How to Surrender Your Identity as a Super Heroine to Achieve Fulfillment and Financial Stability

Chapter 1: Desperation

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Author's Note: This story was written as a birthday present for Skaetlett and if you like the ideas in this story? Your next stop should be to dive into their writing!

Chapter 1: Desperation

Lucy frowned as they stared into the mirror. Every so often they moved their hands, a barely visible red drifting up to their face. The black mask around their face never looked quite right, always as though it were somehow managing to hang crooked. The red adjusted it, but never enough for it to feel right and thus they continued to move their hands.

It was a black mask, surrounding their eyes and obscuring their features well enough, but it also had the added benefit of hiding their brown eyes away behind a layer of solid white. They were able to see through it easily, but that wasn’t why they were unsatisfied by the sight of themselves.

They guessed they were pretty enough. Their naturally red, naturally curly hair that fell down to their shoulders was a bit too messy, their curls loose and frizzed, but it had a sort of beauty to it. They certainly had the breasts one expected from a superheroine, heavy and perky and fighting against the black-and-red of their bodysuit.

But the half cape they wore couldn’t make them look any taller, and they barely broke five feet. They were curvy, but that didn’t only include their large, prominent breasts. Looking in the mirror they felt out of place in the mask, and their costume.

The real reason they were dreading the sight they saw in the mirror was simple: the costume was money they never should have spent.

Crushing student loan debts and medical bills weren’t something anyone warns you about when you decide you want to become a superheroine! Lucy sighed, adjusting their mask one more time. No one mentions that getting tossed around by supervillains is a good way to rack up the medical bills! I just naturally assumed there would be some kind of public fund for that… but only if you’re state sponsored?! That’s a racket!

They sighed and stared down at the card in their hand one more time.

“Are you a super hero looking for a sponsorship deal? Come today and leave your money troubles behind!” It was written in a blocky comic book font, silhouettes of flying heroes soaring through the sky. An address. A number. A name.

Robinson Hero Support.

Of course, Lucy had caught sight of the ads for years, but always assumed they were just for heroes that were in it for the money and not to make the world a better place. They’d never imagined they’d be crawling to one as their last chance. If something didn’t change, Lucy knew they’d be out on the street—probably in less than a month. It wasn’t a matter of swallowing their pride.

All of their pride had been used up a long time ago.

The advertisements were very big on no one needing an appointment. Anyone who put on a cape could show up and seek out representation. Lucy adjusted their mask one more time, and headed out. It felt like a longshot, but they didn’t have anything left to lose.

“Hello, I’m the Crimson Wind—”

“Welcome to Robinson Hero Support!” The receptionist was far too chipper, her eyes bright and wide as she held out a fancy tablet to the heroine. “Please fill this out, and we’ll get you an appointment with one of our consultants!”

Lucy was glad their mask hid their eyes so their expression of mixed confusion and annoyance wouldn’t be as easily detected. “Th-thank you…! I’ll just… do that…!”

As Lucy walked away from the counter to sit in a nearby chair, the receptionist turned back towards her computer and seemingly ignored the troubled heroine as they filled out the digital form presented. Every field they filled carried more and more dread.

Robinson Hero support was a large building, and the ground floor reception area was no exception. High ceilings, fountains, sculptures and even large plants; every detail made it seem like something larger than life. I don’t belong in a place like this. No one with this kind of money will ever support someone like me… This is a waste of time…

They didn’t stop filling out the form, but their shoulders did slump making the Crimson Wind look even smaller.

It was an invasive questionnaire, demanding every iota of information that was legally permissible. Lucy had hoped they wouldn’t be required to reveal their legal name, but that was demanded almost instantly. My measurements…? They furrowed their brow, twisting up their face in uncertainty. I… I guess that makes sense, Robinson will buy me a new uniform, or something like that…?

After they’d answered everything asked of them, even things they weren’t sure were strictly legal, they stood fully expecting to return the tablet to the receptionist. When they were done, Lucy stood and found a woman dressed all in black approaching them.

“Please come with me, Crimson Wind.” The woman’s voice was curt and cold, professional in a way that lacked any softness or understanding. “We’ve found an appointment for you.”
            Already?! Lucy’s eyes widened behind their mask. I only just finished…!

They cleared their throat, standing taller and shifting their weight in an attempt to appear more confident and composed. “Of course. Please, lead the way!”

The woman didn’t even respond to them, simply nodding and walking away. She easily towered over Lucy. The woman was at the very least six feet tall. Even clad in a fancy, well-tailored suit she looked athletic and powerful while Lucy felt pitiful in a fancy suit designed for the explicit purpose of making them appear powerful and intimidating.

Soon the two were standing in an elevator together. The well-dressed woman tapped a button on the wall, and then adjusted her perfectly opaque shades that were the same black as her suit, and her short, slicked-back hair.

As the elevator rose higher and higher, making its way through the towering steel skyscraper, Lucy felt their stomach sink lower and lower. They had no idea what to expect, or what to hope for. If somehow this meeting didn’t provide them with some opportunity to improve their situation they were all out of options.

