Chapter 2: Entertainment

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #collection #contemporary #gem_control #objectification

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Entertainment

Krysta woke up with a small gemstone hanging between her eyes. Her vision was still blurry, but the way the light shined through its facets was all it took to capture her mind totally. She stared, rapt, her mouth hanging open, quietly mewling under her breath at the beautiful sight and the way it began to swing side to side through the air.

This stone wasn’t an opal. Instead it was a blue topaz cut to a beautiful marquise. Though not very large, its many shimmering facets were still more than enough to hold her gaze. The longer it swung side to side, the more that her tired mind fell back into a new, deeper slumber.

She didn’t know where she was, but that didn’t matter. It was soft, and warm, and there was something so pretty swinging in front of her eyes. She mewled in a dreamy haze, barely conscious at all before it was snatched away by the beautiful blue gem that hung in front of her like something too wonderful to be real.

Plucked from one of her dreams, the expertly cut gemstones felt like it reflected all of her deepest desires, her most private fantasies, and held them tight inside. All she needed to do to feel them all fulfilled at once was to watch the topaz swing back and forth and take away everything else as its blue light fascinated away her mind and gave her a purpose—to watch and surrender.

No pleasure could be greater than submission, and Krysta was already beginning to quiver as her body heated with a fresh arousal.

Her lips parted as she quietly whimpered. She wanted something, wanted something more, but she didn’t know how to possibly express the idea. She had no words, and the gem offered no words—it merely demanded hers. Her whines grew louder, and louder, until Beryl’s fingers sank into her breasts and began to knead.

Though Krysta cried out louder, the sound was no longer a pitiful plead for something. Instead, it was a sound of relief, of pleasure, of delight. Her nipples stiffened more as she desperately wiggled into Beryl’s touch, doing everything she could to squish her tits into Beryl’s slow, methodical kneading. It felt good, and Krysta wanted to feel good. She needed to feel good. Her mind wasn’t complicated enough anymore, not with so much of her trapped in the beautiful clutches of the labyrinthine blue topaz, but she understood pleasure.

“Good girl, Miss Zhou. You were meant for this topaz, just as it was meant for you.” Beryl’s voice was comforting and hot as it whispered into Krysta’s ear, sending further needy shudders down the busty woman’s spine. “A perfect match. That’s why you’re going to be together forever.”

Krysta’s mouth moved as though she were trying to repeat the words ‘together forever’ but she was incapable of making sounds more complicated than a quivering, passionate scream. The blue gemstone filled her gaze, and even though Beryl’s hands squeezing at her chest provided Krysta with stimulation they did nothing to tear away her concentration. She felt pleasure, and she arched for more.

She didn’t need to understand what was happening to savor it with every inch of her being.

“That’s right, Miss Zhou. Together forever. Don’t you think that’s a perfect idea?” Beryl pinched both of Krysta’s nipples, slowly twisting them as Krysta’s entire body writhed uselessly from the stimulation. “That’s right. Perfect. It’s perfect, just like the topaz in front of you. It’s perfect because it’s something you’ve always needed—something you’ve always wanted. You’re here because you complete this gemstone, just as it completes you.”

Krysta mouthed ‘completes’ but again could only manage to scream as her nipples were pulled taut only to be released a moment later. She was standing, but Krysta didn’t question that. It was so impossible to be aware enough of what was happening to properly question it.

Fingers reached down from Krysta’s chest to stroke along the seam between her lower lips. Feeling like the topaz itself was teasing her clit, Krysta’s eyes opened wider as if to take in as much of the sight as she could to earn more of the pleasure. Beryl stroked firmer in response, and Krysta’s happy cries grew louder.

“You will help complete my collection, Miss Zhou. Appreciating this topaz, you give purpose to another of my precious stones. You want to admire it forever, and always… and I am only too happy to indulge you.” Beryl’s fingers teased Krysta’s clit, her touch becoming firmer as Krysta’s moans quickened and thighs shook. “You’ll need to stay here, of course, but you don’t mind that at all. You don’t mind anything. All you want is the gem, and all the gem wants is you.”

