Chapter 1: Tour

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #collection #contemporary #gem_control #objectification

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 1: Tour

“I can’t believe she actually invited us.” Krysta could barely contain her excitement. She all but vibrated as they stood in front of the large house, her deep brown eyes darting around anxiously. “She has the most impressive collection of unusual gemstones in the world, and she’s letting us see them… can you believe it?”

Moving around so much had the unintended effect of making Krysta’s curvaceous shape that much more emphasized. Her beautiful green-and-white dress was flattering, just a hint of cleavage while holding tight to her sides, but it also wasn’t designed to handle such dramatic, constant movement.

Her friend Alecia’s light green eyes wandered across her friend’s shape as she lightly bounced in place. “Yes, actually.” Alecia smirked, her eyes meeting Krysta’s. “I can see a lot of reasons why I’d want an excitable Miss Zhou visiting my world renowned collection.”

Alecia’s eyes glanced down from Krysta’s eyes to her bust, and Krysta whimpered before crossing her arms over her chest and making a point to stay perfectly still for several moments. “If that’s the case, then there’d be no reason for her to invite both of us. Your idea of cleaning up was to put on your nice jeans.”

“They’re very nice jeans.” Alecia winked, quirking her hips to the side. “And you know it. That’s why you’re always trying to get me out of them the moment we get home.”

Instead of responding verbally, Krysta’s tawny skin shifted closer to crimson.

No one would call Alecia’s shape any less impressive, but her beauty was more slender and athletic than voluptuous. Her jeans, which were a very nice and new pair of deep blue, clung to her rear so tight she’d needed pliers to pull them into place. She wore a simple black t-shirt over her chest, and while it was hardly strained, its short length showed off just a hint of her navel and plenty of the pale, peach-toned skin of her belly.

It was only a few short moments before the door opened, their hostess standing before them with a soft, warm smile. “Hello again, Miss Zhou, Miss East. Please, do come in.”

“Thank you, Beryl! It’s a real pleasure to see you again!” Krysta stepped inside, followed closely by Alecia. “You have a lovely home—a fitting place to store such a well renowned collection. Thank you again for having us!”

“Please, it is my delight to share it with you.” Beryl smiled. “You can relax. In fact, I insist. Is there anything that I can get you, a drink, a snack, anything to help you feel at ease?”

Alecia chuckled quietly as she moved to wrap an arm around Krysta’s waist. “Don’t mind her—this is just what she’s like. Very high strung as a rule. You do really have a nice place, though. Thank you for having us.”

Beryl nodded in understanding, her smile growing. Though her home was lavish, large and decorated in a way that brought to mind her collection with bright and vibrant flowers, paintings of exquisite jewels, and furniture with inset gems, Beryl was the truly impressive sight. She wore her dark hair long, with gems of so many different colors set in her hair. She wore a golden necklace around her neck that was a bright contrast to her deep umber skin further emphasizing the glittering diamonds it held.

Krysta’s eyes were brown, but Beryl’s were so much deeper, and so much darker. They didn’t look so much mysterious as beautiful and welcoming. Beryl was nothing if not a welcoming host, and her presence was incredibly warm.

Silence hung in the air for several moments, but it wasn’t awkward. All three women were genuinely smiling, enjoying the comfortable feeling in the air.

When the silence did break, it was Krysta’s voice sounding apologetic.

“I would actually enjoy a glass of water, if that would be alright. My throat’s been a little dry lately.” Krysta’s voice was soft, much like Krysta herself.

“Of course, please wait here just a moment. Make yourselves comfortable, and when I return with your drink… I can give you the tour.” Beryl smiled as she stepped away, disappearing into her large home.

Alecia quietly whistled once they were alone. “This is really some place, isn’t it…?” She stepped up to a vibrant purple flower, leaning in to sniff between the petals. “The outside was pretty… dramatic… but in here is even more. I really believe she’d have the kind of collection everyone says she does. She might even be wearing some of it…”

“Shhh, Alecia. Don’t embarrass us, please.” Krysta sighed, shaking her head as she looked towards a beautiful painting of assorted jewelry set carefully atop a wooden table in front of a red velvet backdrop. “I wouldn’t blame her if she did, though… Those stones look beautiful in her hair.”

