Golden Snare

Penetration and Pendulum

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #chance_meeting #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #tech_control #coin #eye_focus #pendulum #strap_on

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

“So, what do you think? Isn’t it… what word did you use… gorgeous?”

Rosa had no time to flutter her eyes and rise naturally from her deep, gleaming slumber. The moment the woman’s familiar voice filled her ears, the strap-on was thrusting deep between her legs. “Y-yessss! Gorgeousssss!”

The brutal thrust of the woman’s hips seemed to shove the word out of her, forcing her to look forward at the tall clock in front of her. Rosa didn’t have time to wonder about where her clothes had gone, or where she was. The toy between her legs pulled back and thrust again, rubbing her naked breasts against the table Rosa was only barely aware of even as she was bent over it.

In front of her was an impressive sight, a tall clock that stretched from the floor to the high ceiling. Her gaze couldn’t move up to admire the fine workmanship on the clock face itself, or the way the second hand moved in a shuddering, yet perfect rhythm. She couldn’t make her eyes pull away from the long golden pendulum as it swung back and forth.

So smooth, it moved as beautifully as the coin had moved in the woman’s hand. Every time it moved one way, or the other, either the strap-on was thrusting back inside of her, or pulling back, emptying her only to thrust deeper again.

Thick glass sat between Rosa’s eyes and the pendulum, but she could only barely see the reflection of the woman who squeezed her hips tight every time the toy thrust deeper inside of her slick, quivering cunt. She had such long, curly auburn hair that fell in long, elegant ringlets. Each thrust of her hips made large, heavy breasts bounce at her chest. She was pale, pale in a way that screamed extravagance. Everything about her, from the fancy dress she wore, to the heavy earrings that swung from her ears looked so powerful, so important.

Rosa was in awe all over again, but another thrust made it hard for her to do anything but watch the swinging gold. It reached in to all of the places that were still bound by the light of the coin, making each swing tug at her nipples, at her clit, making her feel weighted down to the table as the toy filled her again and again.

“Gosh, you’re already just so fucked, aren’t you? And that’s even before the clock unravels you…” The other woman’s deep green eyes hooded as she swatted Rosa’s ass, kneading as she moved her hips forward in another hard, quick thrust. “Can you feel it, Rosa?” Another thrust punctuated the question, earning another loud cry as Rosa’s chest arched out, breasts already glistening with sweat as they shook. “The pendulum is going to slide in between all of those gold chains, and then it’s going to start to pull, to tug, to rippy-rip your pretty little mind apart…!”

“NNhaa…!” Rosa cried out, her eyes crossing even as they followed the golden length back and forth again and again. Just as the auburn-haired woman said, she could feel that golden pendulum forcing its way inside of those chains. They were so taut already that the force of something moving inside of them made Rosa sputter and cough. “M-my… my… m-m-mind…!”

How does she know my n-aa-aa-aaaame…! Gold squeezed around Rosa’s identity, around her memories, around everything that made her who she was as the long, unyielding shape between her legs thrust in its own rhythm. How is she… doing this… t-to… m-meee?!

Her mouth hung open, her loose jaw shaking with each thrust as the woman’s hips met the curves of her ass. Each time she let out a sharp, loud cry that trembled along the full length of her body. Each thrust she grasped the table under her tighter, her fingers shaking as her eyes trembled. Visible veins of gold quivered across them, showing the raw force that grasped and tugged her psyche in half with each sway of the pendulum.

“That’s right, Rosey! I saw a pretty girl walking down the street, dropped my pretty coin, and grabbed her up, but… I don’t really care who you were before. You don’t look like the kind of woman I’d want, not beyond a purely… physical level.” A hand grasped one of Rosa’s breasts, rolling her nipple just as it had rolled the coin before. “So step one is to get rid of that!”

“G-get… get rid… of my mind…! Tear it apart…!” Rosa howled, her body weakly arching into the firm grasp that pinched her nipple painfully tight. Just like before, tears began to build in her eyes. At the same time, drool sparkled at the edge of her lips.

Her pussy drooled down over her thighs, overflowing with each thrust that filled the air with more of her scent and more wet, slick sounds that only came from a woman’s pussy being stuffed full again and again. The tick, tock of the clock was wholly obscured, lost under the sound of Rosa’s cries, and the sound of the woman’s body slamming against her tight, quivering ass.

