My hands quiver around the rail, and my knees almost fall out from under me. I’m so weak, so… helpless like this…

She’s taking control again…

Everything about this is wrong… so wrong!

I should be shaking my head, slapping her hands away from my breasts, storming off and telling her that her parents will be informed, she’ll be expelled, but instead, I… I just stand here, and… I… Why can’t I… I… can’t…




“Can’t think…” My voice is pulled out breathlessly from between my lips. It barely sounds like I’m awake, and the sound alone makes me feel so much weaker, so much more claimed by her control. My lips keep quivering, and there’s nothing I can do to make them stop.

I can’t stop any part of me from quivering. I’m weak, so weak, and the effort of obeying her lingering commands is almost more than I can take when everything is so hazy.

“M-must… S-sink… For you… Brianna…


“Good girl…” Mistress digs Her nails into my chest, so roughly that if I wasn’t so pitiful right now I know that I would be screaming out so loud everyone for miles would know that She was touching me. We’re in school, positioned up over the lobby and the many doors that lead in—or out. We’ve done this here so many times, but no one ever catches us. I don’t know how.

Mistress never holds Herself back.

Limp in Her grasp… all I can do is groan. I don’t want to do anything but obey, and right now that means being Her weak, fuckable teacher slave.

My hands only stay on the railing because they were grasping so tight, and letting go isn’t a command Mistress gave me. Letting go would take so much more self-control than it feels like I’ve ever had. “Always such a good girl once you sink, when you can’t think, when all you can do is obey and sink deeper, melt away into a place of bliss and obedient euphoria…” Mistress moans, sounding as aroused as I feel before She squeezes me even tighter.

A cry rips from my throat, and while it’s intense I can feel that the sound is so much softer and quieter than it should be. I can’t even scream my lungs out like this. I’m too weak, too small, too…

The pleasure tingling through me is so strong, but the stronger it gets the softer I am. Mistress told me that once. I can’t remember when, but I… I can’t remember a lot. I’m so muted like this.

Can’t think.

Must sink.

Must obey Mistress…

Everything feels so floaty, so warm… so… so… good. It’s wrong, and I still know it’s wrong even this lost in Her grasp, but I’m still smiling from Her telling me that I’m feeling obedient euphoria. I’m not even sure anymore if it’s because She said obedient, or euphoria.

When I’m like this…?

…Both words feel so good.

“Mmm oohhh… Th-thank you, Mistress… Thank you for… controlling me… using me…” Her hands settle into a rhythm, squeezing, kneading, stroking, and my mouth twists with every new shape She forces into my breasts. “Makes me feel so… good… makes me so… weak… makes it so I need… need… need to…”

My voice quivers.

Some small part of me is still resisting Her. I can’t feel it. It’s definitely not in control, and even if I wanted to there’s no way that I could listen to that voice instead of Mistress. I can just feel it like a leash, trying to tug me away from Mistress, but...

I belong to Mistress.

I am Mistress’s helplessly obedient, fuckable teacher slave, and I have no choice. I must obey Her. I must serve Her.

That’s all that matters…


Mistress purrs, kissing my back. Her hips grind against me, pushing me against the railing. Her hands squeeze tighter, practically mauling my tits. I can feel how happy She is, how pleased She is, through the way She’s squeezing me… and that makes me smile and moan as my whole body keeps slumping down lower, grinding and twisting to try pressing into Her every touch.

She makes me feel so good. Nothing else has ever made me feel so whole, or so complete. Not my husband. Not our daughter.

Why would anyone want to be able to resist Her…?

I want to please Her so she’ll keep me forever!

“That’s right, Mrs. Jones… You need to obey…” Mistress squeezes again, and I scream so loud my voice cracks. All I can do is just breathe loudly, my heart beating so hard and fast that it makes me shake against Her. My eyes won’t stay open, and my lips keep shaking. “You need to obey me in every last way you can… and that means giving yourself to me in every way you can.

