Matched Set

by MadamKistulot

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Twins Katey and Keely Solis live in the booming technological metropolis of Bastet City. They’ve caught the eye of a rich and powerful woman, and in such a heavily stratified society that’s never a good thing… for someone who wants to stay in control of their identity.

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Matched Set

Bastet City was a city unlike any other. Split into five districts often referred to by its inhabitants as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Steel, and Lead, the city boasted technology unseen in the rest of the world. All but the most disadvantaged of its people walked about their days with ID chips implanted in their hands that functioned as wallets, door keys, and more. The common smartphone was barely larger than a credit card, and looked like translucent glass somehow projecting a UI from within a seemingly blank surface.

There were even some residents who possessed highly sophisticated, near-perfect mechanical replacements of lost limbs. Some were even better than what the inhabitants had lost, while still appearing no more bulky than any other limb. It was hardly a common practice to undergo such replacements simply for an enhanced limb, but even in a technologically advanced city, its industrial district, the Steel Sector, was still prone to accidents.

Advancing far ahead of the rest of the world was not done without the occasional cost to those doing the work.

Bastet was where it was due to the powerhouse that was the Platinum Sector—home of the company Serquet and several other corporations that few knew were under their banner one way or another. Serquet owned all of the major technological firms, and provided housing for their most prestigious employees.

Like many places, the city possessed a typical governmental structure, but the real power lay in the hands of Serquet. Enriching the city with constantly higher levels of technology gave them a unique position.

While most of this technology remained within the city, some did manage to find its way beyond their borders from time to time. To trade such openly, however, was a crime.

Perhaps the most impressive advancement Serquet had pioneered was a city spanning network that its inhabitants accessed via virtual reality. Though there were only rumors that there was more at risk, for interfacing foolishly could result in more than identity theft or other information being stolen by a malicious party, it was still advised that people remain confined to safe, verifiably supported Serquet servers.

One could never know what dark surprises lie in wait.

A city of neon, steel, and glass, Bastet was an island isolated from the rest of the world. With its own culture, its own fashion, and its own way of doing things, Bastet used its unique position to remain a paradise. Those with metahuman capabilities were confined to the Lead Sector for the protection of all involved, but few were very concerned about such things.

Living in the Lead Sector was still far and above what most could hope to have in any other industrialized nation. With constant news reports of the dangers of uncontrolled metahuman abilities it seemed perfectly reasonable to restrict such individuals.

The two remaining sectors, Silver and Gold, were residential and commercial districts. While the Silver Sector was still very fancy and advanced, containing technological marvels the rest of the world could only dream of one day experiencing outside of their wildest dreams, it lacked a certain degree of exclusivity. Any were allowed in the Silver Sector, with the exception of those from Lead.

Permission to the Gold Sector was by permit or invitation only.

One could find most things in Silver, but when one was allowed a chance to explore the wonders found only in the Gold Sector they rarely declined. Few working and living in the Silver Sector did not dream of one day graduating to Gold, or finding themselves in an exclusive Serquet position that would grant them access to the upper echelons of Platinum.

Living in a heavily stratified society was easy for those who believed they had a chance at clawing their way ever higher. From her throne atop Serquet, Kathleen Stone, the company’s CEO, oversaw Bastet like her own personal queendom.

Nothing of consequence occurred without her approval, but even for a woman who owned everything most pleasures had a price.

Miss Stone did not reach her lofty position by denying powerful people their due.

“I can’t believe you got us both into Gold to do some shopping!” Katey grinned as she brushed her fingers through her short red hair. Her tanned skin was perfectly emphasized by the white belly-shirt she wore under a long, translucent, glittery-blue neon jacket. Her torn jeans showed off more of her athletic physique. She was so visibly excited that her eyes almost seemed to glow. “It’s not like I’ve never gotten to go before, but it’s so hard to get in…”

“Right? I almost didn’t bother trying!” Keely shook her head, her long black hair moving gracefully behind her as they walked. In contrast to the other woman’s rougher look, she wore a long black dress with bronze buttons down the front that lit up with blue LEDs. Where it opened to show her generous cleavage, the LEDs were red. Strappy heels clung tight to her feet, and golden earrings hung from her ears that projected constantly shifting holograms of various precious gems. While Katey’s body was firm and tight, Keely’s was curvy and soft, voluptuous in a way that begged anyone’s eyes to imagine grasping and squeezing.