Even though she was barely able to understand, Krysta understood enough, she understood that the topaz, this perfect, sparkling, beautiful stone wanted her. She understood that she would be able to stay near such a beautiful, perfect stone because it wanted her.

The gemstone dominated her mind, and Krysta could want nothing more than to fulfill it by being a part of its purpose.

Krysta came, soaking Beryl’s fingers in her sticky lust as she howled and shook with overwhelming pleasure. Her eyes were full of only blue, and calm acceptance. Desire still shimmered inside of her, but it was a desire that understood it would always be fulfilled. All she needed was the topaz, and Krysta knew that everything else would be perfect.

Nothing had ever felt so perfect, been so beautiful, or felt so right.

The topaz completed her, and Krysta was eager for that completion.

“Stay here with your dearest friend, your precious topaz. You never need to leave it. Never again.” Lips pressed to Krysta’s neck before Beryl pulled away, moving towards Alecia who had already been awake for some time.

Hanging in front of her was a red hessonite, an excellent stone that caught the light just as perfectly as the topaz that fascinated Krysta.

Beryl’s lips curled into a pleased grin as she grasped the gemstone from the hook that held it, and lowered it slowly. Alecia’s eyes followed it, her vapid gaze showing there was no other choice for her to make. She could only follow the beautiful stone even as it moved down and up, and then around until Beryl was holding it between her own naked, umber-skinned breasts.

“You’ve been such a good part of my collection, Miss East, enjoying your new soul mate. The bond between a woman and the stone that completes her really is soul deep, and I think that you truly understand that.” Beryl’s grin deepened as the ordinarily quite talkative Alecia remained silent, only faintly mewling from the gentle pleasure of the hessonite. “That’s right. You do understand. It’s only appropriate that I make complete use of my collection.”

Alecia’s eyes followed the gemstone as it moved down from Beryl’s chest until it reached her navel, and then rested just above her lower lips. No matter where Beryl held the stone it still caught the light from the perfect angle to shine into Alecia’s eyes—or at least that was how she perceived it.

Red filled Alecia’s eyes, her purpose to be the other half of the beautiful gemstone feeling stronger with every passing moment.

“I’ve done such a good job taking care of your other half for so long, Miss East. She’s been a part of my collection for years, and I’ve done everything possible to make sure that she’s been well treated.” Beryl sighed, a quiver moving through her body as she slid the stone slowly along her slit. “I think that means the very least that you could do is drop to your knees and show me your appreciation. You owe me that much—as the other half of this stone.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Alecia dropped down and reached out to grasp Beryl’s hips. A moment later, her tongue was eagerly parting Beryl’s folds.

The red gemstone still filled Alecia’s gaze, and left little room for her to understand anything. Her body moved on impulse, instincts learned from many nights between Krysta’s thighs. Instead of being thoughtful, Alecia’s every moment of eager, sapphic surrender was more thoughtless than the last. The more she pleasured Beryl, the more her bond with the hessonite grew deeper.

She was repaying Beryl’s many years of good treatment, and Alecia didn’t need a mind for that. She only needed a pair of lips, a tongue, and her mindless need to please.

“That’s… Mmm… That’s a good little gemstone slut. You’re doing such a good job… doing such a good job making sure I’ll keep taking care of both halves of you for a very, very long time!”

Alecia’s whole world was in that red gemstone even as her tongue flicked against Beryl’s pearl. She didn’t so much think so much as feel and know what she needed to do and how important it was. Her hips couldn’t stay still as she felt the gemstone’s pleasure at her eager obedience, and one of Alecia’s hands slid down between her legs to caress as she made muffled moans against Beryl’s sensitive flesh.

She felt every heartbeat like a shimmer of the hessonite’s facets teaching her all over again just how beautiful it was and just how ready she was to surrender the rest of her life to the stone. Being a part of Beryl’s collection was perfect, and she no longer possessed any deeper desires.

Everything else was emptied out and replaced with shimmering, glistening red.

When Beryl came, her tangy taste flooding into Alecia’s eager mouth, Alecia came with her. The supreme feeling of fulfillment, of belonging, it overwhelmed everything else and left no room for anything but pleasure and further submission.