“I’m going to reach underneath your skirt, and see just how wet you are for me. After you cum, I think we’re going to visit your house tonight. You told me no one would be home…”

Did I… did I tell her that…? I can’t… can’t remember… If She says I did then I must have. Mistress’s words are my truth. Mistress’s words are my everything. No one home, my home… with Mistress…

She’s my student, and I’m going to obey Her that much…

I could lose my job…She’s a senior, and eighteen, so at least it wouldn’t be statutory, but… but…

Obeying Her is more important than all of that.

Obeying Her is the most important thing I’ve ever done.

“Mmmnnnnaaaaa…!” I moan as Her fingers lift my skirt, and Her nails stroke over my thighs. She’s so close to my panties, and I’m so wet that I’ve been soaking near Her fingers for a while now.

“Good girl, Mrs. Jones. You’re so slick. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that you’d already came!” Mistress laughs, and rubs Her fingers between my legs. She strokes right over my clothed slit, making me whimper and gasp. “Nothing makes you feel as good as my control. ‘No one else touches you like I touch you.’ Say it… Say it…!”

“N-no one else touches me… l-like… like you touch me…!” I shake harder, and I’m not sure how much of it is from the thrill of obedience and how much of it is Her fingers rubbing my soaked panties into my slick pussy. “No one, Mistress…! Only… only you… only you make me feel this good… Mistress makes me feel… so… so… good…!” I can’t remember anyone else ever touching me right now, but I’m sure that She’s right.

Mistress is always right…

Mistress is perfect!

She laughs, and Her fingers curl against me. “Such a good girl today! You aren’t even hesitating. It’s almost like more of you has finally learned that this feels better when you need it…”

“Need it… feels better when I need it… must need it… must obey… Ohhhh…!” I whimper, grinding my hips into Her fingers. No one touches me like Her, and even if I can barely stand, barely even breathe, I need all of Her touches! I need to give Her as much of myself as I can… as much of myself as there is…! “T-take me, Mistress… take everything you want, everything… I need… I need to be what you want, to do what you want, to… to…”

My eyes cross. She’s just touching me so perfectly! I can barely even see! It feels like she’s going to make me cum so hard I won’t ever be able to stand again or stop shuddering from the aftershocks.

“Need to… to want to… obey…! Need to… obey…!”

“Well if you need it, then I guess I should help you, huh?” Something about the way Mistress says those words feels like they’re mocking me, cold and cruel, but I exist to please Mistress. If She wants to be mean to me, then that just turns me on more.

She doesn’t need to treat me like a real person, because I’m not.

I’m Her slave, and I must obey her every desire and command!

Nodding, I find my voice again and grind back against Her with a whimper. “You… you should…! Or not…! Wh-whatever… you want… I… I’m your… teacher… slave…!”

“That’s right, Mrs. Jones!” It almost feels strange that She calls me Mrs. Jones even though She’s Mistress. She could call me ‘slave’ or my name, or anything she wanted. Mrs. Jones is what all of my students call me. “You’re my slave. You’ve been brainwashed, thoroughly. Even when I graduate, you’re still going to be mine!”

“Y-yours… yours forever…!” I scream as Her fingers finally reach under my panties, stroking so furiously my knees slam together. My eyes roll back up into my head all on their own, and I feel myself starting to drool.

My hands feel ready to slide off of the railing at any moment. I’m shaking so much, moaning so loud… Someone could hear, I should be quieter, but giving Mistress my moans is another way to obey and I must obey Her as much as I can! I must give Her… everything…!

It’s why I exist!

She kisses my back again, and it’s almost enough to send me over the edge. If I didn’t have explicit commands that I’m not allowed to cum unless She commands me to cum, then I would. My eyes won’t focus, my hands fall limply from the railing, and I can feel myself ready to sink down to the floor any moment. I need to obey but my body can’t stop shaking!