The two women possessed two commonalities. Both were the same middling height, and both had the same green eyes. Without those two details, few would have believed the two were sisters, much less that they were twins.

With how meticulously Katey kept her roots a natural red, one might be forgiven for imagining her hair was natural. She’d worked hard to earn her smooth-yet-muscular build. Differentiating herself from her twin sister had been important even if it seemed impossible that any might mistake the two women for each other any longer.

Her attempts had been very successful.

Both glanced around the glitzy, high-tech storefronts. Behind them was everything from revealing translucent fashions, to cutesy robotic pets, to appliances Katey wasn’t even sure their purpose or appeal.

Their goal was the large shopping center ahead of them—the Fordeau Shopping Consortium. It wasn’t the most glamorous shopping center in the Gold Sector, but it was the one closest to the sisters’ price range. Katey balked at the sight of a strange device that seemed to be a microwave that could also flash-freeze food for storage while also having a large enough screen to watch television while it worked. “They really do have everything here…! I’ve heard if there was something we wanted but those stores were all closed, with a word we could still get what we came for.”

Keely flattened her eyes, glaring at her sister before the two broke into shared laughter. “You are the worst, sis. We could find anything and here you are making silly musical references.”

“Hey, just because these days their name makes you think of the wrong side of the tracks doesn’t mean they can’t wail.” Katey pulled her jacket a little tighter as they finally stepped into the consortium. Her green eyes widened as she let out a long, slow whistle. “Wow… Thanks again for applying, sis, I… I always really love coming here, but it’s been… I think we were fifteen…? That means it was nearly ten years ago…”

“Yeah, ten years… wow.” Keely sighed, a soft smile across her features as she drank in the sights.

It was a tall building, and the lobby rose a full five stories with any number of businesses visible above. A large digital fountain of gorgeous displays of light sparkled at the center of the lobby, with various holograms standing beside signs for various goods. Speaking aloud, they all offered suggestions for just where an eager shopper might visit, addressing those closest to them by name.

ID chips were just as useful for advertisers as they were for one to unlock the door to their home.

The two sisters approached one of the many terminals that would display the internal layout. Ten years meant very little was the same, and the two had obviously changed as people a great deal. While they looked over where they might want to go first, a beeping from a woman’s computer drew her away from the book she’d been reading.

Around her the room was dark, lit only by various monitors and displays that revealed far more about the women making their way through the consortium than might have made anyone feel comfortable. Everything from their names, to their addresses, to their measurements appeared on one screen or another. So much data was traded freely, or quietly, and Irene Fordeau wasn’t one to skimp on such deals. Glancing at a monitor, she watched the twins as they scanned through the directory, and her deep brown eyes hooded.

“Right on time…” Irene smoothed out her auburn hair as she stood, black slacks falling over high heeled boots that each possessed a sharp, stiletto point. An LED-lit pink blouse peeked out from under a black blazer with sleeves that ended well before her elbows. “The matching set I ordered arrived… but it looks like it’s going to take some work to match up again. Fair enough.”

Before she left the room, the woman reached into her desk and pulled out a small, pewter box. Within was a glass ring, clear-and-blue that projected a small smartwatch-like screen when she slipped it onto her finger. With a wave of her hand, the display vanished.

“Time to enjoy some of the fringe benefits of keeping the Red Queen happy…”

Irene Fordeau made her way out of the dim room, her heels clicking with every step. On the monitor, Katey and Keely Solis made their way through the mall, oblivious to the many cameras that kept close track of their every move. They had been just as closely monitored on the street outside, so many angles recording every curve, every muscle, every movement, but they hadn’t been in such a precarious position until they’d entered the consortium.

The door closed behind Irene, the many computers within continuing to store and cross reference any number of data points as the well-dressed woman made her way over to an elevator, and waited within as she watched a projection from her ring.

“I think it’s a little bit… not enough.” Katey smirked as Keely held up a swimsuit that was little more than two strips of purple and orange that would have been clear without the bright neon light running through it. “Besides, what if an EMP hits? You’d be basically naked, just squished up inside of your swimsuit. What if it runs out of power while you’re out? My jacket just becomes a jacket. That becomes indecent exposure.”

