Give a Penny, Take a Penny

Chapter 4: Working in the Kinks

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #evil_businesswomen #f/f #humiliation #scifi #sub:female #bimbo #bimbofication #business_lady #comic_book #deal_with_the_devil #exhibitionism #mean_girls #multiple_partners
See spoiler tags : #blackmail #desperation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Working in the Kinks

The first thing Penelope did when she woke up was giggle.

She giggled so hard, so loud, so fast, that her whole body jiggled and shook. With the new clothing she was wearing, that was so much more of a sight than it had been before.

Instead of the chaste look she’d worn before, Penelope’s smooth, tight body was wrapped up in a bright pink tank-top that was too small and slid up along her body to curl under her breasts. Every movement she made threatened to raise the thin garment higher and how stretched it was made seeing every little motion of her breasts such a simple task.

Around her waist was an incredibly tight pair of bright, white shorts. They were tight enough that even if she was wearing panties under them, and Penelope wasn’t sure if she was, the shape of her labia was still plainly emphasized as was every curve of her tight, round ass.

“Uhmmm… Wheeeere am I…?” Penelope burst into another round of giggles, her mouth falling open as she reached up to curl a finger around one of her bouncy ringlets. “I like… don’t remember… where I was, or… how I got… here? Like… Uhm… Are any of you like… rich, powerful women…? I uhm… think they’re the best at uhm… at uhhhh…” She tugged at the bouncy strand of hair, her eyes staring off into the middle distance.

“Why, we’re both the CEOs of a large, multinational corporation, Penelope!” Miranda smiled so warmly, stepping closer to Penelope who happily giggled in response to the blonde’s sweet, soothing tone. “We’re very rich, and very powerful! I think… the most rich and powerful women in the city! What do you think, Charlotte?”

The redhead hooded her eyes, stepping up beside Miranda before her eyes began to hungrily drink in the sight of Penelope in an outfit that wouldn’t have counted as clothing in a majority of society. “I don’t just think. We are the most powerful in the city, and richer than quite a few countries. If you’re looking for women like that, then you’re in the perfect place… and the three of us are here in our private gym.”

Penelope shuddered, her thighs clenching tight. With the full outline of between her thighs so emphasized, the sight drew both standing women’s gaze.

Sure enough, around them was a sizable, well-stocked private gym. There was everything one could imagine being in one more public and very expensive: ellipticals, a very fancy treadmill, a variety of machines with racks of weights, and more. All of it was state of the art, with every possible feature. None of them could be more than a year or two old, possibly even newer.

“Gym… Oh… Oh so this… this is a gym…” Penelope shuddered, her eyes losing all focus as they tried to scan around the room. The pleasure she felt from being in her natural habitat, the proper place for a girl who wanted to be a strong, sexy, displayed gym bunny was dizzying in the most perfect way. “I… I want to work out…? I like… should I…? Would you like… watch me… or… something…? I don’t know what to pick… or how to do like… any of it, but… uhm… that… should I…?”

Her big, wide, blank eyes looked hopefully between Miranda and Charlotte. As adorably shy and pitiful as she sounded that couldn’t hide the sound of her arousal. Her hips couldn’t stay still, and her lips openly rubbed together.

Even before they turned into stiff points under the thin, tiny tank top, Penelope’s nipples had been fully visible with only a slight shade of pink changing the sight of the dusky flesh. Now, as they eagerly strained the fabric containing them, they were impossible to miss. As pitiful as she was, she was just as much an erotic sight to behold, her lack of understanding for complicated things like taboos or social norms eliminating any inhibition that might stop her from openly writhing and groaning as she stewed in desire.

Miranda was first to speak again, maintaining her nurturing voice that held within it no small amount of mockery. “Ohhh… Oh yes, I do think you should get a workout… and we’ll watch you to make sure it’s the best workout ever! How does that sound, Penelope?” It would require some level of intelligence for Penelope to feel insulted, and she didn’t have any at all so she simply listened and smiled a big, dumb, horny smile.

“Good…! Really… really good…! Ohhh… Hee…!” Penelope succumbed to another fit of giggles, and Charlotte joined Miranda in openly ogling the scantily clad woman’s bouncing chest. “I like… being watched…? I’m a little… dumb… simple, but… but that’s… good…?”