“Thank you very much, Miss Zhou.” Beryl’s sudden return startled Krysta, and she swiftly turned away from the painting only to have a glass of water offered to her. “A collection that one only keeps locked away isn’t much of a collection. I enjoy wearing some of my collection, and showing the rest to special people who catch my eye. If the two of you are ready, I would be more than happy to begin that tour properly.”

Krysta took a long, slow sip of her drink.

Alecia raised an auburn eyebrow as she met Krysta’s eyes, and then quietly laughed. “We should be fine to see whatever you’d like to show! For what it’s worth? I definitely agree. There’s no point in keeping pretty things locked away for no one to see.”

Krysta’s cheeks darkened at the sideways glance from her partner.

Beryl softly laughed, motioning for the two women to follow. “I have a feeling that the two of us agree about plenty of things, Miss East. You’ll have to forgive me for being somewhat… overly formal. When I was younger it was very important to me that I sound erudite, and I’m afraid it’s made my way of speaking somewhat…” She gestured uselessly as she lead the way through a long hallway lined with more gorgeous artwork. “Insufferable?”

Finishing her drink, Krysta quickly spoke. “Not at all! I think it’s charming.”

“Thank you, Miss Zhou.” Chuckling again, Beryl opened a door to a very dark room. There were faint glimmers of light, but little else could be seen. Rather than move into the room herself, she gestured inside and glanced between her guests. “Please, after you. The effect is much more pronounced if you’re inside of the room when I turn on the light. Don’t worry, there’s nothing you’ll bump into or disturb if you only take a few steps inside. I made very sure of that.”

Even Alecia looked somewhat shy as she shared another glance with Krysta before approaching the offered doorway. Her steps were careful as she made her way into the dark room, every step hesitant and slow.

Krysta moved much the same, following very close behind even if once she was inside it was hard to keep herself from bumping right into her partner.

“And now… for the grand unveiling.”

Beryl hit a switch on the wall, and all of the room’s impressive sight was illuminated and unveiled in one perfect, majestic moment.

Not just a simple display, or a singular installation, the collection of jewelry, gemstones, and other precious rocks were set as though to make a natural path. Held within various containers, and offered up on pedestals, everything from rings to tiaras to bracelets sat perfectly emphasized by carefully placed lights.

There were even necklaces and other pieces of jewelry hanging from the ceiling to catch the light at just the perfect angle.

Both Krysta and Alecia were spellbound. No matter where they turned there was something else to see, glittering and sparkling in a way that invited their gaze to linger. Deep green emeralds, brilliant rubies, shimmering sapphires, diamonds of all colors, and so much more filled the room, and the way the light caught each piece naturally drew both women deeper into the room without a single word from their hostess.

As though the light reflecting through the many facets around them were communicating, or encouraging, the two moved forward with wide eyes full of so many colors of light at once. The two women didn’t speak a single word, and though Krysta sipped at the glass of water in her hand it was an automatic gesture that she did without a single thought.

The further they stepped through Beryl’s collection, gemstones twinkling around them, naturally guiding their gazes from one piece to the next, their eyes became increasingly glassy and vacant. None of the sights before them were missed or unappreciated, but there was something altogether fascinating about every shine, every surface, and their minds had no more room to process anything else.

Stepping forward was a simple task, and their necks moved to provide the appropriate glances that the collection demanded. The deeper they went, the more their hesitation vanished to be replaced with a simple calm.

All of Krysta’s nervous energy was completely gone, lost somewhere between an amethyst and a piece of alexandrite.

It was impossible to feel tense amidst so much beauty.

Beryl didn’t follow them, instead watching from the doorway with the same warm smile on her face. She didn’t interject with her own words, or her own ideas. It would be hard to know if their minds had enough bandwidth to understand sound when there were so many entrancing sights to see from every angle and direction all leading them forward through the easily navigated path. It was like a maze for their eyes, but one that didn’t try to obscure its path so much as demand it be followed.