Keely snorted. “Like anyone would go after me for indecent exposure wearing this. I think I’d get a parade… but it is a little bit… small. You’re right. Maybe I should try to find something a little bit more… not chaste, but…”

“Clothing? A little bit more clothing?” Katey grinned as her sister gently slapped her shoulder. “Oh no! Keely is getting upset! I’m in so much danger.” She paused, and stared at the small, plasticy garment Keely held with a raised red brow. “You know, if you were wearing that and you slapped me, I think you’d be giving everyone a show when it lacked the sufficient support to keep all of you from showing.”

“Sis!” Keely’s cheeks flushed nearly as dark as her sister’s hair as she swatted her shoulder again. “I get it—you think it’s too much. Not enough. Whatever. I think it would look cute on you, though… and you’re not quite as… gifted.” She held the swimsuit towards her sister, and smirked.

Katey smirked and shrugged. “Probably my diet—and my workout routine. It’s all just fat. You should really work out more… but c’mon. I’m not wearing that, put it down…”

Just as Keely was about to hang the minimal garment back on the rack she found her attention being drawn by an authoritative, feminine voice. “I think it would look just lovely on either of you, really. What’s life without a little risqué now and then? When you look this good, shouldn’t you be showing it off?”

The red-haired twin blinked, surprised at the sudden intrusion on their private conversation. She turned to face the woman, mouth parted in preparation to tear into her, only for her words to die in her throat. It only took one look at the taller, smoothly smiling professional to know that mouthing off to her in the Gold Sector would be a horrible decision. Instead, she stumbled over her half-formed words and struggled to swallow them before they could reach her lips.

The woman’s shape nearly put her sister’s to shame, pushing out the glittery, neon-pink blouse that framed her tastefully displayed cleavage in ways Katey had only seen on holograms. Few people wore that kind of starchy black in Bastet without being corporate.

No one wanted to cross someone that important, not even Katey.

“Well, I think either of us can show off just fine in something else, too.” She tried to make her voice sound polite and kind, but some of Katey’s annoyance bled through nonetheless.

“Katey, be nice!” Keely giggled shyly, clearing her throat as she turned to face the auburn-haired woman, meeting her deep-brown eyes. “If you like it then I might need to consider it. It’s a pleasure to meet you… I’m Keely Solis, and this is my sister Katey. We’re from Silver, but we have a pass today, I promise! Is there anything we can do for you? I’d hate to take up any time from such a busy woman such as yourself!”

Calling Keely’s tone deferential would be an understatement. She didn’t speak with fear, but a certain level of reverence. She wasn’t in the right circles to recognize who she was speaking to, but that only made her more careful, more concerned.

For all she knew, the woman in front of her could be Kathleen Stone’s cousin, or best friend. While the Platinum Sector was where the highest upper crust lived, they shopped in gold.

“Irene. Irene Fordeau…” She smiled, looking between the two as their eyes widened. “But you can call me Rina. I hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves in my establishment. I happened to be walking by and I overheard you two talking. Do you mind if I join you?”

“N-not at all!” Keely practically vomited the words, a flush spreading rapidly across her face and her chest. “That sounds lovely, doesn’t it, Katey?”

A red eyebrow raised up as Katey glanced uncertainly to Keely before facing Irene with her most convincing fake smile. “It does. It’s nice to meet you, Rina. So, you’re that Fordeau? I’m surprised you have time to just walk around like this. Like my sister said, you must be exceptionally busy.”

“Oh, and I am…!” Irene chuckled, her eyes hooding faintly. She spoke with a warm familiar tone that implied a greater familiarity than she shared with either of the other women. “But I make it a point to be present time to time, and one of the perks of my position is getting to chat with the patrons of my little consortium.”

Visible discomfort spread across Katey’s face, but Keely remained bright-eyed and eager. Neither sister seemed to know just what to say, but that was aided by Irene moving between the two and holding her ring up in front of her.

A projection emerged from deep within the smooth glass ring, showing a layout of the consortium. It was a simple enough display, but the blue-and-white light it projected was vivid. Fascinating. Both sisters found their eyes wandering along the various paths and labeled stores without resting on any one place. As they did, Irene looked between the two women with a slowly intensifying grin. “There’s so much to see, after all, but I’m here all the time. Every day. That means the things that draw my interests are less the stores, or the layout, but the people wandering through. How often does one happen upon such lovely sisters…?