Her thighs clenched each time she said one of those words that the recording tattooed deep into her brain. Though her voice quivered with a degree of uncertainty, it was relatively minute. Her eyes looked up to Miranda’s, eager for reassurance from one of the women responsible for her bimbofication as though Miranda could be her savior, a lover, or both.

Charlotte crossed her arms in front of her chest, motioning for Miranda to continue.

Nodding, Miranda leaned forward and Penelope’s blue eyes were drawn to the large, heavy breasts that now swung under her. Penelope rubbed her lips together, giggling as the finger playing with a curl released it only to rub along her own bottom lip.

No part of the recording had told Penelope that she was a girl crazy gym slut bunny bimbo, but it didn’t need to. Those desires had already been there.

Their recording only made Penelope’s lust for women that much stronger.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that… or anything, sweetie.” Miranda laughed, reaching out to pull another of Penelope’s curls. Penelope watched it slowly straighten, her eyes growing wide in simple fascination. When Miranda released it and it sprung back, she burst into louder giggles, arching out her chest as she preened under the blonde’s “kind” words. Much like a pet, Miranda’s tone mattered more to Penelope than her words. “We’re the rich, powerful women, right? You’re just a bimbo. A gym bunny. Why don’t you hop up on… the treadmill? We can get your work out started… gently…”

“Then not so gently…” Charlotte muttered under her breath, but it was too quiet for Penelope to hear. She was too busy hopping to her feet, completely unaware of what the dramatic motions did with the wobbling fullness of her breasts.

Miranda gently slapped the back of her hand against Charlotte’s shoulder as she directed Penelope towards the nearby treadmill. “It’s important to ease into a workout. A girl like you gets so hot from being watched exercising, so we need to make sure you don’t cum yourself too dumb to walk in a straight line too quickly. That would be so bad… you wouldn’t get to enjoy it!”

Penelope whimpered. That did sound so bad. Not enjoying something as sexy as being watched sounded awful, and she nodded dramatically as her expression shifted into a pout.

Her voice was so soft and shy when she responded at the same moment she climbed up onto the treadmill and grasped at the handles. She leaned forward, an intense, if incredibly goofy expression claiming residency over the pout.

“That does sound so bad… Wanna enjoy it… wanna be a sexy bimbo… just like… watch me… tell me what to do…? Like…” Penelope whined. She could remember there was something else she should do, and something else she should say, but her head was such a simple, dumb, sexy mess. “Please…? Is that… yeah…! Magic word! Please!”

“We didn’t age regress her too, did we?” Charlotte leaned to whisper in Miranda’s ear. “Because this is not what I was expecting.”

Miranda sighed, shaking her head with her face in one of her hands. “We didn’t, but she was so stressed and serious for so long, this is what happened now that she popped. Just give her a few minutes. Once she gets running, and I mean really running… you won’t need to worry about that all. Her brain just needs a… workout.”

Charlotte snorted, rolling her eyes as Miranda moved over to the front of the treadmill. “Whatever you say, Miri.” Charlotte took her place behind Penelope, staring at the curves of her ass that looked so appealing even with her relatively still positioning, braced without any clue what she was waiting for.

Penelope giggled.

She couldn’t understand what the other two women were talking about, but it didn’t really feel like it was any of her business. She was a simple, dumb, horny bimbo. Understanding anything that they said to each other was obviously far outside of her grasp, and she was happy to accept that. Letting others take responsibility made it easier to just giggle and let go.

“Sooo, Penny-Pen?” Miranda spoke in a bright, enthusiastic voice as she reached out to stroke where the once-heroine’s hands tightly clutched the handles. “When I press a button up here…? The treadmill is going to start to move…! I don’t want you to move too fast, but I want you have a little… bounce in your step. Move only as fast as you need to so you stay in place… but try to sort of… walk… up. It’s more of a workout if more of your body moves, so you’ll know you’re doing it right if I can’t keep my eyes off of your brea—tits. Understood, Penny-Pen?”

“Ohhhh, uhm…” Penelope looked down to her chest, and then slowly nodded as her eyes grew wide. “So I want to walk… slow enough I don’t… walk too fast… but fast enough and uhm… bouncy enough… that my tits move up, too…? Like… I can totally do that, if that’s what you want…!”

Miranda grinned and tapped the button that started the treadmill moving.

“Impress me, sweetie. Impress me, and I can show you the other thing we want you to do… to make the two of us a lot of money!”

