Give a Penny, Take a Penny

Chapter 5: Like a Good Girl Straight to Video

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #evil_businesswomen #f/f #humiliation #scifi #sub:female #bimbo #bimbofication #business_lady #comic_book #deal_with_the_devil #exhibitionism #mean_girls #multiple_partners
See spoiler tags : #blackmail #desperation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Like a Good Girl Straight to Video

Miranda opened up the door, and motioned a showered Penelope inside. She wasn’t wearing her workout gear anymore, but instead a pair of tight, small jean shorts and a black t-shirt that helped emphasize the strength in her bare arms while squeezing tightly around her chest. A keyhole over her cleavage helped to show off the lovely space where her breasts met.

“And this is where you’ll be doing most of your work.” Charlotte gestured around the room as she stepped in behind the other two. It was simple enough, lights overhead, walls that at a first glance looked as though they were part of a fancy apartment only for it to be much more obviously a matte painting. A couch sat in the middle of the room, a table in front of it. “We have different set dressing, different lighting… but this is the room where I expect you to be on your sluttiest, horniest behavior for us. “Miri might be satisfied with a very expensive sex toy, but I expect a little more value for my money.”

“More value… uh-huh… like… I totally got it!” Penelope snapped her fingers, turning both of her hands into finger guns. Slutty… horny… uhm… like, whenever either of you two tell me to do anything doing it makes me all sticky-hot, so I don’t think that’ll be a problem!”

Charlotte stared in disbelief.

Miranda once again grasped at one of Penelope’s curls and pulled it taut. “That’s my good little porn star! Now, I’m going to call in your co-star. You just be your dumb, simple, bimbo self. You can’t see the cameras, but they’re everywhere. We’ll just sit back in the corner and let you show us what you’ve got. Make me proud, Penny-Pen!”

Penelope raised her hand to her forehead in a stiff salute, pushing out her chest dramatically in a way that made her breasts strain against the keyhole as though they threatened to tear it open.

With a roll of her eyes, Charlotte grasped Miranda’s forearm and pulled her to the corner where a pair of plush, comfortable seats awaited them. They both sat, legs crossing at the knee.

After she retrieved her phone from her pocket, Miranda tapped a few buttons, and then gestured towards the door. Penelope turned to look towards it, and waited patiently. She rocked on her heels, and her flight made it easy even with just how high her shiny-white stilettos were.

“This is my last time, I swear, then I’m ou—Penny?!” A woman with long black hair and pale skin stepped into the room. She was dressed much differently than Penny, wearing a crisp white lab coat over a long pair of white slacks and a white button-up blouse. She wore a pair of black heels, but they were much more sensible. Her glasses were thick lensed, with thin, silver frames. “No way! You can not do this to me. I did everything you asked, and you’re going to make me fuck Penny on camera?! She hates me, or she should…!”

Penelope giggled, slowly raising a hand while looking eagerly to the black-haired woman.

Charlotte sighed in the corner, rolling her eyes. “I don’t think that’s our problem, Leanne. You’re the one on contract. You work out your differences, put her on her back, or We leak everything. You think your brilliant mind makes you invincible? It’s only because you haven’t tried to say ‘no’ to us, Lee.”

“Oh come now, let’s all be civil, mm?” Miranda shook her head, and gestured to Penelope. Leanne turned to face her, seeing that she was still raising her hand. Her nipples were still loud against her top. She kept giggling. “I believe your costar has a question for you. Be a dear and talk to her before you get upset with us, but I will say that if you think your contract ever ends… Well I imagine that’s what your ex-wife said before you brainwashed her to take you back, mm?”

Cheeks burning a deep, dark red, Leanne purposefully looked away from the corner but couldn’t meet Penelope’s gaze. She could still see the raised hand just fine from the edge of her vision.

She cleared her throat, but Penelope just stood there, smiling and giggling as she patiently held her hand in the air.

“I think you’ll need to be a dear and ask her what her question is, Leanne!” Miranda called out with a hand beside her mouth. “She’s in a much better mood as of today, but I’m afraid she lacks a little… initiative at the moment!”

“Oh, and she might not be the most intelligent conversation, either?” Charlotte smirked as she slowly shook her head. “But again. Not our problem. Only yours.”