“Not just sisters, but… you’re twins, are you not…?” Keely made a sound in the affirmative, her head nodding as her eyes took on a glassier look. Her mouth hung open as her eyes continued to trail, her shoulders faintly slumping. “Twins that look so dissimilar, and yet the same height, the same voice, the same eyes… And why are the two of you so very unalike? Can you tell me, Katey…?”

“Mnnn…” Katey quivered. Her face was contorted, actively struggling even as the muscles around her face began to smooth. She’d been struggling at first, actively twitching, but the blue-and-white light continued to shift and twist, bending through the air, pulsing in a way that made it impossible to look away, or even realize what she was doing. “Didn’t… Didn’t want to be mistaken for Keely… Everyone always just thought… I was her… Hated it… Started working out… cut my hair… keep it red… Don’t want to just be Keely-two… Want to be my own person…”

Irene tsked, her tongue clicking against her teeth as she slowly shook her head. “What a poor point of view to hold, Katey. You’re both such beautiful women, so lovely, and yet you could be so close. You drove each other apart… You should apologize to your sister.”

Keely mewled, the sound full of raw concern. Gazing so deeply into the light was dissolving her inhibitions, diminishing her active thoughts. She couldn’t resist the words that she needed to say. “It’s… okay… We’re still so close… I still love her… still… close… she just wanted to stand out… No one ever thought I was her… Not… not usually… so it… it makes sense…” She sighed, her shoulders slumping lower in a way that only further emphasized the deep cleavage between her heavy, pale breasts. “Never upset me… encouraged her…”

“Keely…?” Irene spoke in a low, soft voice. It was almost nurturing, but just faintly too patronizing for that.

“Y-yess. Miss Fordeau…?” Keely’s voice sounded as though it were coming from further and further away. The longer she stared into the projection, the more distant her own thoughts grew. With that distance, her own volition became so much more difficult to grasp.

Irene’s eyes hooded lower as she held the ring closer, both sisters’ faces moving to follow. “Don’t contradict me. If I say something, I expect you to concur, to agree. Understood?”

“Y-yesss Miss Fordeau… Concur… Agree…” Keely’s eyes fluttered without ever truly closing. They were hooked on the holographic display, held so firmly in place. “Under… understood…”

Smirking, Irene let out a quiet sigh. “There. Much better. Now… Katey.” She turned back to the red-haired twin. Her face was no longer tensed, instead loose, her mouth open much like her black-haired sister’s. All she could do was stare at the projected image, a faint glimmer of drool visible at the corner of her lips. “Apologize to your sister. You would look so much better if you were more… similar.”

“S-sorry… K-keely…” Katey more moaned the words than spoke them, her voice a barely audible whisper. “We’d look… better… if we were more… more… s-sim… simil… similar…”

The rich woman between them grinned anew as she let out a deep, low chuckle. Her free hand reached out, grasping at Keely’s hip to pull the curvier twin against her body. Her breasts swayed, heavy and dramatically at her chest. Her nipples were hard points, visible against her dress. From her higher vantage point, Irene allowed herself a moment to just admire the woman’s body, before looking towards her twin with disdain.

Knowing who was responsible for her desired set’s imperfections only made her more frustrated. Finding just the right pair of twins had taken effort, and all of her wicked entitlement was directed solely at the leaner, tighter-bodied twin.

“Tell your sister what a disappointment she is, Keely. Tell her she shouldn’t be allowed to think. Tell her you don’t want her to be a person anymore.”

“B-but…” Keely’s lip quivered, her eyes twitching just faintly. “I… sister… can’t…”

Irene’s hand slid down from her hip, grasping tightly at the younger woman’s ass. She let out a sharp squeak, her gaze looking all the more distant as the blue-and-white light filled her eyes. “You can. You must. You will. Say it.”

Keely whimpered, but there was no conviction in her struggle. “You’re a… disappointment, Katey… You shouldn’t… shouldn’t be allowed to think…” Katey whined, her gaze all the weaker, her shoulders slouching lower. “I… I don’t want you to be… to be a person anymore…”

Irene nodded approvingly before she whispered into Katey’s ear. “Did you hear that? Tell Keely she shouldn’t be a person either. Tell her she belongs as a slave.”