“Oh, I guess I should introduce myself…” The woman laughed again. It made the pendulum in her mind shudder, fraying the threads of Rosa’s mind that were already beginning to rip apart. “More for something to do while I fuck you away, and the clock does the rest. I’m Chantelle—but you got it right the first time! For you, I’ll always be ‘Mistress’. A toy doesn’t really need to speak her owner’s name! She just needs to obey like a good little fuck pet!”

“F-f-fuck pet…!” Rosa’s voice cracked as she bounced back on Chantelle’s strap-on. Her eyes quivered as the gold continued to pull apart, and her lips continued to shake. “Mistress… Make me… yours… Make me… whatever you want…!”

Chantelle sighed, her nails digging into Rosa’s nipple as she gave it a slow, firm twist. “I’m going to, silly! Mmm…” Green eyes hooded lower as Chantelle’s thrusts slowed. Each faint movement of her hips made Rosa’s whole body shudder and clench as her eyes followed the pendulum back and forth. “Of course, I know you can’t control anything you’re saying right now. It’s the coin making you a helpless little slut. Something about the way it manipulates your mouth helps it grip your mind tighter. Something about the power of words. Honestly…? I’ve never really cared how it works. I just care that it’ll make you a blank slate—an empty headed, vapid little toy for me to fill in with whatever I want!”

“Ye-e-essss… whatever you want! That’s what I should be! That’s how I should be!” Rosa screamed louder, her hands falling away from the table as the gold pulled more brutally at her fragile mind.

Threads were already starting to snap and tear, and with each one Rosa’s grasp on herself was becoming weaker. It was easier to remember the way her pussy squeezed around Chantelle’s strap-on than it was to remember what happened the day before. It was easier to watch the pendulum’s swing than it was to remember the papers she’d been planning to grade, or her plans for the week. So many things were tumbling away as more of the threads of her mind snapped dramatically, only to dissolve and stain her thighs a dark gold as her pussy convulsed.

She… she’s breaking me… D-destroying me… I can’t… can’t remember who… what… I… don’t… S-stoooop…! Rosa tried to summon up all of her remaining strength to scream, to thrash, to plead, to do absolutely anything at all. She could feel how soon it would be that the last threads of her identity would rip apart, and with them all of her memories, her desires, her dreams would all gush out between her legs.

All of that remaining strength wasn’t even enough to gasp.

“Oh, I see it…!” Chantelle grinned, pulling Rosa’s nipple taut between her nails. “I can see it… there’s just a little hint of the old you! Just another hard shove, another few seconds… no coming back. No going back. Gone forever—nothing but a fuck toy for me to fill!”

“F-fill… me… fill me… up…! Use me up…! Wreck me, and make me want i-i-it… yessss!” Rosa’s voice trembled, sounding almost as though it was coming from something metallic as her whole body tightened and the light inside of her eyes began to pulse with the rhythm of the clock’s pendulum.

She still shook as the toy moved inside of her pussy, but the pleasure of her body was so insignificant compared to the fraying of the final thread holding her together.

The very concept of her individuality, once so firm, so thick, was now little more than a thin gold line stretched across both of her eyes. Even if the clock were to stop, so much of her was already gone. Her mind was incapable of its own solid thoughts, instead merely crying out and screaming for something to save her, for the tension to release her, for something to happen soon.

With a hard, firm thrust, Chantelle buried the strap-on deep within Rosa’s flowing sex. Rosa screamed a single word as the final thin line snapped in half, and her pussy overflowed with gold.


It was such an intense cry of relief that it shook through the room as all of the impulses that made Rosa struggle against her inevitable fate all fell slack at once. Something deep inside of her eyes dimmed as their very color changed. No longer brown, her irises turned a single, flat, smooth shade of gold. Her mouth hung open, her loud orgasmic cry quivering as her pussy eagerly milked all of the pleasure it could from the toy that filled it so deeply.

The very moment the last of the gold flowed down her thighs, Rosa fell flat against the table. Her hips wiggled, and she arched out towards the nails that twisted her nipple, but she no longer watched the pendulum. She stared forwards to where it moved without pause, but she saw nothing at all.