Leanne muttered something under her breath, but it was too quiet for anyone to hear her.

After a moment or two longer of hesitating, Leanne looked up into Penelope’s eyes and frowned. “Just… what?! You heard what they said about me, and you’re just… laughing and… staring… why is your hand raised?! Do you have a question?! Just ask it!”

Penelope whimpered, shrinking back as a quiver shot down her spine. “Uhm… Uh… Well…” She lowered her hand. “I was gonna ask… uhm… who you are…? Leanne…?”

Staring in disbelief, Leanne spent several moments unable to turn away, unable to do anything but stare at Penelope. “You know exactly who I am. We worked together so many times. You knew my identity. You were at my wedding—

“Weddings, actually!” Charlotte spoke up again, her tone cool and sharp. “I guess to you that marriage never ended… or is it that to your wife, it never really started again…?”

Leanne’s face twitched, but she didn’t speak. She only tensed.

More confused than before, Penelope looked between Charlotte and Leanne before blinking very slowly. “Wedding…? I… Weddings… weddings… I… you’d be in… white or… black…? I think… uhm…” She giggled, tugging at one of her curls again as she twisted the toe of her stilettoes into the ground, arching to make the sight down her top that much more inviting. “Like… I’m not… very good at thinking…? I uh… Think that means I’m bad at remembering, too…? I wouldn’t know, coz like… I’m so bad at it!”

Leanne silently gaped.

“Good girl, Penny-Pen!” Miranda called out cheerfully, slowly rising from her seat before clapping loudly several times. Penelope shuddered, her nipples standing out even louder against her top as her thighs clenched with another horny round of giggles. “You see, Lee, Penny here is going to serve as a little example of how little we appreciate people not behaving.”

“Y-you… you didn’t…!” Leanne’s eyes widened in horror. She walked around Penelope, her eyes gazing everywhere as the shorter, more athletic woman quivered from the sensations of being so thoroughly examined. “You… You used…”

Charlotte sighed, sounding more bored than anything else. “You didn’t expect us to learn a heroine had brainwashing technology and not procure it for ourselves? Don’t worry. She didn’t know anything we wanted to know. We didn’t interrogate her. All we did was make her nice and eager… and dumb. You’re a good little bimbo, aren’t you?”

“Y-y-yeah, like, totally am, Miss Salinas!” Penelope mewled, her eyes fluttering as she moved forward to rub herself against Leanne with a drunken purr. “They like… told me to be at my uh… horniest…? I think…? I’m like really horny, so if you… like… wanted to… fuck…”

Leanne gasped, her body involuntarily arching to press into Penelope’s warmth. Her hands reached out, grasping at the curly-haired woman’s hips and squeezing. Penelope moaned, giggling as she rubbed her hard nipples against Leanne’s chest, blissfully unaware of the crimes that Leanne claimed to have committed against her.

She looked to Miranda for approval, and received a nod and a warm smile.

With such direct encouragement, Penelope grinded harder against Leanne, and soon both women were moaning.

“You… you really don’t remember me abandoning you, claiming I didn’t see what you saw, that you were always a loose canon just waiting to go off in the face of someone who didn’t deserve it…?” Leanne’s tone was concerned, even frightful, but that didn’t stop her hands from reaching down to squeeze Penelope’s ass through the tight denim that enveloped them.

“Uhh…” Penelope made a serious thinking expression with her face, while continuing to grind her ass back into Leanne’s hand and her tits into Leanne’s chest. “All I remember is how good your hands feel…! And your name is Lee…? Or Anne…?”

Leanne spent a long series of moments looking back and forth between the woman grinding against her, and the women watching her from the corner.

After a deep, slow breath, Leanne reached her hands up and shoved Penelope back onto the couch before falling on top of her. Her hands pulled the t-shirt up past Penelope’s breasts, pinching and tugging at her hard nipples as she rubbed her nose against the curly-haired woman’s. “You are such a dumb little bimbo now, aren’t you?”

“Ooohhh… like… uh-huuuuuuh…!” Penelope’s eyes crossed on Leanne’s nose as she cried out, rubbing her now half-naked body against Leanne as desperately as she could. “Dumb… dumb… as fuck…!”

