How to Surrender Your Identity as a Super Heroine to Achieve Fulfillment and Financial Stability

Chapter 2: Submission

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Submission

“H-hypnotize me…? You’re going to… hypnotize me…?” Lucy blinked slowly, their lips rubbing together in a sudden spike of confusion. “Are you a metahuman, or…? I… Will that work if I’m wearing the coll—nnnhaaa…!”

The heroine’s questioning was cut short by Mistress’s nails pinching around their nipple so much harder, slowly twisting and twisting.

“I’ll allow that without further punishing this once…? But no, I’m not a metahuman. My only superpower? Is my fabulous wealth.” Mistress laughed, grinning with hooded eyes as she rose to her feet and pulled Lucy with her. “However, I got so much of that wealth from being smart, smarter than people like you. I was born rich, but I’ve learned a lot of tricks over the years. One of them was hypnosis. I expect you to cooperate. Once I’m satisfied your body and mind meet my specifications, you’ll sign your contract and we’ll make it official—that Crimson Wind and Lucy no longer exist, and you’ll be my toy for the rest of your life.

“You’ve put yourself at risk, financially and medically, in so many ways that I don’t think it should be hard to have my legal team trap you in a conservatorship. In fact, I know it won’t be hard—because I’ve been waiting for this opportunity, and you’re going to be where I finally use it. You’re going to be my toy… unless you don’t measure up.”

New anxieties surged through Lucy’s mind. Their heartbeat doubled. Hypnosis? Pleasing with both their body and their mind? Their Mistress needed to know just how out of reach that seemed to the dazed heroine.

She also seemed wholly unconcerned.

“Do you doubt that I can hypnotize you, toy…?” Mistress frowned, her eyes narrowing, her lips pursing. “Does your pitiful little brain, something better used as a paperweight than for actual thinking, believe I’m incapable of the task?”

“N-no Mistress! I don’t—I mean toy doesn’t think… if you say you can, then you can…!” Lucy was ready to hide behind their hands, or to sob again on the floor. Instead, they found Mistress stroking at the bruise on their cheek in a soft, tender caress. “You can hypnotize me, Mistress… I’ve never… but I won’t resist you, Mistress…”

Mistress purred, giving the smaller woman a slow nod. “You won’t resist me, toy. You’re too small. You’re too weak. You’re already under my power, and you don’t even know just how true that is. Allow me to make it clearer to you…

“Have you noticed the way you’re listening so closely to my every word—the way you can’t help but be curious, even crave, to hear which word is going to come next?” Mistress’s voice lowered, turning huskier as she again leaned close to her prospective slave. “Something inside of you is aching, and yearning for the next word, for the next moment of my presence. It’s been building since before I touched your breast.”

Mistress’s words made toy feel intensely aware of the way their breast was still throbbing, still aching for more of Mistress’s touch. The feeling had been there before, but hearing her say those things felt as though, somehow, they made them more true.

“It’s been building since the moment you heard my voice, because you can feel that I’m more important than you, that I should be in control of you…” Mistress sighed, guiding Lucy back towards her desk until she was lifting the smaller woman up, and placing them atop the solid, wooden surface. “That feeling… deeper than knowing, especially with such a dim, simple mind… That makes it easy for your mind to latch onto my words, for it to stop thinking, and listen… doesn’t it, toy…?”

“Y-yess…? M-mistress… Yes… Mistress…?” Lucy quivered. They were confused, but they weren’t doubting their own words. They were true.

What confused them was how true the words already felt. Was hypnosis supposed to be so quick? Were they already supposed to be feeling their head sway on their neck? Was it already supposed to be harder to move their lips than it normally was? Between their eyes felt strange and hazy, and their eyelids felt heavy.

It was so much like arousal and sleep mingled together, yet it served as a leash for Mistress to grasp, to tug, to use to pull them deeper into the feeling. Lucy had never felt anything quite like it.

“That’s right. Your mind was made to surrender, to submit. Crafted through so much failure, through time and time again learning that your mind isn’t good at thinking, but my words feeling so right to hear, to follow…” Mistress purred, her forehead almost brushing Lucy’s. Her green eyes were so close, so big, so deep, and Lucy couldn’t look away. They were spellbound, slumping lower and lower on Mistress’s desk. “It’s so simple to listen to me, and so complicated to think. It’s so easy to give in to me, and so hard to be fighting so much… all of the time… You don’t want that, toy.

“So much struggling, so much fighting, so much thinking… And so many wounds… so many injuries…” Mistress’s finger brushed their bruise, but only long enough to earn a whine as Lucy felt just how right their Mistress was. “You don’t want to think for yourself anymore. You don’t want to think at all. You want to sink… You want to sink, and be my pretty little toy… don’t you…?”

“Pretty… Pretty little toy…” Lucy moaned. It all felt so simple, so easy to understand. It was so simple to understand they didn’t even need to think to understand it. The answer was right there, and they simply needed to accept it. “Y-yes… want to… sink… Mistress…”

They no longer needed to be reminded that the woman whispering into their open mind was not just any other woman, but their Mistress. It was not a word Lucy was used to saying so commonly, but it was already a central part of their mind. Mistress was in control, and showing them the proper respect, yielding to her in every last way she desired…

Lucy needed those things more than anything else.

“My pretty little toy… Your body, just the way I want it… Your mind, so yielding… so simple… so perfect…” Mistress’s hands slowly stroked along Lucy’s hips before they moved down to feel along their thighs. She squeezed, savoring the supple surrender of Lucy’s plush legs. “I don’t need to reshape you much at all to get exactly what I want from you. All I need to do is show you, and you’ll eagerly take the shape, and pose that I desire.