Something in Katey’s gaze, some essence of herself, some quintessential part of her identity was broken. Between her own twin’s words, and the display from Irene’s ring, she didn’t feel very much like herself anymore. She didn’t feel much like anything. All she could do was stare and sway on her feet, her sister’s disapproval shattering at something that once gone, took far too much with it.

“Y-you shouldn’t be a person, either…” Katey whined, her voice an intoxicated mumble. “Y-you belong… as a… as a slave…”

“Well then…!” Irene purred as she flicked the wrist supporting the projection. It vanished, but neither woman was jarred loose from its soporific effect. Without the focus, both slouched against Irene who was soon grasping at both of their hips. “Why don’t both of you come with me… and we can fix this. We can stop either of you from being people, and we can make you both so much more… similar. Doesn’t that sound nice…?”


Both sisters spoke in perfect unison, their slurred voices sounding less like they came from two women and more like the same recording being played twice at once.

“Perfect.” Irene began to lead the two out of the store, casting a glance back at the nearest employee as the antitheft device beeped once.

A flick of Irene’s wrist disabled the sound.

No one had been close to the three women, giving a wide berth to the twins and the obviously important women. Those who knew Irene knew better than to get involved. Those who didn’t had bigger concerns, and more important things to do than stick their noses in where they didn’t belong.

In a few short moments the three women were within a private elevator. The doors closed, and Irene waved her chipped hand in front of the elevator controls. “To my room.” Once the elevator beeped its affirmative response, her hands moved to grasp and squeeze at both of the Solis sisters’ asses at once. All they could do to reply was arch back into her touch, trembling and whimpering as their identical eyes rolled back into their heads.

Irene continued to knead as the elevator slowly climbed, her eyes hooding lower and lower as their cries grew more desperate, and more pitiful. Katey’s nipples were just as loud against her belly-shirt as Keely’s were against her dress. “Katey. Open your sister’s dress. Now.”

“Y-yess, Miss Fordeau… Keely’s… dress…”

Blue LEDs turned red one by one as the buttons were pulled open, revealing the pale, glistening skin underneath. The minimal attentions of Miss Fordeau already had her skin shining with sweat, and her dress had been designed to provide support on its own. Within moments Katey had exposed her sister’s bountiful chest, and then the small green thong she wore between her legs as her dress fell in a heap around her feet.

“Keely.” The black-haired woman groaned, her eyes rolling back into her head, her large, naked breasts swaying free of any obstruction at all. “Remove your sister’s jeans, and anything underneath. Now.”

“Y-yess, Miss Fordeau… Katey’s jeans… anything… underneath…”

Keely’s eyes were utterly blank, empty, devoid of any expression at all, even lust as she reached out for her sister’s hips. After straining uselessly, she instead reached to open the button, and tug down the zipper to reveal more of her sister’s tanned skin. Once her jeans hit the floor, Keely followed by pulling down her sister’s boy shorts, revealing the neatly tamed black bush between her thighs.

Irene glanced between the twins’ crotches, noting that the thong Keely wore was too small to hide anything but the smallest tuft of fuzz. “You two disappoint me so very much with how different you are. The woman who found you didn’t do her research well enough… but I have the tools to fix you.”

Both Solis sisters cried out loudly as Irene began to stroke between their thighs. For Keely there was nothing but the thin, sopping thong between Irene’s rough, insistent fingers and her sex. For Katey, there was nothing.

Their cries were so alike, loud and intense as they shuddered with bucking, trembling hips.

“I can make you the matched set you always should have been.”

“Mmm has anyone else ever had both of you at the same time before?” Irene looked down at the twins on her bed, both laying on their backs. Neither of them wore anything, not a watch or a stitch of cloth—besides the matching pair of high-tech tiaras with small LED screens that informed Irene the technology neutralizing the ability for their minds to think for themselves was doing its job. “Or am I the first to enjoy this unique pleasure?”

“Th-the first… you’re the first…!” Both sisters moaned out in unison. Their tiaras noted the same neural activity at the precisely same moments. While their uniqueness was being melted away, their neural pathways were being made that much more identical.

Once the process was done their brains would effectively be the same.

“Good. Then let’s make both of you scream…” Irene licked her lips as she pushed her gloved fingers past the lips of her new twins’ pussies in perfect unison. Her movements were rough, thrusting her fingers with a mechanical precision as the gloves she wore vibrated, their shape contouring and shaping to the identical insides of her newest pets. “And let’s make this a good show. Kiss each other for me. Not like sisters. Kiss each other like you want it.”