Krysta’s mouth hung open. Her glass was still half full, and despite her focus being entirely on the sights around her she never once risked dropping it. Her grip remained tight, and her gaze continued to wander from piece to piece. Shining light glittered its way deeper into her mind, filling up all of the space that might otherwise be occupied by her thoughts.

At her chest, Krysta’s nipples rose against the green-and-white dress until they were two very visible bumps. Her every breath came in a shuddery gasp that made her lips tremble. Her steps remained calm and precise as directed by the light around her even as her thighs tightened.

Though her nipples were less visible than her partner’s, Alecia would have felt the same insistent throbbing if she were aware of anything outside of the many beautiful visions surrounding her. The crotch of her dark blue jeans turned even darker as her arousal continued to climb, soaking through her panties and then staining the denim against them in turn. Her green eyes reflected so many colors and so little of her own bright spark of cleverness shone from their depths.

When they reached the end of the path, Krysta and Alecia stood side by side in front of a tall pillar that lifted up an exquisite opal. It was large, larger than either of their heads, and the colors inside of it were nothing short of amazing. Deep, vibrant blues, bright violets, rich golds, delicate greens—all of them were so perfect and fit together in a way that demanded their full attention and took away everything else.

Both women panted, and then quietly mewled as their entire beings existed in that moment not for their own drives or desires but to experience the sight set before them. They existed to stare at the beautiful opal that seemed to capture all of the light in the room and demanded their everything for the sight.

Neither woman could do anything but accept the offer.

They stood together in front of the opal for moments that stretched on into minutes as their nipples throbbed and lust stained their thighs. Desire welled up inside of them and whispered cravings deep into their minds.

Quivering breaths became feverish, and their skin glistened with sweat that reflected the many brilliant colors that filled their eyes.

Without any words both women suddenly knew that the only way to truly experience the beauty that surrounded them as fully as they could they would need to be as naked and bare as the opal on its pedestal. Krysta reached back to unzip her dress, slowly pulling it down along her arms and revealing the tan color of her bra and more of her breasts in the process. Alecia’s arms crossed over her belly, and a moment later her shirt fell to the floor, revealing so much more of her firm, toned physique.

A pair of bras dropped to the ground, Alecia’s smaller, perkier breasts arching proudly as Krysta’s breasts fell with dramatic ripples quivering through the supple flesh.

Moments later Krysta’s dress fell to the floor. A moment later, Alecia’s pants followed suit with a quiet thud. Their panties were next to hit the floor, revealing the flushed, slick desire between their thighs. Now fully bathed in the light and wonder of Beryl’s collection, neither woman could contain their desire any longer.

Hands moved between their legs, and across their breasts. Whimpers and moans echoed off of the many crystalline facets that surrounded them, reverberating in a way that only made both women feel softer and weaker from the distortion. It was the sound of their desire, the sound of their need, and hearing it echo back only made it stronger and drove their fingers to rub more insistently as their bodies writhed and glistened under the lights with yet more sweat.

Neither woman was aware of the other, too lost in the beauty of the opal and the pleasure tingling through their nerves.

Both were oblivious to Beryl’s gaze, but it didn’t matter. They had no inhibitions standing in front of the beautiful opal. They could do nothing to resist its call to touch, to yield, to surrender to the needs that filled them so perfectly and completely.

In the same exact moment both women cried out in ecstasy as the world became nothing but the myriad of perfect colors inside of the large stone that dominated their minds and souls. They both crumpled to their knees, but their touches didn’t stop. Their moans grew louder, and they arched almost desperately towards the stone, but they otherwise continued uninterrupted.

Orgasmic cries filled the room again and again until their voices were hoarse and their eyes began to hood. Their desire to obey the whims filling their minds wasn’t diminished, but the sheer force exerted over their bodies and minds was dramatic.




As one, Krysta and Alecia moaned and slumped together, their eyes fluttering shut as their naked bodies rubbed close. Were it not for the other woman both would have slumped to the floor. Instead, they lost consciousness on their knees. Their faces were still aimed towards the opal, but their eyes were closed.

Moments later they began to breathe and quiver like only sleeping women could.

Beryl smiled, turning off the light as she closed the door and left her two guests to take their rest.

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