Even if what I’m offered is abysmal, I won’t be able to say no. No matter the terms. I just need to accept that n—aaah!

Distracted by their own mounting anxiety, Lucy was unprepared for the well-dressed woman to move so quickly. One moment her hand was rising, and the next a large, thick metal collar was sealing around the heroine’s neck. A loud metal click filled the elevator as the metal band sealed with no visible way to remove it. Over Lucy’s throat, a large red LED flared to life, and their attempts to push the woman away by force failed entirely.

They could feel their power, feel that they should be able to reach out and shove the well-dressed woman back against the elevator, but nothing happened. Like reaching out their hand and slamming it into a wall instead of grasping at an object, the Crimson Wind was rendered completely powerless.

Powerless, the heroine extended their hand uselessly towards the taller woman, their arm shaking as they tried desperately to force their power to function. Instead, they received a backhand across their face, and the world blurred as they crumpled into a heap in the corner of the elevator. The woman’s hand felt harder than steel, and Lucy could barely catch their breath as their heart raced so fast they could feel each beat throbbing desperately in their chest.

“She wanted you neutralized for your meeting. Behave, or you will take further damage. She did not care if you were wounded, only that you arrived swiftly.” Just as before, the woman’s voice lacked any sympathy. It only resonated with cold, hard truth. “If I am forced to incapacitate you, you will be the one suffering for it, not me.”

“U-under… understood..!” Lucy quivered, remaining down where they fell. They wanted to rise. Staying on the floor was humiliating. Each beat of their heart made the already-darkening bruise on their face throb and pulse. Not breaking down into tears took a not insignificant amount of effort.

But rising was dangerous. Will she think I’m trying to strike back at her? I… I need this to pan out…! I need… I can’t… What did she do to my powers…?!

The elevator continued to move, and Lucy hid their face in their hands, trying to come up with some way to react that wouldn’t make things worse. So overcome by fright, they didn’t hear when the doors opened. A moment later, the well-dressed woman grasped their hair, and Lucy let out a pained cry as they were pulled to their feet, and shoved out of the elevator. They stumbled forward, hands falling away from their face that was now red from both embarrassment and the pressure from their hands.

Standing in front of a large, imposing wooden desk stood a woman with intense green eyes. Her black hair was worn up in a bun, her legs wrapped up in sheer stockings before they were hidden away beneath a well-tailored black skirt. Above her waist she wore a white blouse that at first seemed loose before Lucy realized that it clung tight at her wrists and her neck. Stylistically it had an airy look, while still hinting at the not-subtle curves hidden underneath.

“Leave us, Miri.”

Lucy looked back to the well-dressed woman, who gave a respectful nod before she disappeared behind the elevator’s closing doors. They turned back to face the green-eyed woman, and took a deep breath. This was their last chance, but if they did nothing, if they let this happen, would that be better? “Power restraining tech not in the hands of—”

“Legal officials is a felony. I know.” The businesswoman smirked. Her firm voice had no difficulty silencing the heroine’s protests. “You’ll find that a woman with as much money as I have doesn’t need to worry about things like that. Who do you think funded that tech? Who do you think owns the patents, the factories producing it?” Green eyes hooded above dark frames as the taller woman stood directly in front of Lucy, staring down into their eyes. “You aren’t here because you have any other choice, are you?”

“N-no, I—”

“Shhh…” A pale finger pressed to Lucy’s lips, silencing their words instantly. Her heels clicked as she slowly approached Lucy, each one another pin trapping the heroine in place like a caught butterfly. As she drew closer the woman raised a hand to her face, lowering the dark frames of her glasses so her deep green eyes could peer over the dark frames as she spoke. “You’re not exactly intelligent enough for your input to be useful beyond confirming what it is that I asked you… Do you understand…?”

Arousal shuddered through the heroine as they nodded. Fear and uncertainty kept their lips sealed, but was not enough to keep their thighs from tensing.

“I took the liberty of reviewing your application myself. You’re a miserable excuse for a heroine, Crimson Wind.” Delicate, manicured fingers caressed slowly over the bruise on Lucy’s face. They whimpered, but made no move to push the hand away or to shrink back. “You’ve had three very high profile defeats in recent memory alone. You have powerful telekinetic capabilities, but you’ve been beaten by supervillains without any powers at all—hardly worth being called supervillains. You’re a dumb, silly, simple little heroine. There’s no way that anyone in their right mind would want you representing their brand…

“However…” Her fingers pressed harder into the sore flesh of Lucy’s face. They whimpered, even hissed in a sharp breath, but remained still. “I could see to it that your debts are all wiped clean. That your needs are provided for. There’s only one catch.”

Slowly, the woman reached down from Lucy’s face and stroked along the front of the collar around their neck. She drew from it a metal d-ring, and used it to force the heroine to clumsily stumble forward against her. The Crimson Wind’s lips opened and closed several times, straining to find some reply only to find nothing emerging. They were too terrified, and in spite of themselves, the rising heat between their thighs was only burning hotter the longer this woman talked down to them like they were nothing.