“You’re my empty-headed little slut…” Chantelle whispered into her ear with a possessive firmness that matched the nails digging deeper into Rosa’s ass. “You exist to please me, to serve me, to obey me…”

Without the constant loud cries, the wet slick squelching of Rosa’s pussy, or the sound of Chantelle’s hand or body slapping her tight ass, the sounds of the large clock rushed in to fill the relative silence. Rosa’s breathing was ragged, her heartbeat still quick, but every one of her body’s rhythms subtly followed the tick and tock of that swinging gold pendulum.

As Chantelle’s words began to flow into Rosa’s ear, each one gave a new shape to the ruins that had once been an intelligent young woman. Each word stretched across the empty gaps, offering so little to fill in such dramatic gaps.

“I’m your empty-headed little slut…!” Rosa giggled, her lips quirking into a ditzy smile as she rubbed her ass back against Chantelle’s hips. She clenched around the toy that was still deep inside of her, whining out as more of her juices flowed. “I exist… to please you… to serve you… to… o-o-obey… you…!”

Chantelle grinned, giving Rosa’s ass another hard, firm swat. “That’s right! You’re going to be my giggly little fuck toy from now on…! You look so good bent over this table… Mm. This is how you like to greet me when I get home. Bent over the table. Wiggling your ass. Offering me your pussy. You like it when I fill you up, when I shove your thighs into the wood, when all you can feel is me just using you… huh…?”

“Y-y-yessss…” Rosa’s smile grew wider as louder, more emphatic giggles bubbled up from deep inside of her throat. “Whether you want to use me or not… I just want you to know that I’m ready, available, obedient…! I’m always wet for you, Mistress…!”

“Wow… you’re recovering quickly!” The sound of Rosa’s ass against Chantelle’s hand filled the room again, followed closely by a low moan that gave way to a quick mess of giggles. “Doesn’t take much to tear a girl like you down, or to put her back together. There wasn’t much to you to begin with, and now… now, all that really matters is making me happy.”

Rosa began to quickly nod as her body shook with another strong wave of giggles. “Uh-huuuuh! All that matters is making Mistress happy! So if you want to fuck me, or slap my ass, or have me kneel between your legs… mmm… whatever…! But Mistress likes me over this table, so I like to wait for her here! It makes me sooo wet, hoping you might want to touch me, use me, control me…!”

The pitch of Rosa’s voice was raising with each word she spoke, sounding airier, squeakier, and more like the empty-headed little ditz she’d been commanded to become. No intelligence could be heard in any of the words she spoke—only excitement and lust.

Still panting, recovering from being so thoroughly torn apart and ravished, Rosa was already beginning to shake her ass side to side. She looked behind her, wiggling her brows as she rubbed herself back against Chantelle’s body. “Mmm do you want to fuck me a little more…? Do you want me to make myself cum for you…? Anything you want… mmm just tell me. Don’t even ask! I’m a fuck toy! I exist to serve, to please!”

Chantelle spent a long moment looking incredibly thoughtful. She gazed along Rosa’s back, into her smooth gold eyes, and down at all of the lovely curves of her ass. “Hmm…” She idly jiggled at those lower curves, making them bounce against her hand. “Naaaah… I think I want to have a snack. But you should stay right here in case I change my mind.”

“Of course Mistr-e-eeesss…!” The sensation of Chantelle’s strap-on exiting her pussy was enough to make Rosa’s eyes cross and her mouth twist. Her thighs clenched around nothing, her pussy twitching longingly. “I’ll be… right here... right here if you want to fuck me…!”

“I won’t forget, you silly little fuck toy… Don’t worry!” Chantelle gave Rosa’s ass one final parting swat as she removed the harness and set one slick, dripping toy on the table next to the other. “Rosey is a fun name for you, I think… especially since I like your ass looking a little extra pink.”

“Mmm… pink… red… Whatever… Mistress wants…!” Rosey giggled, wiggling her ass as Chantelle slowly stepped away.

It wouldn’t matter if Chantelle was gone for minutes, or hours. Her mind was vacant but for the new desires her Mistress shoved into place. She would wait, her ass up in the air, her body down against the table, until she was told to do something else.

In front of her, the clock’s pendulum continued to swing. Mmm… I hope Mistress fucks me… or makes me fuck her… makes me do… something… wanna… obey…

The pendulum swung, and Rosa saw nothing as she waited for a chance to serve.

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