Golden Snare

Chapter 1: Gold Standard

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #chance_meeting #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #tech_control #coin #eye_focus #pendulum #strap_on

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Gold Standard

Rosa made her way down the sidewalk, barely paying attention to the world around her. It was early in the evening, late enough for the sky to be dimming but not so late that anyone who drove nearby was making use of their headlights.

The city was alive with people carrying out their daily tasks, and Rosa was just another of them. She barely stood out, her short blonde hair looking neither too neat, nor messy enough to draw the eye. The light blue blouse she wore under her light brown jacket neither emphasized, nor softened her curves. Her long tan skirt fell down to mid shin, and her cute, reddish-brown, heeled boots didn’t give her enough height, nor make an exceptionally loud enough click to stand out when she walked.

She was pretty, but pretty in a way that made it easy to glance to her, and then look across the street to see a glass storefront, or look to her and then glance up at the sky as it shifted from a vibrant blue into a soft orange.

Maybe if her skirt was short enough to show off her long, athletic legs she might have drawn more glances. Maybe if her blouse was unbuttoned enough to show her figure that wasn’t voluptuous but was hardly lacking, more people would glance her way.

As it was, she made her way towards her next stop without drawing many second looks.

If I can make it through the store in less than an hour then I can get home and start grading those quizzes… Need to go over the rest of the week’s lesson plan… I should probably be ready to talk to Jessica after class, she knows the material but it’s obvious she’s not applying herself… Rosa’s thoughts wandered from one thing to the next as she walked along, oblivious to anything around her. It was a walk she’d made many times before, and nothing was very special about the rather average Thursday night. Maybe I need to see about some presentations to give her an opportunity to sho—what’s that?

Bright and twinkling, something caught Rosa’s attention from the ground below. Everything was continuing to dim, but the small glittering coin that rolled in front of her was bright enough to make her squint. It cut past her thoughts, drawing her full attention away from the common troubles of her life and focused her singularly on the rolling disc.

A foot or two in front of her the coin curved, beginning to move in a slow, lazy circle. Light reflected from its lustrous surface still sparkled brightly into Rosa’s brown eyes. The longer they watched, filled with golden light, the more they widened.

It was almost as if the light itself reached inside of her eyes and slowly pushed them open, filling the depths of her pupils with a faintly shimmering light. Her lips fell open as the coin continued to circle, its every wobble shining and flashing that golden light in a dizzying, unpredictable pattern that held Rosa spellbound. She couldn’t bring herself to do anything but step closer, stopping once the coin was beginning to fall inches away from her boot.

So… bright… so… golden… Her lips rubbed together, slowly. Something about her gaze would look wrong if anyone took a second glance as they stepped by. Her eyes weren’t properly reflecting the light around them, seeming flatter, emptier.

Golden light pulsed at the center of her pupils, but it wasn’t an ordinary reflection.

Instead of looking like her eyes were reflecting the light of the coin, it was more as if the coin were shining its light out from the inside of her eyes. Gold spread out from small pinpricks at the center of her eyes, until that gold filled her pupils, and stretched out to fill the rim that surrounded her iris. Her jaw fell lower, her lips quivering as she stared with such a blank, thoughtless expression.

Looks so pretty… It must be worth a fortune…

The coin wasn’t a design she could remember seeing before. Instead of a recognizable face, the surface was emblazoned with a wide, stylized eye. As she looked down at the coin, the coin looked right back. In her eyes, the two coins met, their gazes intense and unwavering.

Without a second thought she bent down, her nail sliding under the coin to lift it from the ground. It was larger than a quarter, somewhere between the size of a half dollar and a dollar coin. Though it was small, it had a weight that made it feel so much more solid, so much more important than any ordinary coin Rosa had ever felt.

“Isn’t it just… gorgeous?” Arms wrapped around Rosa’s waist, and a woman’s breasts pressed flush against her back. Her eyes widened, and some level of cognizance returned to them, but not enough to pull her gaze away from the coin, or to struggle.

Her shock was only enough to make her feel incredibly aware of how warm the woman behind her felt, and of how warm that made her feel.

Rosa suddenly felt very aware of her nipples as she squirmed in the other woman’s grasp, less to pull away and more to settle back against her. Their bodies fit together so smoothly, with the curves of her ass fitting smoothly against the thighs of the taller woman who felt far rounder, and smoother than Rosa herself.