“Well… then let’s fuck and see if you’re dumb enough to make that even more fun…” Leanne kissed Penelope’s lips hard as both of her hands grasped at Penelope’s breasts. Her every knead was rough and raw, nails clawing, fingers squeezing as tightly as they could, and Penelope only moaned and giggled louder. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and her mouth twisted into lewd, uncontrolled shapes.

The denim over Penelope’s crotch was quickly soaked through well before Leanne’s mouth pulled away to take turns sucking and nibbling at one nipple and then the other. When her jeans were torn open and pulled down her legs, her panties were uselessly lust-soaked.

From their corner, Charlotte and Miranda watched silently. Miranda was idly tapping on her phone, occasionally glancing up to watch Leanne expose more of her partner’s body or to kiss or suck on some new place. Charlotte’s eyes never looked away, staring with a cold, calculating interest. Arousal filled her eyes as much as the two women in the center of the room, but hers wasn’t strong enough to overcome a certain level of detachment.

After a brief time spent between Penelope’s legs, Leanne had the curly-haired woman bent over the couch, her ass up, and stepped into the harness of a strap-on that she had hidden away in her lab coat.

From the first thrust, Penelope screamed and giggled every time the toy filled her body. She wiggled her hips in Leanne’s grasp, moving on instinct rather than anything more cerebral. Leanne was fucking her, and Penelope knew that it was her job to make it a good show. It was her job to be as horny as she could be, and take every thrust as though it was enough to make her cum. It was a performance, but her mind was too simple to completely understand how that was any different than just being fucked.

Doing what the two women told her to do made it feel so much better. Ordinarily Leanne’s touches wouldn’t have been anything special, but knowing who was responsible for it, and feeling their eyes watching her work, Penelope felt every touch so much deeper, so much more intensely than any she’d ever felt before—even the ones she couldn’t remember.

When Leanne’s fingers reached through her curls and grasped before pulling tight, using that grasp for leverage, Penelope couldn’t hold back. She came screaming a jumbled combination of Lee and Anne, bucking wildly as she lost herself completely to the pleasure.

Miranda laughed, quietly clapping as she watched Penelope in the throes of her orgasm using the screen of her phone. There would be a much better feed soon, but that didn’t stop her from saving that moment personally. “That’s a good girl, Penny-Pen! You’re very good at being a sexy little porn star slut… but don’t stop now! Really over-selling your orgasms is important, but so is plenty of footage! Let’s see some of that super human endurance of yours!”

Charlotte grinned, licking her lips at the brief moment of pain that flashed across Leanne’s face. “Oh don’t worry, Lee. If you ever worry that you can’t keep up the double life of being the married tech genius super heroine Administra and our little porn star, we can always help you out the same way we helped Penelope. Your mood could do with a punch up—”

“Nnn-no…!” Leanne whimpered, tugging Penelope’s hair back harder as she moved her hips quicker, and rougher. Each time her hips met Penelope’s ass a ripple shuddered through the tight, firm skin of the athletic heroine’s shapely backside. “I’m… I can keep this up! I don’t mind, I’ll keep… you just keep up your side of the deal! No one is supposed to find out! If Meredith knew… if the media knew… I wouldn’t be worth much to you anyway!”

Charlotte and Miranda turned to meet each other’s gaze, and Miranda was the one to look to Leanne first.

“Sweetheart, that just means you’ll be more desperate. It would also imply that we hadn’t already brainwashed you, and didn’t just love watching you squirm every time you crawl back in here.” Miranda sighed. “Sudo set Administra to slave process, and terminate independent thought protocol.”

The red haired woman raised her hand, and the blonde met it with a loud high five.

At the center of the room, Leanne’s hips continued to thrust, and Penelope only moaned louder, her eyes so blank, her body drenched with sweat as she lost herself to each and every movement Leanne made behind her.

Nothing in Penelope remained that really understood anything more than what Miranda and Charlotte wanted from her, and no part of Penelope that remained cared.

She came again, screaming as Leanne’s empty eyes fluttered, and she moved more like a machine than a woman performing sexually against her own will. As much an automaton as Penelope, Leanne obeyed commands she didn’t remember and forgot everything else.

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