Whatever the catch was, Lucy knew they had no choice.

If I don’t say yes, I’m on the street—or worse. Now I can’t even use my powers unless she takes off this collar… Tears welled in Lucy’s eyes just as lust soaked their panties. The combination made their cheeks burn with shame.

“You’re such a resigned, weak, pitiful little excuse for a heroine that you aren’t even going to ask what it is?” With a sigh, the green-eyed woman’s other hand reached out and in a fluid motion ripped away Lucy’s mask. They cried out, their hands rising up to try grabbing it back, but the taller woman tugged at the d-ring of their collar, yanking it down even as she lifted the mask higher, further from their gasp. “You make a poor excuse for a heroine. But I think I can find a use for you. You’re exactly what I want… but not as a client. I want you as a pet… as a slave.”

Lucy quivered. The green-eyed woman was leaning closer, and holding their collar in such a way they couldn’t escape, not anymore. They felt so weak, and the other woman’s sheer authority, her charisma, her class… Lucy was powerless. All they could do was stare simply up into those green eyes and be held in place, keenly aware of how entirely out of their depth they truly were.

A slave.

The word sent electricity down Lucy’s spine, and coiled around their clit.

“As a slave, you won’t need to make your own decisions. You won’t need to make your own choices…” The green-eyed woman tossed away Lucy’s mask, and then reached out to stroke along their face again. This time, she didn’t stroke at Lucy’s wound. Her touch was softer, gentler. “You’ll have all of your needs met. All you’ll need to do, is exist for me.

“I’ll expect you to be ready for me. To please me. To serve me. If you can do that…” Her breath blew over Lucy’s lips. They moaned, cheeks turning a darker red as they found themselves rubbing against the other woman’s body.

Can’t keep my hips still… Why do I… want this…? I should… I should have more dignity than this, I…

“Y-yess… I’ll… that… please…”



Lucy tumbled to the floor with a loud, pitiful sob. Tears streaked down along their cheeks. They didn’t remember falling so much as they remembered standing, and then being again on the ground. In between was a lost blur.

“Try again. If you can’t learn quickly, you might not serve my desires quite well enough to be worth the expense.”

Lucy sniffled, and reached deep within their deepest places of strength. Nothing was left. Their reserves were dry. Rather than find strength, they were able to embrace their dissolution. It was the only choice they had left. “Y-yes… Mistress… I’ll be your slave… Please, Mistress…! I’ll please you… I’ll… I’ll be ready for you! I’ll serve you! I can do that! I can, Mistress! I’m not smart… I’m dumb, I’m weak, I’m… I’m powerless… but I’ll do whatever you say…! Please…! Please, Mistress…!”

By the end, Lucy was crying, shaking on the floor. They knew if they weren’t pleasing then this was the end. Everything was over.

Luckily, or unluckily, the green-eyed woman smiled. “Very good, Crimson Wind… Lucy Simon… but none of those names matter anymore.” The woman lowered down, crouching as she peered into Lucy’s quivering eyes. They were filled with hope, and wet, fearful tears. “You will only have one name for me, and I will only have one name for you. My name…” She reached out a finger and brushed away one of Lucy’s tears, before bringing it to her own lips with a smile. “Will be Mistress. And yours…

“Yours will be toy.” Her hand reached out anew, but found neither Lucy’s face, nor their collar. Instead, it grasped at one of their large breasts, emphasized by the tight confines of their costume. Lucy cried out, arching their chest into their Mistress’s hand. Their nipple rose embarrassingly to meet their Mistress’s grasp, throbbing against her palm. “Understood…?”

“Y-yes, Mistress…!” Lucy whined, writhing in her touch as she kneaded harder and firmer, her nails seeming to claw right through the spandex of their top. “U-understood…”

Mistress’s eyes hooded low. Her tongue slid across her lips. “And who understands…?”

Lucy quivered. Something deep in their eyes strained and twisted in Mistress’s grasp. This would not be their last surrender, and they knew it, but it was a surrender that gave up so much. It would give up their name, their dreams to be a heroine… all of that, all of their self-determination, to be free of financial debt and free of their own stupidity and lack of talent. It was so much to gain, but at the cost of everything that Lucy had always thought they wanted.

What shamed them most was how good it all sounded.

Being so out of control should not have been so compelling, so liberating, but being in control of their life had led them to such a fragile place. Having that all taken out of their hands made Lucy feel so free, free to indulge their arousal and not worry about what that could mean.

Their power sealed, and their body overwhelmed by heat from Mistress’s hand squeezing at their chest, all that Lucy could do was nod, their eyes hazy as they let out a quivering mewl. “T-toy understands… Mistress…!”

“Good… Very good…” Mistress pinched toy’s nipple through their costume, hard enough to make the heroine scream. “Then before I take you, before I claim you in the way you expect…? I’m going to hypnotize you.”

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