“OOhhh y-y-yessss…!” Both sisters moaned before Keely turned towards Katey, who was already moving her lips forward. Their lips met, then parted, tongues dancing in the air as they moaned into each other’s mouths.

Keely’s breasts bounced with each raw, rough thrust, and Katey’s tight, firm body squeezed as hard as it could, her smaller, but still more than adequate breasts jiggling and shaking all the same. They stared into each other’s eyes as their tongues danced, and their lips rubbed together.

Even if their physiques were so different, their hair so different, even the tone of their skin… like this, naked and quivering, clenching and slick, it was so easy to see just how identical they truly were.

“With a little dye we can fix the horrible number you did on your hair…” Irene snorted, her fingers continuing to move without even the slightest of pauses. “You won’t be exercising anymore… We might be able to speed up your ‘growth’ with a little gene therapy, the right pills, the right… radiation… We only need to worry about getting you looking perfect. Who really cares if we have to keep replacing more and more of you as long as you look and feel right, isn’t that right, Kay Solis?”

“Oooh y-y-y-essss!” They broke their kiss only long enough to respond before they were again kissing like their lives depended on it.

“Good girls. Katey, feel your sister up. Keely, pull her face into your breasts. I don’t care about this being tender. I want this to be raw.” Irene’s commands were spoken with a certain amused dispassion. She was clearly enjoying herself, and there was no reason for her to do this unless she was getting just what she desired, but she hardly seemed as lost in the moment as her pets. “I want this to be hot.”

“Nnnn y-y-yesss Miss Fordeau…!” Their perfectly timed moans were cut short by loud cries as Katey’s hands began to squeeze and knead at the very breasts she soon found her face buried deeply between.

Both Solis women were drenched with sweat, their bodies trembling and quivering both from the fingers buried deep inside of their bodies, and the technology that was sizzling its way through their very brains. A combination of magnetism, electric shocks, and other advanced technologies were reshaping them, making them little more than pornographic toys for Irene’s every pleasure.

Never before would either of them have found such wanton abandon in a shared act of lust, but now neither could resist. Puddles of lust were sinking into the bed beneath them, thighs shaking out of control.

Neither showed any understanding for the women they used to be, for their own desires, or anything but the raw lust being forced through them, body and mind. All they could do was obey, too overwhelmed by Irene’s technology and the sensation of the other sister’s body against them.

“Cum for me, girls.”

“Y-y-yessss Miss Fordeau!” Both women cried out again as their thighs clenched, and the puddles under them grew that much darker.

“Not perfect yet… but you will be.” Irene sighed wistfully, tracing a finger over her glove as the fingers continued to reshape and vibrate. “It’s just a matter of time.”

Kay Solis sat side by side in the middle of Irene’s bed, waiting patiently. They would have waited there for an eternity if that’s what was requested of them. They were in no rush, and they had no greater concerns. They were of one mind, with one shared task.


Both of them had the same long black hair, the same tanned skin, and the same large breasts. They both wore the same long, translucent dress illuminated the same perfect shade of green. Bronze buttons down the front were a solid blue where they were closed, red where they were opened. Their empty, green eyes stared forward with the same level of vapid, empty obedience.

At one point, one of them had been called Keely. One of them had been called Katey. There no longer existed any way to tell them apart.

If anything, yet more had been done to make them similar. They both wore the same identical green eyeshadow, the same pale pink lipstick, and under their dresses, just above their asses, was the same QR code tattooed into their skin with luminescent ‘LED-blue’ ink.

The two waited, without worry or concern or thought, their bodies more on display than hidden away. Occasionally they would feel along each other’s identical bodies, or lock their identical lips, but they did so out of a need to keep themselves constantly aroused and helpless more than out of any desire. Their tasks included being ever ready to please their owner.

Miss Fordeau was such a busy woman, so when she had the chance to enjoy them it was only proper if her matched set was ready to obey.

Author's Note: Bastet City is a setting created by Zyfire, and I was paid to give us all a first glance, as well as have a bit of sexy fun there! I hope that you all really enjoyed it. If you'd like to see more of it, and if you'd like to support more like it? Check out my Patreon campaign! Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord or my personal discord, Madam Kistulot's Domain!

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