She didn’t need to think of her response. It rose to her lips all on its own. The answer came as much from Rosa as from the coin that still reflected in her eyes. “Yes… It’s… It’s very… very… gorgeous.”

Why am I not… Not trying to pull away…? Why can’t I… Why can’t I stop… squirming…? How is she so… Mmm…

“That’s right. It’s gorgeous.” The woman’s lips were beside Rosa’s ear now, whispering in a husky tone that was as full of authority as it was predatory arousal. “It’s gorgeous, and you can’t bring yourself to look away. You don’t want to look away, do you?”

“No… don’t… don’t want…” Rosa’s lips twitched. Her thighs clenched under her skirt. Her fingers trembled around the coin. Small signs of struggle echoed across her body, but none of them lasted for long. The pull of that golden coin, and the warmth of the woman behind her, they were too much for Rosa to resist for long. “Don’t want to look away… Too gorgeous… too… heavy… too… too…”

Gold-painted lips curled into a pleased grin. The hands around Rosa’s waist drew back, stroking slowly at her hips. While those hands squeezed, Rosa’s eyes opened wider, and her lips shook again. The grasp was just tight enough to tug a soft whine from her throat as heat burned through her body.

Not only could she feel the woman’s breasts at her back, but she could feel her nipples, too. Th-through my jacket… even if it’s thin, that shouldn’t… I shouldn’t be able to feel so much of her… so easy… so… Why can’t I tell her to stop… why isn’t someone…

While she quivered in the woman’s hold, not a single person gave her a second glance. A woman glanced to Rosa, saw the arms at her hips, smirked, and looked away. Another seemed to look right at Rosa’s eyes but didn’t linger before she was moving right past. Even in the middle of a busy sidewalk, no one snickered or said anything at all.

Rosa was trapped in the woman’s embrace, her struggles weakening more by the moment.

“If it’s too heavy…let me help.” When a hand lifted from her hip Rosa was hopeful. Her heart soared, her eyes twitching wider. When that hand grasped the coin, and held it up in front of her face, those hopes sank down far past her stomach. The weight was gone from her hand, but staring straight ahead at the coin made the light brighter. “It’s easier to see like this… isn’t it? Easy to just let go! Easy to let the pretty, shiny, golden coin hold your focus.”

“Hold… my… focussss…” Rosa’s voice slurred as the woman slowly rolled the coin back and forth between her finger and her thumb. “Y-y-y-yesssss… focuss… easy… so… easy…”

Somehow the coin seemed like a magnet for all of the evening’s fading light. Rosa could still see the eye jutting from the surface of the coin, but it was so much brighter. Each time the coin rolled past the center point of its repeated journey it felt like another layer of golden light wrapping around her mind, another rope wrapping around her mind, making it harder to struggle, harder to resist, harder to think.

Without a need to hold the coin, Rosa’s hand dropped uselessly to her side. It didn’t feel heavier, but her body felt weaker, and all of the weight, all of the heavy golden presence, was twining through her body.

It coiled around her arms, making her skin tingle and burn with desire. It spread out over her chest, making each breath shuddering, and her heartbeat thud so dramatically. It curled around her thighs, making them clench tighter. Why are my panties… so… wet… I’m not… I’m not into… I don’t want… don’t… want… don’t… stop… you can’t… just… do this… to… me…

Even her thoughts slowed as the coin moved back and forth, back and forth, shining its brilliant, smooth, yellow light deep inside of her brown eyes.

“And if I hold it up like this…” The coin slowly lifted higher into the air, and Rosa whined as her head fell back on her neck to follow it. With the coin above her, she felt smaller, weaker, her body hooked by the golden lure that held her dangling on her feet. Without it, her shaking knees felt like they might drop her down to the concrete below. “Then you can feel how nice it would be to sink… how easy it would be to drop.

“Your legs are feeling so tired… Your heart is beating so fast. You can’t stay standing full of so much gold—not on your own. You need me to help you. You need my strength to keep you standing…” Gold-painted lips brushed her ear with each syllable, drawing out barely audible whimpers with each sound. “Ask for it. Ask for my help… and I’ll give you what you need.”

Rosa moaned, swaying. Even with the woman at her back, so close, the only thing keeping her on her feet was obviously that rolling coin. As it moved to one side her lips quivered, her nipples tightening that much more. As it rolled back, her thighs squeezed tighter at the sopping heat between them, and her eyes quivered. The golden light filling her eyes grew brighter and brighter, almost forming a sheen across even the whites of her eyes.