Alecia desperately latched to Beryl’s lips, whimpering and trembling as she felt the pleasure wash another layer of shimmering red over her psyche.

“Mmm… Good girl, Miss East. You and Miss Zhou really will make such perfect additions to my collection.” Beryl softly smoothed Alecia’s hair, righting a few auburn strands that fell over her face. “Don’t worry. I don’t believe in women being locked away and unappreciated any more than I believe in that for gemstones. You’ll be appreciating your soulmate, and be enjoyed just as thoroughly. You’ll know pleasure unlike any you’ve ever known before. Here… let me help you up.”

Reaching down, Beryl slowly pulled Alecia to her feet until they were standing face to face. Alecia’s eyes were downcast, less showing deference and more because Beryl held the red stone just between her breasts. Alecia’s eyes were trapped there, not because of the beautiful dark skin surrounding her hand, but because of the red gemstone Beryl held.

Alecia’s mouth hung open, and her eyes held the same vapid, empty expression they’d possessed since she first came staring into the beautiful opal.

“You’re a good, obedient little gem slut, Miss East. I know that I can trust my precious stone to be safe in your hands…” Carefully, Beryl lifted Alecia’s hands and pressed them together with the pale woman’s hands facing up. Just as carefully, Beryl placed the hessonite into the empty headed woman’s waiting grasp. “Keep it safe, and make sure that you don’t stop admiring it. That stone is the rest of you, after all. You need to keep it happy.”

Voicelessly, Alecia mouthed ‘happy’ and then smiled with her lips spread wide and her eyes showing nothing but vapid joy.

Quietly chuckling to herself, Beryl stepped back and looked between her two latest acquisitions. Though their bodies looked very different—different heights, different shapes, different colors of hair and eyes, in this moment they were more alike than different.

Naked with wide vacant eyes, both women existed for the stone that was now their other half, bonded so deeply by Beryl’s words and the perfect light shining through their flawless facets. Though so close together, so close that they could easily reach out to grasp their once partner, both were more contented with a simple stone that now held all of the power over their very selves.

Identities, memories, and so many other things that once defined the two women no longer mattered. Krysta’s soft spoken shyness was just as absent as Alecia’s carefree, devil may care attitude. All that remained was their complete and total obedience.

In that, they were completely identical.

Though the stones before them were different, their looks of fascination and adoration were nearly identical. Even Alecia’s happiness was shared by Krysta who looked just as completely to be mindlessly staring into a topaz.

Beryl moved between them, a hand moving between each of their legs to stroke slowly along their still glistening pussies. Both women whined out in tired, distant bliss. “Good girls. Enjoy your other halves. Enjoy being a part of my collection. You’re both doing such a very good job, and you match the rest of my collection so well.”

Filling the room were so many other women, and all of them were also holding or standing near another beautifully fascinating gem. All of them wore the same empty expression, their bodies trembling in arousal that could never be sated so long as their other half, their gemstone half, remained in control and in such close proximity but none of them could ever think of attempting to break free.

Not when it felt so perfect to be what they were—gem sluts.

Beryl grinned as she moved towards the door. The sounds of so many gem sluts quietly whimpering as they squirmed and stared at stones she’d given them was always a rush. Knowing that she had the rarest collection of gems in the world, gemstones that owned women, gemstones that kept women entranced and helpless without the faintest ability to think for themselves.

“Take care of your other halves, girls. I’ll be back to make sure you eat very well in a little while…!” Beryl chuckled as she made her way away from her true collection, and pulled the door closed behind her before locking it tight.

She didn’t believe in locking her most precious things away never to be enjoyed, but she also believed in being a busy woman who maintained her wealth and acquired new women and stones by not just sitting around with a woman between her legs or her hands between theirs every second of every day. Moving to draw on a robe to cover her skin as gooseflesh spread along her arms, Beryl’s eyes hooded as she made her way down the hall.

Her collection wasn’t complete, but her two newest additions were set up. They would be just fine on their own, giving her time to work on expanding it.

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