Her fingers move inside, deep inside, and all I can do is clench as my mouth falls open and my whole essence shudders. She’s not just inside of my pussy. She’s inside of me, my mind, my soul… everything…!

All I can do is give Her more and more, panting as the loud sounds of Her fingers moving fill the air. It’s so sexual, so… what She wants, and that makes me feel weaker and weaker.

Each thrust of Her fingers reminds me that I exist for Her to use, to fuck, to control.

Unless She wants to use me for something else, and then I’d be that too! I want to be everything for Her, anything for Her…!

“You’re such a needy little slut for me, Mrs. Jones. I might not let you cum until we get back to your place. I think it might be more fun to work you up, edge you for as long as I want… and then take you home before finishing you off.” She’s saying this to me, but I know that I don’t have a choice. I don’t want to have a choice.

Choices are for Mistress…

“You’d just love that, wouldn’t you?”

I don’t hesitate. I furiously nod my head the moment Her question ends. It already feels like I could cum any moment from the slightest graze of her touch, but my body can’t cum without Her permission.

Every part of my body belongs to Her and all of it needs to obey as much as I do…!

She rubs, and pinches, and strokes, and when I start to gasp and whine Her touch stops. “Was that a good one, Mrs. Jones? It’s just the first. Maybe I’ll go until you plead to cum, but you wouldn’t do that until I told you to plead, so you might pass out here for someone to find you. How do you think the principal would react to finding you like this tomorrow morning?”

“Always a good one… always, always when you touch me…!” I can’t imagine pleading for anything—not unless Mistress wanted me to plead. Then, I would beg until She told me to stop. I might even beg a little more. “F-fire meee…!”

It should be scary, but I’m just too turned on.

All it does is make me edge again, so close to cumming without being able to quite make it over that crest. My soul pleads for release, my heart aches for it, but my mind knows better.

My body is patient.

“That wouldn’t be any good. You couldn’t be my fuckable teacher slave anymore. You’d be an ex-teacher slave… and that just isn’t as hot. I guess it could be hot if you were able to get work somewhere as a sub…” She snickers, and I whine.

She means that as a joke, but I can’t understand it. My head is too slow, and my pussy is too loud.

All I can do is whine and gasp as Her fingers move in the perfect ways to make me near that peak again and again only to draw away before even my obedience wouldn’t be enough to pull me back.

Mistress’s touch is so erotic it can achieve the impossible.

“I-I want… need… whatever you do…!” Speaking with actual words is so difficult when my mouth wants to moan and my whole body feels so exhausted. “W-whatever… I’ll… obey… must… o-o-obeeeyyy… c-can’t… s-stop… e-edging… s-so… c-close… Mistress… I… so… close… so… close…!”

She laughs, Her fingers burying deep inside of me before they stop moving. She presses Her breasts against my back so tight. Even through our clothes I can feel Her hard nipples.

“Yeah, I think you don’t get to cum here at school, Mrs. Jones. I think that should help with our… lesson plan. Some women learn best from… hands-on experience.” Mistress kisses my back again. She even leans up to kiss right between my shoulder blades. I wither, edging again with another pitiful cry. “Almost thought I was going to have you beg to not cum here, but… that’s not really what I want from you.”

“What… what do you want, I—”

“Sleep, Mrs. Jones.”

“S-sleep… Y-yess… Mistress… my… Mistress…” My eyes flutter shut. Everything gets so dark. Mistress says words, but I can’t hear them. I’m asleep, and all I can do is obey.

“Wakey, wakey, Mrs. Jones…”

Brianna’s voice isn’t the first thing I want to hear when I regain consciousness, but at least I can think again. My vision is still blurry… no… she took away my glasses. They really aren’t for show. I can barely see anything like this.

Maybe that’s a blessing?

Why do I feel so… cold…?

I try to not respond to her, but I can feel a pressure building up inside of me the longer that I try to hold out. Pointlessly, I strain against it.