“Already…” Mistress stroked back up along Lucy’s body, earning low, quivering groans as her hands moved up over her toy’s breasts. She again spared them a squeeze, but one of her hands moved higher until it clutched at their cheek. “So much of you? Is exactly the way I’ve always wanted in a slave. You’re so simple you crave direction. Your body is so ready to serve me, to please me, and you’ll only be making that more true. Every word… every touch… every moment together… you become more my toy, don’t you…?”

Lucy nodded slowly, their eyes looking empty and glassy, their lips quivering. Somehow they almost felt as though they were lost within their own mind, asleep yet awake as their body quivered and melted under their Mistress’s constant tender touches. Everything was so warm, and they felt so damp, so dreamy.

Mistress spoke, and toy obeyed.

It was simple.

Nothing in their life had been so simple in so long. So much pain, so much confusion, but that only made the erotic simplicity of surrender all the easier to appreciate.

The last of Lucy’s will dissolved as they nodded again, their words emerging from their lips with a quivering moan. “More… more your toy, Mistress… So much… your toy… Please… toy… want… toy… want… Mistress…”

“Then fall. Sink for me, as deep as you can go. Once you’re there…? I’m going to fuck you. If your body pleases me, then you will be my slave for the rest of your life.” Mistress hooded her eyes as she grasped Lucy’s shoulders, and gave them a solid push. It was a practiced shove, one of experience and skill, but how impressive that might have been was utterly lost on Mistress’s mindless toy as they fell back.

As Lucy fell back they lost all concept of their body, or themselves as an individual cogent being. They fell out of themselves, fell out of control, and surrendered wholly and completely to their Mistress. All they could do was stare blankly as they felt their mind spiraling further and further away under their Mistress’s influence.

They did nothing to react as Mistress tore open the crotch of their costume, nor any moves to stop or assist as their Mistress raised the harness up along her legs. All they did was clench and cry, voice quivering as they were filled with Mistress’s strap-on so deeply they could feel it between their thoughts. It was a firm thing, yielding to their quivering pussy only enough to feel solid and irresistible. Their eyes fluttered and their hands shook uselessly atop the desk as Mistress pulled back and thrust again, her hands squeezing at Lucy’s breasts as though they were handles.

Each thrust, Lucy felt their Mistress’s nails dig into their shapely chest. The sting of her nails made Lucy cry each time, and feel more powerless. Mistress was in control, using them how she saw fit. All that Lucy could do was submit to her advances. All that Lucy could do was savor how perfect it felt to be nothing more than an obedient toy for their Mistress.

After their Mistress found a rhythm, Lucy found their body moving in counterpoint. It wasn’t so much a thought, but a knowing that their body was a toy to please their Mistress. That, and their body wanted this, too.

Mistress’s thrusts might have been raw and animalistic, her grasp of Lucy’s breasts raw and possessive, but Lucy wanted that. Every squeeze made them feel less like a person who needed to worry about their life, and more like a thing that would be taken care of, pampered, and fulfilled through submission. They merely needed to buck their hips, to squeeze around the perfect length inside of them, and surrender to the words of their Mistress that they could hear even without needing to consciously listen.

“Your body will obey me…” Mistress’s hips met Lucy’s, sweat pouring down her face. At some stage she’d pulled her hair loose of its bun, and it fell messily around her stark green eyes. She looked as confident and in control as ever, but something more wild was set free in the act. “Your mind will act only to please me… You will know nothing but what I wish you to know, and do nothing but what I wish you to do. This simplicity will set you free.”

“S-s-et… set me free… o-obey… obey Mistress…! Simple… so… so… simple…! Yesss…!” Lucy hissed and howled as the pressure inside of their body grew stronger, more desperate. “W-will serve you… please you… exist for you…! S-set me free… own me…! Own toy, Mistress…!”

Mistress’s eyes grew wide, a grin spreading across her lips.

She leaned over her toy moaning as she savored the look of absolute abandon in her slave’s face. Just as Lucy could feel nothing but obedience and surrender, those same feelings were so easily read. Mistress buried her strap-on deep within her toy, lips beside her toy’s ear as she whispered right into their very self. “Let go… toy…! Let go… let everything flow out of you… become my toy, and know the bliss of surrender forever…!”

“S-surrender… F-f-forever…! Y-yess…! Toy surrenders… Toy surrenders, Mistress…!” Lucy’s whole body arched and shook, sticky and drenched with sweat. A moment later that dampness grew so much more intense.

Pleasure surged through the helpless heroine’s every nerve. Every small part of them knew nothing but pleasure, nothing but sweet, perfect surrender. Lucy came, clenching as tight as they could around their Mistress’s presence deep inside of their body, and their mind. Their mouth hung open, and their body shook as tremors of pleasure rocked their body again, and again.

Over them, Mistress purred. Her skin was just as slick with sweat, her own body just as damp. She quivered, not pulling the toy from her pet’s body before she wrapped her arms around the shuddering heroine.

Cuddling up to the shaking, mindless slave, Mistress settled in as close as she could. There were softer places to be, warmer places even, but in that moment her desires were simple.

Under her, Lucy continued to drift, their mind still quivering from the new words and truths that filled them in places deeper than anyone else had ever bothered to visit. They felt complete and whole in ways no one else had ever made them feel.

It would be hard to say whether Lucy was still awake, but soon what remained of their grip on consciousness faded entirely as Mistress began whispering in their ear anew.

Listening to Mistress was so simple, so much simpler than thinking.

Lucy liked being simple for their Mistress.

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