Penelope grinned a serious, determined grin that could do nothing to hide her simmering arousal. “Ooo… If that’s like… what you want… I’m happy t—ooh…” Penelope was interrupted by the sight of her own breasts swinging up into the air as she half walked, half jogged on the treadmill. She was careful to keep her pace just as Miranda described, and her breasts responded to the upwards momentum. Miranda stared, and Penelope shuddered as her eyes rolled back into her head. “Wow… Oh… Like… wow!”

Walking in place, walking with nowhere to go, walking with Miranda staring at her tits and Charlotte staring at her ass, it was a kind of pleasure that Penelope had never felt before but found it even more pleasuring than a tongue between her legs.

Miranda turned the speed up higher, and higher, and Penelope continued to shift her speed up to match. The faster she moved, the more dramatic her breasts rose up into the air, falling to jiggle and distort. Once the speed became truly impressive, fast enough that most people would find it difficult to keep up, her tank top slid free from the lower curves of her breasts and began to rise higher up her chest.

“Oh… This feels… like… really fucking good…!” Penelope groaned, her eyes crossing as she grasped tighter at the handle bars. “Want you to watch me… want to work out… wanna be… slutty… gym… bunny… oh fuck!”

Penelope’s eyes crossed again, and all she could do was pant and giggle as a stain spread out across the crotch of her tight, white shorts. Her body was so tight, so fit, that Charlotte could easily watch every little clench and quiver from behind just as Miranda drank in the sight of Penelope’s large breasts bouncing with her bouncier and bouncier movements.

After a short time of occasional, slow increases, Miranda’s finger remained on the speed-up button. Super speed wasn’t one of Penny’s powers, but endurance was. Her body could take so much abuse and keep on going. Keeping herself at the right pace, and putting so much effort into her bounciness was making Penelope’s skin glisten with sweat, but it wasn’t going to tire her out any time soon.

She was already drenched in sweat, lust soaking its way down her glistening thighs, but Penelope could literally go for hours.

Then the first orgasm hit, and Penelope screamed before falling into another mess of giggles. It disrupted her pace, nearly bringing her to her knees, but stubborn as ever she grasped the handles and forced herself to keep moving. Her legs were still shaky and weak, her eyes unable to focus, but she kept moving in an erotic parody of exercise.

It was definitely giving both her mind and body a workout, but it was every bit as much a spectacle.

“See what I mean, Shar? Isn’t this a great workout for her? Don’t you just think this is amazing to watch?” Miranda sighed as she reached over, slowly adjusting the elevation. “This should help, too… if it doesn’t, then… oh well…”

“Mm… You know I like being critical during performance reviews, but our little Penelope is pulling this off with flying colors. I would give her a raise, but I think she’d rather be on her back.” Charlotte laughed, the sound wicked and cruel as her grin. “What do you think, Penelope? Would you like to be on your back, showing us everything, earning us money with that slutty body of yours…?”

Penelope whimpered, nodding frantically as sweat dripped from her forehead, and from her bare breasts as they fell free of the tank top in a dramatic bounce.

“Whatever… whatever gets you to look at me… whatever you… feel… feel… is best…!”

Miranda and Charlotte shared another glance before Miranda looked right into Penelope’s eyes and smiled. “Then you can stop running now. Cum, and fall limp. Let whatever happens… happens.”

“Y-yess… I… o-oohhh!”

Penelope screamed as she fell limp on the treadmill, swept away by its continued movement. She was still convulsing when she hit the floor, a hand desperately clutching at her chest, and the damp stain between her legs. The fall didn’t hurt her at all, not with her superhuman endurance, but both of the women watching her smiled a little more at the sight.

“Want to put her through her paces, run her through the other machines… or get our money’s worth?” Charlotte looked to Miranda, motioning first to the other, unused machines before then motioning to the door.

Miranda clasped her hands together, her eyes hooding dangerously. “I think there’s only one answer to that. We paid a lot for her. We need return on our investment.”

Penelope giggled and moaned, still shaking and utterly oblivious to what either of them were talking about. She knew that if she needed to do something, they would let her know. They were rich, and powerful, and that meant they were the ones who were supposed to be telling her what to do.

That was the way she liked it.

Quietly moaning, Penelope twisted on the floor. What little clothing still covered her skin only emphasized her body while hiding nothing. It felt so good to be seen that she didn’t want to wear anything else.

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