If I don’t, this might be the last time I can realize how much I shouldn’t want this, want her, want her control. I can remember how good it felt, how amazing it felt, but… but I’m married! I’m her teacher! Everything about this is so wrong even before addressing that I never consented to this, and only want this because she started doing this to me! I can’t even remember how it started anymore, it’s almost like… like…

Like she’s always been doing this to me… making me weak… making me helpless… making me…


“G-good morning, Brianna…”

Damn it…!

Responding to her at all, acknowledging her, it makes my head feel so hazy and soft. It makes her more real, makes all of this more real. I was almost hoping it could just be a dream.

She purrs, and nibbles on my neck. I groan, arching towards her as my eyes roll back into my head and my toes curl. Socks. I’m wearing… high socks…? Hard to look forward to look down at myself, even without my glasses being… missing. I hope she didn’t break them, but if she did it’s not like I can do anything about it.


Owns me…

With a giggle that could make anyone forget she’s a monster using her hold on me to use me like a fuck toy, Brianna’s nails move over my… bare thighs. Something’s covering them, but not… very low… Nnn… Her nails feel so… “I really thought we’d made progress this time, Mrs. Jones. I thought that you were finally going to learn your lesson and be a good girl…

“But that’s fine…” Her nails move higher, and higher, until they’re under what I think is a tiny skirt. “At least now? You’ll be able to cheer for me, just like you used to cheer for the home team…! Mm… Was your husband on the football team?”

Her nails slide higher, and higher, and I groan as they tease right where my thighs meet my body. As much as I want to resist, that erotic touch shoves my thighs open more forcefully than anything ever could from the outside. My body is aching for her, even if I want this to end.

Cheer… cheer for her… football team…

Straining against my eyes as they try to flutter again, I force myself to look down while desperately gasping for air. I recognize these colors. Yellow and blue… Tiny skirt…

My cheerleading outfit from high school!

I can’t stop my cheeks from burning as I feel that same flush down over my chest and lower as she rubs over my panties. When I was a cheerleader we wore a lot more down there, but I guess Brianna didn’t care about that level of accuracy.

The top is so small on me now that I can see it’s only going down far enough to cover my nipples. Every time she strokes me, the way my body jerks and shakes means she can watch so much of my breasts jiggle. She’s seen all of me before, kissed, clawed and sucked, but for some reason this feels so much more invasive. This outfit, I… It was from so long ago, I kept it as a keepsake, as… as…

“Come on, Mrs. Jones… You can tell me…!” She moans into my ear, pressing her clothed body into my barely-clothed back. Keeping my lips together is getting harder and harder by the moment, and not just because her fingers are teasing my slit.

Mistre—Brianna wants me to speak. Speaking would give me a chance to obey, to obey and feel so good instead of needing to fight and struggle and… nnn…

Why can’t she just stop?!

Tears fill my eyes, and my hips jerk harder, faster. She’s making me so wet, but I hate how it makes me feel. She’s making me feel so incredibly good, and I just want her to stop, stop before I… before I start to want it, just like I want it when she rips away my mind and makes me such a simpering little plaything for her…

F-fuck how is a girl who only turned eighteen last year so good at doing this to me?!

It’s only been moments, but even resisting her in such a meaningless way has my whole body sweating, my head swimming, and an overwhelming sensation of… ache, of need pumping through my blood just as insistent as the arousal.