Still, no one interrupted. Women stepped past them, so close that Rosa could feel the wind from their brisk pace, but not enough to pull her away from the powerful grasp of the golden coin.

Its light twinkled within her every breath, and thudded in her chest with every powerful beat of her heart.

C-can’t… Can’t let her… Can’t say it… F-fight it… r-resist… don’t… don’t… Rosa whimpered, sweat shining across her brow. A slick trail of lust traced down along her thigh, hidden from view by her long skirt. She’s… doing something… something to my brain… making me… so wet… so… I… oh… fuck…! My lips are already moving… S-stop… Don’t… don’t do it…!

“Give me… what I need… please I…” Rosa was breathless, her words punctuated by quivering whines as her tongue wet her lips. “Need your help… please… help me… please…!”

Laughter, mischievous and wicked, echoed through Rosa’s mind. Each individual laugh was so loud, so pointed, but the constant flow made it so much worse. They seemed to batter her mind like hail against a metal roof, the sounds echoing and disrupting any thoughts that she might have otherwise desperately grasped.

A tongue traced along the edge of Rosa’s ear, making her whole body shake. The wet, warm feeling pulsed through the heavy gold that weighed down her body and mind. It flicked at her clit, making her knees slam together as she nearly fell to the ground.

Every breath was a sharp, quick gasp. The gold coin felt like it was now tying a heavy, golden chain around her clit. Each movement pulled it tighter, the weight pulling Rosa down as the very same weight held her aloft. So… heavy… s-so… wet… so… ohhh… t-tight… it’s… so… strong… can’t… can’t… stop it…!

Tears quivered at the corners of her eyes. She had no idea what the woman might want with her, but she was sure that it wasn’t good. She was sure that it wasn’t right. She wanted to scream, to cry, to plead, but all she could do was stare with wide, vacant eyes.

Her eyes pulsed with golden light, golden light that twisted through the wrinkles of her brain.

“Of course, Rosa. I’ll give you everything you need…! A girl like you… You need someone to take care of you. Someone with all of the finer things in life…” The woman laughed in her ear, and Rosa whined. It was more her than the coin, a whine of desperation, a whine of a woman trapped in both pleasure and fearful agony. “So I’ll give you what you need, the strength to stand… and the simplicity of surrender. Don’t worry… I won’t let a girl like you think for herself.”

Why is it… getting… closer… why… why does it feel… heavier… so… heavy… so… I… can’t… can’t…

As the woman brought the coin closer and closer to Rosa’s face, the light shined brighter, and the chain around her clit tugged harder, reaching through her body to twine around her breasts. Gold pinched around her nipples, making Rosa let out an exhausted cry.

She hadn’t stopped struggling even if the signs of it were all but gone. Lust slid slick along both of her thighs. Her mouth hung open so wide.

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘a penny for your thoughts’?”

Rosa nodded without thinking as the coin moved up and down. Th-that’s… ch-cheat… o-ohhhh… why… can’t… I…

“Well, this is worth so much more than just a penny, so…” Slowly, the woman’s smooth, long finger shifted the coin. No longer was the eye facing Rosa. Instead, her eyes were gazing helplessly at the smooth rim of its side. “I think if I give you this, I’m entitled to a lot more than your thoughts.”

No… no… stop…!

The coin moved in, pressing to the space above Rosa’s nose, and between her eyes. It was so hot, so warm, burning with all of the light of the setting sun as it pushed past her skin, past her skull, and sunk deep inside of her mind.

“I think I’ll take all of you.”

Rosa’s intense cry was softer than a whisper as the woman’s finger rubbed between her eyes, and her pussy gushed with hot, sticky lust.

All… of… me… Yesss…

“Good girl. There’s something I want to show you, and that means you want to see it.” Wet lips pressed to Rosa’s ear, and she groaned. The finger between her eyes pressed up to her forehead, and then down along her nose. As the finger moved past Rosa’s eyes, they fell shut so fast and hard it almost seemed inappropriate that it was silent. “But between here and there? Nothing you need to do! Sleep, Rosa. Sleep.”

“Sl… ee… p… yes… sleep… for… you… Missss… tresssss…” Rosa quietly groaned as she went limp, lost in a land of golden chains that made even her mind far too heavy to do anything but sink.

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