She didn’t let me cum before… There’s still this big gap in my mind where I don’t… don’t know what happened, but I can remember that, and all of the need my body feels to cum, it’s pushing against my throat, against my lips, against my mind… If I just… if I just talk, then maybe… maybe she’ll make me feel good, make me… lose… everything…

Sh-shouldn’t want—

“M-my husband wasn’t on the football team!” If I wasn’t forbidden the relief from letting those words escape my lips would be enough to force me so far over the edge. Brianna makes me feel… so… good so… so… “I-I met him in college! Chem major, he—”

“Don’t care.” She pushes a finger over my lips, and I stop talking instantly. I don’t silence, because her finger rubbing my clit feels too good to stay quiet. “You’re my teacher, and my cheerleader. Don’t you think that’s a sexy combination? It’s like a sexy librarian who’s also on the swim team…!” She reaches down from my lips, squeezing one of my breasts from below. They’re so… on display like this! “Tell me you love being my teacher-cheerleader.”

Brianna wants me to say those words, but she’s keeping me like this. This bizarre between state, where I can’t stop her from squeezing my breast, stroking my clit, grinding herself against me like some… some… horny teenager…

She’s letting me think, but all I can think about is her!

All I can think about is how much I want her to do more to me, to make me more helpless, more unable to resist, more… more…

So I’ll stop fighting her, and just… just… enjoy…

“I-I love being your teacher-cheerleader…! Ohhh fuuuck yesss…!” My top slides higher up my chest as I bounce so much harder against her hand, my mouth hanging open, my eyes rolling up into my head, everything just so… so…


Distracted by a tear sliding down my cheek, that happened and then I… I gave in…

It wasn’t what I wanted, or because I wanted it! It happened in spite of me, it happened even with me trying to resist, I really don’t… I’m not… I’m not someone who wants to have sex with a younger woman while I’m married—or a student…!

She just makes me so much wetter than my husband ever has…

“Good girl, Mrs. Jones…” Brianna moans into my ear, grinding herself against me as her fingers stroke inside of me, and her nails tug and twist my nipple. “I was hoping you’d be able to figure out what we’re trying to teach you. The more you resist, you just tire yourself out, just make yourself weaker, just drain away all of your strength. It’s just a matter of time before I let you cum, and you never try to resist me again… because I’m going to tell you a little secret, Mrs. Jones.

“You asked me for all of this, and I’ve just been following your script.”

Whimpering, I close my teeth around my bottom lip and try desperately to shake my head but I can’t. She said something and it’s… it’s so hard to believe it’s a lie and not the truth.

That’s not because she’s right, or speaking the truth, it’s… it’s this hold she has over me!

“Like… fuck, Mrs. Jones. You have no idea how much fun it’s been to fuck you, to brainwash you, but I can’t act like this was even my idea to begin with!” She laughs into my other ear, twisting my nipples with her nails until I’m panting and barely able to even gasp from the intensely painful and pleasurable stimulation. “I’m having an affair with a teacher, and she begged me to make her into my hypnotized, brainwashed slave… she begged me to be mean and cruel and said if I wasn’t she’d call it all off…

“Do you have any idea how hot this has been—once I got over how it felt to be mean to a woman I find so… hot?” Brianna giggles, and it’s hard to not believe her. She sounds so… adorable, so cute, so… like I can imagine having a crush on a girl like her, cornering her, convincing her…

B-but brainwashing me…

My husband, my job, my…

Ohhhh she tugs my nipple harder, and thrusts deeper and my eyes cross as my tongue almost hangs out of my mouth with how fucking perfect it feels!

“It’s been so hard to not say something about it to you, but you were so insistent that I never break the illusion, and I was still getting the hang of this whole… ‘dominant’ thing…” She kisses my ear, and I whine. It’s such a gentle, tender touch—so different from the brutal way she usually handles my body.

There’s no way that this could be the truth, right…?

There’s… there’s no way that I asked her for this, but, but she says it and I… I believe her more than I should…!

Her hands pull away from my body, and I whine.

Orgasm denial… I was never into that! I never would have asked for this, but… there’s something very cruel about it, something she could have decided on her own. I don’t know what kind of high school student knows about all of this—hypnosis, orgasm deni—ohhh!

She shoves me down onto the bed. Without my glasses everything is so hazy, even Brianna, but I can feel it’s her, know the blur above me is her as she shoves me down against the bed with her leg between mine. I can feel her raw magnetism, her control, her… ohhh her lips as they wrap around my nipple and suck.

It’s like she’s sucking all of the strength right out of me, and I slump limp against the bed.

Can’t even buck my hips as she grinds her thigh against me, her knee… all I can do is just… writhe… whimper… moan so quietly, so… needy, so… want her to… suck it all out… make me cum, make me stop struggling, make… make…

Brianna moans around my nipple, sucking so hard it’s like she’s trying to siphon out my soul from my tit… fuck!

So close… so… if she just said a few words… or just one… I… but I shouldn’t…

What if this… that story… it’s all just to make me drop my guard… be hers… forever… lose… everything… nnnnn fuck I want that as much as I want to cum! I want it to be some trick, some lie, or some horrible manipulative seduction!

Her soaked panties are pressing down into my thigh. She’s so wet. Maybe even more than… me…

“Cum with me, Mrs. Jones! Cum!

“Y-yesss Mistress Briannaaaa!”

Our screams mingle in the air, twining like lovers as my lust flows over her leg, and hers flows over mine. My whole body arches up to press into her as much as it can, but I’m still so heavy, so weak, so limp, so… wasted… spent…


Fucked by my own student into submission, fucked until I wanted to beg her to fuck me even more, beg her to tell me that all of the horrible things she said were really true…


…It is true that I can’t remember how all of this started…

Brianna sucks on my nipple again, just long enough for me to moan before she nuzzles into the center of my chest with a contented mewl. When I can finally breathe again, she’s kissing over my heart in a rhythm that makes me melt inside all over again. Did I really corrupt this sweet, innocent girl with a crush on me into becoming a sadistic, brainwashing domme who uses me as her personal pet…?

I want to say that’s impossible, but I… I don’t feel confident about that at all, and I don’t know how that makes me feel.

Wouldn’t that be… better…? It would make me worse, but it would mean that I haven’t been slowly brainwashed by my student without consenting to it. It would mean I… asked for this, begged for this, threatened to break off whatever we had if she wasn’t willing to go all the way…

Ohh if I could trust anything for sure right now… but my head is just so… fuzzy… so…

“Mmm… Mrs. Jones…” She kisses over my heart again, and I shudder. “Say you’ll be mine, forever? I’ve gotten really attached to having you at my beck and call. I’ve even really started to enjoy just being… mean to you. We’ve been acting riskier and riskier, and that used to make me uncomfortable, but now…”

Her whole body shudders, and I whimper.

If she’s being honest, then I’m only fighting my own twisted, naughty fantasies. If she’s lying then I’ll be giving myself to her and all of this has just been her manipulating me…

My eyes cross.

It’s so hard to think, and I want her to own me so much. I want the ways she touches me—ways that no one else has ever been able to pull off. I want her to be telling me the truth, and all of this is just me being an unethical teacher who shouldn’t have authority over anyone.

I look down to Her face buried in my chest, my vision still a mess, and clench.

“I’ll be yours… f-forever… Mistress… Mistress Brianna…”

Her eyes light up, Her lips curling into a grin that both looks incredibly naughty and simply… Delighted. It isn’t any easier to figure out what’s the truth… or if it matters anymore.

Telling Her that, I… I can feel all of my doubts fading away.

I’ll belong to Mistress Brianna forever.

I’m Her fuckable teacher slave, Her cheerleader… anything She wants me to be. We can fuck at school, in my home, in Hers… I can leave my husband, move in with Her, or divorce him, have Her move in with me…

Mistress Brianna should get whatever Mistress Brianna wants.

That’s what I decided before the first time She put me under… if it wasn’t, then it doesn’t matter anymore.

Forever is a very long time, and I’m so close to another orgasm when She wraps her lips around my nipple again and sucks like She’s hungry for every last drop of my soul She left behind.

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